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Is it safe to visit Char Dham during the Monsoon Season?

Is it safe to visit Char Dham during the Monsoon Season?
Reflected to be the place of religious and cultural realization for devotees all over India, the Chardham is surrounded by some natural elegance. Most devotees travel here to get blessings by the powerful Gods. One must choose the most suitable time to visit Chardham by helicopter and prepare fully in advance.

best time to visit char dham

Determining the right time is necessary because all four temples are placed high up in the hills, and you require to travel across abrupt slopes and rocky routes to arrive at the holy temples.

1. Weather of Chardham

Weather performs an essential part in picking a proper time to visit these four pilgrimage places. Your comfort is another determinant. The high mountains will be cool and refreshing during April to June. You should carry woolens with you as the evenings can be cold. The rains commence around July and last till the beginning of September.

The journey could be hard with chances of slips and water logging at places. September after rainfalls becomes comparatively cooler, which is seemingly the best time for the journey. By October the warmth drops and you could even notice initial snowfall. Consider the weather with all proper gravity when you think of a Chardham journey.

2. Best Time for Chardham Yatra - What should you Know?

Planning for Chardham Yatra is not a childish decision. The path is broken, brings you over a rugged area, makes you trek for prolonged hours and tests your strength each minute. The climate of the Himalayas is also erratic. The climate conditions remain varied each moment, making your journey all the more challenging.

Hence, before you plan a tour to Chardham, you require to be informed of the best time to visit Chardham. Then your trip will be hassle-free and secure.

3. Visit Char Dham During The Monsoon Season

In Chardham, monsoons remain throughout the end of June till the middle of September. Occasional storms and landslides are quite prevalent during that part of the year. So it's not advisable to visit Chardham in monsoon time.

Another good season to tour arrives at the end of September to mid-November. This is pre-winter in the hills when the hills are rich with greenery after a big monsoon and the brutality of winter hasn’t set in. This is the best time to begin the Char Dham Yatra for devotees across India.

4. Ideal Day to Visit Chardham

On the Akshaya Tritiya day every year, Chardham temples open. Akshaya Tritiya is supposed to be the most auspicious day as per the Hindu mythology. It falls on the Shukla Paksha and third Tithi during the month of Vaishakha. Additionally, Chardham temple closes two days after Diwali every year.

Diwali is another very religious festivity for Indians. It celebrates the conquest of good over evil. So, one can get entry to the Chardham and obtain a Darshan of the mighty lords only for 6 months each year.

5. What is the Perfect Chardham Traveling Season?

The most suitable time to visit Chardham is throughout April, May and the first half of June. That signifies the pre-summers and summers at the Chardham when the climate is comfortable sufficient for the journey. Trip to Chardham should not be done strictly throughout the monsoon season around the July to September months.

The main reason is the region becomes landslide-prone and unsafe during the monsoons. You could also acknowledge visiting Chardham between October to the end of November to enjoy the pre-winter pricks of the cold ambiance. The climate during that time is still tolerable and vacation friendly.

6. What is the best time for Chardham Yatra?

Chardham yatra is a way of showing devotion to the almighty. (Leisure India Holiday) is a travel agency that has some amazing spiritual packages of Chardham Yatra tour in a helicopter from India. The guests they have served have appreciated them and have given them positive feedback. This agency has been in business for about 13 years.

Book spiritual package of Chardham yatra by helicopter from India through (Leisure India Holiday). This package has all you need to make your journey more comfortable yet adventures. This tour by this agency will give you some spiritual vibes that will last with you even after completing the journey. This tour will bring you closer to the almighty as well as to the environment. The best time to visit Chardham is April, May, and June when the weather of Chardham is pleasant enough to travel.

7. What are the Advantages of Chardham Tour at the Best Time

The important privileges of traveling to Chardham through the best season are:

• Traveling will be trouble-free

• No unnecessary obstacles

• Free of un-predictabilities

• A pleasant trip

10 Dishes You Need To Try In Qatar

If you're traveling to #Qatar, you can't go without trying some of their unique traditional dishes. Qatar's cuisine, a remarkable mixture of Arabic and Indian #food, is among the best in the world. In Qatar, you can also get a taste of the surrounding countries. Whether you choose Lebanese dolma or the Iranian pilaf, your senses are bound to be intrigued.

In a good way, of course. Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 dishes you need to try in Qatar. Qatar's main national dish will not be on the list because it is an absolute must-try. This dish is called Lahm. As soon as you step foot in Qatar, we suggest you try it. The delicious lamb and dates stew is usually served with rice or pan-fried bread. This dish will swipe you off your feet on the first bite.

Famous traditional food of qatar

Once you've had the Lahm, you can try some of the Travtasy's top 10 delicacies we picked for you.

1. Machboos

Chicken, beef, lamb, camel, and fish are all acceptable additions to this spicy rice meal with marinated meat or shellfish. It's a favorite amongst many Qataris. Lemon juice and rose water may be sprinkled on top to enhance the flavor. YOu can get a hot salsa dip with this meal if the spices aren't enough for you.

2. Thareed

According to Prophet Muhammad, his wife is superior to other ladies like thareed is superior to other meals. This food has special significance for Muslims. Meat and bread are the primary ingredients. Everything else is up to the chef's discretion. Lamb, chickpeas, potatoes, and veggies are a Qatari favorite in the thareed dish. The chef turns them into a soup and tops them with a few cakes.

You can dip your bread into the soup because the broth is served in a separate bowl. In Qatar, this meal is traditionally eaten with hands. So be ready to get your hands dirty.

3. Madhruba

Several national foods were adapted from neighboring countries. However, the recipe for "whipped porridge" originated in Qatar. A paste-like mixture of rice, milk, ghee, and cardamom is created by simmering the ingredients for many hours. Another pot is used to simmer chicken with various veggies, herbs, and Asian spices. Once they've been blended and mashed into a paste, the Qatari "whipped porridge" is ready to serve. You will seldom find this dish in hotel restaurants, but they are common in many local restaurants.

According to experts at Ben Hur, who adore this meal, by the way, many of their clients who have relocated to Qatar had an easier transition to a new home and culture thanks to food. After sampling different dishes and finding restaurants that serve them best, they felt more at home.

4. Harees

Meat and spices are combined with ground wheat to create this distinctive Arabian meal. In addition to tomatoes, peppers, and spices like cardamom, this beef dish is topped with parsley. Harees, according to tradition, is made during the holy month of Ramadan and distributed to people in need. If you're visiting during this time, Harees is one of the dishes you need to try in Qatar.

Harees is typically served during Ramadan, and it's one of the most recommended dishes to try in Qatar.

5. Balaleet

It's a savory meal with sweet and salty flavors that you can have for breakfast or dessert. Fried vermicelli noodles are topped with an omelet and flavored with sugar, cinnamon, saffron, and cardamom. Some chefs also garnish it with a variety of nuts. We hope you know how to get money for your travels and all these delicious meals in the Middle East.

6. Margoog

This recipe is chock-full of fiber and vitamins A and C. Zucchini, carrots, eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes are common ingredients, as is tenderized beef. It is common to utilize raw bread dough kneaded to a thin layer, sliced into pieces, and then simmered in stock to absorb all the flavors. The Meshwar Al-Khaleej restaurant is a great spot to sample it in Madinat Khalifa.

7. Luqaimat

This delicacy is the ideal combination of soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Fried bread covered with syrup or honey is what this is all about. An Arabic term for "bite-sized" is called Luqaimat, and it's a particularly popular meal among Muslims during Ramadan. The recipe has several variations, but in Qatar, it is often made with butter, milk, flour, sugar, saffron, and cardamom as the primary ingredients.

8. Kousa Mahshi

Qatari Kousa Mahshi, a stuffed courgette, is a typical dish in the Middle East. Minced beef and spices, such as mint and parsley, are used to make the filling. There's also a vegan version of the meal. If you like Arabian cuisine, you will also love the Qatari version of Kousa Mahsi. Many people from neighboring countries travel to Qatar to have some Kousa Mahsi.

The food here is so good that you may want to make your stay longer. In that case, it would be wise to choose a safe storage facility to keep your belonging while you are exploring this incredible country. If you want to travel without worries and enjoy a good meal as soon as you get to Qatar, a storage facility to accommodate all your luggage is an excellent option. Kousa Mahsi is amongst the favorite Qatari dishes for many.

9. Khanfaroush

Khanfaroosh is a subject of debate among many chefs. However, everyone agrees that it's tasty. It has been compared to a cake and a cookie by some. Some people believe it is a proper Arabic doughnut. Whatever the consensus is, it contains a mixture of spices, including cardamom, saffron, and turmeric. This batter is cooked in hot oil and served with rose petals and sugar syrup.

If you have a chance to taste this luxury meal, please take it. You're not going to be disappointed.

10. Qatari Khubz

Qatari 'Khubz' flatbread is a traditional dish cooked in a taboon, a kind of oven. White flour or a mixture of white and wholewheat flour is often used in its preparation. This bread is not like any other you've had so far.

This concludes our list of dishes you need to try in Qatar. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did, and make sure to add a few more to this list as you explore the tantalizing aroma and texture of this unique cuisine.

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10 Exclusive Tips on Buying Your First Yacht

10 Exclusive Tips on Buying Your First Yacht

Buying your first #yacht is a unique life experience. Apart from the fact that not all who will live will get to experience it, it also comes with unique situations and concerns that only a first-time yacht buyer will experience. It can easily get consuming and overwhelming if you're not aware of the ins and outs when it comes to boat buying.

Without a good headspace, buying your first yacht can easily become stressful in just a few days. Don't let this happen. Buying your first yacht is a momentous activity and you should not allow any kind of concern or situation to take the joy and excitement out of it. To help you have a clear and serene perspective on your yacht-buying journey, we collected tips from yacht owners themselves.

Things to consider when buying a yacht

Being aware of the following will help you to be fully in the moment and back in the full glory of buying your very first yacht. Take proper note and duly apply!

Tip #1: Go on a charter first

Clear your head and remove all your concerns and expectations by going on a charter first. Going on a charter is every yacht owner's top tip as it will give you a full, transparent, and tangible idea of how things truly go once you own a yacht. Chartering will give you an idea of factors that truly matter to you. It will give you a clear vision of what you prefer and consider non-negotiable if you'd have a yacht of your very own.

Tip #2: Research and study all your options

The last thing that you should do is limit yourself when it comes to your choices. You probably already have a yacht in mind and it may seem impossible to stray away from it or even be open to other options but you should give it a big pause and permit yourself to explore and discover other boats. You will be surprised at how extensive research and studying will ultimately make you realize that your dream yacht is not even something you truly want.

Tip #3: Impulse buys are not to be worried about.

Elizabeth Brooks, the owner of Heavenly Daze highly encourages first-time yacht buyers to be open to spontaneity. Buying a yacht that you see for the first time is not a bad move at all. It is completely pointless to be afraid of impulse buys as you will easily know if the yacht of your choice is the right one the very moment you see it.

Tip #4: Function over design.

You’re going to waste a significant amount of time if you’d be focused on a yacht’s overall design alone. Design is understandably a major factor in your purchase but it should never be front and center when it comes to your decision making. When looking at super yachts for sale, zone in on features and functions that are relevant to you and true to your needs.

Try your best to not be persuaded just by the way a yacht looks. There is always more to something than meets the eye when buying a yacht.

Tip #5: Be aware of all your limits.

It’s never good to proceed on your boat hunt without first knowing your limits. Knowing your limits is so much more than securing that you don’t go beyond your budget and overspend. Knowing your limit will also effectively save you from hours of checking out and exploring yachts that you won’t even need to consider in the first place.

Knowing your limits when it comes to budget, features, maintenance, and aesthetics will effectively streamline your options and the choosing process itself.

Tip #6: Don’t be too focused on aesthetics.

This is a common pitfall among first-time yacht-buyers. As they have limited experience and are overly excited, they often end up buying a yacht that looks beautiful but is ultimately not their perfect match. An aesthetically pleasing yacht is always a sight to behold but it is not and should never be the sole reason why you’re buying a yacht.

A pretty yacht will end up doing nothing for you if you won’t stay true to the kind of sailing experience that you want. Stick to your core non-negotiables at all times.

Tip #7: Have a working list of all the trips that you plan to make.

How do you want to spend your sailing holidays on your yacht? To have a clear vision, enlist all the kinds of activities and destinations that you wish to explore. Be clear with how you want to sail and who you want to sail with. Only purchase a yacht that can tend to all the needs of your preferred activities and trips.

Tip #8: Be determined and one with your passion.

Don’t easily lose hope whenever you get too close to buying and still end up without a boat. This is very normal. Just always keep in mind that for every deal that doesn’t push through, you’re at least getting closer and closer to having the boat of your dreams that answers to all of your needs.

Tip #9: Know your yacht’s purpose.

How are you going to use your yacht? Will it be for business or for pleasure? Will it be for solo trips or holiday vacations with family? Knowing the very reason as to why you’re buying a yacht together with its very purpose in your life will always simplify every decision-making process in your purchase.

Tip #10: Patience is everything.

Now is not the time to lose patience. Now is the time to be excited and eager for a brand new chapter of your life that comes with a beautiful yacht that answers to all your needs. We guarantee that there will be days when you will lose patience and it is on those very days that you should pause and push through all the more. Always keep in mind that your dream yacht is waiting for you. It’s simply just a matter of time.

7 Best Places to Visit in Somnath

7 Best Places to Visit in Somnath

Located on the roaring shores of the Arabian Sea is the ancient jewel of #India, #Gujarat. This westernmost state is home to not only iconic temples and remnants of ancient civilization but also the only home for the endangered Asiatic Lions and a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

When it comes to Gujarat, Somnath deserves a special mention. Located in the Prabhas Patan region, Somnath temple in itself is a very important place of Jyotirlinga pilgrimage in India. Somnath Jyotirlinga is one of the holiest Jyotirlingas in the world. The architecture of the Shiva temple is considered to be a masterpiece that is replete with defined and fine engravings and carvings.

Standing majestically on the banks of the Arabian sea this temple shares a wall with the open seas. It is at its best when visited during sunset when you can see the sun dip below the horizon and then later on go for a sound and light show that takes place every day after sunset.

Best Places To Visit In Somnath, Gujarat

Other than the iconic temple, there are numerous tourist attractions in Somnath. Here are some of them that will make your holiday in Somnath a memorable one.

1. Somnath Mahadev Temple

Somnath Jyotirlinga is one of the most iconic heritage landmarks of not just Prabhas Patan region but also Gujarat as a whole. Built by the moon god himself and having been through a very violent history of destruction and reconstruction, Somnath Mahadev is a testament to the undying spirituality and a deep rooted feeling of togetherness among Indians.

An architectural marvel, Somnath Mahadev showcases skills of unparalleled brilliance. Along with offering Darshan to the Shivling inside the temple pilgrims can also check out the Somnath museum, spend time by the crashing and roaring waves of Arabian Sea and also check out the sound and light Show.

2. Triveni Sangam

Literally speaking, Triveni Sangam is the place where three rivers meet to form a holy confluence. The Triveni Sangam of Gujarat marks the meeting point of three holy rivers of Hiran, Kapila and Saraswati. The significance of this point lies in the fact that here is where these rivers meet with the mighty Arabian Sea.

It is believed that if people take a holy dip in the Sangam then they will be washed off of all their sins and wrong doings in a lifetime. Pilgrims to Somnath Mahadev make it a point to take a dip in the sangam point.

3. Bhalka Tirth

Bhalka Tirth is probably one of the most important pilgrimage destinations other than the Somnath Mahadev Mandir. The Bhalka Tirth is a humble little place marked with the presence of a temple amidst open spaces and serene surroundings. Bhalka Tirth holds immense religious and spiritual importance. This is the place where Krishna was hit on the ankle by an arrow that was released by a poacher named Jara.

This event is considered to be a life changing one in many sacred Hindu books. It marks the end of the glorious Devprayag and the beginning of the Kali Yug.

4. Panch Pandav Gufa

If a visit to Somnath Mahadev is on your Dwarka Somnath Tour Package then a visit to the holy Panch Pandav Gufa should naturally be on your plans. The cave is concealed away from the common eye and due to this reason it remained hidden for many years. It was discovered in 1949 by the late Baba Narayandas and ever since then it has become a popular place of pilgrimage.

Once there, you can savour incredibly scenic views of the surroundings. The temple here offers a very serene and calming experience.

5. Somnath Beach

After a long day of exploring, sightseeing and offering Darshan to the temples, tourists need an opportunity to sit back and relax. The best place to do this in Somnath is the famous, relaxing and the perfect spot for watching the sunset is the Somnath beach. Although swimming in this beach is not recommended, it is the perfect place to sit back, relax and spend some quality time with your family and loved ones.

There are interesting activities like camel rides that go around the beach. Visitors can also gorge on some delicious local traditional and authentic Gujarati Foods.

6. Laxminarayan Temple

While cruising by the holy Hiranya River, and adjacent to the holy Gita Mandir, visitors can reach the iconic and very auspicious Laxminarayan Temple. The temple is located in the holy Gaulok Dham region and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and goddess Laxmi, after which Laxminarayan Temple is named. Although small in its outlook, the temple is built in classical North Indian style of architecture.

The entire temple structure stands out remarkably as it is made out of marbles and ornamented with elaborately fine carvings. It is an interesting temple that should be a definite visit to Somnath.

7. Prabhas Patan Museum

Gujarat is the land of Krishna. So what's better than getting to know more about this place? The museum is located just 300 meters from the Somnath Mahadev Temple and offers a lot of knowledge and learning about the state that you may not have known earlier. The museum is home to some of the most unbelievably fragile and intricately made stone engravings, spiritual paintings and many more. The museum in itself is a work of art and a sight to behold for the sore eyes.

These are some of the places visitors can include in their itinerary during their travels to Gujarat or Somnath.

10 Foods You Shouldn't Miss Out On While in Turkey

10 Foods You Shouldn't Miss Out On While in Turkey

One of the biggest traveling tips that anyone can give you is to try the local dishes. This is how you will get to know the country even more! And when it comes to #food, #Turkey has earned a reputation as one of the best food destinations. This is because of its rich and varied gastronomic offer. Turkish cuisine and culinary specialties are sure to make your mouth water!

There are many foods you shouldn't miss out on while in Turkey. It's impossible to spend some time in this country without constantly eating and without accumulating a few kilos, but it is definitely worth it because tasting typical Turkish dishes leaves no one indifferent! Turkish cuisine has many elements that the whole world likes but also includes food and drinks that many people find strange, sometimes disgusting.

From the finger licking street food (that deserves a separate post) to the internationally famous Baklava and Trilece, Turkey is a foodie paradise. Do enjoy some of the street food especially what is considered late night food for clubbing. Turkish food is heavily based on grilled meats. You will find kebaps, döners, koftes, meatballs and more every few steps you take.

They are also huge on breads with the simple classics like the Simits (a kind of Turkish Bagel), Pide (a boat shaped bread often stuffed with cheese and meats, kind of like their version of a pizza), Lahmacun (a thin flatbread topped with a layer of spiced meat often wrongly compared to a pizza) and durums (paper thin bread like rumali roti) often used to make wraps or served alongside kebaps.

Tea is a journey in Turkey. The coffee is something that you will either absolutely love or completely hate. It is very different from most parts of the world. It is like a very strong dark roast espresso shot with the thick pasty sods at the bottom of the cup. There are shops and vendors selling Baklava and Turkish delights wherever you look.

Do also try out the Künefe which is a cheese and semolina based dessert with simple syrup poured on top. Make sure you steer clear of the highly visited tourist spots for the best food. The little holes in the walls where the locals eat will be almost 3 times cheaper and about 10 times more flavorful.

Turkey is a country for foodies! Visiting Turkey is a great idea. This country has many beautiful places that are worth exploring. If you are planning on staying there for a longer period of time, consider getting storage in which you can keep everything safe while you spend your time in Turkey. Make sure you do proper research when choosing storage for valuables.

The one thing we must do when traveling the world is try traditional dishes from the country that we are visiting. Turkish cuisine is quite diverse and different from Western cuisine. There are so many things to try that you will be amazed by the choices and the food quality! Don't be afraid to try it all, as this is a unique chance to do so. To help you out and teach you what you need to try during your trip to Turkey, we have prepared a small guide.

most popular turkish food dishes

Without further ado, here are the top 10 dishes you shouldn't miss out on while in Turkey.

1. Kebab

This one is for meat lovers! You have probably heard about kebabs or even tried one in your country. However, only here will you get to taste the real deal. This is basically meat grilled on a skewer for those who have never heard of kebabs. The word kebab means grilled meat in Turkish. There are different types of kebabs; however, the most famous one is the sheesh kebab grilled on a skewer vertically.

It is made mostly from lamb or goat meat. Before they grill the meat, they marinate it in salt, pepper, and sweet onion for 24 hours. This is what gives the meat a special taste. Thanks to the slow rotation, the meat is nicely caramelized. It is served on flatbread with green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and sauce of your choice.

Getting a kebab once you have found a safe place to store your items with the help of Verified Movers and flying all the way to Turkey is like a reward! Kebab is one of the foods you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey. Şalgam suyu is hot, salty and have a very strong taste but please try it with kebab; fits perfect!

2. Manti

Manti is a form of Turkish dumpling. While no one knows when the first time Manti was made, the oldest recipe originates from the 15th century. Even though it is often compared to the Asian dumpling, the taste is quite different. Moreover, it is much smaller in size too. This is not a simple dish that you can make in a few minutes.

It takes a lot of time and patience to make a perfect Manti. Many people say that the smaller they are, the better. Once they are shaped and stuffed with lamb meat or beef, they are boiled. Once cooked, Manti is topped with a sauce. It can be a brown butter sauce, tomato paste, or yogurt. Many spices are used to make this dish which is typical in Turkish cuisine.

3. Menemen

One of the tastiest vegetarian breakfast options in Turkey. This nutritious and balanced meal originated in Izmir. This dish is made of eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and spices. You eat it from a cast iron pan with a slice of bread. Tomatoes have an almost sauce-like texture, making them perfect for dipping your bread. If you want to add some meat and cheese, it is possible. Most of the time, Menemen is served as a meal, but some places serve it as an appetizer too.

4. Lahmacun

Many call this dish a Turkish pizza. On a regular pizza, you would put cheese but not on the Lahmacun. The thin crust is topped with minced meat and herbs. It is quite tasty, especially if you roll it up and eat it burrito style. Since it can be garlicky and spicy, you should avoid eating it for breakfast, as it might be too much for your stomach to process in the morning. You can get it as a snack after a long day of walking around and discovering one of the Turkish cities. Turkish pizza is the best sack after a long day of exploring.

5. Balik ekmek

One of the most famous Turkish street food dishes is Balik ekmek. This is a sandwich made of grilled fish- mackerel, lettuce, and onions. There are other fancier versions of this dish that you can get in restaurants; however, we recommend you try one from a fish boat. The street version is the one that you need to try first—it is simple yet delicious! It is recommended to get a pickle juice or a turnip juice and drink it with your fish sandwich.

6. Köfte

This dish was first made in Western Turkey, and then during the Ottoman times, it became popular in other parts of the country too. This is a simple dish made of grilled meatballs, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and parsley. What makes this dish delicious are the spices that are used to season the meatballs. Whenever there is a football match, you will see a lot of stands that offer Köfte, since this is a popular food during football games.

7. Karniyarik

Karniyarik is a popular main dish in Turkey. It consists of eggplant stuffed with beef and onion that is covered in tomato or yogurt sauce. It can be both fried and cooked in the oven. This balanced dish will not leave you feeling heavy after eating it. The best time to get this dish is in the summer since the eggplants are in season and the most delicious.

8. Ayran

It says buttermilk if you ask Google but no, it has nothing to do with buttermilk. Ayran is something like elixir of life for us; it softens the taste of food you eat, makes you fell asleep easier, makes you feel better when your blood pressure rises, etc. Want a recipe? Ok; a glass of cold water, two tablespoons of yoghurt, a teaspoon of salt (a Turkish teaspoon; it makes 5 or 6 grams). That’s all. Ayran is a perfect match with meat and pastry but dont forget to try with baklava as well!

9. Tavukgöğsü

Tavukgöğsü is a dessert in Turkish cuisine made with milk, sugar, rice flour and chicken breast. It may sound unpleasant for some but you won't understand that a well-made tavukgöğsü contains chicken. Chicken breast is used only for texture. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a tavukgöğsü which contains chicken breast in the pastry shops nowadays because the chicken inside makes the dessert last shorter.

10. Baklava

We had to finish this list with something sweet! Baklava is a famous Turkish dessert made of layers of filo (thin layers of dough) and chopped nuts. It’s pretty sweet, so a little goes a long way. While you can use all kinds of nuts to make this, the most famous and delicious ones are made with walnuts and pistachios. It originated in the 19th century, and back then, it was considered to be a luxury.

Baklava was only made to celebrate a special occasion. Moreover, it comes in different shapes and sizes. You can find them in many restaurants and shops. This is definitely one of the top foods you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey! Baklava is one of the foods you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey. Eating Baklava is a must in Turkey!


After you try these 8 foods, you shouldn’t miss out on while in Turkey you will fall in love with the country even more! Turkey has many more delicious foods that you must try while visiting. Since the food in Turkey is quite cheap, you will not have to have a huge travel budget, which is a huge plus! Turkish are very generous with portions, so it's hard not to go back home from Turkey without gaining a few kilos. But after all, vacations are for indulging in food and having fun!