15 Best Places to Visit in Mangalore

Mangalore is one of the most popular places in Karnataka. It has several beaches, historic cathedrals and temples, museums, and other attractions. The individuals that live here are kind and helpful. Many pilgrimage sites may be visited by passing via Mangalore. The meal is also delicious! You'll get some of the best South Indian cuisine here. Again, if you don't like South Indian food, there are lots of restaurants offering other cuisines here as well!

Popular beaches like Panambur beach, Tannirbhavi beach, Surathkal NITK beach, Someshwara beach are all one of the cleanest and well maintained beaches in India. River Festival is the another attraction of the city where one can enjoy boating facilities, motor boat ride, floating restaurant and all other water sports. Kadri musical fountain & flower shows, St. Aloysious Chapel & museum, Bejai musuem, Karavali Utsava, Beach festival are some of the other major tourists attractions.

Mangalore Cuisine yet again is most popular with some of the dishes found exclusively in Mangalore. Kori rotti, Chicken Sukka, Chicken ghee roast, Neer dosa, Pundi, Patrode, Mangalore Chicken curry, Mangalore Biriyani etc. are some of the well-known dishes.

Kori rotti is one of the best lunch items that you can find in Mangalore. It is a coastal chicken curry along with rice roti. Rice roti is crisp and is crushed to mix well with the chicken curry. Mangaluru buns is very famous in coastal areas in Karnataka. Buns are mild sweet, soft fluffy puris made using all purpose flour and banana. Best with coconut chutney.

Goli bajji or mangaluru bajji is another famous dish of coastal area. Golibaje is another breakfast prepared from Maida. It is available in all hotels across coastal Karnataka. It is served with chutney. This is usually an evening snack in Mangalore. Its a soft and spongy made with purpose flour, spices and herbs. You can eat with chutney/tomato ketchup.

Karathe Kismuri is a typical mouth-watering and favorite side dish of the Konkan community from Mangalore in south India. It is made with deep fried karela or bitter gourd pieces in a coconut and aromatic coriander seed based curry tempered with roasted garlic. Paired with hot steaming rice and some dal, it is a perfect comforting meal!

Best Places to Visit in Mangalore

We have included some of the best places to visit in Mangalore that you may visit to make the most of your Karnataka trip.

1. St. Aloysius Chapel

Located on the summit of the Light House Hill in the heart of Mangalore City, the St. Aloysius Chapel was built in 1885. The stunning architecture of the temple will certainly take your breath away and the frescoes will remind you of the Sistien Chapel which is located in Rome. The chantry will impress you to no end with stunning painitings such as Crowing of the Cock and numerous holy people. This Chapel was devoted to the St. Aloysius Gonzaga, a well off, effective, young fellow who surrendered common life to commit himself to the benefit of the destitute.

This church is often compared with the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The church is staggering with some glorious artworks on the roof, fresco painting and oil canvas compositions.

The church is beautifully constructed! Its paintings and sculptures are breathtaking. The church's biggest feature, though, is the breathtaking sunset vista it provides. The chapel is situated on high terrain and along the coast. As a result, it provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. The artworks in this cathedral have fascinating backstories. As a result, you may wish to bring a guide with you when you go.

2. Kudroli Shri Gokarnanatha Swami Temple

Kudroli Gokarnatha temple is located in the city of Mangalore just about 3km from the city centre. The temple is dedicated to Lord Gokarnatheshwara who is another incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple holds high importance for the locals as it was started by Narayan Guru, who was a revered saint as well as a social reformer.

This is one of Mangalore's biggest temples. The architecture is beautiful! It is very beautiful during Dussehra. This temple is enhanced by a magnificent display of lights and Diyas. It is often frequented by visitors and is virtually always packed. A fountain outside the temple representing Shiva's Gangavataran is a good illustration of the temple's magnificent construction.

The temple is at the height of its grandeur in the Navratri Festival, when a grand procession of Goddess Durga starts from the temple and goes around the city. This Navrathri Festival is also called, Mangalore Dasara and is observed with great devotion and sincerity. All festivals are celebrated very grandly and among these the most popular is Mangalore Dasara. After the world famous Mysore Dasara, Mangalore Dasara is more popular in Karnataka.

The temple was built in 1912, and sports a style of Keraliite architecture, replete with carved pillars and a towering edifice. The temple attracts devotees irrespective of caste and culture during this time and the celebration is worth cherishing!

3. Surathkal Beach

This is a nice beach to visit when in Mangalore. It's spotless and lovely. It's a nice spot for a picnic. The golden sands and brilliant light create a naturally stunning sight. The beach is less busy than other beaches and hence provides a more tranquil atmosphere for an evening out. This beach is one of the most fantastic tourist destinations in Mangalore to come for a fun-filled day.

4. Panambur Beach

Reputed for being one of the cleanest and safest beaches in India to swim, enjoy and have fun in Panambur beach which is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist places in Mangalore. The stunning ocean, exuberant waves and the beauty of the shoreline attracts a number of holidaymakers, both local and outstation tourists as well as adventure seekers.

The beach has a host of amenities and sports activities lined up for the people like jetski, horse and camel rides along the shore, as well as the more thrilling ATV rides. While here, you can also treat your taste buds to some amazing local cuisines at the restaurants that line the beach. The beach is situated a small distance away from the main city of Mangalore and can be easily reached via the main highway. Bask in the glorious view of the ships sailing along the ocean and witness the glorious views of the skies and ships sailing along the sea.

Jet Ski rides, camel rides for children, boats, dolphin gazing, food stalls, ice cream, and 'Ice Golas' produced from natural fruit syrups are just a few of the enjoyable activities offered at this beach. Visitors' safety is additionally ensured by trained beach lifeguards and patrol cars. The stunning blue sea, along with all of the adventurous activities, makes for a tiring yet enjoyable day! However, the beaches' charms attract so many people that it can get congested at times.

5. Pilikula Nisargadhama

Pilikula Nisargadhama spread across 400 acres has biological park, zoo, water park, Golf Court, 3D planetarium, Heritage Village is a prime tourist destination of the city.

The Mangalore Zoological Park is located here. Its premises are home to a variety of animals. It is popular with both visitors and residents. The zoo, with all of its wonderful creatures, is a fantastic destination for a family day. The kids are happy to be in nature and are so weary when they return that they don't mind going to bed. It is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Mangalore.

6. Kadri Park

This park is visited by several morning walkers, runners, bikers, and other fitness enthusiasts. It is located on high ground and provides wonderful views and fresh air. It used to have a snake park, which was its main draw. However, it has since been relocated.

7. Sultan Bathery

Constructed by the Tipu Sultan in 1784, The Sultan Battery is a watchtower that is located in the town of Boloor which is about 4km from the Managlore city. The peculiar name arises from the fact that it was the Sultan’s watchtower, a place from where cannons were fired, hence the suffix ‘Battery’.

This eerily beautiful place, however, has a dark and murky history, it was built from the stones of the 23 Churches that were destroyed by Tipu Sultan during his reign. The place was initially a blockage for the warships entering the river, built by the British. It was later reclaimed from them by the Sultan. The top of the fort offers sweeping views of the Arabian Sea and is one of the best vantage points to tke in the surf of the ocean.

The place is also a stunning blend of natural and manmade excellence. Take in the solitude of the viewpoint as you bask in its glory.

Sultan Battery is an excellent destination to visit if you are interested in historical sites. It serves as the entrance to the New Tannirbhavi beach. Here, fresh and saltwater may be observed merging. The scenery is breathtaking. The beach here is also quite nice. Some people are particularly interested in the location because of its historical significance.

Tipu Sultan built it as a guard tower during his reign, transporting us to the 17th century. This is an excellent location for history buffs. The area was utilized to fire cannons, which is how the term 'Sultan battery' came about. The Sultan Battery is an empyrean structure made of stones from 23 different cathedrals.

8. Shri Yogishwar Mutt

The North Indians who have settled in Mangalore operate this Mutt. It is well-kept and open to the public. They have cattle in Goshala and an intriguing location named 'Pandava's Cave'. Most visitors and locals agree that it is one of the greatest and most attractive Mangalore tourist destinations to visit for sightseeing.

9. NITK Beach Gate

This is a great area to hang out with your buddies. The vista is spectacular, and you may capture some great photos with your camera around sunset. Most people halt here on their route from Mangalore to other areas.

10. Ullal Beach

Ullal beach is one of the best places to visit in Mangalore, the beach has a continuous shoreline fringed by coconut palm trees and a fishermen’s lane that leads right upto the beach. A historical town forged out of years of history, wars and conflict; Ullal remains popular because of its untouched pristine beauty. A derelict fort of Abbakka Devi, the great warrior queen also lies on this beach. The fort and some 16th century ancient temples is what attract people to this serene destination. The Dargah of Syed Mohammad Shereful Madani is also a major draw of this destination.

The Ullal beach, known for water activities, is ideal for a stroll. A variety of resorts and villas line the beach and its surrounds. Summer Sands Beach Resort is one of the most well-known resorts in the area, attracting visitors from all over the world. The Ullal Bridge, which extends for around 650 meters and attracts people with its remarkable beauty, is not far from the Beach. This region attracts seafood enthusiasts due to its abundance of seafood cafes that provide delicious cuisine, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mangalore.

11. Someshwar Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches in Mangalore, the Someshwara Beach is an iconic rocky beach facing the Kanara Region a little distance away from Managlore. One of the most popular tourist places in Mangalore, the beach is known for ‘Rudra Shile’- which is a formation of large rocks on the shoreline. The ancient and important Somanath Temple was built up here, during the rule of the queen Abbakka Devi.

The rule of this queen is legendary as she was touted as being a warrior queen who pushed back and fought against the Potuguese valiantly. However, the beach is not safe to swim in as the ocean currents are quite and unpredictable at any given time. You can still enjoy the peace and serenity of the beach sitting on the rocks and letting the cold ocean waves lap at your feet as you take in the beauty of this stunning place to visit in Mangalore.

Someshwar Beach is a picturesque beach hidden from visitors near the point where the Netravati River joins the Arabian Sea. Apart from its beautiful sunsets, this beach is also a great place to sunbathe. Swimming is not possible due to the big boulders that line the coast. The Someshwar Temple, located on the north end of the Someshwar beach, is one of the most important Mangalore tourist attractions. The temple is centuries old, and its existence is attributed to Queen Abbakka Devi.

12. Kadri Shree Manjunatha Temple

On The Kadri Hills, one of the most antique pieces of elegance is tastefully positioned. The Kadri Manjunath Temple, which was established in the 10th or 11th century, is one of the oldest and represents Karnataka's rich legacy. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful spots to see in Mangalore.

Manjunath Temple in Mangalore is an ancient temple built in the 10th or 11th century, and holds one of the oldest statue of Manjunathaswamy. A mixture of Indian architecture embellished with Buddhist influences the temple is a true work of art. Buddhism was practiced at this site until the 10th Century and later Hindu worship rituals took over a major part of the temple.

The Kadri Manjunatha Temple is one of the must on your list of places to visit in Mangalore not only becsue of its religious significance but also because of its architectural ingenuity. At the façade of the temple, at an awe inspiring height, there are a number of water ponds. Surrounding the ponds there are landscaped gardens that lend a refreshing feel to the surroundings. From there to the doorway of the temple, there is also a towering lightpole (Deepstambha) on which lamps are lit at holy occasions.

13. Mangaladevi Temple

Mangalore is named after the goddess Mangala Devi. It is located in the middle of the city and is quite old. The temple is built in the Kerala style, as are most temples in the Western Ghats.

14. Pilikula Lake

Pilikula Nisargadhama is an excellent picnic location! A beautiful lake surrounded by tropical vegetation, with a boating center, golf facility, and environmental educative scientific center. All of these features combine to make this a fantastic hangout.

15. Tagore Park

Enjoy the awe-inspiring and sweeping view of the sunset from this parks, which have been recently renovated to lend a feeling of immense refreshment and serenity to the place. The garden, also known as Tagore Park is the perfect place to immerse you in the beauty of this serene destination. The well-manicured garden has been decorated with numerous trees, shrubs and flowering plants and is truly a pleasant sight to witness.

A lovely lighthouse overlooking the ocean and lighting up the night is a stunning sight. Right next to the lighthouse is a fantastic hilltop garden that adds to the beauty and romance of the location. The lighthouse hill garden is an absolute must-see for all young couples out there!

Situated in the heart of city, the Light House Hill Garden is one the most stunning places to visit in Mangalore. A relic of the 18th century rule of Haider Ali, it is believed to have been built by his armies. The light house hill garden is so called, because apart from the light house, the place also has a garden which gives a stunning view of the sea.

15. Tannirbhavi Beach

One of the most offbeat Mangalore Tourist places, Tannirbhavi has remained deserted and secluded from the rest of the places to visit in Mangalore mainly due to its location. If you want to have a peaceful and serene time at Mangalore amongst silence and lashing of the waves on the shore. If you are a nature lover, you will find the most peaceful time here!

The beach is only accessible by road or more commonly, by ferry from Gurupura River at Sultan Battery. The beach, like many other tourist places in Mangalore, is beautiful in its seclusion itself!

Tannirbhavi Beach is one of the most unusual spots to visit in Mangalore. This beach is located in a remote area of town, away from the city's bustle. So, if you're looking for peace or want to enjoy nature's beauty in its purest form, this is the place to go.

Mangalore's beautiful beaches and temples may be seen all along the coast. Mangalore is a diverse city that draws visitors from all over the world. Mangalore is likely to wow its tourists with all of its nobility.

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