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Top 10 Caravan Parks in Australia

Are you planning a caravan tour in Australia? Then caravan parks can make your experience unforgettable. Caravan parks are not just eco-friendly but also quite facilitating. These holiday parks offer natural surroundings and plenty of exciting camping activities. The best ones are plonked on some coastal or inland real estate in the countryside.

Although far from cities, these sites are yet quite competent when it comes to providing resort-like facilities to the campers. There are a lot of budget-friendly parks too that are no lesser than some picturesque destination costing thousands of dollars in cost for a night.

As a traveller on a budget, it is essential to know about some of Australia's best caravan parks before planning your trip. It may seem tedious to find a perfect Caravan park for the entire family with your pet on board as well! A park where your kids can explore the distances without any fear or worry. A place where you and your wife can spend some time together. Where your pet can run and wander freely and can even make some friends around.

The fact is there are hundreds of caravan and holiday parks all across Australia but knowing which ones are best and going to meet your needs perfectly is hard to predict.

The caravan park is the quintessential part of any family holiday in AustraliaThe caravan park is the quintessential part of any family holiday in Australia.

So, here we are listing the top caravan parks in Australia for you:

1. Big4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, Queensland

Big4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort is an award-winning resort in the 2017 Australian Tourism Awards. Located at Airlie Beach, this is a family resort where you can enjoy water activities in their lagoon-style pool, camping activities in their powered sites, and comfortable accommodation.

2. Sea VU Caravan Park, South Australia

Sea VU Caravan Park holds true to its name. Located in the south of Adelaide, this is one of the best holiday parks near the beach. You can enjoy not only water activities on their paddleboards but also breath-taking views of Guichen Bay. They offer camp-kitchen, playgrounds, and also permit pets.

3. Big4 Deniliquin Holiday Park, New South Wales

Big4 Deniliquin Holiday Park is a popular caravan park as it won the 2017 Australian Tourism awards consequently for three years. You can be assured to get a wholesome camping experience in their powered caravan sites, water splash parks, and fantastic accommodation facilities.

4. Marengo Holiday Park, Victoria

If you are touring around Great Ocean Road, then Marengo Holiday Park is a must-visit. You can enjoy the experience of camping in both powered and unpowered sites. Their facilities include a barbeque area, campsite kitchen, and playground. They also allow your dogs in their caravan park.

5. RAC Cervantes Holiday Park, West Australia

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park is a famous caravan park in West Australia. Here, you can enjoy a family camping vacation with your friends and family. They offer you poolside villas with 2-3 bedrooms along with powered and unpowered camping sites. They also have a playground and activity area for your kids.

6. Best Friend Holiday Retreat, Victoria

When you are looking for a pet-friendly caravan park, Best Friend Holiday Retreat is perfect. You can easily keep your dog safe in their fenced cabins. Also, they offer toys for your dog.

7. Red Bluff, West Australia

Located along the Coral Coast, RED BLUFF has several camping facilities for you. From their unpowered sites to safari tents, you can experience an adventurous camping experience here. They offer luxury accommodation for camping and caravanning lovers.

8. North Star Holiday Resort, New South Wales

If you have been looking for the perfect kid friendly caravan park in Australia, you should choose North Star Holiday Resort. The resort is available during school holidays and weekends. You can be assured of your kid's safety as their sites are 100% supervised. Kids can enjoy their waterparks, museum, and playground.

9. Big4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park, Northern Territory

Big4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park has won over 30 awards in tourism. Popularly known for its Pancake breakfast every Sunday, this caravan park is the best in NT. Your kids can enjoy their waterslides, climbing pyramid, basketball court.

10. Big4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, Queensland

Big4 Gold Coast Holiday Park is the best pet-friendly caravan park in Queensland. All you need is your dog's vaccination certificate, and your furry friend can enjoy their facility. You can either go for staying in their luxury cabins or powered and unpowered caravan sites.

See you soon!

We hope to cross paths with you in one of these caravan parks someday. These parks are definitely going to serve you the very best with all the modern and luxurious facilities. So don't delay your getaway anymore and take out your bags, pack them and embark on one of the above destinations in your car and caravan.

The choice is entirely up to you whether you choose to travel with friends or family or someone else. Still, the fascination is guaranteed to be paramount.

While you are planning a getaway to one of these Caravan Parks, you can also consider securing some extra extended space with an exciting product range from Xtend Outdoors.

About Author: Danny Smith is CEO and Founder of Xtend Outdoors Australia which manufactures and sell caravan annexes, awnings and accessories. He just love caravan holidays and frequently blog about caravanning trips, parks and tips.

Top 7 Tips for Climbing Mount Aconcagua, Argentina

Mount Aconcagua is one of the seven tallest peaks globally and is regarded as the second most climbed mountain after Everest. This Andean giant peak is the South American answer to Mount Everest. It is known as one of the most traveled or climbed mountain peaks due to the climb's relatively easy terrain. This is also why this mountain is regarded as a favorable destination for all climbers and trekkers irrespective of their experience level.

Try the wine from wineries in Mendoza, while you watch Aconcagua, the highest mountain in all of South America. Being the highest mountain in the southern and western hemisphere, Aconcagua is popularly known among climbers, trekkers, and hikers but, climbing the mountain is not just about getting to the top and enjoy the victory, instead it's all about patience, persistence, strength, and challenges.

How hard is it to climb Mount Aconcagua? Though the mountain is easy enough to climb, the entire expedition's difficulty arises from the altitude. The altitude of the mountain is such that it requires intensive physical strength, especially in the legs. Due to the physically demanding nature of the climb, only about 40% of the climbers can attempt it.

Aconcagua is the highest peak outside of the HimalayaAconcagua is the highest peak outside of the Himalaya.

How do you climb Aconcagua? Although there are innumerable ways and techniques of mountain climbing that you need to understand, the basic understanding can be developed through these steps.

1. Getting Acclimatized

Acclimatization to the terrain and environment is essential because it is physically very demanding and because of the low oxygen level. Acclimatization helps climbers to move with ease and confidence swiftly.

Getting acclimatized to preserve the trip's safety and success is vital, especially where the altitude is exceptionally high and severe. It will also result in the climber's optimum performance, given the trek's severity to continue to survive its entire duration.

2. Can you climb aconcagua without a Guide?

Altitude plays an imperative role in mountain climbing. Most mountain guides of Aconcagua can help in climbing well and give the entire Aconcagua climb cost because they have a different and complete understanding of the altitude's geographical factors. Irregular or incomplete analysis can lead to potentially dangerous consequences such as altitude sickness and can even be potentially fatal or life-threatening.

3. Training for the Expedition

The challenges posed by the mountain and its challenging terrain are one of the primary research points. Once you have understood just how physically strenuous the entire journey will be, it is essential to build the physicality to cope with the journey's ardors. Proper diet and hydration are the keys to build energy levels.

Apart from this, climbers will require excessive strength, stamina, and endurance-based training and must focus on practical parts. These include weight and leg strength training.

4. Getting the Right Equipment

While trekking, you must select the right equipment. The equipment you carry must be following the nature of terrain and topography. Adherence to the right equipment can help to thwart any unnecessary troubles that may occur on your route.

Selecting equipment that is lightweight and easy to carry is the need for safe climbing. Lightweight or easy to carry pieces of equipment make it easier for you to climb longer trails quickly and efficiently. Carry all these pieces of equipment and be mentally ready. The lighter the equipment, the easier it will be to wield it.

5. Understanding Your Previous Medical History

It is essential to get a thorough physical examination done before undertaking such an adventure. Mountain climbing has its shares of positive and negative effects. Understanding your medical condition primarily tells you whether you and your body have the tolerance or have the stamina to undertake a climb.

It is also a useful tool to know what level of physical fitness will be expected from the climber and whether the climber can meet such demands or not. For this, the climber also has to be completely honest about medical issues or conditions. This is because even the slightest mistakes can be catastrophic.

6. Importance of Hydration

Ensuring proper hydration while climbing is mandatory. Primarily the geographical location of the mountain is such that the terrain is arid. Since the trek itself is very physically demanding and arduous, adequate hydration levels are significant. Ideally, a trekker consumes around 5-7 liters of water for the day. It is noteworthy that you do not have to force water in your bladder. Forcing water will lead to a loss of the same water through urination.

Therefore, techniques such as the camel bak bladder pack are vital. Additionally, trekkers need hyperhydration sachets, multi-vitamins, and electrolytes during the trip.

7. Controlling the Pace of the Trip

Controlling the pace of the trip is essential for recovery. Moving quickly can result in altitude sickness and does not aid in healing. On a long trekking expedition, fatigue can be your worst enemy, and therefore good recovery is significant.

Another reason to control the trekking pace is that the oxygen concentration is low at high altitudes. Hence, trekking must be done at such a pace where oxygen is not burnt out quickly, giving your body ample time to heal and recover.

The Bottom Line

You must follow these tips if you are planning to climb Mount Aconcagua. Besides them, considering the oxygen level and other difficulties are imperative too. Always remember that the slow pace and movement are integral to sustaining the trek. Do not rush into things; take your time, and be safe while climbing.

6 Most Scenic Bike Rides In Australia

Cycling holidays in Australia are fun and challenging, and they allow you to reconnect with nature. Riding your bike around in Australia is a life-changing experience, and if you've never tried it before, you should put it on your bucket list. But, keep in mind that you have to prepare yourself for this adventure because cycling for a few hours a day requires a lot of physical and mental strength.

When you think about the ideal cycling holiday, all roads lead to a vineyard in Bordeaux. However, people are still scared to travel abroad, but that doesn't mean that you can't organize a lovely cycling holiday in your country. There are trails and roads in Australia that are just as alluring.

Australia has scenic roads that are a winding ribbon of cycling delightAustralia has scenic roads that are a winding ribbon of cycling delight

Visiting new places is always exciting. It's time to climb on your bike and start travelling across Australia.

1. Explore the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a beautiful city, and it would be a shame not to visit it at least once in your lifetime. It's a very popular holiday destination. The Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, nature, nightlife, and theme parks, and it has been attracting Australian families for more than a few decades. If you want to surprise your family members with a short cycling holiday, this is one of the first destinations you need to consider.

Tourists love to explore new places, but there's often not enough time to truly experience the energy of the whole territory. Luckily, travelling by bike is the best way to see the Gold Coast from end to end. Darren Smith Memorial Route is 48 kilometers long, and it stretches from the Captain Cook Memorial to Paradise Point.

Your holiday will be truly special because you will always be able to take a break and swim in the ocean for a while. Some roads are too dangerous for children, but if you decide to visit the Gold Coast, your kids will always be safe.

2. Visit a sacred site in Uluru

Uluru is a massive sandstone monolith and is considered to be a resting place for ancient spirits. Unfortunately, climbing Uluru is no longer allowed, but you can still admire it from a distance and take breathtaking pictures for your travel journal. If you're searching for alternative adventures, there's a gravel path around the base of this large monolith.

Don't hesitate to visit this destination if you don't have a bike. You will be able to rent one as soon as you enter the Uluru-Kata Tjuta, National Park. It will take you up to three hours to complete the ride, but you can take your time and explore ancient rock art or hidden caves. It's a unique experience, and you should put it on your bucket list if you want to discover something new.

If you already have a bike and you want to go on a two-week-long cycling holiday, Uluru should be one of the first stops.

3. The Great Ocean Road touring route

Great Ocean Road is yet another popular destination in Australia. If you live in Melbourne, it will take you about two hours to reach the starting point, and then you'll have to ride for another 243 kilometers to finish your journey. The Great Ocean Road is an Australian national heritage, and you should visit it if you want to run away from the city lights for a couple of days.

It is considered to be one of the finest coastal routes on the planet, which is another reason why you need to visit it. It will take you about five days to arrive in Geelong, and most people would advise you to start in Warrnambool. You'll find plenty of beaches and amazing views, but you'll also be able to take the cultural route through galleries and heritage attractions.

4. Mount Buller and the amazing view

Once the snow melts from Mt Buller's slopes, the mountain becomes one of the most popular mountain-biking locations in Australia. If you've been on cycling holidays before, and you know how to handle steep roads, you should not avoid this destination. It's a 40-kilometer cross-country ride, which makes it very challenging even for experienced cyclists.

However, if you want to try new things and test your possibilities and endurance, pack up your bags and allow yourself to enjoy possibly one of the best rides of your life. You won't be disappointed, and you'll probably return to Mt Buller after a couple of years to re-experience the same rush.

5. McLaren Vale wine region

There's nothing more romantic than riding among vineyards with your better half. You don't have to visit France or Spain to recreate the experience, because you have all you need here in Australia. Cycling in McLaren Vale is fun and relatively easy. If this is your first cycling trip, you should visit this region because you won't have to challenge yourself or ride for days to reach the final destination.

You will cover around 30 kilometers with optional add on rides. If you and your partner want to try something new and romantic, you know where you have to go. After riding a bike for a few hours, you will be able to taste one of the best wine types in Australia and treat yourself to an amazing lunch. If you and your partner need new bikes, it's time to purchase them and get on an exciting journey across Australia.

6. Cycling in Sydney

If you've never been to Sydney before, you should visit it as soon as possible. Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House will take your breath away, but you'll also be able to visit national parks and try amazing food and beverages. Eastern parts of the city are ideal for cycling, but you can also use your bike as the main transportation option.

Ride around national parks or join bike tours. Botanic garden in Sydney is another place you need to visit, and you'll be surprised to see how much territory you can cover on affordable bike tours. You may need a couple of days to visit the most beautiful tourist destinations, but at the end of the day, your time investment will be worth it.


Cycling across Australia is one of the best ways to learn more about its heritage and visit one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The pandemic is still one of the major issues in the world, which is you should go on a cycling holiday instead of purchasing a plane or a bus ticket. Australia is full of breathtaking attractions. It would be a shame not to visit them all and try something new along the way.