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10 Best Boutique Hotels in Goa

Lined alongside the palm-fringed shorelines and lively bars are the boutique hotels in Goa. Endowed with a remarkable blend of Portuguese colonial architectural and chic modern facilities, they offer an exotic Goa beach holiday.

Go, Goa, Gone - it truly stands for all the backpackers who want to head towards an exciting vacation in Goa. Goa is one of the best places to visit in India. The sand and the beaches, the coconut trees and the bike rides, all these make Goa a memorable place.

From the secluded beaches of Mandrem to busy beaches of Baga, hippie-market of Anjuna or scenic Palolem, Goa is a favourite destination for all kinds of travellers. Famous for its soft sandy beaches, palm-fringed shoreline, cosmopolitan culture, enthralling nightlife and scrumptious seafood, Goa is one place where you don't need company to party.

Goa sounds exciting! Goa has emerged as the hot tourist destination with the perfect combination of blues and greens stretching along the Arabian Sea. Right from the sun kissed beaches to wooded hills, lush paddy fields to charming churches, tortuous rivers to mind blowing Portuguese architecture, Goa has it all to lure tourists to this heavenly destination.

It is a true paradise for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, beach lovers and photographers. For adventure lovers, there are a variety of water sports activities like scuba diving, parasailing, white water rafting, windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing and a lot more. You name it and Goa has it all!

Goa is rightly known as the party hub of India, so on your Goa holiday, you get to experience a vibrant nightlife with a lively atmosphere. On your visit to Goa, do not miss to try some lip-smacking local dishes and mouth-watering seafood.

North and South Goa both have their unique advantages and it totally depends on what your requirements are. North Goa is more for shopping, crowded beaches, late-night parties at the beachside with loud music, and dance. Titos lane at Baga Beach is the hub for dance, party, and shopping. It remains open till 4 am and is a great place for fun. A wide variety of delicious Seafood can be enjoyed. North Goa gives the true feel of Goa never sleeps.

On the other hand, South Goa is a peaceful ambiance and ideal for a family vacation. Most of the famous luxury resorts are situated here only. As many properties here have the facility of private beach it offers a perfect place to unwind. Famous beached in South Goa. Both North and South Goa are absolutely beautiful places and if time permits one must cover both otherwise one can select as per preference.

In addition to beaches, one can cover stunning huge Churches, fort Agoda, and temples. Goa is also famous for a wide variety of adventurous Water sports.

Best Boutique Hotels in Goa

For a luxury stay in Goa, here is the list of best boutique hotels in Goa, suited to all wallet sizes.

1. Sur La Mer

Su La Mer is one of the top luxury boutique hotels in Goa. It has 14 royal and deluxe rooms brimmed with elegance that offers homely feels where you can plan an extended stay. For magical nights, there is a swish treehouse cabin at this property with dark-wooden interiors and canopy views through the windows. If you have a big appetite, go for the F&B experience that serves fresh and locally found foods.

2. Casa Da Praia

A Bed & Breakfast hotel, Casa Da Praia is a lavishly designed Portuguese House and an Annex Building in a similar style. They have nine individual units, some of which have interconnected doors. You can stay at this property in Goa and enjoy freshly prepared breakfast by the swimming pool within the landscaped gardens.

3. Shanti Morada

On your Goa trip, choose Shanti Morada as it offers luxurious rooms with antique wood fittings, clawfoot tubs, and Goan pizazz. Make the most of the outdoor pool with an elevated kiddie pool attached and located beside a cascading artificial waterfall that can be viewed from your private terrace. For extra fun, there is a pool table at the salon where hours of togetherness can be spent with family and friends.

4. Resort Coqueiral

Resort Coqueiral is a luxury boutique beach hotel in Goa that has impressive Portuguese architecture. The rooms are aesthetically furnished offering views of the swimming pool and the pristine beach. Nestled amidst palm trees and well-manicured gardens, you can enjoy a relaxed stay at one of the best boutique beach resorts in north Goa.

5. Grand Hyatt

One of the best luxury hotels in Goa, Grand Hyatt is spread across acres of tropical gardens and lush lawns. It welcomes guests to stay in their elegant rooms, enjoy at a 23 m outdoor pool, and have a delightful dinner at the private beach area. The Shamana Spa and sauna facilities and The Capiz Bar and The Pool Bar & Grill make this one of the top places to stay in Goa.

6. Coconut Creek Resort

Stay at Coconut Creek Resort, one of the best beach resorts in Goa. Also titled the Pride of South Goa beach resorts, this property is the essence of Goan hospitality and exquisite dining. This resort features a lagoon-shaped outdoor pool and a restaurant. All the rooms at this property are equipped with tea/coffee making facilities, minibar, satellite TV, private bathroom with stone bathtub, and walk-in shower room. You can participate in a yoga class and relax with a relaxing massage at the resort’s spa.

7. Beleza By The Beach

Set on the pristine and white sandy beaches of Colva in South Goa, Beleza By The Beach offers plush rooms and villas for the best stay in Goa. If you want to spend time in a meditative environment, Beleza By The Beach is the perfect boutique hotel you can choose. Relax in the sauna and indulge in pampering spa treatments available at this property. A separate kid’s pool, a well-equipped fitness center, and an all-day dining restaurant, Tentacao is also offered at Beleza By The Beach.

8. The Tamarind Hotel Anjuna

Located in the heart of Anjuna, The Tamarind Hotel provides one of the best stays in Goa. With 26 beautifully designed airy rooms, this hotel has a swimming pool nestled by tall palm trees that make for a refreshing dip. In addition, The Tamarind Hotel has a lounge bar in Alice in Wonderland theme on-site, which is perfect for kids. There is also an on-site Cotinga Cafe ideal for afternoon hangouts.

9. Casa Colvale

Casa Colvale, flanked by a meandering river, is unarguably one of the best heritage hotels in Goa. Its rustic charm is a major attraction that dates back to the 2nd century. Covered by the expanses of lush paddy fields and the waves of the Chapora River, Casa Colvale is perfect to stay at on your Goa heritage tour. This peaceful property has a lovely outdoor swimming pool, well-furnished guestrooms, and an in-house restaurant, which makes your stay enjoyable.

10. Ahilya by the Sea

Rustic villas, dolphins scampering in the bay, and a beautiful treehouse in an ancient banyan tree welcomes you at Ahilya by the Sea. The swimming pools – one for sun, one for shade – along with sculptures, well-decorated grounds, and arty knick-knacks, makes this one of the famous boutique hotels in north Goa. For the best stay experience, rejuvenate your mind and body at the wellness centre present at this property.

For a delightful luxury stay, choose these best boutique hotels in Goa. Make your Goa holiday magical by staying at one of the Goa boutique hotels and have the best time of your life with your close ones.

10 Best Craft Beer Destinations in the US

Craft beer has taken the United States by storm, with cities across the nation developing their own unique brewing cultures and communities. The craft beer scene offers something for every palate, from innovative IPAs to refreshing lagers and experimental stouts.

Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these are the must-visit craft beer destinations for an unforgettable beer experience.

Best Craft Beer Destinations in the US

1. Portland, Oregon: The Craft Beer Capital

Portland, Oregon, is often hailed as the craft beer capital of the United States. With over 70 breweries within city limits, it's a paradise for beer lovers. The city's brewing scene is diverse, offering everything from hoppy IPAs to rich, dark stouts.

Popular spots include Deschutes Brewery, known for its Black Butte Porter, and Cascade Brewing, famous for its sour beers. The city's vibrant food truck culture pairs perfectly with its diverse beer offerings, making Portland a top destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

2. New Haven, Connecticut: A Historic City with a Craft Beer Twist

New Haven, Connecticut, renowned for its prestigious universities and rich history, is also making a name for itself in the craft beer world. This vibrant city boasts a growing number of breweries catering to various tastes. New England Brewing Co., known for its Sea Hag IPA and unique experimental brews, is a staple in the local craft beer scene.

Another noteworthy brewery is East Rock Brewing Company, which specializes in crafting traditional German-style lagers with a modern twist. The city's blend of historic charm and innovative brewing makes it an exciting destination for beer enthusiasts. If you're considering a move to New Haven to immerse yourself in its craft beer culture, professional movers from can help make your transition seamless.

3. Asheville, North Carolina: A Beer Lover's Haven

Asheville, North Carolina, boasts the highest number of breweries per capita in the United States. This small city is home to over 30 breweries with unique styles and offerings. Highland Brewing Company, one of Asheville's oldest breweries, is a must-visit for its classic beers and scenic rooftop views.

Another standout is Wicked Weed Brewing, known for its innovative approach to brewing and extensive range of sour ales. The city's picturesque Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop adds to its charm, making Asheville a perfect destination for beer lovers.

4. San Diego, California: West Coast Beer Wonderland

San Diego is renowned for its West Coast-style IPAs with bold hop flavors and aromas. The city's craft beer scene is thriving, with more than 150 breweries and counting. Stone Brewing, one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement, offers a comprehensive tour and tasting experience at their Escondido brewery.

Modern Times Beer and Ballast Point Brewing Company are standout breweries highlighting San Diego's innovative approach to brewing. With its beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine, San Diego is an ideal destination for beer and outdoor enthusiasts alike. San Diego, California, is surely one of the top craft beer destinations.

5. Denver, Colorado: Mile-High Brewing Excellence

Denver, Colorado, is home to the Great American Beer Festival, the largest beer festival in the United States. The city's craft beer scene is dynamic and ever-growing, with over 100 breweries in the metropolitan area. Great Divide Brewing Company is a staple known for its robust Yeti Imperial Stout.

Another favorite is Ratio Beerworks, which offers a laid-back atmosphere and a diverse range of beers. Denver's proximity to the Rocky Mountains makes it a great destination for those looking to combine beer tasting with outdoor adventures.

6. Burlington, Connecticut: A Hidden Gem

Burlington, Connecticut, is an emerging destination for craft beer lovers. The city's breweries offer a mix of traditional and innovative brews, appealing to a wide range of tastes. Firefly Hollow Brewing, known for its cozy atmosphere and creative beers, is a local favorite.

Another notable spot is Burlington Brew Pub, offering a diverse selection of beers brewed on-site. Burlington's vibrant downtown and outdoor activities make it a fantastic destination for craft beer lovers and a wonderful place to relocate to. So, if you are one of the people lured in by this community, know that local movers can assist you with making Burlington your new home, ensuring a smooth transition to this beer lover's paradise.

7. Seattle, Washington: Craft Beer and Coffee Culture

Seattle, Washington, is famous for its coffee culture, but its craft beer scene is equally impressive. Fremont Brewing, located in the Fremont neighborhood, is known for its fresh, hoppy beers and sustainable practices. Another standout is Georgetown Brewing Company, which offers a variety of well-balanced and flavorful beers.

Seattle's scenic waterfront and vibrant arts scene make it a fantastic destination for beer lovers looking to explore the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, Washington, is famous for its coffee culture, but its craft beer scene is equally impressive.

8. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Beer City USA

Grand Rapids, Michigan, has earned the nickname "Beer City USA" for its impressive craft beer scene. The city boasts over 40 breweries; Founders Brewing Co., one of the most well-known breweries in the country, is a must-visit for its legendary KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout).

Another favorite is Brewery Vivant, located in a beautifully restored funeral chapel, offering Belgian-inspired beers and farm-to-table cuisine. The city's welcoming atmosphere and numerous beer festivals make Grand Rapids a top destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

9. Austin, Texas: Craft Beer and Live Music

Austin, Texas, is known for its vibrant music scene, but its craft beer culture is equally noteworthy. The city is home to a growing number of breweries, each with its distinct character. Jester King Brewery, located on a scenic ranch outside the city, is famous for its farmhouse ales and spontaneous fermentation.

Another popular spot is Austin Beerworks, known for its flavorful IPAs and creative seasonal brews. Its lively music venues and outdoor activities offer Austin a unique blend of entertainment and craft beer experiences.

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Historic Craft Beer Destination

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, combines a rich history with a dynamic craft beer scene. The city is home to various breweries, each contributing to its diverse beer landscape. Yards Brewing Company, one of the oldest breweries in the city, offers a range of classic and experimental beers.

Another notable brewery is Tired Hands Brewing Company, located just outside the city, known for its innovative approach to brewing and cozy taproom atmosphere. Philadelphia's historic sites and vibrant neighborhoods make it a great destination for beer lovers looking to explore the East Coast.

Best Craft Beer Destinations in the US

Final Thoughts: Best Craft Beer Destinations

Whether planning a dedicated beer tour or simply exploring new craft beer destinations, these ten cities offer some of the best beer experiences in the United States. From the bustling streets of Chicago to the scenic beauty of Burlington, each destination provides a unique and unforgettable journey into the world of craft beer. 

11 Best Places to Visit in Denmark

The heart of the Viking kingdoms and one of Europe's undisputed jewels, the Denmark bridge creates a cultural and geographical divide between Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Here we find old cemeteries and elegant cities that are crazy by design for potential travelers to the Danish country to see the country's memorable places.

From the border with the German north of the countries of the Hanseatic League to Copenhagen, Denmark is an extensive plain. Between the islands a few kilometers from the coast, to the capital, different naturalistic scenarios are excellent opportunities to learn about intriguing aspects of the country.


Let's take a look at a few of the best best attractions in Denmark:

1. Copenhagen

Powerful, quiet and refined, Copenhagen is every inch of the 21st century Scandinavian capital. It overlooks Malmö, the strait, and faces the waves of the Baltic Sea, the cradle of medieval red roofs and modern new buildings.

The place is home to more than a million Danes and districts such as Vesterbro and Christianshavn, where stylish cafes can be reached with restaurants such as Noma (often referred to as the largest mix of great restaurants in the world!).

In the heart of the capital is an attractive inner city. A maze of narrow streets and alleys that rise above the Rundetaarn tower and the ancient fortresses of Slotsholmen, and Tivoli is full of energy and life. In short: there is never a frustrating moment in this list of really cool cities!

2. The Faroe Islands

Where the Norwegian Sea merges with the North, the Faroe Islands is an icon. The coast is incredibly dramatic; guilty and wounded, carved out of fallen waterfalls and covered with a layer of lush grass. Boreal light drifts across the sky, and the wooden towns and villages below hide taverns and fishermen's houses that visit famous local slums.

Even though only half of Denmark (the Faroe Islands are autonomous), these foreign and remote islands manage to attract a whistle!

3. Odense

The city's jewel is the Odense district on Funen and on the island is probably best known as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. But this charming city has more than just glorious exhibits and monuments, perhaps the greatest adventure of all time (and there are many!).

There are the beautiful towers and tombs of Egeskov Castle, the church of Knud and the tomb of King Canuto himself, an elegant Scandinavian house in a cobbled street in the old town and wooden windmills on the periphery. In addition, the lively university campuses and many cafes offer energy and nightlife, and Odense Zoo is still the best in the country.

4. North Zealand

The entire island off the coast of North Zealand, the so-called Danish Riviera, has some of the best resorts in all of Scandinavia. Particularly popular are the castle towns of Helsingør and Hillerod, which have the magnificent Kronborg Castle (the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet) and the elegant Frederiksborg Palace.

The beaches in Gillele and Hornbaek boasts of rolling dunes and flower beds with colorful roses. The coastal forests are led by beech forests - Gribskov forests (now UNESCO World Heritage List) and much younger Scottish Tisvilde pines.

5. Aarhus

While Copenhagen takes most of the attention, Aarhus is an equally nice place to visit. It is the second-largest city in Denmark, and it is famous for its youthful vibe. The reason is simple - Aarhus is a booming university city with a large student population.

Denmark's second largest city is located by the Kattegat Sea and is surrounded by the wild forests of Djursland. Aarhus is a growing city and a vibrant historical and cultural place. The Aros museum is a must for every traveler. But you should also put some hours aside for the Old City, an open-air museum that represents a traditional Danish village. The Aarhus Cathedral is great to visit at any time. You will easily spot it since it has a high tower. Overall, there are many great attractions in Aarhus, so you won’t get bored any time soon.

Museums such as ARoS and the old town (one of the largest open-air exhibitions in the country) attract a large audience, and the former center of glorious German houses and municipal buildings is perfect for strolling and pampering the coffee culture. In the summer, a visit to the attraction park Tivoli Friheden is recommended.

If you have extra time on your hands, go to Marselisborg, a bit outside of Aarhus, where you can see a castle and a large animal park with free entry.

Meanwhile, the interesting shops show the city's indelible creativity on the Stroget shopping street, while the emporias and tea houses in the Latin Quarter are almost invincible. Not to mention the electric nightlife that the school brought with it many students!

The most beautiful thing is the world's biggest floating salt water swimming arena, the newly opened Harbour Baths in Aarhus on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark, bring the local community to the water and connect the harbour with the city. It attracts many people, and they come here and use different types of pool floats to make summer enjoyable. Party pool floats are also available for every age of pool lovers.

6. Thy national park

This desert park, which covers 240 square kilometers in windy Jutland, has a reputation for Scandinavian wildlife and pure nature. Between the edges of the reserve are rolling swamps, coastal dunes covered in brown algae, coniferous forests, and villages.

Hiking and biking are the two most important activities here, and travelers who want to reach the park can walk many miles.

7. Fredericia

Fredericia is located on the coast between Jutland and the beautiful island of Funen. It was built as a fortified city, built specifically to protect Danish lands after thirty years of war. Today, that controversial past still flows through all the gates and walls that make up the surrounding city walls, and monuments are proof that Fredericia remains strategically important to this day.

And if you’re not interested in war history, the city’s east coast also has a beautiful sandy beach, along with the beautiful Palsgaard Lake, a handful of hotels in Jutland, among others.

8. Billund

Lille Billund is in the heart of Jutland and is known for the Lego. Danish businessman Ole Kirk Christiansen, who started here in the early 20th century, is a global brand that still informs about the local way of life.

On the outskirts of the city, travelers will discover the Lego factory, and Resistance is a truly famous Legoland Billund theme park where people enjoy adrenaline pumping, the Polar X-plorer, Duplo Land and the Inspiration River in Danish. Vikings Splash attracts two million visitors a year!

9. Bornholm

Strandholm is a peaceful place where travelers can visit salt-soaked fishing villages, rugged seascapes with Scandinavian granite cliffs, Scandinavian wooden towns, deep forests and anthropomorphic monoliths rising from the sea. In the north, the beautiful Hammeren Peninsula is popular with hikers.

It has windswept cliffs and courtyards, stone churches and beautiful lighthouses. The wide beach of Dueodde is also very attractive, and the keys and forests of Almindingen are protected by European bees and sea eagles. In short, it is probably the most beautiful natural enclave in Denmark!

10. Kerteminde

Perfect for travelers looking to enjoy the timeless and sleepy side of the beautiful island of Fyn, Kerteminde offers a choice of charming wooden houses and winding cobbled streets.

Despite some cozy cafes and restaurants in this respect, the center has changed little since the late Middle Ages. Fantastic exhibitions such as the Ladby Viking and the home of the famous national artist Johannes Larsen add just one note of ancient history and mixed culture. Others travel to Kerteminde towards the windy side of Romsø, by the sea, where some of Denmark’s most remote natural landscapes await!

11. Roskilde

Roskilde, the mediæval capital of Denmark is a nice and cosy, little provincial town, with narrow streets of cobblestone, a magnificent cathedral full of dead monarchs, a great, nay, majestic fjord and a fascinating Viking ship museum. And most importantly: no noise. All of which makes it an excellent holiday destination.

10 Best Things To Do in Allahabad, India

Allahabad, also known by its ancient name Prayag is one of the oldest cities in India. This popular destination in Uttar Pradesh has seen several days of administrative, cultural, and political influence from the time since it was the capital of Hastinapur during the reign of Kuru rulers. This is why tourists having interest in ancient culture, tradition, and are excited to know about history are always keen to explore this wonderful city.

Allahabad, the State that hosts the largest and the grandest Hindu pilgrimage festival, is one of those cities where several great leaders and legends were born. The city was originally called as Kausambi and Prayag but nowadays it is usually called as Allahabad. This ancient city has a great influence over Indian history, politics, spiritualism, and religion that can never be overstated.

Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe is the most worshipped deity in the city and there are several temples dedicated to the supreme deity of Hinduism. The city is reckoned as a venue for the grand celebration of Kumbh Mela and for boasting edifices including the gorgeous Allahabad University, Allahabad Fort, and Anand Bhawan, an ancestral home of Nehru family.

The city is not only home to the Nehru family but also a few other prime ministers of India. Keep on scrolling down the pages of the blog to inculcate more interest and excitement in exploring Allahabad because here we have brought you up with the best of the city so that you don't miss out anything that is worth experiencing.

Inarguably, the city is renowned as the second home of Hindu devotees as it is the same place where the three holiest rivers of India - Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati meet. It is also believed to be the place where many saints and sages meditated and attained salvation. The impeccable significance of Allahabad can also be understood by the fact that it has been mentioned in the ancient texts of the holy epic Mahabharata.

If you are also excited to explore the wonders of this beautiful city then check out the below mentioned points stating lesser-known facts about Allahabad and enjoy a wonderful time with your family, friends, or life partner. Also, check out the beautifully crafted Allahabad tour packages to make your journey more exciting and memorable.

Best Things To Do in Allahabad

The most popular tourist attractions in Allahabad are as follows:

1. Bade Hanuman Ji Mandir

An unknown fact for many of the travelers is that on the spiritual land of Allahabad, there is an ancient Hanuman Temple established that gets submerged into River Ganges when the water of the river flows with its full speed. There is a deep belief among locals that Goddess Ganga when wants to touch the feet of Lord Hanuman then she increases her water level.

The temple happens to be one of the most significant landmarks in the city and is so flocked by thousands of devotees to worship a 20 feet tall statue of the deity.

2. Khusro Bagh

Khusrau Bagh is a large walled burial complex and a garden located in Allahabad. Situated over 40 acres and shaped as a quadrangle it includes the tombs of 4th Mughal emperor Jahangir's wife Shah Begum, Jahangir’s eldest son Khusrau Mirza and Jahangir's daughter Nithar Begum.

Khusro Bagh, a quadrilateral-shaped walled garden is one of the must visit places in Allahabad as the structure portrays the beauty of Mughal architecture and tells you many more things about the particular dynasty. Sprawling over an area of almost 40 acres of land, khusro Bagh is the burial ground for the eldest son of Jahangir, Prince Khusro.

There are three other tombs that a traveler can discover on their visit to this historical place – tomb of Shah Begum (1st wife of the ruler), Nesa Begum (daughter of Jahangir) and the last tomb belongs to an unknown person.

Visiting Time: Throughout the week between 5 am and 7 pm.

3. Triveni Sangam

The Triveni Sangam is the point of confluence of three rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati (a mythical river which is supposed to have dried up thousands of year ago) located in Allahabad. The point of confluence is regarded as one of the holiest places in Hinduism.

Every 12 years, the city is decorated like a bride and the entire city gets filled with immense spiritual ambiance when Maha Kumbh Mela is organized. People from far across the world come to participate in this grand festive season and to pay offerings to the deities. Also, after every 6 years, the city celebrates Ardh Kumbh Mela festival in which thousands of devotees take part to witness the incredible spiritual significance.

One of the most crowded and sacred places in the city, Triveni Sangam is a place where the three holiest rivers of India - Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati meet with each other. However, people don’t find it difficult to recognize the rivers as they maintain their original colors. Hindus believe that taking dip into this holy auspicious junction washes their sins and people attain liberation from the cycle of birth of death.

Although the junction is always crowded with the devotees yet during the festive season of Kumbh Mela, you will find a massive crowd here. Among the four cities, the place where this pilgrimage is most important is in Prayagraj, the city where the most sacred river Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati converge.

Kumbh Mela is considered the largest pilgrimage in the world and in 2018 was named Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. An event that brings together more than 100 million people who come to the banks of the river to bathe. In Allahabad, people go by boat to the point of union of the three sacred rivers. It is a pilgrimage that takes place four times every twelve years.

4. Old Naini Bridge

The Old Naini Bridge is a double-decked steel-truss bridge located in Allahabad. It is one of the longest and oldest bridges in India. The bridge runs across the Yamuna river connecting the city of Allahabad to the neighbouring area of Naini. It is used as roadway and railway simultaneously.

5. New Yamuna Bridge

The New Yamuna Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge located in Allahabad. It was constructed in 2004 in order to minimize the traffic over the Old Naini Bridge. The bridge runs across the Yamuna river connecting the city of Allahabad to the neighbouring area of Naini.

6. Prayagraj Fort

Allahabad Fort was built by the third Mughal emperor Akbar in 1583. The fort stands on the banks of river Yamuna. It is the largest fort ever built by Akbar. Most of the fort is occupied by the Indian Army and a limited area is open for tourists.

7. Allahabad Museum

The Allahabad Museum is a national-level museum located in Allahabad. It is situated inside Chandrashekhar Azad Park. It was originally established in 1931 under the control of Allahabad municipality as a natural museum. The museum uses solar energy and has become first museum in India to become self-reliant in power generation.

8. Jawahar Planetarium

The Jawahar Planetarium named after Jawaharlal Nehru is a planetarium located inside Anand Bhawan. It has a capacity to seat 80 people.

9. Chandrashekhar Azad Park

Chandrashekhar Azad Park is a public park in Allahabad. It is also known by it's former name Alfred Park and Company Bagh. It was built in 1870 to mark Prince Alfred's (Queen Victoria's son) visit to Allahabad. With an area of 133 acres, it is the largest park in Allahabad.

Hathi Park also known as Sumitra Nandan Park is a public park situated opposite to Chandrashekhar Azad Park in Allahabad. A huge stone elephant slider is the main attraction of the park. The park also has a small zoo. It is the most famous children's park in Allahabad.

10. Anand Bhawan

Anand Bhavan is a historic house museum located in Allahabad. It was constructed by Indian political leader Motilal Nehru in the 1930s to serve as the residence of the Nehru family. The mansion once stood witness to the lives of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Anand Bhavan was donated to Indian government by Indira Gandhi and converted into a museum.

Despite being reckoned as the Sangam City and the land of pilgrimage places, Allahabad is also popular as the city of Prime Ministers as per an account, almost 50% of the total number of prime ministers in India were born in Allahabad. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Gulzarilal Nanda, Rajiv Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shashtri, Indira Gandhi, etc. are few of those leaders who were born here.

Allahabad had played a great role in the struggle of Indian independence as it boasts Anand Bhawan, the residence of the Nehru Family. This beautiful two-storied structure is preserved in a very well manner and on your visit to this historical place you will get to witness several belongings of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, his father Motilal Nehru, and other family members.

Also, it is believed that there is a small room built in this house where Gandhi stayed for a few days when he was in the city.

The glory of this impressive city in Uttar Pradesh is never ending and expressing them altogether in a single article is not easy and fair, so if you are excited to know more about the city then do follow us and share the content with your known ones. We would also love to hear your thoughts about this post, so we would request you to take out a few seconds and share your feedback in the comment box below.

10 Best Camping Spots in South Australia

The views, the adventures, the fun, the wildlife, the beauty make up the best camping trip. It isn't easy to find the best camping spot anywhere that offers all the elements, but in South Australia, the camping spots offer everything in abundance. South Australia is home to beautiful beaches, incredible mountain ranges, pristine national parks and much more.

Whether you are looking for a pet-friendly campsite, or a campsite for glamping, or the traditional free camping spot, South Australia has plenty of them.

South Australia

We have listed the top 10 camping spots in South Australia that are sure to offer everything you are looking for and even more during your adventures in Australia.

1. Cable Bay Campground, Innes National Park

Innes National Park in South Australia is home to spectacular beaches, rugged surfing, pristine bushland, limestone cliffs and stunning views. The park is perfect for exploring the luxurious nature. Situated in the park, Cable Bay Campground is pure heaven with white sand and crystal blue water.

This small camping spot in South Australia is best for enjoying silence away from the hustle-bustle and experiencing multiple activities like fishing, canoeing, swimming, snorkelling and hiking.

2. Rapid Bay Campground, Rapid Bay

If you are looking for a camping spot suitable for a family trip in Australia, including your little pooch, Rapid Bay Campground is the popular one in South Australia. The place is a grassy area located right on the beach, offering some beautiful views. The leafy sea dragons in the turquoise waters of the beach are a treat for snorkelers.

Make sure to pick it up as soon as possible, as the place remains quite busy, especially during the holidays.

3. Wilpena Pound Campground, Flinders Ranges

A bowl-like natural amphitheatre in between the largest mountain range, Wilpena Pound is a perfect camping spot for experiencing the stunning sunset and landscape views in South Australia. Apart from the intense natural beauty, another appeal of the campground is bushwalking. It even allows you to take scenic flights to reach the wondrous landscapes.

4. Mambray Creek Campground, Mount Remarkable National Park

Camping in Mambray Creek Campground is sure to turn into an unforgettable adventure. It is one of the best camping spots in Australia along the creek with river red gums. You will experience the amazing Australian wildlife at the campsite and even go hiking. Tucked away under the ranges, this campground in South Australia offers exceptional facilities when camping.

5. Kuitpo Forest, Fleurieu Peninsula

Surrounded by the Eucalypt woodland, it is the most serene camping spot in South Australia. It is ideal for relaxing under the stars, campfires, toasting marshmallows, and watching the diversified wildlife.

6. Stringybark Campground, Deep Creek Conservation Park

Amidst the tall forest, Stringybark Campground is an ideal camping spot in South Australia to camp, along with little protection from wind and sun. The campsite offers basic facilities like toilets, showers, fire pits and much more. This camping spot is best if you do not want to drive far away from the city.

7. Ocean Beach, Coorong National Park

Coorong National Park is home to rare migratory and coastal bird species, so the beaches in the park are ideal for exploring the species. At the camping spot, you can experience multitudes of outdoor activities like fishing, boating, bird watching, kayaking, camping, walking, and 4WD driving. Ocean Beach, in particular, is the best place to set up your camp. It is a spectacular beach to go kayaking, canoeing, swimming or fishing.

8. Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

One of the best beach spots in Australia is Vivonne Bay. No other campsite at Kangaroo Island can be compared to Vivonne Bay. The bay holds unimaginable white sands and turquoise blue water. The beach is ideal for sunbathing, fishing from the jetty or the beach, and surfing. At the campsite, you can enjoy the great ocean at the bay view safely along with the wild roaring wind and have some fun at the picnic spots set up at the jetty.

9. Talia Caves, Eyre Peninsula

Imagine camping on the edge of the cliffs? The beauty of this camping spot is sure to take your breath away. The cliffs, the beach and the mountain dunes offer a beauty worth a gaze. The sandstone cliffs carved into the caves are called 'The Tub' and 'The Woolshed'. Fishing, surfing and sightseeing are some of the activities the camping spot offers.

10. Glamping, Limestone Coast

From the name, you must have understood, Limestone Coast is a spot perfect for luxurious camping. Unlike at the traditional campsite, you need not set up a tent, as the campsite offers stunning bell tents surrounded by red gum trees. The place provides all the basic amenities or say creature comforts one requires at the campsite, including showers, toilets and many more.


Each camping spot mentioned above is unique and varies in terms of facilities. But the most hectic task at the campsite is to pitch a tent. A simple addition of caravan annexes to your caravan could even ease you from this effort. An annex is easy to handle, maximises the outdoor space and requires no effort to set up, unlike a tent.

10 Best Shopping Districts to Visit in the USA

10 Best Shopping Districts to Visit in the USA

Shopping in the USA offers unparalleled experiences that cater to every style and budget. From the glamorous streets of Beverly Hills to the historic avenues of New York City, the best shopping districts to visit in the USA provide more than just purchases—they create memories. As you plan your trips, consider these top destinations for their products and unique atmospheres and experiences.

best shopping destinations in usa

Whether updating your wardrobe, searching for unique gifts, or exploring, these shopping districts can make your journey memorable. Get ready to discover where your next shopping adventure will take you!

1. Fifth Avenue, New York City

Fifth Avenue in New York City is an iconic shopping destination, boasting a lineup of high-end brands and luxury stores. This famed street offers everything from massive flagship stores to renowned fashion houses, drawing shoppers from around the globe. As you stroll down Fifth Avenue, you'll also encounter famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and St. Patrick's Cathedral, enhancing your shopping experience with a touch of historical grandeur. 

Aim for weekdays or morning hours to avoid the larger crowds when planning a visit. While the prices here can be steep, the window shopping and atmosphere are free. Whether you're serious about updating your wardrobe or just looking for the thrill of the experience, Fifth Avenue provides a bustling yet refined shopping adventure.

2. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California, epitomizes luxury shopping with designer boutiques and exclusive brands. This glamorous strip is a hotspot for celebrities and luxury shoppers alike, offering an upscale retail experience in the heart of Southern California. When you visit, you get to shop and immerse yourself in a world of high fashion and luxury. Planning your visit during less busy times, like weekday mornings, can make your experience more enjoyable. 

At the same time, for those considering moving to the area to enjoy this high-end lifestyle of Beverly Hills regularly, Family Affair Moving Southern California provides reliable moving services. They specialize in carefully handling delicate and high-value items, ensuring your belongings arrive safely at your new home. Their expertise can make transitioning to a new place smooth and stress-free, allowing you to focus on settling into your new luxury environment.

3. The Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois

The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the best shopping districts to visit in the USA, offering a mix of upscale shopping and dining options. This vibrant stretch is home to major department stores, specialty shops, and various restaurants catering to every taste. As you explore, you'll also discover attractions such as the historic Water Tower and the Chicago Riverwalk, making it a full day's adventure. For the best experience, visiting during seasonal sales can offer great deals and an even more lively atmosphere. 

In addition, if you're looking to explore more of what Chicago offers, the Art Institute of Chicago and Millennium Park are must-visit spots nearby. That makes The Magnificent Mile not just a shopping trip but a gateway to experiencing the heart of Chicago's cultural and culinary scenes.

4. Union Square, San Francisco, California

Union Square in San Francisco, California, is a bustling shopping scene where high-end meets mainstream. This area is packed with various stores ranging from luxury brands to popular retail chains, ensuring that there’s something for every shopper. As you wander through Union Square, you can enjoy numerous dining options, from quick bites to gourmet meals. This spot is not just about shopping. It’s a part of the city where art installations and street performances add to the lively atmosphere. 

If you're planning a trip, consider visiting during the evening when the area lights up with activity and energy. Union Square truly embodies the dynamic spirit of San Francisco, making it a key destination for shopping and experiencing the city’s rich urban culture.

5. The Grove, Los Angeles, California

The Grove in Los Angeles, California, is a popular shopping and entertainment complex that captivates visitors with its outdoor shopping experience. This venue offers various stores, from high-end brands to everyday retail options, ensuring a comprehensive shopping spree. As you explore The Grove, the open-air design enhances your shopping by providing a pleasant, walkable environment, especially under the sunny California sky. Events and activities frequently take place here, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit. 

For a seamless experience, try visiting on weekday mornings when the crowds are thinner. The Grove makes shopping enjoyable and integrates it with entertainment. It is a prime destination for those looking to indulge in retail therapy while soaking up the lively Los Angeles vibe.

6. SoHo, New York City

SoHo in New York City offers a unique shopping experience with trendy boutiques and art galleries among iconic cast-iron buildings. This fashionable district is a hub for fashion-forward stores and local designers, offering items you won't find elsewhere. As you browse through SoHo, you'll also find plenty of Instagram-worthy spots, from the cobblestone streets to the beautiful murals that adorn many of its buildings, making it a favorite for shoppers and photographers. 

For an optimal visit, consider weekday afternoons when it’s less crowded, allowing you more space and comfort to explore. SoHo isn't just about shopping. It's a place where art and commerce intersect beautifully, providing a visually appealing and deeply engaging retail adventure in one of NYC's most picturesque neighborhoods.

7. The Galleria, Houston, Texas

The Galleria in Houston, Texas, is the largest shopping center in the state. It features many stores, from luxury brands to popular retail chains. This sprawling complex offers extensive shopping options and includes family-friendly amenities like an ice-skating rink and a children’s play area, making it a perfect day out for everyone. 

When planning your visit, consider weekday mornings for a less crowded experience. That will allow you to explore all the shops comfortably at your own pace. The Galleria is more than just a shopping haven. It’s a center for community and entertainment, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping environment for all visitors.

8. Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii, offers a distinctive shopping experience with its tropical flair, combining high-end brands and local shops along its beachfront avenues. As you stroll through this vibrant area, you can enjoy the gentle ocean breeze and scenic views, adding a relaxing backdrop to your shopping spree. Waikiki is ideal for finding luxury items and unique local crafts that make perfect souvenirs or gifts. 

For the best experience, try visiting in the early morning or late afternoon when the crowds are lighter. That makes your shopping more enjoyable and allows you to explore the numerous boutiques and marketplaces comfortably. Waikiki embodies the spirit of Hawaiian hospitality and shopping, making it a must-visit destination for those who love to shop in a beautiful, natural setting.

9. King Street, Charleston, South Carolina

King Street in Charleston, South Carolina, is a historic shopping district known for its boutique stores and antique shops, offering a charming Southern shopping experience. This street is rich with history, and as you wander, you'll find various unique items ranging from vintage jewelry to handmade crafts. The friendly atmosphere and picturesque setting make shopping here a delightful activity. 

King Street's galleries provide a treasure trove of fine pieces for those interested in art and decor. Visiting during the late morning or weekday can give you a more leisurely experience, allowing you to fully engage with shop owners and perhaps catch stories behind the items you're interested in. King Street is about experiencing the warmth and charm of Charleston.

10. Fashion Valley, San Diego, California

Fashion Valley in San Diego, California, is a premier shopping destination in Southern California, featuring a diverse mix of luxury and everyday brands. This outdoor mall offers a pleasant shopping atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the sunny weather while browsing your favorite stores. With over 200 shops, you’re sure to find everything you need, whether it's the latest fashion trends, electronics, or unique gifts. The accessibility of Fashion Valley is a major plus, with ample parking and public transport links making it easy to visit. 

For the best shopping experience, consider visiting early in the day or on weekdays to avoid the usual weekend crowds. Fashion Valley provides various shopping options in a setting that exemplifies San Diego's laid-back, stylish vibe.

Explore America's Premier Shopping Destinations

As we've journeyed across the best shopping districts to visit in the USA, it's clear that each location offers a unique blend of style, culture, and history. From the luxurious streets of Rodeo Drive to the historic charm of King Street, these shopping havens are not just about buying; they're about experiencing the diverse flavors of American life. Whether you're a serious shopper or a casual visitor, these districts promise memorable adventures and the chance to discover something new. So grab your wallet and explore these top shopping destinations—your next great find is waiting!