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10 Best Places to Visit in Austin, Texas

Welcome to the heart of Texas! When considering the top places to visit in Austin, one can't help but be captivated by its allure. The city radiates a vibrant culture, offering a symphony of experiences that resonate with both the young and the young at heart. For those who've braved the skies, flying with a dog perhaps, Austin is a comforting destination, with its pet-friendly parks and eateries. From bustling streets echoing live music to serene natural escapes, Austin promises something for every traveler, including our four-legged companions. But with such an expansive list of attractions, it becomes essential to sieve out the best spots to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Austin doesn't merely claim the title of the "Live Music Capital of the World"—it embodies it in every sense. The city reverberates with a palpable musical energy from hole-in-the-wall bars to grand music venues. As you walk through the streets, you'll hear a mix of different music genres like country, blues, rock, and indie. But music is just one note in Austin's harmonious symphony. The city presents a rich tapestry of experiences. With its historic landmarks, art spaces, and delicious food, this place is irresistible.

Austin has so much to offer that it can feel overwhelming at first. But it's important to find the must-visit spots. Remember, staying safe on the road should always be a priority as you navigate this expansive city.

Best Places to Visit in Austin

Whether you're an experienced traveler or visiting Austin for the first time, this guide will help you discover the best places to visit. It also provides safety tips, so you can make lasting memories.

1. Texas State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol stands tall in the city's skyline. It has a majestic architectural design inspired by the Renaissance Revival style. The red granite building is amazing and has a lot of history because it is where Texas's government is. For those keen on delving into its rich past, guided tours provide deeper insights into its storied hallways and chambers.

2. Barton Springs Pool

A testament to nature's wonders, Barton Springs Pool is renowned for its natural spring origins. The pool maintains an idyllic temperature year-round, making it a favorite for locals and tourists. For a more tranquil experience, visiting in the early mornings or on weekdays is advisable to avoid the usual crowds.

3. South Congress Avenue (SoCo)

SoCo is where Austin's heartbeat is most palpable. The street is filled with old-fashioned stores, interesting art galleries, and food trucks with delicious food. Don't be surprised if a spontaneous street performance captivates your attention as you stroll. Moreover, the first Thursday of every month sees the avenue buzzing with special events and sales. For those moving from the DFW area to Austin, experiencing SoCo's charm is often high on the list. Many who've sought the services of long-distance moving experts recount how hiring long-distance movers gave them ample time to explore and immerse themselves in such vibrant Austin locales right from the get-go.

4. Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail

This trail is next to Lady Bird Lake. It has pretty views of Austin's skyline and green landscapes. In addition to its beautiful scenery, the course welcomes pets, allowing visitors to take a relaxed walk with their furry friends. To fully absorb its tranquil beauty, consider visiting during early morning or late afternoon hours.

5. Mount Bonnell

For those chasing panoramic city vistas, Mount Bonnell is the go-to spot. Perched high above Austin, it offers a bird's-eye view of the Colorado River and the sprawling city landscape. Sunsets here are particularly romantic, painting the sky in hues of gold and crimson. Just a tip: Wear comfortable shoes for the ascent—it's worth every step!

6. Sixth Street Entertainment District

Sixth Street pulsates with an electric vibe. Come nightfall, the district awakens to the symphony of live music, from indie rock to soulful blues. By day, it morphs into a family-friendly hub with diverse activities to engage all ages. And if you time your visit right, you might catch the famous South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, a celebration of music, film, and interactive media. For newcomers to Austin, such music-rich locales play a pivotal role. A recent study by Maximus Moving & Delivery DFW revealed that places brimming with musical essence greatly aid individuals in acclimating to a new city. The familiar rhythms and tunes bring comfort and a feeling of belonging. They connect the nostalgia of an old home with the excitement of a new beginning.

7. Bullock Texas State History Museum

Dive deep into Texas's rich tapestry at The Bullock Texas State History Museum. The museum houses exhibits that span centuries, detailing the state's diverse history. The IMAX theater showcases gripping documentaries and films. For a more immersive experience, check out the museum's special events and educational programs.

8. The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria

A feast for art lovers, Laguna Gloria, is part of The Contemporary Austin. The serene lakeside location houses breathtaking art installations that blend seamlessly with nature. Visitors can take art classes to get hands-on experience with different mediums, among the beauty and art.

9. Austin Food Truck Parks

Austin's culinary scene finds its soul in its diverse food truck parks. Each truck tells a unique flavor story, from spicy Tex-Mex to delectable vegan treats. If you're new, try local favorites. Look for highly-rated food trucks all over town.

10. Zilker Botanical Garden

A lush oasis in the heart of Austin, Zilker Botanical Garden exemplifies the city's rich botanical heritage. It covers 26 acres and features enchanting Japanese gardens and resplendent rose displays. If you're exploring ways to get money for your travels, consider capturing the mesmerizing beauty of this garden. You can capture the calm ponds, beautiful waterfalls, and lively flowers by taking photos or writing a blog. It can be a fulfilling activity. This haven is a place of relaxation and a muse for those seeking inspiration.


Austin's allure is a harmonious blend of music, history, and cultural vibrancy. As we've journeyed through the top places to visit in Austin, it's evident that the city promises unforgettable memories at every turn. I encourage travelers to delve deep into these spots and truly embrace Austin's spirit. Share your experiences below, and if you have personal favorites, we'd love to hear your recommendations!

10 Best Beaches to Visit in India

India is a land of many wonders, and just as the Taj Mahal unravels the mystique of that iconic monument, the country's coastline reveals its own set of marvels. With its sprawling and diverse beaches, India offers some of the world's most breathtaking shorelines. The sheer diversity can be overwhelming for those pondering over which beaches to visit in India. The Indian coast is 7,500 km long and offers a variety of options for beach lovers. You can choose between peaceful sandy getaways or lively beach celebrations. Every curve of the coast promises a discovery, echoing the nation's vast cultural and natural wealth.

The sheer variety of India's beaches means that there's something for every type of traveler. India's coastline has something for everyone: quiet places for people traveling alone, beaches suitable for families, and parties for friends.

Best Beaches to Visit in India

However, with such an array of options comes the challenge of selection and perhaps even figuring out how to get money for your travels. Picking the right beach can make or break your vacation. The best beach for you depends on what you seek – relaxation, adventure, culture, or a mix of it all. Beyond just saving up, it's about investing in experiences that truly resonate with your desires. Therefore, it's important to know and select a beach that meets your expectations, so you can have a special and unforgettable time. Here are the top 10 beaches to visit in India.

1. Palolem Beach, Goa

One of the most beautiful beaches, Goa offers you. Nestled in the heart of Goa, Palolem Beach is a serene escape for those seeking tranquility by the sea. Surrounded by lush greenery and caressed by gentle waves, this beach is the perfect backdrop for breathtaking sunsets. At the end of the day, you might see dolphins playing in the distance at Palolem. It's a peaceful and beautiful place to visit.

This place is often flocked with foreign tourists. Palolem is one of the finest beaches Goa has to offer! Situated in Canacona district, South Goa it is a little piece of heaven! Clean fine sand, blue arabian sea, cozy beach huts, lip smacking food make Palolem an ideal place for a laidback holiday.

The Anjuna of South Goa, this is known as an 'alternative' beach and was a deserted place till sometime back. Take a walk to the rocky outcrop down south for a quieter moment. Adventure sports are offered in some areas. Ayurveda treatment is also becoming fashionable among tourists here. Bhakti Kutir is an alternative centre for natural healing, yoga and meditation.

How about indulging in a romantic stroll with your spouse and admiring the gushing waves making the romantic sound. Palolem Beach will reward you with the tranquil setting since the beach is flourished with shacks, hawkers, and trendy restaurants to make couple’s evening a romantic one.

Boat tours are on offer, with a promise of sightings of dolphins, or to the popular Butterfly Beach. Buses link Palolem with Margao and with Chaudi, the main town of Canacona. Other smaller beaches in the taluka include Colomb, Patnem and Rajbag which is now home to the large and luxurious Goa Grand Intercontinental Resort.

Palolem and Agonda, Patnem and Rajbag are some of the beaches in the extreme south of Goa's Canacona taluka. Look around and you might spot an amazingly quiet and secluded beach here. Like the extreme north of Pernenli Canacona, too, was only very recently discovered by tourists.

If you want to spot the friendliest marine creature like dolphins, Palolem Beach is the ideal place. From windsurfing to banana ride to paragliding and kayaking, try out the water sport to fuel your adrenaline. To reach Palolem Beach, one needs to travel around 70 km from Panaji. The beach is located in South Goa.

2. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

Radiating pure bliss, Radhanagar Beach in Andaman is truly a slice of paradise. Just as travelers meticulously search for the right storage features to look for when renting storage during extended trips, choosing the perfect beach destination requires similar care. Its pristine white sands and clear waters captivate every visitor. Radhanagar beach offers amazing experiences for everyone, whether you enjoy adventure or relaxation. If you're traveling long-term, having a secure storage facility at home gives peace of mind. You can fully enjoy this heavenly retreat.

3. Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach in Kerala has more than just sandy shores. It also has majestic cliffs that overlook the sea. These dramatic formations and rejuvenating mineral springs make it a sought-after destination. Varkala is perfect for people seeking peace. It is famous for yoga retreats and healing experiences. You can relax your body and find solace for your soul there.

An offbeat town near the Kollam district. A perfect destination to take break and relax in the lap of nature. The clean and pristine beaches of Varkala and the perfect weather will make one wish to settle here. Driving down the road of Kappil beach on a rainy day, having the sea on one side and backwater on other side, will help you forget the worst of your sorrows.

Varkala beach is another coastal city that is absolutely must visit. Located in Thiruvananthapuram, this is possibly the only place in South Kerala, which houses a perfect mix of hills and sea. The cliffs are adjacent to the Arabian Sea! 20 km south of Varkala, is Anchuthengu Fort or Anjengo Fort, another interesting point of historical relevance sandwiched between the sea and backwaters.

The great network connectivity and offbeat hostels will provide digital nomads a perfect setting for having a great staycation as well. The cliff beach is one of its own kind. The beach has crystal clear water, and the cliff encompassing the beach is profusely populated with resorts, restaurants and souvenir shops. And if you keep on walking along the cliff, you'll reach this place.

Plan a weekend trip to Varkala. This place is the perfect escape from the monotony of everyday life. Varkala is basically a cliff with the ocean at its foot. The place is chilled out with a number of resorts (to suit everyone’s budget) on the hill top, along with some amazing multi cuisine restaurants serving dishes from around the world.

You can simply grab a beer and some fried kalamari, and gaze at the vast sea as the sun sets, with Pink Floyd playing in the background. How is that for a weekend?

4. Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna in Karnataka is known as the quieter alternative to Goa. Gokarna is all that Goa is minus the crowd and marketing. It has beautiful beaches and a spiritual atmosphere. The coastal town combines beautiful untouched beaches with ancient temples. Visitors can enjoy beach trekking and sacred pilgrimages. Gokarna is a special place that is peaceful and spiritual, making it a unique option for beach vacations.

Gokarna has the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Gokarna inspires authenticity, spirituality and wraps its beaches in a warm and relaxed hippie atmosphere. It is a village located northwest of the state of Karnataka, in India. Its natural environment makes it especially unique. Although small, the village of Gokarna is submerged in a sea of palm trees and is one of the best places to visit in India.

It invades with sensations and brings closer to the essence of Indian mysticism. The beaches near Gokarna are exactly where someone longs for peace, introspection and connection to the jungle and the ocean. It is very easy to walk to the beaches of Kudle, Om, Paradise or Halfmoon. Visitors can also see the island of Kurumgad and the island of Anjediva from the beach!

Gokarna is as beautiful as it gets, with its untouched blue water beaches and some of the most beautiful spots for witnessing the best sunsets of your lifetime. If you're searching for a quaint beach getaway coupled with great food and mesmerising views, Gokarna will surpass all expectations!

If you are a beach person, you must travel to Gokarna. It is a temple town, but not many know that it has insane beach parties and bonfire. The best part is that there are numerous beaches all in succession to each other and beautiful than the previous one. Plan your trip between October and March and enjoy the scenic view and travel by bus or train. If you wish to fly, the nearest airport is in Dabolim, Goa.

5. Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Tarkarli in Maharashtra is a dreamy confluence of vivid marine life and azure seas. Its waters, teeming with vibrant coral formations, offer unparalleled snorkeling experiences. Beyond its underwater marvels, Tarkarli beckons with many water sports and the unique charm of houseboat stays. For those eager to immerse in the sea's beauty both above and below, Tarkarli is an unmatched destination.

6. Puri Beach, Odisha

Puri Beach isn't just a coastal retreat; it's a journey through India's rich cultural tapestry. Renowned for its annual chariot festival, the beach transforms into a vibrant spectacle of tradition and passion. Visitors are drawn not only to its historical allure but also to the delectable seafood that graces the local eateries. Puri offers a perfect blend of cultural exploration and coastal indulgence.

7. Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

Dhanushkodi in Tamil Nadu is where tales of antiquity meet the vastness of oceans. Dhanushkodi, on the southeastern tip of Pamban Island is called the arch of Rama. The waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean can be found here.

This point has an eerie beauty that reminds us of its ghost town past. It also holds layers of mythological significance, which truly captivates the soul. The place is perfect for people who love adventure and want to find hidden stories. It's also great for photographers who want to capture beautiful and eerie landscapes. Every grain of sand here whispers tales of bygone eras and nature's might.

Bathing in this place is considered very auspicious. The bridge here is known as the Adam's bridge and the rocks around the sea are believed to be used by Hanuman to get through Sri Lanka. 16-km south-west of Ramanathapuram is the renowned Shiva temple of Uttarakosamangai. The temple has inspired many Tamil devotional works. And of course, it has inspired the Ramanatha temple in Rameshwaram.

Dhanushkodi once had a railway station and jetty service to transport travelers to Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. It was a busy port town with a working post office, a temple visited regularly by devotees and a church attended by locals and visitors alike. Vinayaka temple was in front of our house And church was behind the house on the way to school. But now, only ruins are remaining.

8. Agonda Beach, Goa

Agonda Beach in Goa is a treasure trove of tranquility. Distanced from bustling crowds, its untouched beauty offers a serene escape into nature's embrace. With its pristine stretches, the beach becomes even more special for solo travelers seeking solitude. Additionally, the rare sight of turtles nesting on its sands is a gentle reminder of this haven's untouched wonders.

A study by Excalibur Moving and Storage shows that being near nature, like Agonda Beach, improves well-being. More and more people want peaceful places to live, so it's not surprising that these places are popular for people who want to improve their lives.

Agonda is a beach further south that is known for its low-scale tourism. At one end of the beach (Valvaddo) the ruins of an abandoned hotel project are being slowly reclaimed by the forest. Towering in the background is a green hill, and the black rocks on the quiet beach make it a good place for swimming or fishing. The beach is 2 km south of the village.

Try out the handful of local Goan-run restaurants. Dolphin trips can be arranged from here as well. Tourists have renamed a local area the 'Butterfly Beach' which can be accessed by boat.

9. Mandarmani, West Bengal

Mandarmani paints a unique seascape with countless red crabs dotting its golden shores. The vivid contrast of the crabs against the shimmering sand is a sight to behold. Mandarmani is great for playing on the beach and relaxing in the sun. It's also beautiful to look at. It will leave you with unforgettable memories.

10. Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep

When it comes to Bangaram Island, it is the epitome of tropical paradise. Surrounded by stunning coral reefs and bathed in shades of turquoise, its lagoons sparkle like jewels under the sun. During summer, it's essential to stay safe on the road. The same goes for exploring island gems. Bangaram is not only beautiful, but also offers exciting fishing trips and island hopping. This sanctuary puts nature's wonders first, offering a unique escape. Enjoy responsibly and safely.


India's vast shoreline is adorned with some of the most mesmerizing beaches, each narrating its tale. From the tranquil shores of Palolem in Goa to the rich cultural sands of Puri in Odisha, these are just glimpses of the myriad beaches to visit in India. As you embark on this coastal exploration, it's essential to revel in the beauty and tread with respect, ensuring these natural wonders remain pristine for generations to come. Ready for a sandy adventure? Pack your bags and pick your beach!

18 Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie

For those who think of the tourist spots in India, certainly considers the Taj Mahal, the pink city Jaipur or the tourist stronghold Goa. Pictures of these places characterize the travel magazines, Instagram channels of Indian instagrammers and airport posters. But India has much more to offer than the world-famous classics! I have a real crush on Mussoorie, a small town created in 1825 by the British during the colonial period.

Mussoorie, often known as the "Queen of the Hills," is a charming little hill town that has plenty to offer everyone. Therefore, if you're looking for a relaxing getaway, Mussoorie's intriguing attractions will leave you enthralled. This hill station is perfect for visitors wishing to escape the scorching heat, whether they choose to go boating on Mussoorie Lake or hike to Gun Hill Point.

The famous Mussoorie, Uttarakhand hill station is very popular among families for holidaying in India. It has beautiful scenery, food, shopping and plenty of entertainment options for families. The foothills of the Himalayas is a wonderful, untouched oasis of peace away from mass tourism, chaos and noise. 300 kilometers north of Delhi on the border to Tibet and Nepal lies the mountain region of Garhwal, considered the land of the gods. Time and again I like to remember my exciting trip to the places around the world like Zangdopelri in Bhutan.

Mussoorie, located at 2,000 meters on a ridge overlooking the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas is very popular for newlyweds on honeymoon or those who want to escape the heat of Delhi and the North Indian lowlands for a weekend.

Your hunt for the top tourist attractions in Mussoorie will be over after you read this post. Even if you've been there before, there's a chance this article will lead you to a new picturesque trail or a secret viewpoint. Prepare to be astounded by the magnificence of the top locations that make Mussoorie the most sought-after vacation spot, travellers.

Mussoorie is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The lush green landscapes, misty hills, and cascading waterfalls contribute to its breathtaking natural beauty.

The hill station enjoys a moderate and comfortable climate throughout the year, making it a perfect escape from the heat of the plains during the summer months. The cool temperatures and refreshing air attract visitors seeking respite from hot weather.

Mussoorie offers a wide range of activities for travelers. You can explore picturesque trekking trails, enjoy horse riding, go boating on the beautiful Mussoorie Lake, and take scenic walks along the Mall Road. Shop for spices and local handicrafts at the main market.

The town is home to several attractions, including Kempty Falls, Gun Hill (offering panoramic views), Camel's Back Road (a popular walking trail), and the charming Christ Church.

Mussoorie has a rich history and cultural heritage. The town has a colonial charm with its old-world architecture and British-era buildings, adding to its unique character. Mussoorie serves as a gateway to other nearby destinations like Dhanaulti, Dehradun, and Rishikesh, which allows travelers to explore more of Uttarakhand's natural beauty and cultural diversity.

The town hosts various festivals and events that provide an opportunity to experience the local culture and traditions. The Mussoorie Winterline Carnival and Mussoorie Adventure Festival are some examples.

Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, a popular hill station located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, is often considered a wonderful destination for travelers due to its unique combination of natural beauty, pleasant climate, and a range of attractions and activities. While "best" is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences, here are some reasons why Mussoorie is often regarded as a great place for traveling:

1. Kempty Falls

A vacation to Mussoorie would not be complete without seeing the renowned Kempty Falls. The location was created by a British commander in the 1830s to host tea parties, and ever since, it has grown to be a well-liked Mussoorie attraction, particularly for picnics. A trip to the beautiful Kempty Falls should be on your list of places to visit.

The Kempty Falls is said to be one of the most famous falls in Mussoorie. No wonder then, this place is always crowded with tourists. Great for picnics, go here during the summer or the monsoon to enjoy the waterfalls. Only a certain part of the waterfall is safe for swimming, so avoid venturing deep into the waterfall.

These falls, which plunge from over 1,364 meters above the ground, provide breathtaking vistas of the valley below. Take a dip in the pool that has formed at the base of the fall, take some photos, or simply sit by the gushing fall and sip kadak chai while enjoying garma-garam Maggi. On your way to Kempty Falls, you'll pass some of Mussoorie's top hotels.

2. Lal Tibba

The nearby Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie and offers splendid views of the Himalayas. One of Mussoorie's highest vantage points, Lal Tibba is perched atop Depot Hill in Landour. You can only picture the views from up here since this vantage point is only 6 km from the city center and is located at an elevation of 2,275 meters. The name of the viewpoint, which is actually Red Hill, is a direct allusion to the hue of the sky that can be seen from here between sunrise and sunset.

You can see peaks like Bandarpunch, Kedarnath, and Badrinath from this vantage point on a clear day. Lal Tibba's telescopes allow you to appreciate everything's beauty up close.

Lal Tiba is the highest peak in Mussoorie. During the tourist season, this place is packed with adventure sports lovers and tourists. While most come to enjoy adventure sports, there are a few that visit the Lal Tibba to soak in stunning views of the hills near Mussoorie and click a couple of selfies against the stunning backdrop.

The Lal Tibba Scene Point near the peak is the perfect place to get the best view of the hills. There are binoculars set up at the point.

3. Gun Hill Point

Gun Hill Point, Mussoorie's second-highest mountain, is one of the region's most well-liked vantage spots. This viewpoint is 1.7 km from the Mall Road and requires a 20-minute ascent to get there. From here, you may see the Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Gangotri, and Pithora Himalayan peaks in addition to a 360-degree panorama of the town and surrounding areas of the Doon Valley.

Travel to Gun Hill which offers attractive views of the snow-capped Himalayas. The Gun Hill is the second highest peak in Mussoorie. At Gun Hill you can enjoy two experiences: you can sightsee and ride the ropeway ride. While going here, be sure to carry your camera to capture stunning pictures of the hills and Mussoorie’s skyline. Rides begin from 9 am onwards and end at 6 pm.

Gun Hill offers incredible views of the Doon Valley and the surrounding landscapes.

4. Company Garden

The Company Garden in Mussoorie, which is located around 3 km from the Mall Road, is the ideal place to spend quality time with your family and friends. The Garden Welfare Association of Mussoorie cares for this garden, which was designed entirely by Dr. H. Fackner.

While strolling through the garden, you will see lovely fountains, luscious vegetation, colorful birds, and various kinds of flowers. Consider going boating on Artificial Lake if you feel up to it.

5. Cloud’s End

On your next visit to Mussoorie, Cloud's End is where you should be if you're looking for solitude. This location, which is 6 kilometres from the Library Road and denotes the exact geographic end of the hill town, is a picturesque stretch of dense deodar and oak forests. From the Happy Valley region, you can hike along the Hathipaon Road to get to Cloud's End.

This location not only boasts breathtaking views throughout the day, but it also has the most bizarre atmosphere for watching the sun rise and set in the clear sky. This location is quite picturesque, and you might even capture your next Instagram-worthy image here.

6. Jharipani Falls

Situated in the quaint village of Jharipani, about 7 km from the city centre of Mussoorie, is the stunning Jharipani Falls. Its charm lies in its secluded location that is not marred by touristy crowds yet. You can spend hours soaking in the beauty of the falls, clicking good pictures or simply appreciating the views of the scenery around the waterfall including those of the Shivalik range.

You will also find rare varieties of flowers in bloom at the site. The route to the falls is simple and can be easily covered via a car. However, after a certain point, you will have to trek for around 1.5 km to reach the falls.

7. Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie Lake, a man-made lake but one of the most picturesque locations in the city, has recently gained popularity among tourists. You can go zip lining and water zorbing in addition to boating on the lake. Oh, and paragliding is now also possible not too far from the lake.

Near the lake, there are a number of tiny gift shops, eateries, and a haunted house. So, after having fun at the lake to your heart’s content, enjoy a delicious lunch or go shopping. A famous picnic spot, Mussoorie Lake is often crowded with people who come to enjoy picnics and boating. This artificial lake is surrounded by a few shops selling snacks, tea and a few local products.

A heritage area with a marvellous bandstand, Library Bazaar is a good way to spend the morning — every morning of your holiday, too. You can shop for books, snacks, clothing and much else. The bazaar is organized in a circular shape.

8. Sir George Everest’s House

Sir George Everest's House in Mussoorie was built in 1832 and is situated 6 km from Gandhi Chowk. This location, better known as The Park Estate, was previously Sir George Everest's residence, laboratory, and observatory. Sir Everest has accomplished everything from this location, including scaling the distances between the mountains of the North and measuring the highest mountains.

Visit the observatory if you want to learn more about his life and career. The views are breathtakingly stunning from the summit where the heritage building is located, especially when they are shrouded in mist. Therefore, even if history isn't your thing, the views are sure to catch your attention.

Although the house is in ruins, there are some portions of George Everest’s house that are still standing. From the plains that surround the house, you can get stunning views of the hills. The place is often frequented by hikers who make the climb up the peak, rest for a bit, before getting back down.

9. Camel’s Back Road

If you prefer strolling through nature while taking in the vistas and the comfortable climate, Camel's Back Road, another popular tourist destination in Mussoorie, is a fantastic spot to explore. The finest times to go along this 3-kilometer stretch of road are early in the morning and late at night since it resembles a camel's hump.

Located a little away from the city centre, this place is an amazing place to visit, especially if you love the outdoors or are interested in photography. Surrounded by lovely old houses and tall trees, the Camel’s Back Road is a good place to explore nature.

10. Library Bazaar

The Library Bazaar is the place to go if you enjoy shopping at cozy, little shops. The bazaar, which lies in the heart of the hill town, is packed with stores offering locally produced fabrics, Silver Jewelry, chocolates, and delicacies, as well as cafés that serve freshly prepared coffee and tea. Near Library Chowk in Mussoorie, there are numerous hotel choices.

11. Mossy Falls

The Mossy Falls is one of the prettiest places in Mussoorie. Facing a jungle on one side, this place is the ideal getaway for a quiet day out. The best time to visit is in the morning. That is when you can clearly hear birds singing. If you are lucky, you can even spot a few exotic birds.

12. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

With several near-extinct animals, such as mountain quails and the red-billed blue magpie, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to spend a day or even two.

13. Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve

For those who are interested in nature, photography, bird watching or hiking, this is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie. The Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is a private forest and it is very pristine. There is a lovely green trek route and a large forest area. For the best experience, go on a guided tour.

14. SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre

The SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre is a must visit place if you love art and culture. On display at this place are huge collections of Himalayan artefacts, texts and paintings. Book a guided tour for a first-hand insight into the history of the museum and its collections.

15. Shedup Choepelling Temple

The Shedup Choepelling Temple is a calm and peaceful place of worship. The temple is surrounded by gorgeous flowers and, inside the temple, you can see a big statue of Buddha. For a spiritual and magical experience, visit the temple in the early hours of the morning, that is when the monks chant prayers to Buddha.

16. Landour

You think Mussoorie’s a bit been-there, done-that...but have you let yourself fall in love with Landour? Those who’ve traversed the likes of Geneva in Switzerland, or Hallstatt in Austria, will find this nook of Uttarakhand reminiscent of those alleys. A bit of a postcard town, it’s got a famous bakery you can try tasty treats from, hidden treks and trails, and some cosy homestays that take you off the radar of chaos.

At about 8 o'clock I go to a small restaurant and order aloo parantha, omelet, sweet lassi and chai for breakfast. Landour is one of only two places in the world after Switzerland where you can see how it is happening! What more can you ask? Luckily I met a very friendly local on my trail who was very surprised to meet a stranger in this remote corner of the hill and guided me to find my way. He told me that every day he has to walk 2 hours on this little steep path to reach the village where he stays.

The view was fantastic and as often difficult to capture on pictures. Unfortunately, the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas were very hard to spot as it was too hazy.

17. The Mall Road

The Mall Road is a bustling hub where you can shop for local handicrafts, souvenirs, and clothing. Mussoorie also offers a variety of dining options ranging from local street food to upscale restaurants.

18. Kulri Bazaar

Kulri Bazaar has most restaurants in Mussoorie. The inhabitants are wrapped in thick blankets, wearing colorful caps, vests and gloves. In the city center there is a bakery. The baked goods are far from what we call a bread or cheese cake at home, but still delicious and reminiscent of my distant home.

While visiting Mussoorie is all about taking in the scenery, sipping hot chai, and hiking to the best vistas, don't overlook taking a stroll down Mall Road. Some of the best sandwiches and cupcakes can be found at the local bakeries and eateries. Additionally, you can stock up on some unique mementos to bring home from the hills. So when planning your next weekend trip from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Dehradun, or any northern city, visit the charming town of Mussoorie to experience the best of Uttarakhand.

Mussoorie's serene environment and scenic beauty make it an ideal place for relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation. It's important to note that individual preferences vary, and what makes a place the "best" for traveling is subjective. Some travelers may be drawn to Mussoorie's natural beauty and outdoor activities, while others may appreciate its historical charm and cultural attractions. Before planning a trip, it's advisable to research and consider your own interests and what you're looking for in a travel destination.

8 Best Places to Visit in Tromso, Norway

As the northernmost city in the world, Tromso is known for its breathtaking views of the Arctic Ocean. But there's more to this Norwegian town than just its location: it's also home to some of the world's most beautiful parks and landmarks. Whether you're visiting Tromso for business or pleasure, here are ten places to take advantage of.

In the northern part of Norway, we find the city of Tromsø. By itself, a beautiful city - it is surrounded by both mountain and sea. It is a mid-sized city by Scandinavian standards. Naturally, there are some great things to see, such as the wooden houses. No other city in Norway has a higher amount of these.

But the real highlight of Tromsø is seeing the northern lights. The Northern Lights are a phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun interact with Earth's atmosphere. They can be seen in places like Canada, Alaska, and Scandinavia, where there is less light pollution.

The phenomenon of aurora borealis can be seen for most of the year. It is most common between September and April, but due to clouds over the city, it can sometimes be wise to join a tour that takes you a bit outside of the city. There’s no northern lights in the summer, but during this time you can see the phenomenon of a midnight sun instead!

The best time to see them is between September and March, but they can still be seen at other times of year if you're lucky enough! It's also worth noting that you will only sometimes see them on your first attempt.

Best Places to Visit in Tromso, Norway

If you want to photograph the aurora borealis, it's essential to use a tripod so that your camera doesn't move while taking pictures (this will make them blurry). Some people recommend using bulb mode, which allows longer shutter speeds than usual.

1. Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is a unique church built in the shape of a cross. It's made of wood and glass, and renowned Norwegian architect Peter Zumthor designed it. The cathedral is located on the Tromsø island, so you can visit it if you're staying there for your trip.

2. Snow Hotel

Have you ever wanted to stay in a hotel made entirely of snow? Well, now you can! The Snow Hotel is located in Tromso, Norway, and was built by Jorgen Skaar in 1988. The hotel has been featured on travel shows like "The Travel Channel" and "CNN."

You can stay there for free if you are willing to work at the hotel during your stay or pay to stay there. They also have restaurants serving traditional Norwegian food, such as reindeer stew or fish soup with potatoes and leeks (traditional Norwegian side dishes).

3. Lyngen Alps

Easily my favorite city in the world for a multitude of reasons, you can travel to the nearby fjords, the mountains, the fields of yellow flowers! But all of those things are outside the city limits. However, within Tromsoø you’ll find photo ops nearly as gorgeous as those fjords! The Lyngen Alps are a mountain range in Troms county, Norway. The range is part of the Lyngen Alps and extends between the Lyngen fjord to the west and the Malangen fjord to the east.

The mountains have many glaciers including Store Skagastolbreen and Lille Skagastolbreen on its southern side and Popesnukka Glacier at its northeastern end.

4. Polar Museum

The Polar Museum is a museum of the polar regions located in the centre of Tromso. It has many exhibits, including a polar bear, a replica of a whale, and an iceberg. There is also an impressive cinema showing films about the Arctic Circle.

5. Preikestolen

Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) is one of Norway's most popular tourist attractions. It's a massive rock formation that rises 604 meters above sea level and has an elevation gain of about 1000 meters on its hike to the top. You can see the ocean from up there! If you're not scared of heights, then this hike is for you.

You'll also find plenty more things to do in Tromso: hiking around town and visiting nearby attractions like Mount Torghatten or Kvaloya Island are all great ways to spend your time here. There are many other places where tourists go as well--you could visit Lofoten Islands National Park or even drive north through Norway until reaching Kirkenes at Russia's border.

6. Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are located in the Arctic Circle, making them one of the most beautiful places on earth. The islands are known for their fishing villages, mountains, and beaches. It is a great place to go hiking or kayaking, as there are many things to see and do here!

7. Northern Light Planetarium

The Northern Lights Park and Observation Centre is great for watching the northern lights, especially in winter. It's open all year round, so that you can visit any time of year. You can see the aurora borealis from their viewing tower or even better, go out on a snowmobile safari! This place is free to visit, and plenty of parking space is available, too!

8. Inuit Art Centre

The Inuit Art Centre is a museum that showcases the works of the native Inuit people. It's located in the heart of Tromso, so it's easy to get to and has plenty of parking. The centre also has an excellent cafe and gift shop on site for when you need some refreshments after exploring all day long! If you're lucky enough to visit during summertime (June-August), remember their open-air terrace, which offers views over Adventfjorden Fjord and some delicious meals made with local ingredients from around Norway!

Norway is a beautiful country with so much to offer. There are many places to visit in Norway, and one of the most spectacular sights is the Northern Lights. The Arctic Cathedral is another beautiful place to visit if you want to escape it all for a while. It's also fun to stay at the Snow Hotel!


I hope this compilation has sparked your interest in experiencing the magic of Norway. The nation boasts stunning landscapes, warm-hearted locals, and delectable cuisine. Should you embark on an adventure in Tromso, consider capturing the places you've explored on film and combine them to create beautiful videos that you can surely look back on when you miss Tromso, Norway.

41 Best Food Dishes to Eat in Kolkata

Kolkata, often dubbed the "City of Joy," has another name in the hearts of gourmets: the "City of Flavors." Beyond its iconic architecture, cultural festivals, and bustling markets lies a culinary tapestry waiting to be explored. If you ever wonder about the city's cultural heartbeat, you'll find it in its food. A tapestry woven with spices, traditions, and culinary tales, each bite tells a story. One must know what to eat in Kolkata to deeply resonate with its spirit. From age-old eateries to contemporary cafes, the city promises an epicurean journey that traverses through time, showcasing its past, celebrating its present, and hinting at a delectable future.

Kolkata, has an undying love for food. The beauty of the city is the variety of street foods available at a pocket friendly price and satisfies your taste buds. From veg to Non veg, from familiar gully to high streets you will find a plethora of street foods. People move out in the evening with their loved ones to have street food like phuchka, jhalmuri, sweet dishes etc. People visiting here crave for trying the street food of Kolkata. Every street food stall in Kolkata serves delicate and spicy varieties of lip-smacking snacks.

Kolkata is a place where things to eat has its own place in the people's heart as well as streets with numerous restaurants with private rooms. Kolkata is famous for traditional Bengali food which majorly consists of fish and rice. This cuisine can be found in many places across the city. Well, fish and rasgulla are the one of the favorite food of the people.

Some of the other popular things to eat in Kolkata amongst bongs are Rolls at Kusum Rolls, biryani at Arsalan, phuchka (Bengali name for panipuri), club kachori and kullad wali chai (tea served in a clay cup) that can be found at various locations. Dim toast and baapuji cake is one of the most preferred breakfast of the people.

Out of all the things to eat in Kolkata, the desserts take the top spot. If there's one thing synonymous with Bengal, it's the love for sweets. In every nook and cranny of Kolkata, you'll find a sweet shop, each with its legacy. A trip to Kolkata without savoring the iconic sweets? It's unthinkable!

Best Food to Eat in Kolkata

Savory Delights from the Streets

1. Puchka

Phuchka is a fried dough ball stuffed with a filling of mashed potatoes mixed with spices and then filled with tamarind chutney, pickled water, pudina and lime. It is one of the most popular street food in Kolkata. In many other cities of India, it is called as 'pani-puri' or 'golgappa'.

Walking the streets of Kolkata is a sensory carnival. Sounds of sizzling, aromas wafting through the air, and hawkers calling out their specialties set the scene. Puchka, tiny hollow balls filled with tangy tamarind water and spicy fillings, offer an experience that's both crunchy and liquid, spicy and tangy.

Commonly known as golgappa in other states, Kolkata has its own uniqueness. Here it is not gol gappa, it is Phuchka. With smashed aloo masala inside the crunchy maida ball and tok-jol (lemon and tamarind water) it is irresistible to have one. You atleast need a dozen to stop.

2. Kathi Roll

With its origins steeped in Kolkata's history, Kathi Roll wraps spiced meat or veggies in flaky parathas, hinting at the city’s ability to adapt and innovate. Kathi Rolls are signature style wraps of Kolkata that are a top favourite among most Kolkatans and is a must-try for experiencing the street foods of the City of Joy. Kathi Rolls are flattened parathas (Indian breads) that are used as wraps for the stuffing of vegetarian or non-vegetarian rolls.

The non-veg Kathi rolls come in many variants including egg rolls, chicken rolls and mutton rolls and can be found at most hawker stalls of the streets of Kolkata. You can find any type of roll from the simple egg roll to chicken roll. The cheapest is usually the vegetable roll and the most expensive is double egg, double chicken roll. The spices are customisable, free of charge of course.

3. Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri is a street snack in Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, made of puffed rice and an assortment of spices, vegetables, chanachur and bhujia. Often had with tea for breakfast. Jhalmuri is a most popular roadside street food in Kolkata made from puffed rice, a combination of spices, crunchy mixtures, peanuts, chopped tomatoes, onions, lemon and oil are used to create Jhalmuri. Jhal in Hindi means spicy. Jhalmuri is served in a wide-mouthed envelope made from newspaper.

Jhalmuri is not just puffed rice mixed with spices; it's a crunchy melody of flavors.

4. Telebhaja

Telebhaja is a crispy bengali snacks made of onion rings, potato, pumpkin, tomato, chillis, brinjal, capsicum and literally any other vegetable by deep frying in oil made of besan batter. You can find most of the office-goers, college students and locals having chop and muri. Chop (deep fried veggies with besan) which is available as beguni, aloor chop, vegetable chop, dimer devil are like heavenly combination with puffed rice (muri).

5. Chicken Kabiraji

In indian cuisine, a cutlet specifically refers to mashed vegetables (potato, carrot, beans) or cooked meat (mutton, chicken or fish) stuffing that is fried with a batter/covering. The meat itself is cooked with spices - onion, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, coriander (cilantro), green chillies, lemon and salt. Chicken and mutton cutlets are very popular snacks in the city of Kolkata.

6. Dim-er-Devil

The dish is a pure bliss. In Bengal, it's named as Dim-er-Devil. A proper tummy filler or starter you can say as its huge. The main attraction is that you will get this preparation made of poultry egg mainly in the city but they used to make it with Duck's egg.

7. Mughlai Paratha

The famous paratha made in Mughlai style, a deep-fried stuffed paratha that can be filled with potatoes, egg and minced meat. It is quite popular in West Bengal especially Kolkata.

8. Ghugni

Ghugni Chaat, a humble yet flavorsome dish, encapsulates the city’s spirit, where simplicity meets profound taste. Ghugni Chaat is a widely popular street side food in Kolkata. Ghugni chaat is prepared using white peas, yellow peas along with other essential ingredients like onion, mint, tamarind and coriander by hand tossing them on a hot pan. It is very similar to Ragda, a popular street food of Mumbai and this will surely interest Mumbaikars.

9. Churmur

Churmur is one of the most popular roadside street food in Kolkata and can be easily found in almost every roadside Phuchkawala cart. Churmur is basically the broken down version of Phuchka and is crunchy, tangy, sweet and savory, all at the same time. The ingredients include boiled potatoes, crushed phuchka, some spices, tamarind, chana, chillies and besan pakoda. It is generally served in a shalpata plate.

10. Singara

It is widely known as Samosa, all over India. It is a triangular shaped fried snack prepared by adding different spices to mashed potato which is used as a stuffing. It is best eaten with green chutney.

11. Radhaballavi

Beyond mainstream offerings, Kolkata hides culinary treasures that await discovery. Radhaballavi, with its soft, pillowy texture paired with Alur Dum, creates an unforgettable combination of flavors. Radha ballavi is specially served in parties and occasions with Aloo dom.

Traditional Bengali Meals

Kolkata’s culinary depth shines brightest in traditional meals. The union of rice and fish is more than just food—it's a way of life.

12. Ilish Bhapa

Also the Ilish maach is just awesome. Ilish curry, a monsoon favorite, captures the essence of rainy days, while Bhetki pampers the palate with its delicate flavors.

13. Mutton Kosha

But it isn't necessary that everyone likes eating fish, some are interested in Kosha Mangso too. Mutton Kosha, simmered for hours in spices, is a testament to the city's celebratory spirit.

Now comes Biryani. Though Hyderabadi Biryani maybe tasty and popular, but the Kolkata Biryani is pure love. The essence is the aloo present in the biryani and they also offer gravy along with the biryani.

Vegetarian Dishes That Steal the Show

For a city known for its fish, Kolkata’s vegetarian fare is surprisingly diverse and indulgent. One of the most interesting fact in Bengali Vegetarian food is that majority of them are made without onions and garlic.

14. Shukto

On the other end of the spectrum, Shukto, with its bittersweet flavors, emphasizes the beauty of balance. The key taste profile of Bengali food is a complex yet delicate mix of bitter, sweet, and pungent. The dish that represents this profile in its entirety is - shukto. Traditionally, shukto is the starter to an elaborate Bengali meal, to cleanse the palate. It's little bitter due to bitter gourd. It also has other vegetables like drumsticks, brinjal, raw banana, potatoes and other seasonal vegetables and cooked in very little oil and spices.

It’s a dish that teaches a profound lesson: Life, much like a Bengali meal, is a mix of different flavors, and each has its unique charm. Trying some of these traditional dishes will make your trip memorable and give new depth to your culinary adventure.

15. Alur Dom

It is a spicy curry of potatoes and is a perfect combination with korai shutir kochuri. <b>Kochuri</b>: The delicious street food that is highly consumed by the people of Kolkata in the early morning. Kachori Sabji is essentially deep fried bread that is served along with potato sabji. Along with kachori sabji, one can add jalebi or tea, as per their taste.

Luchi and aloo chorchori with lightly spiced potatoes is a Sunday affair.

16. Cholar Dal

Cholar Dal is Bengali breakfast dish. Bengal gram lentils cooked in coconut and spices that is served with hot and fluffy luchi. Cholar dal prepared with Bengal gram and coconut is a perfect combination in any get together and is also served with Luchi or Kachuri or Radhaballavi.

17. Potol Dolma

It is stuffed pointed gourd stuffed with chhena, nuts, potatoes and spices, in a gravy made in ghee.

18. Alu Posto

It is a potato curry with poppy seeds. Bengalis love affair with poppy seeds is versatile. Rice with Alu Posto is perfect for a warm, humid summer day to keep the body cool. Jhinge posto is a ridge gourd curry with poppy seeds.

19. Phulkopir Dalna

It is cauliflower curry with potatoes and is a Bengali favourite item for cool winter months. It is served with roti, rice, Pulao etc. Peper dalna is a light papaya gravy with chunky pieces eaten with rice, roti, paratha etc. Pepe ghonto is a dry, grated, green papaya curry with little grains of rice. It's an everyday item fit for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

20. Mochar Ghonto

Mochar Ghonto, a dish made from banana flowers, is a dance of textures and flavors, showcasing the ingenuity of Bengali vegetarian cooking. Mochar ghonto is prepared with banana flowers and are made into dry curry with very little oil and spices.

21. Labra

It is morning breakfast sabzi with ruti in many households and tastes divine with Khichuri.

22. Sona Muger Khichuri

Khichdi with moong dal is eaten with ghee and fries like brinjal and potatoes and is an item reserved for a rainy day.

23. Kumro Chechki

It is made with ripe pumpkin and very little oil and spices. It's a common item to be eaten with rice, paratha, roti. Ash groud curry better known as chalkumror torkari is an everyday curry best to eat with rice or roti.

24. Sim Paturi

It is prepared with broad beans wrapped in banana leaf with spices and mustard oil. It's pan fried in gas oven.

25. Bandhakopir Torkari

It is cabbage curry with peas with a hint of spice.

Pui Shak is added in a light curry with Malabar Spinach made with dal dumplings and vegetables.

26. Kolmi Shak Bhaja

Water spinach is a vegetable that grows in watery areas in Eastern States and North Eastern States of India. A Kolmi shak stir fry is a summer dish cooked with little oil, a clove of garlic and dry chilli. Bottle gourd leaves strew or lau shak curry is an everyday food in summer very little prepared with oil and spices.

27. Lau Pata Bata

It is very tasty and very few people know exactly how to make it. Thankuni pata bata or Indian Penny wort or Thankuni is an invasive species of herb found densely in Eastern and North Eastern States of India. It's eaten as a paste and has little minty flavour. People love Data Chorchori or drumsticks curry with mustard paste along with some other vegetables like potatoes, tomato, pumpkin etc.

28. Tomato chutney

It is made with reasonable amount of dates and raisins. The list is endless.

29. Begun Bhaja

Begun Bhaja is more than just fried eggplant. It's an ode to the beauty of simplicity—crispy on the outside, soft within, seasoned to perfection.

30. Dhokar Dalna

Dhokar Dalna reimagines lentils. Dhokar Dalna is prepared with steamed Bengal gram, and are chunky pieces in rich gravy. In this dish, lentils take on a new avatar—formed into cakes and bathed in a rich curry; they challenge every preconceived notion about vegetarian food, proving it can be just as robust and satisfying as any meat dish.

31. Chanar kofta

It is cottage cheese balls in rich gravy and is a must have with pulao. Kanchkolar kofta is prepared with raw banana for cooking is a different variety than that for eating. Its a dumpling made with spices, boiled raw banana and potatoes. It's a rich gravy eaten traditionally with rice. It's also served in feasts.

32. Echorer torkari

It is a raw Jackfruit curry. Echorer Dalna or raw jackfruit curry is also a top favourite, sumptuous dish.

Local Beverages to Wash Down the Delights

32. Cha

Beyond solid delights, Kolkata has a rich tapestry of beverages that complement its vast culinary landscape. Bharer Cha is an emotion. The clay cup adds an earthy flavor and grounds the drinking experience in tradition. Aam Panna, made with raw mangoes, sugar, and spices, captures the essence of sultry summers, offering a reprieve with every sip.

33. Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi served in tiny clay pots, is a testament to the art of fermentation. It combines the tang of yogurt with the sweetness of caramelized sugar, resulting in a comforting and exciting taste. It is not just about quenching thirst—it’s about lingering sweetness and a playful dance of flavors. Each sip invites another, making it an integral part of the city's culinary journey.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Dishes to Eat in Kolkata

How can one miss sweets when you are in Kolkata? Every gully has a sweet shop and everyone has to offer unique and tastiest sweets.

34. Rosogulla

It is another sweet dish that is being loved and consumed highly by most of the Bengalis. Rasgulla, with its soft, spongy texture and syrupy core, is a dessert that epitomizes joy. It is made with solidified milk preparation that easily melts in your mouth. Also not only rasgulla but pantua and sondesh are also awesome. The variety of sweets and their prices are also lower than most of the states.

35. Sandesh

Along with Rosogolla, Kolkata also homes the sweetest delicacy named Sandesh. The best Sandesh is available at Girish Chandra and Nakur Chandra sweet shops, being one of the oldest Halwais in Kolkata, they have mastered the art of Sandesh and other Bengali sweets. Sandesh comes in myriad forms, from the classic plain variety to those infused with fruits, chocolate, or even gold leaf.

36. Jilipi

During winters, a specialty marks the board, Gurer Sandesh which has liquid jaggery as its core. Jilipi or jalebi is a common sweet. But Muger Jilipi is another heaven. Usually, jilipi or jalebi is crispy, cracking under bite. Muger jilipi is soft, but not as soft chhana or cheese of any kind, firm but not like any other sweet you may have in mind. It is granular in texture, oozing the syrup, golden to light orange in color, and heavenly in bliss.

Then there's Chhanar Jilipi, a dessert that challenges categorization. Is it a jalebi? Is it a Gulab jamun? It's both, and yet, it’s unique. These dishes might not headline every food guide, but they are intrinsic to the city’s culinary narrative. To truly eat in Kolkata, it’s essential to explore beyond the famous to unearth these hidden gems that offer authentic and intimate tastes of the city.

37. Meetha Pan

Do not miss out on the Calcutta Meetha Pan, a mouth freshener that has its roots dug deep in the soil of Kolkata. As it’s a local specialty, it can be found at every corner.

38. Narkoler Naru

Nariyal ke laddu is simple and delicious, this dish is a winter season must have for Bengali households.

39. Taler Bora

Palm Fruit fritter is another legendary Bengali sweet. Made with pulp of ripe Palm, Coconut, Jaggery, Wheat Flour, Rice Flour and Kalonji, this heavenly deep fried sweet dish is relished by young and old alike.

40. Shor Bhaja

It is so uncommon, that even in Bengali community it is not that well known. This mouth melting sweet is made by collecting and layering the Malai or fat from top of hot milk, then pressing, shaping and dipping in flavoured syrup.

41. Pati Shapta

It looks suspiciously like a Dosa, but tastes nothing like it. Another winter season speciality, the entire family looks forward to the ceremonious making of this Rice Batter roll with Coconut and Jaggery filling.

To truly enjoy your prolonged culinary trip to India, you should consider renting a storage unit for your valuables.

Tips for Travelers

Timing and preparation are key as you prepare for your gastronomic adventure in Kolkata. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

♦ Drink bottled or boiled water to avoid stomach issues. Avoid ice in your drinks unless you're sure it's made from purified water

♦ Gradually introduce your stomach to spicy foods if you're not accustomed to them

♦ Bargaining is common in local markets, so don't hesitate to negotiate prices. Keep it friendly and respectful

♦ Keep your belongings secure. Use a money belt or a hidden pouch for important items

♦ For travelers concerned about safeguarding valuables during an extended stay, suggests renting a secure storage unit. This practical step allows you to indulge in Kolkata's culinary world with peace of mind, knowing your possessions are safely stored away

The city’s diversity ensures something for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences. The golden rule, however, remains: when in Kolkata, eat as the Kolkatans do. Diving into local flavors offers a taste and a true slice of the city's life, culture, and soul.

Going on these culinary trips always makes you feel more connected to the city you visited and gives you memories for life!

In Conclusion

Kolkata isn’t just a city; it’s an emotion best expressed through its food. Each dish, each flavor, is a reflection of its multifaceted history, its bustling streets, and its ever-evolving culture. It's a city where the past and the present converge seamlessly on the plate, offering visitors a unique gastronomic journey through time. When you eat in Kolkata, it's not just about satisfying your hunger. It's about experiencing a story, a tradition, and an emotion. From the bustling lanes of old markets to modern establishments, every eatery invites you to be part of Kolkata’s epic culinary tale. The promise is not just of tantalizing taste buds but of weaving memories that bind you to the city's heart, ensuring that every visitor leaves with an appetite for more and a lingering sense of nostalgia.

5 Best Ski Resorts in Austria

If you're daydreaming of powdery slopes, breathtaking alpine views, and the exhilarating thrill of skiing, Austria should top your travel bucket list. Austria boasts a rich skiing heritage in the heart of Europe, producing some of the world's best skiers and hosting iconic winter events. The best ski resorts in Austria promise outstanding skiing conditions and a blend of culture, history, and world-class amenities.

Best Ski Resorts in Austria

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking for challenging terrains or a beginner eager to learn, Austria offers a winter wonderland tailored just for you. Let's embark on an unforgettable alpine adventure.

1. St. Anton am Arlberg

Often hailed as the crown jewel among ski enthusiasts, St. Anton am Arlberg stands out as a premium destination. Nestled in the Tyrolean Alps, this resort is synonymous with world-class skiing and has been a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts. Its vast terrains promise exhilarating descents for the adventurous, offering challenging slopes that test skill and endurance. Yet, after a day of tackling the mountains, the town offers a vibrant après-ski culture filled with bustling bars and cozy restaurants. From live music to sumptuous alpine cuisine, the nightlife here complements the skiing experience beautifully. Keep in mind that staying here can sometimes get pricey. Ensure you’ve saved enough resources to finance a full venture into everything St. Anton am Arlberg offers.

2. Kitzbühel

Nestled among rolling alpine meadows and rugged peaks, Kitzbühel is another of Austria's best ski resorts and a beacon for skiing and culture combined. More than just a skiing hotspot, this town, with its cobbled streets and medieval architecture, feels like a step back. The Hahnenkamm race, the world's most challenging downhill event, solidifies Kitzbühel's position in skiing lore. Yet, beyond the adrenaline-packed slopes, visitors find serene moments in cozy cafes, historic museums, and boutique shops that line its streets. The resort harmoniously balances the thrill of world-class skiing with the charm of ancient Europe, making it a unique destination. Kitzbühel invites skiers to chase thrills on its slopes and immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of history and culture.

3. Sölden

Tucked away in the Ötztal Valley, Sölden is more than just another ski resort; it's a snow lover's paradise. This dual glacier ski area boasts a snow guarantee that few other destinations can match, offering a long, rewarding skiing season. Being the chosen venue for opening the Ski World Cup each year, Sölden is recognized for its impeccable slopes and top-tier facilities. Amidst the towering peaks, skiers find diverse terrains catering to beginners and pros. Off the slopes, the town pulses with lively après-ski venues and modern amenities. That is also a great destination for travelers who want to bring their dogs on their alpine adventure, seeing as there are lots of dog-friendly amenities available. For those seeking consistent snowfall, stunning alpine views, and a blend of tradition with modernity, Sölden is the ideal Austrian skiing retreat.

4. Ischgl

Ischgl, often dubbed the 'Ibiza of the Alps,' is one of the best ski resorts in Austria, where exhilarating skiing meets world-class entertainment. This resort doesn't just offer snow-clad terrains; it promises an entire alpine experience. As skiers traverse trails connecting Austria to Switzerland, they're treated to spectacular panoramic views that captivate the soul. But as the sun dips behind the mountains, Ischgl truly comes alive. Renowned for its electric après-ski scene, the resort hosts international concerts and vibrant events, drawing music and ski lovers alike. From top-tier skiing facilities to bustling nightlife, Ischgl offers a dynamic blend of adventure and celebration. If you're seeking a place where snow meets showbiz, where the mountains echo with both ski and song, Ischgl is your destination.

5. Saalbach Hinterglemm

Nestled in the majestic Glemm Valley, Saalbach Hinterglemm shines as a beacon for winter sports enthusiasts. This resort isn't just about the thrill of skiing; it's about celebrating the entire alpine experience. Boasting over 200 km of meticulously groomed slopes, it caters to skiers and snowboarders of all levels, ensuring everyone finds their perfect trail. Beyond the expansive terrains, the area pulsates with life, featuring cozy mountain huts, vibrant après-ski venues, and many snow-based activities for the whole family. With state-of-the-art lift systems and a commitment to guest experience, Saalbach Hinterglemm offers an unparalleled blend of adventure and relaxation.

Tips for Choosing a Ski Resort in Austria

Embarking on a skiing holiday in Austria is exhilarating, but selecting the right resort can be daunting, given the plethora of choices. Firstly, you must gauge your skill level and find resorts that align with it. Are you a beginner seeking gentle slopes or an expert craving challenging terrains? Accommodation plays a pivotal role too. Whether you're after a luxurious chalet or a budget-friendly hostel, ensure your choice enhances your holiday experience. Beyond skiing, delve into the range of other snow activities, from snowshoeing to tobogganing. And finally, consider how accessible the resort is. Proximity to airports, train stations, and major roads can greatly influence your overall experience. Choose wisely and tailor your Austrian skiing adventure to perfection.

Store Your Ski Gear Properly. For skiing enthusiasts, gear isn't just equipment—it's an investment. Over the years, skis, boots, poles, and apparel can accumulate, often taking up significant space in your home. Utilizing a storage unit can be a game-changer, providing a dedicated space to safeguard your gear, especially if you're a frequent traveler to the best ski resorts in Austria. Deciding to place your gear in storage is a great idea for any serious skier. These units ensure your equipment remains pristine, free from moisture, pests, or potential damage. Beyond preservation, well-organized storage space can streamline your preparation for the next snowy adventure.

Final Thoughts

Austria's allure extends far beyond its picturesque landscapes and storied history. The nation's ski resorts are a testament to its dedication to providing unparalleled winter experiences. Whether you're navigating the challenging terrains of St. Anton, reveling in Kitzbühel's historic charm, or soaking up the lively atmosphere of Ischgl, Austria promises memories that last a lifetime. And while the thrill of the slopes captivates many, it's essential to take a holistic approach. Make sure to inform yourself about everything people need to know before traveling to Europe. As you plan your alpine adventure, remember that the best ski resorts in Austria are not just about skiing—they're about immersing yourself in a world of wonder, excitement, and unforgettable moments.