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Planning to go for an international trip and that too in the laps of nature? Then, plan for Cambodia this time. This country has amazing tourist destinations and you will have a relaxed time over here. Are you traveling to Cambodia on your own and still do not have a defined itinerary? How many days to dedicate to this country if you are traveling through Southeast Asia?

If your plan is to travel Cambodia in 3 days and to visit only the Angkor temples, the organization of the itinerary is simple, and this post will not be of great help. Travelila has brought for you the must-visit Cambodia tourist attractions that you must see and make up your mind to visit this beautiful country. Let us see these attractions.

best places to visit in Cambodia

1. Sihanoukville

It is a port city and beach resort. It's another name is Kampong Som. You will love to see the sight of the white-sand beaches and tropical islands over here. Located on the Gulf of Thailand, it is a wonderful place to relax. If you are planning to visit Cambodia during your vacation time to relax yourselves then this is a must place to visit. Better plan your trip as you might find a quite healthy rush over here during peak season.

2. Tonlé Sap

It is another wonderful place to visit for sure. It is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The size of the lake expands and shrinks with the seasons. During the dry season, you will see very less water as the lake will have drained into the Mekong River at Phnom Penh.

During heavy rain, an enormous lake forms here. Many ethnic Vietnamese and Cham communities reside at the bank of this lake and many of them even reside in floating villages around the lake.

3. Preah Vihear

Want to go to the mountains in Cambodia? Then include this place in your itinerary list and you will be there. This Khmer temple is situated in the Dângrêk Mountains at the height of 525 meters. It is located on the border of Cambodia and Thailand.

It is believed that these temples were constructed during the reigns of the Khmer kings Suryavarman I and II and was dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Thailand and Cambodia are having a long-running dispute over this place and several soldiers were killed in a fight in 2009.

4. Silver Pagoda

One of the beautiful and wonderful architectures of Cambodia is this one. It looks simply astonishing and you will love your visit over here for sure. Your visit to this pagoda will be peaceful and relaxing due to the serene atmosphere here.

It is located in Phnom Penh within the Royal Palace compound. It has many Buddha statues and houses many national treasures. There is an idol of Lord Buddha studded with 9584 diamonds. The golden and white color of the pagoda looks perfect! There is a detailed mural of the Ramayana myth painted on the internal wall of the pagoda which looks nice. It was painted by 40 Khmer artists.

5. Kratie

It is a small town in Cambodia. It has the beautiful Mekong River flowing through the town. There is a central marketplace that is surrounded by French colonial buildings. This town doesn't have that much big large scale tourism but you will see rush during the peak season. If you want to see dolphins then this is the best place to see. You will find plenty number of dolphins in the Mekong River.

6. Koh Ker

This place was the capital of the Khmer empire earlier. When it was the capital, many spectacular buildings and sculptures were constructed. Prasat Thom is a tall temple pyramid and it dominates this site. It is 98 ft tall and rises high above the surrounding jungle. You will see a giant Garuda over here which is carved in stone blocks. It is a half-bird and half-man creature.

Earlier, it was one of Cambodia's most remote temple destinations but now tourists can visit it due to demining and the opening of a new toll road.

7. Bokor Hill Station

This hill station was built by the French near Kampot. The main purpose of building this hill station was to remain free from the heat of Phnom Penh. This place has been abandoned two times. It was abandoned first when Japan invaded Cambodia and the second time when it was engulfed by the Khmer Rouge. It has eerie, ghost-town feel currently. You can see hiking tours arranged for this place by the local travel agents.

8. Angkor Wat

We can't end this list without this place. It is the most famous tourist attraction in this country. It means City Temple and is the largest of all Angkor temples. It is one of the biggest Indian temples all over the world. It was built by King Suryavarman II. The temple's balance and composition, makes it one of the finest architectures in the world.

It is also said to have been created by Vishwakarma. At the top is a linga, a gigantic cylinder of stone over four meters high and one to two meters in diameter, a phallic symbol representing Shiva.

The base for visiting the famous temples of Angkor Wat is the city of Siem Reap, which is 6 km away. Many say that with 1 day is enough, and I think it depends on how much you like this type of places. The Bayon Temple is one of the wonders that can be found in the Angkor Thom complex. The Koh Ker site is dominated by the Prasat Thom, a 30-meter-high mountain temple rising above the plain and the surrounding forests.

9. Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a quiet city, full of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and agencies that sell tours. Accommodation in Siem Reap is very economical like in the rest of Cambodia, but it has an advantage. The price to quality ratio seemed much higher than the other cities we visited. We stayed near the Siem Reap market, which had a bar on the terrace which was fine to rest after a day of walking temples like crazy.

There are also things to do in Siem Reap besides Angkor Wat. At night the most lively area is Pub Street, full of bars and restaurants. It will be the closest thing to the Khao San Road in Bangkok that you will find while traveling Cambodia. Read drunken foreigners, beer at ridiculous prices, music that is intermingled between different places, lights and prostitution. Everything has to be said.

So, here were the topmost Cambodia tourist attractions that you must visit during your next trip to Cambodia. Plan your itinerary in such a way that you have enough time to visit these places and not in a rush! Plan your trip properly and have lots of fun!
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India is one of the world's biggest countries both by population and area. It is also sometimes considered to be a continent. That tells a lot about its vast size and diversity. Its population of 1.3 billion is second only to China and is expected to overtake the Chinese concerning population growth shortly.

As big as India is, it also has tons of places that people can visit. It attracts tourists from all over the world, who flock towards famous travel destinations in India. That also makes India one of the biggest tourism economies. But there are a lot of things that you must consider before travelling to India.

At that point you probably could be worried about the weight of your luggage but there isn't any need to be as there are many cargo companies who now a days working for your ease and send courier to India in lowest rates along with safe and swift delivery as well. India is a country with probably the busiest cities in the world due to its large population.

When the population size is higher, this makes it compulsory for you to bring certain stuff while you travel. Confused about how to carry yourself marvellously at the upcoming trip to your favourite destination? You might be stuck on how to look great as well as stay cosy at the same time. Right from packing your stuff to making sure you look remarkable on your flight you need to make sure you carry yourself the best way possible.

Often, it so happens that while packing, we stuff in so many clothes and accessories that we end up with bent shoulders and tired arms from carrying the heavy luggage. Travelling should be fun and easy, right? Moreover, you need to set your comfort zone so that you can truly enjoy your time and relax as well.

We are going to discuss the things to pack when traveling to India. In this article, we have brought to you a cluster of points that are the key to a stylish and comfortable journey.

backpacking india packing list tips

1. Backpack

When you're travelling to India, the first thing that you must take is a solid backpack. India has congested roads and the infrastructure is not so good, so travelling with a simple backpack would suffice as there will be many moments where traffic will be jammed and you might be required to travel by walking.

So if you're spending a long time in India, then a suitcase would be better but normally a backpack is enough to carry your stuff. You can add a locker or a protective seal to further protect your stuff. When you walk past the airport with your fancy suitcase, hard trolley, or branded backpacks, it looks truly wonderful. A wheel-equipped suitcase is easy to carry and also looks good to the eyes.

You certainly wouldn't want to carry a lot of luggage. In addition to that, you need to make sure that the shirt or trousers don't get wrinkles lying in the suitcase. You can avoid thick jackets if the thinner yet warmer blazers work fine. You can consider rolling your dresses, to make space for other essential things. Pack your things by yourself so that you know which items are kept at what side of your bag, to avoid messing it all up.

2. Credit Card

Credit cards are accepted at most places in India, and a vast majority of small towns have ATM's too. So, you can take out some money for your use whenever you need. Don't keep too much money in cash as it can attract unnecessary attention, and there might be a risk of theft.

3. Medication

India has all kinds of medicine available these days, but the names of medicines might end up confusing the tourists. So, take some necessary medicines with you for an illness that might occur during travels as you’ll visit a lot of tourist places in small towns, and in that case, having medicines with you can be handy.

4. Safe Clothing

Are you visiting a cold place or a much warmer region? What season prevails at your destination presently? Would you need your winter scarfs too? Is it required to take your swimming dress for the pool-party? All these questions would help you analyse your requirements for the place and likewise assist you in your planning.

It is also essential to consider the reason for your visit. If you are to attend a wedding ceremony, you will undoubtedly need to carry one of your best suits and brown leather formal shoes for men. In the case of women, a beautiful long dress with stilettos. Also, do a bit of research on the culture of the place so that you can blend in and enjoy even more with the locals.

You must take the necessary clothing with you when you're visiting India as most of the country has very hot weather, especially if you’re touring in the summer. Clothing that covers your arms and most of your body provides safety from the scorching heat of the sun as well as from heat waves.

A small pendant can make your sheath dress look amazingly beautiful. Likewise, if stylish bead bracelets for men are coupled with a casual white t-shirt and denim jeans, it would look cool and trendy. For a formal occasion, men could carry a set of ties and pocket squares to add to their classy appearance. Women have plenty of options right from rings, necklaces, anklets and what not!

5. All in One Pouch

For travelling anywhere in the world, a safety pouch is a must. You can take that pouch to India with you. That pouch will contain your passport, keys, money and all your other important belongings.

6. Indian Power Plug

Countries in North and South America run on 120v Voltage. So, they use different adapters as well as distinct sockets. So, you must bring yourself an Indian wall charging adapter as well to charge up your phone.

7. Stuff for Bathing

You have to bring in your shampoo, soap and other bathing stuff. There are many cases when people cannot use certain shampoos, and can only use the ones prescribed to them by dermatologists due to having some hair issues. So, in that case, make sure to bring your stuff.

8. Footwear

The most significant trouble comes up when you are deciding on your shoes. Always go for the most-comfortable footwear while in your journey or transit. You can go for loafers, which are incredibly comfortable along with being fashionable. Even sneakers of astounding designs have come up these days, which goes well on almost all the casual wears.

For your travelling purpose, or while in flight or train, you can go for flip-flops or flats. Unless you are going for hiking or a tough expedition, it is not recommended to take your heavy boots. There are two problems with them. The first, they occupy a lot of space. The second, they are not comfortable, and there are chances of sore toes. Also, look for shoes on your shelf, which can go with most of your dresses.

While visiting India, bring your some flip-flops would be good for a walk around the area you spend your time in. Having a pair of shoes is compulsory as well when travelling to different places in India. Meanwhile, the most important thing is carrying a confident smile on your face. Whatsoever place you will be going and in whatsoever dress, if you don’t walk confidently it will reflect an insecure personality in you. You must carry your confidence wherever you go.

9. Mosquito Repellent

India is known to be a place where mosquitoes are the reasons for a lot of diseases like malaria. So, it is good to carry a mosquito repellent with you during your journey in India. If someone becomes ill during traveling and is in a remote area at that time, then it might be difficult to give appropriate medical attention.

10. Ear Plugs

India is a very densely populated country. That means it has one of the worst traffic jams in the world. With more traffic, more noise is generated. One cannot sleep properly in a noisy environment, and with the issue of noisy traffic, it is obligatory to carry earplugs with you, which alleviate you from the rest of the world in your comfort zone.

11. Hand Wipes

There is a common stomach disease in India named Delhi Belly, which occurs due to food or water contamination. So, to avoid Diarrhea, you must keep a wet wipe with you, which is more effective than a hand sanitizer. If you do get affected by Diarrhea, your whole travel plan might go into jeopardy.


We tend to keep our minimal stuff while travelling. In such a case, it becomes increasingly challenging to decide what to keep and what not to. You might be tempted to keep all your favourite T-shirts, ripped jeans, bottle-green trousers, along with the black Suit. However, you just can't put everything inside your luggage.

It must be as per the climate of the place you are going. Also, you may have luxury accessories like cufflinks, ties, bracelets, etc. Are you going to take them all? Obviously, no! You need to mix-match with the dresses you are carrying and then decide on what you should bring. If you take care of these small tips, there’s nothing that can stop you from having the most stylish and comfortable travel experience of your life.
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Hong Kong is gaining popularity as a honeymoon destination. With such diverse and gorgeous landscapes, it offers many romantic and unique experiences to honeymooners. This Hong Kong honeymoon destination guide is for anyone who is looking forward to a romantic getaway.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is during the spring season which lasts from March to April. The weather is cool and honeymooners can enjoy romantic evenings. October and November is also a good time to explore all the Hong Kong honeymoon destinations.

romantic places in hong kong

If you are visiting Hong Kong on a honeymoon or just for a romantic getaway with your partner, here are some of the best places to visit in Hong Kong:

1. Victoria Harbour

This busy harbour is the natural boundary between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. It offers mesmerising panoramic views of the city, with mountain ranges running parallel in the backdrop of the skyline. Night simply accentuates the entire frame with illuminated skyscrapers reflecting light on the water.

This is a perfect spot to spend time with your partner on a Hong Kong honeymoon. Make sure you do not miss ‘A Symphony Of Lights’, the largest permanent light and laser show in the world.

2. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, also known as Mount Austin is a hill on the western region of Hong Kong island. This is the highest hill on the island with a height of 552-meters. It offers spellbinding views of the city from the top. Standing hand-in-hand with your partner, overlooking the Victoria Harbour is an extremely romantic experience. Reaching the summit of the peak is also a highly exciting experience. Hop on the popular Peak Tram and get ready for a surreal journey.

3. Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Installed at the Central Harbourfront, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel (HKOW) is a 60-metre Ferris wheel. It has 42 air-conditioned gondolas including a VIP gondola with glass floor. Feel butterflies in your stomach by taking a 15-minute ride with your partner. Catch some of the most splendid views of the city, on this giant observation wheel, that no other spot can offer.

4. Hong Kong Disneyland

Located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland is the largest theme park in Hong Kong. Relive childhood with your partner in the most exciting way. Enter the world of fairytale fantasy, explore the castles and themed zones, and meet your favourite Disney characters. Offering an array of thrilling rides and exciting activities, this place totally deserves a mention in the Hong Kong honeymoon destinations guide.

5. Yung Shue Wan

Steal some moments, away from the noise of the city in this village on Lamma Island. The peaceful surrounding and the laid-back lifestyle gives you a perfect chance to know each other better. It is a romantic experience to watch the sun paint the sky in shades of red and yellow as it slowly disappears behind the mountains.

Where To Stay During A Hong Kong Honeymoon

Finding the perfect accommodation is one of the most important aspects of planning a honeymoon. You have to consider the budget, aesthetics, comfort, services, and location of the property before booking your room or suite. Here are some of the best stay options for couples that you must consider while planning your honeymoon:

  • Island Shangri-La Hong Kong
  • W Hong Kong
  • Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
  • The Peninsula Hong Kong
  • The Upper House
  • InterContinental Hong Kong

How To Reach Hong Kong

Air: The Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok) connects Hong Kong to all major cities of the world. It is located at a distance of 31 kilometers from the main city of Hong Kong.

Rail: Hong Kong has only one passenger railway station through which is connected to many Chinese cities through bullet trains.

Road: Hong Kong has good service of Cross Boundary buses that connect the region with various cities in Mainland China.

We hope this Hong Kong honeymoon destination guide has given you a fair idea of things that you must consider while making arrangements for a romantic getaway. Plan your Hong Kong honeymoon right away and explore this wonderful destination with your partner.
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  • Thursday, August 22, 2019
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It is beyond any doubt that wherever you go, getting a suitable lodging facility is a must. And if you are about to embark on your journey to a busy metropolitan like Delhi, booking a hotel is something that you must do well in advance. Everyone knows that Delhi is go-getting metro. Booking even an ordinary lodge is not a piece of cake. So, if you want a space in a five star hotels, you need at least a week's preparation in advance.

In case you are planning your holiday package to your dream destination and you are searching a deluxe five star hotel or a luxury suite in Delhi, here are the 10 best hotels in Delhi that you must know.

best 5 star hotels in delhi list

1. Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka

This swish hotel has all that will enrapture your soul in a busy metro like Delhi. Located in a very posh location in Dwarka, this is a state of the art hotel, which is just at 9-minute walking distance from the Dwarka Sector 21 metro station. It is 10 km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Salient features:

This swanky hotel emphasizes classy lifestyle. It has fully customized and lively rooms that offer the following amenities:

  • Bathrooms equipped with Rainfall showers
  • LED TVs with Wi-Fi (extra charges).
  • Tea & coffee makers
  • Panoramic view of the city as well as airport from every room

best 5 star hotels in delhi list

These Suites have exquisite lounge rooms. Room service is accessible every time during the day. In addition to all these, facilities include:

  • 2 classy restaurants,
  • A bakery
  • A wellness spa,
  • Gymnasium
  • An outdoor swimming pool and
  • A sundeck

If you are planning a business event, this is the best location for you, as it has a swanky business centre as well.

2. Eros Boulevard, Mayur Vihar

If you are eager to hold a business meeting or a product launch, Eros Boulevard of Mayur Vihar extension is the ideal organizing venue for you. This 5-star hotel has all that suits today’s retail revolution. Spanning more than a hundred thousand square feet crosswise either sides; this ritzy hotel is sculpted with an enduring eye for detail.

It has the finest amenities including:

  • Water bodies.
  • Lounges
  • Picturesque landscape
  • The best in class pleasantries.

All these make it the ideal destination for a world class experience for your esteemed guests, for whom each visit and each event will truly be unforgettable. On the top, it is the most convenient location: connects Mayur Vihar District Centre, NH24 to Noida via the Delhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) Link Road. Here are some salient features of this hotel:

  • A finest shopping destination in a super deluxe 5-star luxurious atmosphere.
  • Only 4 kms away from Akshardham Mandir
  • Just 3 kms away from Sector 18, commercial hub of Noida
  • 2 kms distance from the DND flyover

The most attractive feature is the vivid cuisine at very affordable budget. Moreover the GST council has reduced the GST rate for the restaurants having GST registration to 5% of the total menu. The GST rate on restaurant services was different earlier. It was 18% in case of AC restaurant and 12% in non-AC restaurants. So we can see it is indeed a big respite for the gourmets.

3. Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar

This is a contemporary luxurious inn which can you deep relaxation in this hustle and bustle of Delhi. Suppose you have planned a week-long excursion in Delhi, wherein you wish to visit all the historical monuments, this 5 star hotel will serve as the best resting place for you.

  • It is just 6 minutes away from the New Ashok Nagar metro station,
  • 10 km far from Humayun's Tomb, the 16th century mausoleum of Mughal emperor Humayun
  • Only 12 km away from the National Zoological Park of Delhi.

The chic rooms are equipped with dim light sitting area that gives a romantic vibe. Above that it has floor-to-ceiling windows that add to the vibrancy. Here are some other attractive features:

  • Very cosy European style bars.
  • All luxurious Suites have separate work spaces too with tea and coffeemakers.
  • Cosy sitting zones.
  • Clubs
  • Wellness spa & sauna centre
  • Open-air swimming pool serving cocktails
  • A refined café with a piano sitting.

Different conveniences add in a spa with a steam room and a sauna, besides an open air pool and a gymnasium.

4. Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar

Another luxurious resort, if you’re on a long trip to Delhi, which is just beside the Crowne Plaza! It is situated at just 5-minute walking distance from the New Ashok Nagar metro station. This humble resort is only 5 km away from the Akshardham Mandir and 10 kms away from the Humayun's Tomb.

Here are some cool features of this hotel:

  • Free Wi-Fi service
  • LED TVs,
  • Separate living rooms in all suites.
  • Above all, stay for the Kids under the age of 19 along with an adult is absolutely free! This includes the Room service. Basically, in case of any 5-star or above rated hotels, inns, suites, clubs, campsites or any other commercial places having GST registration, and are meant for lodging purposes, GST@28% is applicable where room rental is INR 5000/- or above per room per night. But here, it is totally free for the minors/kids.
  • Besides, the Parking is absolutely free.
  • It also has an informal 24X7 brasserie overlooking an open-air pool,
  • Stylish multi cuisine restaurant serving all Asian cuisines. Now, here also, the Kids under the age of 12 can dine absolutely free.

5. Fraser Suites, Mayur Vihar

This is another high class suite located at posh area of Mayur Vihar extension. It has high tech studios equipped with kitchenettes, free Wi-Fi facility, LED TVs plus iPod docks. The 1Bedroom and 2Bedroom suites have complete kitchens with separate halls and dining areas. Some units also have a gallery plus washer and dryers areas. Breakfast and parking are complimentary.

6. The LaLiT, Rajiv Chowk

This ritzy 5-star hotel is just 2 blocks ahead of the lively Connaught Place of New Delhi. Besides it is at just 7-minute walking distance from the Shivaji Bridge railway station and only 1½ kms away from Jantar Mantar.
The high-tech features incorporate:

  • well-ventilated and modish rooms,
  • All rooms have tea and coffee makers facility.

7. Roseate House, Aerocity

Just 3 km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and 11 kms away from Qutb Minar, this romantic 5 star hotel features picturesque garden and city views through all well-polished rooms with contemporary home decor. Here are some ultramodern features:

  • Safes
  • Sitting areas,
  • A bar & lounge
  • Cocktail bar

8. The Leela Ambience, Yamuna Sports Complex

Situated in twin towers, this is a plush 5-star resort, an ultra modern hotel. It is just 2 km far from the Yamuna Sports Complex and only 2 km away from the Karkarduma court. Some salient features include:

  • Free Wi-Fi,
  • LED TVs and
  • Airy and up to the minute rooms featuring cosy bars,
  • All rooms have tea and coffee makers facility.

best 5 star hotels in delhi list

9. Radisson Blu, Dwarka

If it is about booking a 5-star hotel, you just can't miss out the Radisson Blu. This upscale resort is situated 11 km away from Indira Gandhi International Airport and 23 kms from Qutb Minar. It has all the attractive features including:

  • A bar & lounge
  • Cocktail bar
  • All rooms have tea and coffee makers facility.

It has been rated well by the visitors has gained are reviews from most of them. It is one of the well known hotels having ISO certification in Delhi. The ISO certification is for the quality management and emphasizes on complete customer satisfaction.

best 5 star hotels in delhi list

10. The Imperial, Janpath

Situated near Connaught Place, this is a historical resort built during British Indian period in 1931. This elegant and classic hotel is just 3 km away from the New Delhi Railway station, and just 3 km from the India Gate and only 5 km from the Red Fort. It is known for its European style interiors and classy features such as:

  • 5 gourmet restaurants
  • 2 chic bars,
  • A cafe and
  • a classic bakery

So these are 10 amazing 5 star hotels of Delhi that you must visit if you want to get a real feel of a Delhiite.
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  • Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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From being a mountain kingdom in 1975 to one of the most beautiful states of India – Sikkim is a gateway to the heavenly Himalayas. Conglomerating the living style of the Tibetans, Buddhists, and Hindus, this state breathes a seamlessly beautiful culture. Known for the latter-day mega sculptures, traditional monasteries, Himalayan Mountain, and countryside views – Sikkim is profound in beauty.

Travelers from around the world head over to Sikkim to visit the stunning places like Rohtang La Pass, Tsongmo Lake, serene hills and towns, and the revering organic life that Sikkim is highly known for. Divided into two regions – South Sikkim and North Sikkim, the itinerary for the state has to be chosen as per one's inclination of travel choices.

For nature lovers, South Sikkim is a paradise in disguise. The lush greenery, rich wildlife, and charming locals bring one close to the goodness of Mother Earth. Here are some places to visit in Sikkim if you are nature's fan!

places to visit in Sikkim travel guide

1. Namchi

South Sikkim is highly known for its cultural indulgence, traditional values, and purity of nature. Being a religious hub, this part of Sikkim is filled with religious places to visit. Namchi is the first stop you should make when on a tour to Sikkim. This hill town shares an ecstatic view of the mountains while holding some really interesting spots to visit.

The Char Dham Temple, dedicated to the four popular Hindu pilgrimage site is a beauty in itself. Booking Sikkim Tour Packages beforehand is a good choice if you want comfortable and hassle-free vacation. With a larger than life statue of Lord Shiva atop a hill, there are reimagined versions of the four temples inside the complex.

The temple is at such a height that one can feel clouds and cool breeze touch their face. With a collection of flower gardens and rich natural vegetation – Namchi is a must-visit.

2. Ravangla

With a jaw-dropping view of the Himalayas, Ravangla is a journey into the clouds. Surrounded by a thick forest of Oak, Magnolia, Chestnut, and Rhododendron trees, this small town is known for breathtaking landscapes and tranquility. With silence breathing in the air of Ravangla, and snowfall an astounding sight during the winter months, the town also gives a glimpse of the Himalayan Mountain like Mt. Pandim, Mt Sinialchu, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt Kabru, etc.

The fragrance of the flowers, untimely rains, low-lying clouds and romance seeping into the air – Ravangla is but a paradise that nature lovers would love to make a home at.

3. Borong & Ralang Cha-Chu

Known predominantly for the hot sulfur springs that have been found enriched with medicinal properties, the Borong & Ralang Cha-Chu on the banks of Rangit River is a sight beyond imagination. The traditional winter spas of the hot springs amidst nature invite travelers from around the world to taste the goodness of nature.

Borong is a popular destination for eco-tourism embracing unmatched beauty that collides warm sunny days and cold winter nights. Taking you amidst the mountainous beauty, this small town brings the experience of traditional huts, jungle safari and a minimalistic style of living. One can indulge in an organic diet that is a staple diet here as the state is known to practice organic farming.

4. Rabong base camp

One of the interesting places of visit in South Sikkim, Rabong has its comforting charm on the foothills of Maenam Hill. This tiny town with revering natural beauty, natural living and a jaw-dropping view of the hills is the ultimate place to live through the silence of the hills. A hub for the trekkers, Rabong is the base camp for Maenam hill trek, Borong trek and more. The sightseeing places of Rabong like the Chozo Lake, Manilakhang, etc are quite stunning to unleash amidst nature.

5. Divinity of Tendong Hill

Once a chosen site by the lamas and the Lepchas for their hermitage, Tedong Hills are popular for their divine beauty. 13km from Ravangla, the Tedong Hill is a popular trek and a spiritual journey for the trekkers as the forests of the hill are considered holy because of the Lepcha Tribe praying inside them.

Connect back to nature as you march through the hill of Tedong and make your way to the top. The Tedong State Biodiversity Park spread across an area of 255 acres is widely famous for bamboo, walnut, cane and oak trees, medicinal plants and flowers. With different species of birds and animals finding their home at the park – this is the perfect place to indulge into a sprawling walk in nature.

6. Meenam Hill/Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to India’s finest medicinal herbs, Maenam hills is a revering sight for the botanists, naturopathy practitioners, and nature lovers, Dug deep into alpine forests trekking to the Maenam hill is quite popular. The diverse terrain of the Maenam wildlife sanctuary invites travelers to wanted in high altitude capturing glimpses of rare birds and animals on the way.

The rich population of flora and fauna of the sanctuary that includes red panda, barking deer, civet cats, magpies, pheasants, blue-necked Pitta, etc. As you make way to the hilltop you are greeted with a jaw-dropping sight of the Himalayas, nearby villages and snow-capped mountains.

7. Sumbuk the bird watchers village

Covering the foothills of the outer Himalayan region, the deep gorges and steep valleys of Sumbuk are a treat for the nature lovers. Sumbuk Village encapsulates the mind with its laid back beauty, the charm of small hill stations and an extension of tropical forests along the greater Rangeet zone. Unassumingly this place is an astounding visit for travelers to enjoy the exquisite presence of nature and wildlife.

Sumbuk is popular for its biodiversity and population of birds like hornbill, peafowl, peacock, etc along with a large stretch of pine and Sal trees. Bird lovers are known to give a long stay at the village for their fetish of bird watching and wildlife photography.

From lush Tea Gardens, an expanse of forests and wildlife to old-age monasteries, bird sanctuaries, and vivid landscapes – South Sikkim is a paradise to unfold for the nature lovers. With each new site, the state becomes an ecstatic journey!
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