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Slovenia is a country in the South Eastern Europe, which is known by its beautiful and unspoiled nature. So it is not surprising that more and more tourists go there every year to explore its amazing beauties. Moreover, Slovenia is one of the greenest places in all Europe, since more than 50 % of its landscape is covered by woods.

The urban parts of the country also have a lot of green places. Therefore it is not a surprise that the country's capital received a title, the greenest capital of Europe. There are many places worth visiting in Slovenia. However in this article we will only cover the topic of outdoor sports in the west part of Slovenia, or canyoning Soca in Bovec area, to be more specific.

canyoning soca bovec rafting in slovenia

The area where canyoning Soca takes place

The Soca River (gave its name also to the valley through which it flows) is considered to be the Europe’s most beautiful river and its magnificent emerald colour will amaze not only the nature lovers, but also everyone who comes in the area. The valley is surrounded by the Julian Alps, which consist of the highest Slovenian mountains.

Imagine spending a day in this beautiful scenery? It sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn't it? This is definitely the best place to practice water sports, especially the canyoning Soca. All you have to do, to be able to attend this best outdoor activity in Slovenia, is to contact the company Altitude activities and join them.

What to bring?

The best time to do canyoning Soca is in spring or in summer when the water is warmer. In those parts of the year the water usually reaches 10 ℃ in summer, therefore a neoprene swimsuit is needed. If you book your canyoning Soca adventure by Altitude activities, they will prepare all the equipment and everything else needed for your safety.

You just bring a bottle of water, a swimsuit and a towel with you. One other thing you must not forget is good mood.

Duration of Canyoning Soca

The canyoning Soca usually lasts about 7 hours, since it take about an hour to get to the destination. When you reach the destination, the staff of the agency will first explain everything you need to know about canyoning Soca to avoid any possible accidents and mishaps. You will begin with smaller jumps to get accustomed to the feeling and activity.

In some cases you won’t have to jump, but you will just slide down the natural slide. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

The guides

The agency's staff will also contribute to this amazing experience. They are very friendly and funny and will definitely make you laugh. Moreover, the staff, the guides have all the licences needed to be able to perform this activity and they are also licensed lifeguards, will also encourage you during the whole canyoning Soca.

Therefore, if at any point during the activity you feel scared of jumping into the river pool, the staff will offer you all the support and motivation needed. However, if you decide to pass a jump, because you are too afraid to take it, the team will lower you down by the rope.

canyoning soca bovec rafting in slovenia

Other activities that can be done in the area

As mentioned before, the western part of Slovenia offers many different possibilities to practice any other type of sports. For example rafting and kayaking are the best for water sports lovers. On the other hand, those who prefer solid ground under the feet might enjoy the hiking and trekking around the highest Slovenian mountains.

You can also join the company on one of their climbing Mount Triglav adventures. The highest Slovenian mountain is 2864 meters high and can be reached in one day (by very experienced hikers) or in two days (more common). It is also possible to book one of the multi pitch climbing tours on the Triglav's north face, which is, due to its difficulty, available for more experienced climbers.

However, in each case it will be an amazing experience. If the weather is nice and clear, you might be able to observe the ships floating on the Mediterranean Sea. This really is an experience that not a lot of people have been able to attain.

Where to book?

If you are convinced that canyoning Soca, or any other above mentioned activity, is the adventure you want to experience this year, book your summer vacation in Slovenia. You will definitely be amazed by its beauties and don’t forget to bring your camera, since it is said that a photo can tell more than a thousand words.

The staff will also take pictures of you with their cameras, so you will have more photos from different angels. If you have any questions considering your canyoning Soca adventure, the company Altitude activities will be happy to answer them.
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