5 reasons to visit Aruba this summer

A small paradise, situated in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba is loved by everybody. It is one of the four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and it is often referred to as One Happy Island. Aruba is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and there are many reasons for that. It is an island with a dry climate and nary a rainy day, and it is an ultimate getaway.

Transportation in Aruba include taxis, public buses and a new tram system that takes you free to the city center. Discover the island by car, on an ATV tour or on a jeep safari to visit the emblematic places of Aruba as you pass the colorful cunucu horses. Enjoy the coast or the countryside on horseback.

best things to do in Aruba

So, get ready, pack your bags and check out our reasons to visit Aruba this summer.

1. Rich culture in Oranjestad

Aruba has a varied culture with over 90 nationalities living on the island. Ornajestad is located on the picturesque southern coast of the island of Aruba, and is the capital. It is a perfect place to walk, shop and enjoy its restaurants. With tall multi-colored houses, carved wooden doors, typical Dutch tiles with outdoor patios, and the fusion of Dutch and indigenous cultures, it has an unparalleled charm.

A festival that demonstrates the local culture is the Bon Bini Festival, and it is held in downtown Oranjestad every Tuesday. When visiting Aruba this summer, you must go to the capital Oranjestad to visit the Archaeological Museum focusing on the archaeology of the prehistoric Amerindian natives that lived in Aruba.

The Archaeological Museum in the heart of Oranjestad located inside a beautifully restored village house. This museum preserves the Amerindian heritage.

You can still see the Dutch influence here, as in the celebration of Sinterklaas or on April 27, when Aruba and the rest of the Kingdom of the Netherlands celebrate the King’s birthday or Dia di Rey. Aruba's traditional music is a mix of waltz, dance, mazurka and tomb, which is played during festivals and holidays including Día de Betico, Flag Day and the National Anthem, Dera Gai and the weekly Bon festival Bini.

Then, the annual Carnival, beginning in January, started in the 1950s and was initiated by the inhabitants from Venezuela and the nearby islands who came to work on oil refineries. Today, it is a sparkling parade of costumes, music, and pageantry. With such a rich culture, art, and music, Aruba can be the perfect getaway for digital nomads as well.

The local community and visitors to the island mark their calendars on the hottest days of the annual music festival, the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, and the Aruba Piano Festival. Both the hotel area and the city center offer trendy places and varied clubbing nightclubs where you can find from karaoke nights and martini bars to sophisticated bistros and pubs.

Rich flora and fauna are just one of many reasons to visit Aruba this summer

best things to do in Aruba

2. Stunning Flora and Fauna in Noord

On top of its beaches, Aruba is a natural paradise, and it allows you to explore its beautiful nature, replete with diverse flora and fauna. For adventure seekers, Aruba offers easy access to its rock formation and cave system where you will have a chance to see species of animals and plants that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

The Divi Tree is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Aruba, along with the pink flamingos, which you can't miss. Even if you are traveling alone in 2020, you won’t get bored in Aruba. But regardless of whether you’re going alone or in good company, here are some more sights to see this summer.

Arikok National Park is a nature preserve that covers a fifth of the island, and it is must-see. Make sure you don’t miss the natural bridges created around a million years ago.

Alto Vista Chapel, also known as Pilgrims Church is a prominent religious monument for people to visit, surrounded by the beautiful Aruban countryside. If you climb up California Lighthouse, the island's iconic landmark, you will be awarded with an astonishing panoramic view of the island.

Apart from the white sand and blue ocean, Aruba has natural wonders and landmarks that are worth seeing

3. Amazing Cuisine is a great reason to visit Palm Beach

As a foodie, you will love the cuisine in Aruba since it is diverse, aromatic with a great synergy of taste. Chefs from Asia, USA, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America bring their native recipes and along with local dishes, such as gouda-glazed keshi yena. They make favorite menu pieces along the entire island.

You need to try it all – seafood houses, steakhouses, Italian trattorias, American, Brazilian. Dutch cafes and local eateries are everywhere. If you decide to visit Aruba this summer, your hardest decision will be which world-class cuisine to relish in first. Typical Aruban dishes include bread bati (a cornmeal bread), carni stoba (stew meat), and keshi yena (stuffed cheese).

4. Sun, sea and beauteous beaches in Malmok

Enjoy its beautiful beaches, visit the Wilhelmina Park, the Arikok National Park, the Bird Sanctuary of Bubali or the Grotto of Lourdes. You cannot miss the excursion in Atlantis Submarine, from where you can see corals and multicolored fish at a depth of up to 50 meters.

If you love sand and the sea, you will be captivated by the beauty of the white-sand beaches in Aruba. The beaches go around the entire island, so you can sit down and relax everywhere you want and enjoy the gorgeous turquoise water and white sand. In addition to perfect beaches, the clear water that surrounds the island is perfect for snorkeling and wreck diving, as well as for windsurfing and kite surfing.

@aruba While in Aruba, don’t miss the Antilla shipwreck site, which is the largest site in the Caribbean. When you visit Aruba this summer, make sure you know some skincare tips, because you will spend most of the time at the beach.

The true tropical experience begins when you first touch the soft sand of Aruba

best things to do in Aruba

5. Feel right at home at San Nicolas

It is also worth visiting the Aloe Factory and Museum, located in Hato. It tells the story of how Aruba Aloe Balm became the world leader. There is a similar but smaller museum, located in the center of San Nicolas, the second largest city in Aruba.

Arubans are friendly people who will greet you with a bright smile and a warm welcome. They will greet you with Bon Bini which means "Welcome to Aruba", and you will instantly feel right at home at this one happy island. Most of the islanders speak at least four languages, and Dutch and Papiamento are the official languages.

Wherever you go in Aruba, you will always be greeted with a friendly smile, so you might wish to call All Season Movers or another beloved moving company and to relocate to this happy island and make it your home. Plus, Aruba is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

Suffice to say that white sand beaches, friendly locals, and tasty international cuisine are just a few reasons why everybody loves Aruba and why you should come to Aruba. There are many more reasons to visit Aruba this summer. As a destination that is constantly evolving, constantly reinventing itself, and upping its game, Aruba has so much to offer.

Aruba is an enchanting island and if you visit Aruba this summer, all your vacation dreams will come true.
Kalyan Panja