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10 Fantastic Yacht Charter Sailing Destinations in Malaysia

10 Fantastic Yacht Charter Sailing Destinations in Malaysia

According to cruise enthusiasts, you shouldn't miss out on the chance to visit the following places if you are looking for a sailing holiday:

best places to sail in the world

1. Langkawi

Malaysia is one of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia. Its destinations is not limited to its coastline as it is also teeming with beautiful natural resources. This makes it one of the favorite Southeast Asian destinations among people who enjoy yacht charter holidays. Malaysia is extremely fun to explore and a two-day visit won't simply be enough.

Malaysia is located at the center of Southeast Asia. It lies just north of the equator and is surrounded by Indonesia and Singapore on its southern part, the Philippines on its eastern part, and Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, and Thailand on its northern part. It is made up of two noncontiguous regions and has 878 islands - some still inhabited and remote but still accessible to sailors.

Malaysia is loved by sailing enthusiasts because of its beautiful beaches, rainforest, and culture that has Malay, Indian, Chinese, and European influences. To give you an idea of how fantastic the country is for holiday yacht chartering, we would showcase ten of the most exciting places to visit when on a sailing holiday in Malaysia.

Langkawi is an extremely popular island in Southeast Asia. Its rich biodiversity is well-loved by both local and international visitors. Tourists flock to it all year-round. So much so that it has numerous luxury hotels including Ritz-Carlton Langkawi and Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. The island chain is located in the northwest part of Malaysia and is composed of 99 islands.

It's so good to sail around the area that you can spend your entire sailing holiday in Langkawi and still not run out of islands to explore!

2. Similan Islands

Similan Islands is highly accessible if you'd opt for a sailing holiday in Malaysia. It is extremely isolated and is already within Thai waters. This area is perfect for sailors that love exploring unexplored territories. Similan is made up of nine islands that come with their own unique charms.

If you're looking for a sailing destination where you can be extremely private with your loved ones, request your yacht charter company of choice to bring you to Similan Islands.

3. Phuket

A yacht charter holiday in Malaysia will also allow you to visit beautiful Phuket! Phuket is also one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. It is Thailand's biggest island and it has much to offer to all visitors. You'd love shopping, partying, kayaking, swimming, and dining in Phuket! Phuket is a must-visit if you or any of your guests love partying!

4. Bintan

You can also visit Bintan if you'd be on a sailing holiday around Malaysia. It is located in Indonesia and offers soothing turquoise waters to all its visitors. Bintan is an extremely relaxing archipelago to visit. You will find yourself feeling more relaxed and renewed upon visiting the island.

5. Batam

Batam is also often visited by sailors who spend yacht charter holidays in Malaysia. This is because the island is very near Kuala Lumpur. It is a highly rich area as it belongs to the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle. Batam is the place to visit if you and your guests enjoy golfing!

6. Anambas Islands

If you're after hopping from one white beach to the next, you should visit Anambas Islands. It is easily accessible if you'd opt for a Malaysian yacht charter holiday as it is in the northernmost part of Indonesia. You’d love the lagoons at Pulau Rongkat and Pulau Bawah! It is also on these islands where you'd find the Selat Rangsang Beach. It is composed of four smaller islands that are best for romantic getaways with your loved one!

7. Belitung

Belitung is fun to explore as it is in the middle of Indonesia's main islands - Borneo and Sumatra. You'd be amazed at the many islets that come with incredible rock formations. You'd love the sight of large boulders that you’d find along its white-sand beaches. It will put you in awe and wonder of nature's majesty.

8. Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is a popular Malaysian destination among sailors and non-sailors. It is known for its breath-taking coastal city and beautiful coastal islands. Located in Sabah, the city is also home to plenty of historical attractions. It even houses a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kinabalu National Park. If you're a big fan of science, biology, and biodiversity, you’d enjoy exploring 4,500 species of flora and fauna in Kota Kinabalu.

9. Mentawai Islands

Mentawai is fun to visit if you're sailing around Malaysia. It's composed of 70 islands and is located on the western side of Sumatra in Indonesia. It is loved by sailors who enjoy surfing. It receives powerful waves from the Indian Ocean that have surfers returning year after year. The islands are technically unexplored as it is only in the early 20th century that they were discovered.

10. Redang

You should visit charming Redang if you'd be sailing around the eastern part of Malaysia. It is composed of nine islands and is teeming with luxury spas and resorts. Redang is the place to visit if you want to feel like royalty if only for a few days during your sailing holiday. Redang is loved by many as it is also perfect for diving and snorkeling. It has crystal clear waters so you’d enjoy exploring excellently preserved corals in the area.

How to Explore Hanoi Like a Local

It is evident that Hanoi is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. It is quickly becoming one of Asia's most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the midst of all this old-world charm. One of the best ways to experience the charm of this city is to blend in. And we’ve got just the guide!

Even though Hanoi's streets are crammed with people and motorbikes, you will discover that the city actually has a unique appeal if you look beyond the commotion. It is a perfect blend of the old and the new. With its French colonial architecture and ancient monuments, the city's Old Quarter transports visitors back in time.

There are not many traditional sightseeing places, but seeing colorful scooters roaming the center of a city full of French and Chinese history, watching the locals enjoy a bowl full of noodles for breakfast, and seeing the usual things of the traditional city. The traveler inside will wake up.

Hanoi, the capital city, is quite overwhelming in every sense of the word. The sights and smell while walking through its many streets and alleys is a sensory overload that will stay with you forever. Hanoi, besides being the capital and the gateway for all those who visit Vietnam, is one of the most interesting, chaotic and exuberant cities of Southeast Asia.

Explore Hanoi like a local with real Hanoi residents. You can usually find the best attractions, eateries, and hidden jewels in the city through a paid tour guide. But in Hanoi, budget travelers are in luck! The enthusiastic residents of Hanoi who are eager to show you their hometown offer free walking tours. Despite the fact that these excursions are offered at no charge, donations are welcomed.

It is a non-profit organization founded by students in Hanoi to help them enhance their English skills. This is a wonderful method to help out the students in the area and explore Hanoi like a local at the same time! Hanoi is a paradise for culture and food enthusiasts.

Two of the most characteristic dishes of Hanoi are the Pho, a kind of very rich noodle soup, and Banh Cuon, a mass of rice. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that the local vendors can prepare in seconds. Generally, all they need to do is put the solid ingredients in a bowl followed by hot water and other liquid ingredients, such as broth. Another of the typical dishes of Hanoi are the Bun Cha.

Jaywalking does not exist in Hanoi. The first time you venture off in Hanoi can be a bit of a shock. There are no traffic lights or pedestrian crossings here. As if they were a flock of birds, traffic moves in unison, and when one goes, they all follow suit. People walking out into the street in front of them is nothing new to the residents of this area.

With confidence, they keep walking while automobiles slow down and weave around them. Because of this, evading, swerving, and fleeing is the worst thing to do, as it puts you and the other drivers at greater risk. Just walk gently, be aware of your surroundings, and look for minor breaks in the traffic when you can.

As far as transportation in this crazy traffic goes, you can grab a cab or a bus. But probably the best way to get around in Hanoi is cycling. Many of the locals commute daily on their bicycles, so to enjoy Hanoi like a local, you can rent a bike. However, this means you can’t carry all your belongings with you all the time. Find a storage facility to store your items during your daily commute in Hanoi adventures. The most important thing is to stay calm!

While you may be used to haggling, whether in Europe or in Asia, haggling as a general rule doesn't work in Vietnam. Shopkeepers will just shake their head at you and say no, and not engage. This means you're paying whatever white person prices they decide to charge you, and there's no recourse. A little bit counter intuitively, shops in tourist traps will actually haggle, but the prices there are going to be terrible anyhow.

If you are traveling through Florida you might be taking a longer trip from one place to another and are not eager to pay rent during that time. If you live in Florida or have a longer layover there, renting storage might be a good idea. You can keep all your belongings in a safe facility in Florida or leave winter clothes that you do not need while traveling through Asia.

Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle. When you arrive in a new city, like Hanoi, the first thing you should do to explore like a local is get out and start walking. For many, this can be the most enjoyable way to spend time. And it is no wonder Hanoi is considered one of the most amazing destinations in Vietnam with all it has to offer. The bustling city of Hanoi, full of locals going about their daily routines in the most conventional and foreign ways possible, is sure to blow you away.

You will find the most picturesque and real landscapes by putting yourself right in the middle of the action. Venture into the Old Quarter’s bustling labyrinth and pick up some trinkets as souvenirs. Other bonuses include exploring hidden restaurants and views like Hoan Kiem Lake. You can even spot some of the local turtles if you are patient enough!

Best Tourist Destinations In Hanoi

Here are our tips on how to explore Hanoi like a local. Here are a few places to see in Hanoi besides things to do in Hanoi, where to stay in Hanoi and many other tips.

1. Long Bien Bridge

Famous French engineer Gustave Eiffel designed the Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi. And if his name sounds familiar, you are right! Gustave is also responsible for the Eiffel Tower. This 100-year-old bridge is a tourist attraction, but only a small number of visitors will actually walk into this structure.

You will usually only find locals commuting on bicycles here. The bridge, despite this, is a valuable experience and one of the best ways to explore Hanoi like a local. In addition, it provides breathtaking views of the city and the Cau Chuong Duong Bridge. If you want to get some authentic photographs, this is the best way to do it.

2. Ba Dinh

Ba Dinh is a vast area close to the Old Quarter. There are large, tree-lined streets here like Phan Dinh Phung Street, making it one of Hanoi’s greenest neighborhoods. Ho Chi Minh declared independence for Vietnam from France in 1945 from Ba Dinh, the political center of Hanoi since the French rule.

As a tourist destination, Hanoi is also home to a number of notable historical landmarks, including Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, the Imperial Citadel, and the One Pillar Pagoda. There’s so much to see here that you might want to prolong your trip to Hanoi. Valuable online advice regarding storing your items for a longer trip abroad is easily found at Nationwide Moving Services, alongside moving tips.

Exploring Hanoi like a local in Ba Dinh is peaceful, quiet, safe, and enveloping. Many people are out and about, and there are a number of cafes and restaurants dishing up some of the greatest Vietnamese food that Hanoi has to offer in the immediate area. Try the native specialty Pho Cuon, thin rice paper with a variety of fillings, which is exclusively available on Truc Bach Island.

3. Gia Lâm

Try pottery to explore Hanoi’s local history and culture. The Hanoi district of Gia Lâm is home to the historic pottery hamlet of Bat Trang. According to folklore, the area is rich in clay, which accounts for the town’s thriving pottery industry. You can actually take a pottery class here! It is a really easy way to make your trip memorable and unique and bring a piece of Hanoi with you. In the pottery class, you can also gain some insight into the history of the ancient settlement and the people who lived there.

4. Hoan Kiem Lake

Undoubtedly the best area to stay in Hanoi is north of Hoan Kiem Lake or the Old Quarter in Hanoi. Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most recommended places to see in Hanoi. Stay in an oasis of calm and serenity. Not only is it an epitome of comfort, but it gives a stunning view of the Old Quarters of the city! Enjoy the Old Quarters of the Vietnamese capital, take a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, and enjoy a bamboo cultural show!

Check into a stay that is an enchanting mix of haute couture and hill tribe culture. It brings with it a strain of classical nostalgia from the French Indochina era. Curl up with a book, or even enjoy the spa. Get to see the highest peak in Vietnam via the world's longest cable car system, enjoy the French district in this colonial hill station, visit paddy fields, and do some brocade shopping.

Spend a night in a comfortable cabin on a luxury, overnight train - with vintage, dark wood furnishings and the mystery of the night and twinkling stars.

5. Ngoc Son Temple

Of all the points of interest that the lake possesses, perhaps the most important is the Ngoc Son Temple, located on Jade Island and dedicated to the national hero Tran Hung Dao. You have to cross the Huc Bridge, a wooden construction whose red color stands out in the surroundings of the lake.

Inside the Ngoc Son Temple is one of the biggest curiosities to see in Hanoi. It is a giant turtle found and dissected in the 60s and which is believed to be more than 500 years old and may be the famous turtle of the world.

6. Train Street

Among all the things to see in Hanoi, perhaps the most surprising is to see the train pass by Train Street, close to the wall and with a Hanoi Beer in hand. If you are planning on visiting the train Market and watch the train zip by you need a local shop owner as a chaperone. You cannot walk on tracks without a shop owner for your safety. The train comes by several times a day at high speed.

One of the most beautiful and popular places to see in Hanoi is the Temple of Literature, built in honor of Confucius.

7. Thăng Long Imperial Citadel

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is one of the must see places in Hanoi. You can see the Tower of the Flag of Hanoi over 33 meters high, and a palace reminiscent of Beijing's Chinese architecture.

8. One Pillar Pagoda

Right next to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the One Pillar Pagoda.

9. Tran Quoc Pagoda

Located on the outskirts of the city, specifically between West Lake (Hồ Tây) and Truc Bach Lake, is Tran Quoc Pagoda, one of the most important to see in Hanoi.

Perfume Pagoda, at the top of the Perfume Mountain is one of the most popular excursions to do from Hanoi.

10. Hang Buom

Hang Buom is an area where you will find an infinity of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Hanoi. One of the most popular attractions to see in Hanoi is the water puppet show.

Final words

We hope our guide has helped you understand how to explore Hanoi like a local. With its exotic food, rich culture, and beautiful sceneries, Hanoi is sure to capture your heart. Happy traveling!

10 Best Souvenirs to Buy In Europe

10 Best Souvenirs to Buy In Europe

If you are able to travel abroad, it is generally a good idea to commemorate your trip with a souvenir. Numerous European countries are known for certain food sources or handmade gifts that are great for bringing home. All things considered, Europe is regarded for having the absolute yummiest food and drinks, distinctive meticulous craftsmanship and other interesting stuff.

Even better, refrain from the usual French macarons, Italian wine, Swiss chocolates, or gimmicky keychains.

best souvenirs from europe

Here are some outstanding souvenirs to look out for on your next Europe adventure.

1. Leather goods; Italy

Italy is loaded with outside business sectors packed with merchants selling an assortment of leather goods that range from sacks to belts to journals. The country's most renowned market — and the best spot to find quality leather goods — is the San Lorenzo Market in Florence.

You could spend the better part of a day wandering around the market and finding the perfect leather for your friend that adores leather clothes or bags. Italy is also one of the best places in Europe to visit if you love history and nature, so make time for some sightseeing.

2. Licitar heart; Croatia

Famous all over Croatia, Licitar hearts are straightforward cakes produced using flour, water, yeast, and sugar that are formed with tin shapes and afterward prepared and painted brilliant varieties — generally ordinarily red. The more modest variants can make for an extraordinary Christmas tree trimming.

3. Mozartkugeln; Austria

Mozartkugeln is chocolate-covered truffles loaded up with pistachio-seasoned marzipan and nougat, and they're one of Austria's most darling sweets. They were first made in Salzburg in 1890 by Paul Fürst, who chose to name his creation after the well-known Austrian writer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

4. Amber; Poland

Amber has forever been the gemstone of Poland. The country's shore once provided old Greeks and Romans with their valuable 'electrum' through the well-known Amber Road that used to interface the Baltic Sea with the Mediterranean. Known as the Baltic's gold, amber is found in the Polish port city of Gdańsk.

You'll find a lot of stores selling remarkable adornments made of the material, which is just tree resin that has been solidified and weathered by water.

5. Dala horse; Sweden

Horses were exceptionally esteemed and turned into an image of solidarity and boldness. They showed up in Sweden quite a while back and were subdued and trained around that time. In the seventeenth century, minimal wooden horses were sold in business sectors in humble communities and towns in Dalarna, in central Sweden.

Dating back to the mid-nineteenth 100 years, Dala horses are named for the locale from which they originated: Dalarna, in focal Sweden. The splendidly painted horses are presently viewed as the country's informal image, and although they're famous as souvenirs, a lot of local people have one in their homes also. The red horse is the most conventional.

6. Port wine; Portugal

Port is a Portuguese wine that is made by adding refined grapes in different forms, like a spirit or generally liquor, to a wine base. Portugal's beautiful Douro Valley is the world's only maker of port wine, a strengthened wine that is sweet and frequently appreciated after a feast. Go through the day visiting the hotels of the Douro Valley and trying various types of ports. Odds are you'll find a jug you'll need to bring back home with you.

7. Swiss-made Watches; Switzerland

Swiss made watches are priceless for the exceptional value they're worth. By creating contemporary and ingenious things that use cutting-edge propels, Swiss-made watches stand separated plainly as incredibly renowned quality and excess watchmakers.

8. Lindt chocolate; Switzerland

The Swiss consume a whopping 23 pounds of Swiss chocolate each year, a significant number considering the nation's size. Switzerland has delivered a significant number of the chocolate industry's greats, including Rudolf Lindt, a Swiss-conceived chocolatier who invented the Conche in 1879, the machine that eternally impacted how the pastry was fabricated. Lindt utilizes that strategy to make the rich chocolate they produce today.

9. Camembert cheese; France

A bread likely won't make it in your backpack on the trip back home from France, yet Camembert cheese will. The velvety cow's milk cheese comes from the northern area of Normandy and is the best finish to any dinner.

10. Bohemian crystal; Czech Republic

Bohemian crystal is glass that is made in Silesia and Bohemia — henceforth its name. The two districts are currently important for the Czech Republic. The glass, which frequently includes wonderful detailing, is known for being hand-blown, cut, and engraved. It's additionally greater and more solid than most other glass.

Wrapping Up

Travel is generally mainly about the experience rather than material perspectives, no question about that. And yet, it's great to bring home something, particularly on the off chance that it's novel souvenirs that you won't find elsewhere. Souvenirs from Europe include valuable and semi-valuable stones, books, toys, fine weaving, customary caps, military memorabilia, and a few foods and drinks to complete your bag.

7 Things to Know Before Visiting Antelope Canyon

One of the places that can most impress those of who travel to the national parks in USA is Antelope Canyon. It is located in Navajo territory and is one of the most photographed canyons in USA. It is a complete beauty to the eyes with narrow passages and sandstone walls. It is a spectacular natural landscape located in northern Arizona, next to the town of Page, a town located on the boundary between northern Arizona and southern Utah.

It is about three hours north of the Grand Canyon of Colorado and the recreational park of Glen Canyon, which is considered a tribal park for the Navajo Indians, and specifically, on the shores of Lake Powell. The walls of this small canyon in the middle of the Arizona desert are so full of magic and softness, which through the photographs taken by travelers who visit it transmits an impressive beauty.

The canyon used to be the habitat of pronghorn antelope. Antelope often roamed in the valley, so it was named Antelope Canyon. It is also an Indian reserve. Until now, some old Navajo people still meditate here to complete communication with the spirit of the earth.

Located just 5 hours north of Phoenix, Arizona, Antelope Canyon is widely considered one of nature's most beautiful wonders. A desert oasis is one of the unique places this world offers and is very easily accessible. There are many reasons why Antelope Canyon usually makes the list of top 10 places to visit. But there are some things you should know before planning a trip to this beautiful place.

antelope canyon how to visit

So, to help you out, we have put together a list of things to know before visiting Antelope Canyon.

1. There are two Antelope Canyons

Most people don’t realize that Antelope Canyon is separated into two sections. With only about a mile apart, there is the Upper Canyon and Lower Canyon. Antelope Canyon is divided into two zones, the upper canyon and the lower canyon. The most visited and most appropriate in order to take pictures is the upper canyon, whose tour lasts an hour and a half.

If you have the time, we warmly recommend visiting both. However, if we had to choose one, the lower canyon would win easily. The Upper Canyon is the one you see all of the pictures of, and it attracts a lot more tourists.

The Lower Canyon is just as beautiful (if not more), and you won't have to push through as big of a crowd of tourists to enjoy it. Still, whichever you decide to visit, we recommend you know the precautions before you travel in COVID times. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are two Antelope Canyons, of which the Upper is more popular and is the one you usually find pictures of online. Since for the visit there is usually a large influx of tourists that coincide by the narrow canyon, this can make it difficult to take pictures without people in front.

To visit this natural enclave you have the option to sign up for a Antelope Canyon tour from Las Vegas. The tour involves riding a large SUV that travels a few miles along a very sandy road until you reach the shore of Lake Powell, from where you can access the entrance to Antelope Canyon.

2. Time of day matters

Located in the north of Arizona, Antelope Canyon is one of the top ten geological wonders. It is divided into two parts: the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. This peculiar terrain makes the light here beautiful and strange. Some parts of the valley bottom can only be exposed to sunlight at noon.

When it comes to the Lower Canyon, it’s important to remember that the Lower Canyon doesn’t take reservations. It functions entirely on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it can be challenging to pick a good time. The best time to go would be in the early morning to avoid the crowds; while not as big as the Upper Canyon, crowds can still be annoying.

On the other hand, many tour companies accept reservations on the Upper Canyon. So, it's best to visit the Upper Canyon around noon, with the sun directly overhead, so you have the best chance of spotting rays of light peeking into the canyon. Remember to think about your belongings ahead of time, and don't leave them in a hotel room. If you want to have your belongings safely stored away, it’s best to rent out a local storage unit short-term.

It is highly recommended to try to make the visit at noon, about 12 o'clock, because it is the moment in which the light enters more deeply in the canyon, causing the most beautiful scenes. Of course, it is important to avoid the first hours of the day and holidays.

3. Bring water and hiking shoes

Before planning anything concrete, remember that this is Arizona. If you’re not prepared, you’ll get dehydrated incredibly quickly, and while traveling, it's essential to think about your health. Knowing how to protect yourself while traveling is important on many different levels. Having sturdy shoes is also necessary since visiting either canyon will involve a hike.

This is especially important in the Lower Canyon, as it has a lot of ladders to go down and small openings to climb through. So, remember to prepare for this visit as you would for any other hike.

While the canyons are relatively dark, Arizona weather is still sweltering, and the hikes are long, so prepare accordingly.

4. A guide is required

When visiting Antelope Canyon, you will have to remember to prearrange a guide ahead of time. Especially if you are planning on visiting with family, you need to remember that a guide is required to visit the canyon. This is because the canyon is located on Indian Reservation land, and it can get dangerous.

Also, keep in mind that experts from remind you that you should always think ahead about the safety of your belongings and yourself.

5. It can be dangerous

Arizona is known for flash floods, especially during monsoon season. Unfortunately, this also applies to the Antelope Canyon. It isn’t unheard of for a 50-foot-tall wave of water to sweep through the canyon, as it did in 1997. Back then, 11 visitors drowned due to the flash flood, and it took nine months for the Lower Canyon to reopen with improved security measures.

All visitors have to be accompanied by a guide qualified to assess weather conditions. And remember, avoid Antelope Canyon during rainstorms; even if it isn't raining in the canyon, flash floods can travel miles.

Arizona is known for flash floods, so avoid the canyon during monsoon seasons and whenever it rains.

6. The Upper Canyon is more accessible

Generally speaking, the Upper Canyon is much more accessible to the public. While we recommend visiting the Lower Canyon if you can only choose one, the Upper Canyon has its own merits. It's located above ground, with a wide base and narrow opening, so it's pretty dark. Like in the Lower Canyon, the only light here is when the sunshine comes through the opening in the canyon's roof.

This creates beautiful light rays throughout the canyon. However, visiting the Upper Canyon is also more expensive than visiting the lower canyon. So, knowing how to get money for your travels if you plan to come here more than once is preferable.

7. Bring a camera

When visiting Antelope canyon, remember to bring a camera. After all, it would be a shame to see one of the most beautiful places in the world without snapping some photos. Also, since you will be going with a guide, you will have someone to help you point out the most beautiful scenes to take a picture of. Making memories should be one of the priorities when visiting a place like this.

Visiting Antelope Canyon – conclusion

Antelope Canyon is famous for being one of the most beautiful places globally. If you enjoy traveling, and you ever get the chance to visit it, don’t hesitate to make a trip to this canyon. But remember to prepare for the journey properly. We hope you found this list of 7 things to know before visiting Antelope Canyon helpful.

10 Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

Are you going to #Indonesia for the first time or have you ever been to Indonesia before? Pristine beaches, crystal clear water, tropical lush greenery and a colorful culture, Indonesia is all about letting loose and unwinding. With an archipelago collection of over 18 thousand islands, Indonesia is the largest island archipelago in the world. From spending a leisurely holiday to being a playground for adventure lovers Indonesia is an ideal destination for every kind of traveller.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. So after you get the tourist locations you want to go to, you can find detailed travel tips on the Internet. The shore along much of the mainland of Indonesia isn’t great, but there are countless well-known islands like Bali and Komodo that salvage its rating. Although a bit cliche, Bali makes for a very crucial part of any Bali tour package.

Traveling between locations is easier by plane or even by land using buses, trains and connected by ships. So it depends on the budget you have. Life in Indonesia is easy. The weather is great, the land is beautiful. You can take your motorcycle and find amazing places to unwind; forests, waterfalls, beaches. Indonesians are experts at stealing hearts. They have the most beautiful smiles and they speak softly. Of course with time you realise that a nice smile doesn’t necessarily mean a nice person. But it is still nice to be surrounded by smiling faces.

Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

If you are looking for your first foreign trip with the family then an Indonesian holiday is the best option. Excited about visiting this tropical paradise? Then here are some of the best places to visit in Indonesia:

1. Gili Islands

To be in paradise without exploring what it hides under its waters? Nah, it's not a good idea! So put on your glasses, grab a snorkel tube and plunge into the crystal clear waters of Gili. Gili Islands are a small group of islands in the northwest of the Indonesian island of Lombok. The archipelago consists of the three sister islands Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan.

Gili Islands have enjoyed great popularity for years, especially among backpackers, but for a long time small boutique hotels with high standards have found their way to the paradises of the island. From Bali it is best to reach the Gili Islands by speedboat in about 1.5 hours from the Padangbai ferry port.

They say that in the waters of Gili you can see turtles with relative ease. You can snorkel for free directly from the beach or hire an excursion that takes you to visit the three islands.

The first stop is usually off the west coast of Gili Meno, with corals and colorful fish. The last stop is the southern part of Gili Air. Many say that in the Gili you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world. See the sun hide behind the volcanoes of Bali across the Java Sea.

2. Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the largest and best-known of the three Gilis, and is also often described as a holiday island. Whether in the night market of Trawangan where you can stuff yourself with sate, nasi campur or grilled fish or in one or another restaurant with sea view dare with Indonesian cuisine, it seems delicious. In the market area during the day there are also very cheap restaurants with excellent food, a smart choice for budget travelers!

The best snorkeling areas for free in Gili Trawangan are in the northeast part. The best bars to spend the night are the Sama Sama, in which every night there are bands that play reggae music, with a super disco and chill out bars in the sunset area. Take a picture of the sea swings. One of the most famous is where near the swing (everything an instagram star) there is also a hammock.

3. Gili Meno

Go snorkeling around secret Gili islands with manta rays and turtles. Besides snorkeling with turtles, snorkel around some amazing underwater statues. There are quite a few of them around the island. This particular site is called The Nest and is located off the coast of Gili Meno. It has gained a lot of popularity worldwide.

Reach here early in the morning. These underwater statues are created by a well known underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. These 48 life size statues are placed on the ocean floor for creating an artificial reef. The hope is to see corals grow along this artificial reef. The concrete used to make these statues is environmentally friendly and the statues are quite the sight to behold.

The statues are 3 metres below the water and next to a reef. It can be reached by amateur swimmers as well. But make sure to be the first people here in the morning to avoid major crowds.

4. Ubud

Ubud is a little spot in the incredible Bali to spend at least one day discovering this incredible town, the spiritual center of the island. Ubud is probably one of the most famous and favourite holiday destinations in Indonesia. It can easily be defined as the art and cultural capital of Bali. Walk through the colorful streets, by lanes and art galleries or be a part of the fairs, festivals and interesting processions.

Blessed on all sides with lush tropical jungles, calming river sides and peace provoking wellness homes, Ubud is an ideal holiday destination. Hike through the jungles, cycle along the coast, visit the Ubud monkey temple and go for the famous giant swing experience. No matter what you do, memories of a lifetime are guaranteed.

5. Komodo National Park

Komodo is a small island of Indonesia located in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Indonesia is the home of Komodo National Park, named after its star citizens, the Komodo Dragon. Presently the biggest living lizard on the planet and the closest point to dinosaurs, these intense dragons are quite the tourist attraction for the excitement seeker. Indonesia is the only place on the planet where they can be found residing in the wild on the 4 islands that comprise Komodo National Park.

The Komodo dragon of Indonesia is the largest reptile in the world and also one of the most effective killers of the animal kingdom. Watch Komodo dragons, heaviest lizards on earth, before these islands get closed for tourists! Having known to consume humans, ensure you go with a couple of park rangers as protection to witness this wild animal.

6. Bunaken

Bunaken is located within the Bunaken National Park. It hosts more than 300 types of coral and 3000 marine species. Apart from that, something usual in these latitudes, it is an idyllic place, where the nights are lit by the thousands of noises inside. Dive, seeing seabeds full of life with dozens of clownfish, the fish known worldwide for the Nemo film and a great defender of its anemone.

Now it is so famous that it has become one of the star fish and still it is easy to see even doing snorkeling, an activity that by the way does not detract at all from diving, since the waters are quite transparent. Snorkeling in Bunaken is almost like doing a dive in a pool full of wildlife.

At the end of the day's dives see the phenomenon of the tide in all its splendor. Diving at night is an experience that a diver should not leave out. Almost the whole island is surrounded by a coral reef. Finally, one of the extra activities you can do in a place like this is see dolphins, but not one or two, hundreds.

7. Crystal Bay Beach

This sheltered cove is lined with palms in the backdrop and quietly lapping waves in the front. The shores are blessed with gently sloping hills and an underdeveloped vibe that makes you feel like you are chilling in a quiet heaven away from the crowd. You can see tourists lazing and the locals grazing their cattles simultaneously here.

This idyllic island is sort of isolated and takes an hour long speed boat ride to reach. A handful of thatched roof cafes, old bungalows and serene makes this beach truly unique. People also go for free diving and scuba diving to explore marine life and rare corals.

8. Borobudur Temple

Visit the famous Borobudur. The Borobudur Temple compound is an iconic UNESCO world heritage site in Bali. Dating back to the 8th and 9th century, this complex is located in the central Java region. Considered to be one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world, the ancient Borobudur Temple is blessed with lush greenery on all sides that evokes a sense of peaceful feeling to everyone visiting it.

A drone view will make the temple look like the perfect blocks of Lego set against and artistically interlocked among each other. It has many photo ops and offers a great way of learning more about the rich heritage that is embedded in Indonesia.

Going back to the 9th century, Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist holy place on the planet and is found in Java, Indonesia. Comprised of 2,000+ alleviation panels and over 500 Buddha sculptures, this holy place is an incredible monolith to see. Often crowded in the day, among the very best times to explore the holy place is very early in the early morning when you can watch the dawn while standing at the very top.

Candi Borobudur in Magelang, Middle Java is one of the Forgotten Wonders. Candi Borobudur used to be one of 7 Wonders of the World, but because not many knew about this, it went into the Forgotten Wonders list. There are other old temples such as Prambanan, Boko temple.

Being the single largest Buddhist temple in the history of the world, you definitely cannot resist the temptation of touring this temple especially if you are a religious person. You will have the chance to see the famous Mahayana Buddhist pilgrims that are over 95 feet tall and tour the Island of Java. While here, you will view the breathtakingly beautiful volcanoes that lay in a rhythmic fashion around the island.

9. Mount Bromo

One would think getting to a volcano would be a difficult task, but Mount Bromo's location is really accessible from Malang or Surabaya which are two major cities in Indonesia. One can take a train or fly to Surabaya or Malang and then get picked up by a tour company from their and travel to Probolinggo Cemoro Lawang to stay the night before the sunrise trip.

Malang city becomes a strategic point for you to Mount Bromo. There are tour packages that you can take from Malang, or you can stay overnight in the villages around Mount Bromo. Don’t worry, Mount Bromo is very easy to reach because there are comfortable stairs.

It's one of the very few places in the world where what you have seen on social media photos is exactly what you will get in real life. There are no filters needed to make this destination more appealing. The view from the crater rim is just as jaw dropping! Firstly looking out across the sea of sand makes you feel like you're on another planet and staring into the crater is truly once in a lifetime.

Visiting Mount Bromo is adventure travel from waking up before the crack of dawn, travelling in pitch dark in a bumpy jeep not knowing where you're headed, braving the cold for sunrise and then crossing the desert sea of sand to summit the crater rim is truly an adventure one deserves in Indonesia.

Indonesia also boasts some of the most gorgeous sunsets on the planet with among the very best being seen from Mount Penanjakan overlooking the well-known Mt Bromo Volcano. Literally any able-body person can visit Mount Penanjakan for sunrise and all you need to do to summit Mount Bromo is walk across a patch of sand and climb some stairs to the top.

It is far from physically demanding and it really is a great trip for children and healthy elderly folk wanting to visit. Most people would think summiting a volcano would cost and arm or a leg, but again, Mount Bromo proves you wrong. As compared to other man-made attractions in Indonesia, or even the costs of staying at a fancy hotel or villa. The cost of visiting Mount Bromo is surprisingly reasonable.

Due to the rise in popularity of this wonderful destination, there are a number of local accommodations just outside the entrance to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, meaning that there’s no need to camp out. You can sleep in comfort, eat food from a restaurant and have a hot shower before you visit this incredible location.

10. Ijen

It's time to make the expedition to the Kawah Ijen, the blue lava volcano. If you like trekking then don't miss the Ijen Crater. Ijen Crater is famous for its blue fire. Imagine a 5-meter-high flame flickering in the night sky. It's so cool. There is a lot of sulfur in the gas emitted by the volcano. Under high pressure, sulfur and air ignite, and the flame generated is blue. That's why Ijen volcano emits blue lava.

Ijen Crater is located between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency of East Java. The ferry that comes from Gilimanuk, in Bali, leaves you in Banyuwangi, which is precisely the best place to stay if you want to visit the Kawah Ijen volcano. Through Airbnb you can also find very good offers. Or if not, you can take a train or bus directly to Banyuwangi to cross to Bali. But in Banyuwangi there are some seas which are also beautiful.

Do not imagine the red lava of the volcano that you have always seen on television but of blue color! First of all it will cost you a bit to see the lava because smoke does not stop coming out of the volcano and secondly you will not see the lava move but rather you will see some blue flames and the surrounding rocks as if they were red hot but in this case the bright blue.

In spite of this, the Ijen volcano is something unique to see and of course we loved having lived it. Not only the power to see blue lava, but the whole experience of the walk in the middle of the night, the miners working with the sulfur, seeing the sunrise inside a volcano.

With conventional cameras it is impossible to photograph the blue lava, only those from National Geographic can. So if you do not have a super reflex camera do not waste your time taking pictures in which then you will not see anything and enjoy the moment watching such a spectacle of nature to retain it in your memory.

Right next to where you will see the blue lava there is a turquoise lake of hot water! The gases that give off the volcano and the sulfur mine overwhelm a bit and sting the eyes. The sulfur extracted from the mine is basically used to make cosmetic products. About 8 or 9 in the morning they will leave you again in the hostel and you will be able to rest because you have spent the whole night awake.

Indonesia is all about a cultural and an adventure packed experience. It is the best destination for everyone to let loose and get more in touch with their internal peace.