20 Best Places to Visit in Karnataka

Karnataka was originally known as Mysore. The largest city of Karnataka is Bangalore. It is situated in southwestern region of India and is among the best places to visit in India. But some travel tips should be kept in mind, while visiting Karnataka.

Best Places to Visit in Karnataka

Here are the best places to visit in Karnataka.

1. Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is the third most populated city in India. It is well known by its nickname the silicon valley of India it is a major exporter of IT in India. Bengaluru is named in Kannada language which literally means the city of guards. Various places, temples, lakes, and forts are good places to visit thus the town is famous for both modern and ancient place to visit.

Antara Gange is about 70 km from Bangalore. If you like adventure and explore nature, then this hill station is the best place that suits you. There are many caves and rock formations that can be surprised. A tour guide is recommended as there are wild animals in the vicinity. Hike in Antara Gange is suitable in the morning because the temperature is very low. When you hike take your food from Kolar town.

Another wonderful place along the beautiful Cauvery River, Muthathi is the perfect place for a picnic. Parfait is one of the most delicious ice cream available in Ideal ice cream or Pabba’s ice cream parlor in Lal Bagh. It is must try for sure.

The Ramakrishna Math in Bangalore is one of the largest and oldest places in India. The center was built in 1908 by some modest followers of Swami Vivekananda, and today it is more than that. The Ramakrishna Math has a temple, a bookstore, a library and an open air auditorium. It is located in Basavangudi, near the Bull Temple and attracts many people seeking answers to spiritual questions. Ramakrishna Math also has a branch in Ulsoor.

The bookstore is full of information about Swami Vivekananda. Ramakrishna Math is not really a tourist place, but a place where you can take your children to introduce them to the concept of spirituality.

Many say that Begur is where Bangalore was born. The small municipality near Bangalore has a fort. The fort is located near a small temple and is a place purely for history buffs. The fort is located on the road to Bangalore-Hosur and is one of the places in the Heritage Intach Walks (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage).

Located on Mysore road in the outskirts of the city, Rasta cafe attracts young crowd who wish to chill out with Hookah and plenty of good food. It just takes about hour and half to drive there from any corner. There is even 24x7 coffee day just beside the cafe if you want to sip some fresh coffee before driving back home.

2. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is a go-to spot when you are in need of some solitude and a refreshing start for your day. It’s a mesmerizing experience of Sun rising on top of a cloud bed. They open check post around 5 AM for vehicles to pass by. Make sure you reach base by then, as there is usually heavy rush in the weekends.

Skandagiri is a sister hill of Nandi Hills, which is famous for beautiful sunrise. Only way to reach the top is by trekking. People start their trek around 3:30 AM and reach top by 6 AM. Do remember trek needs permission of forest department. One has to pre-book as only limited number of trekkers are allowed every day. Many people do not know this and they drive all the way to hill, only to be shooed back by forest officials.

Makalidurga is one of the famous treks around Bangalore. There is a beautiful lake beside the hill which looks in the shape of South America continent. Just like Skandagiri, one needs to take permission from forest department. Night trek is not allowed here. People are allowed to trek only after 6 AM.

Madhugiri is single hill and the second largest monolith in entire Asia. It offers amazing views of the surrounding landscape. This challenging trek is good for thrill seekers. Since its mostly rocky path, it gets hot in peak summers and slippery in rains. So its better to visit it during winter and early summer.

Uttari betta is another place for a night trek to witness a peaceful Sunrise. Advantage of Uttari over other hills is, there is no need of any prior permission here. It can be done in any season without any problem since it’s an easy trek.

Nijagal Betta has been accidentally discovered to get away from the concrete jungle for a few hours. First things first, the lack of human beings here makes this place absolutely safe for a long drive. Nijagal Betta is perfect for adventure junkies. Nevertheless, an extremely beautiful sunset point at the top and the soothing wind makes this a great option for everyone. Not more than 30–40 minutes away, Mandaragiri Temple trek in Basadi Betta gets its name from the Jain temple on top of a hill. This place is ideal for a day’s trek to get away from the city for a few hours. However, you could also pitch a tent on the top of the hill. The hilltop offers stunning views of the valley below and there is even a lake which only adds to the beauty of this place. The boulders at the location also make for great nature shots and photography in general, so take along your DSLRs and smart cameras. Cut off from the rest of the world, Dodda Ayur is popular for the sheer peace and tranquility experienced here. The presence of a water body in the center flanked by mountains only adds to the charm and beauty of Chota Ladakh. Read More: Places to Visit in Bangalore

3. Mysore

Mysore was ruled by much distinguished rulers like well-known Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. The town is the birthplace of various styles of Indian art and craft thus known as the cultural capital of Karnataka. It is one of the best tourist places in India as consists of various temples, forts and churches. So whosoever want to explore the rich culture of this historical city must visit Mysuru.

Mysore has an impressive royal heritage, with the main tourist attraction of the city being the imposing Mysore Palace. The Mysore Palace is one of the places to visit near Bangalore. The biggest attractions of Karnataka is the Mysore Palace or the Amba Vilas Palace, property of the Mysore Royal Family. You must set aside a day for Mysore.

The palace was opened in 1912. The sprawling mansion has spacious halls, rooms and hallways - all adorned with beautiful artwork from floors to ceilings.

Mysore Palace is undoubtedly one of the most famous places to see in Karnataka. There are three main temple exclusive buildings within the old fort and 18 in the Palace that faces the Chamundi hills. The best time to visit the palace is during Mysore Dussehra, when it is prepared for the festival. It is also the busiest time of the year.

Absolutely a feast for the eyes, Mysore is famous for its unprecedented beauty. The flagship in all that splendor is the UNESCO-listed palace, with the magnificent red domes and the kaleidoscopic stained glass windows of the interior. Mysore Palace offers an unbeatable sight on Sunday night when the entire retreat bathes in the light.

The architectural indulgence continues with the Gothic St. Philomena Cathedral and the beautiful Lalit Mahal Palace, known for its quintessentially British high teas. If you’re a sweet tooth, try Mysore Pak, where they serve a fudge-like dessert on a ghee-based basis.

In the Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum, you can see beautiful works of art and Brindavan Gardens with the many fountains is a nice distraction. Festival lovers, write down on your calendar that the ten-day Dasara Festival is scheduled for September.

Just the view of the city from Chamundi hills is worth a trip to Mysore. There is a place called Ranganathittu bird sanctuary which is a treat for nature lovers and photographers. Mysore is a great pit stop for hill stations like Ooty and Coorg.

There are many other interesting buildings, palaces, and temples to see. Mysore Zoo is one of the best in India. Mysore is also an excellent place to buy sandalwood, and learn Ashtanga Yoga. Srirangapatna remained included in the kingdom of Mysore from the early 17th century until the independence of India in the mid-20th century.

Among the other places worth mentioning in Srirangapatna is the summer palace of Tipu Sultan called Daria Daulat Bagh. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and inside you will find a small palace painted to the last centimeter of its walls and balustrades. There are also places to rest in the interior of the island.

The Namdroling Nyingmapa monastery, which is also known as the Namdrol of Thegchog Shedrub Dargye Ling is said to be the largest teaching center of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. This monastery is located in Bylakuppe, Mysuru district.

Visit Bylakuppe a community of 1500 Tibetans. Visit the Dubare Elephant Breeding Center to attend and participate in various activities like elephant grooming, meal distribution and demonstration of dressage orders. Walk in the coffee and spice plantations. This is the opportunity to learn the difference between an Arabica and a Robusta, and explore the paths scented by the spices of Orange County to immerse yourself in the spirit of the place.

In Bidadi, those who travel from Bengaluru to Mysuru are well aware of this Thatte idli breakfast with chutney. Mysore pak is a classic traditional sweet which is said to have been originated in the kitchen of Royal Mysore palace. It is made of generous amounts of ghee, sugar, gram flour and often cardamom.

Mysore is that the most demanding tourist place in Karnataka, especially for families. Numerous good resorts, homestays, cottages are available in mysore which is right for families, big groups, honeymoon couples etc. The elegant-quaint resorts and cottages in Mysore are perfect for your vacation if a visit within the lap of natural surroundings, capped up with cosiness and luxury is all you're trying to find.

They're going to cause you to feel at your dream home and also allow you to lie the happiness of serenity alongside your loved ones. So reside the most effective resorts and cottages will make your family trip to the current Gods own country, Karnataka worth recalling.

If you actually messed up together with your daily routines and you're now trying to find a family shake your hectic lives. Then find a perfect family resort or cottage for your family and you which of them could refresh your entire mind and soul. A family trip in Mysore are often more fun and enjoyable with the right place to remain .

4. Shravanabelagola

For a different kind of romantic experience, you can consider a trip to Shravanabelagola, which is known for high and imposing 2300 year old monolith statue of Bahubali, fist Jain Tirthankara, who is 58 feet tall, 26 feet wide and 10 feet long. Located in the middle of the two hills, Vindhyagiri and Chandragiri, Shravanabelagola is a picturesque city in the Hassan region.

The city attracts millions of tourists from different corners of the world during the Mahamastakabhisheka festival, which is held once every 12 years. The statue of Bahubali is among the must see in Karnataka. Gommateshwara statue is a 57-foot tall statue that stands on a hill in Shravanabelagola, in the Hassan district.

5. Hassan

Shettihalli Rosary Church is one of the famous places in Karnataka. This church remains submerged under water during monsoon but comes out of it during summer season.

6. Gulbarga

Officially known as Kalaburagi, Gulbarga was once a part of the State of Hyderabad under Nizam rule. At the height of its glory, Gulbarga was the capital of the Bahmani Sultans and has a history dating back to the 6th century. Two rivers flow through this town, the Krishna and the Bhima. The Bahmani Fort has 15 majestic towers and the Khwaja Bande Nawaz Dargah is the tomb of the sacred Sufi saint of the same name.

The sprawling Jama Masjid of Gulbarga Fort, built in 1367 AD, covers an area of 38,000 square feet.This place is well known as it is believed that it was home to ancient kingdoms of south with buildings and monuments. The local cuisine of this place is amazing and we should at least once try them all out.

7. Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur, the closest hill station from Bangalore is famous for it’s lovely Coffee estate Homestays. There are couple of easy treks to Pandavas hill and Devil’s hill which are amazing during monsoons. A Star shaped Fort, Backwaters and Waterfalls add to the experience.

Saklespur is a well-known hill station located in the Hassan District of Karnataka and is also among the best places to visit in India. This is actually the nearest proper hill station from Bangalore. More offbeat than it’s sisters Coorg and Chikmagalur, lush green coffee estates, homestays, open top jeep rides, Hemavati river, a star shaped fort, backwaters all add up to the experience.

Sakleshpur is located in the Western Ghats. Favored by a favorable climate and relatively temperate climate, these hills are covered by thick vegetation and are characterized by cardamom and pepper crops, in addition to the prized coffee plantations. Agriculture flourishes in Bisle Ghat, and that of Arabica coffee is the most important production in the area, renowned and appreciated all over the world.

If you visit Karnataka in October then rainfall must have stopped and the weather must be fantastic and hills will be gorgeously fresh and green. Thus it is the perfect time to visit Karnataka and enjoy lovely trails in Western Ghats for you explore the natural beauty of this wonderful place.

8. Coorg

Coorg is a much-loved destination in the south. Located amidst magnificent mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers and honeymooners. Coorg is probably the only place where one can find every shade of green that blends perfectly well with the earthy brown. Now imagine experiencing all of it during the monsoons.

The word is ‘magical’. Coorg offers beautiful view points, Coffee estates, Iruppu waterfalls, Elephant camp, Buddhist monastery etc. There is a famous trek to the highest peak of Coorg named Tadiandamol which is a must to do during monsoons. Known for its dense forest cover, it also acts as a biodiversity hotspot showing a wide variety of flora and fauna. This romantic destination offers enchanting waterfalls, lakes, vast coffee plantations and delicious cuisine for the palate.

Serene climate, beautiful hills for trekking, Homestays amidst coffee estates, a drive through Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, Iruppu waterfalls plunging from a great height in Brahmagiri hills, Tibetan monastery called as golden temple, pristine lake, elephant camp, and great food make Coorg the best hill station in Karnataka.

This is a much bigger hill station, actually a district, with many attractions like Elephant camp, waterfalls, tea/coffee estates, even river rafting on Kaveri river. Coorgie cuisine is distinct and delicious. It even has enchanting trekking trails. If you're looking to escape the spring sunshine and retreat to the cooler weather of the Madikeri region, then go on a roadtrip from Bangalore to Coorg. Unwind with some chai on a cool tea plantation, take a walk before the morning dew dries up, and rejuvenate in the clean air before summer hits hard. The homestays near Coorg has one aim and one aim alone - to keep the vein of Coorg life alive. From the open dining area, the homemade spices, to even the stories - you’ll find the Kodavu way of life seeped into everything. You'll definitely come back home with a couple bottles of the signature black vinegar to try in your own food. The spacious rooms and plantation, with the surrounding woods and lush forest drive, make for an ideal getaway adventure. Take a nice walk or go on an adventurous jeep ride - whatever hits your fancy depending on the day. Take full advantage of this isolated home in the hills to truly recharge your batteries and forget about the city life for as long as you can.

Coorg often referred to as Scotland of India has been blessed by an abundant and beautiful nature. Known as Kodagu and located in the middle of ancient mountains, which protect the southernmost part of the state of Karnataka, this is an area of great beauty. With its rugged terrains, green valleys and lush forests, Coorg offers a splendid panoramic and a destination of unparalleled adventure.

Coorg is famous for its vast green coffee plantations. There is a lot one can do in this beautiful hill station. You can enjoy the views of cascading waterfalls such as Abadia, Mallalli and Iruppu waterfalls. Many adventure freaks visit this place for activities such as river rafting as well.

Soak in the beauty of the misty hills, coffee plantations and warm Coorg hospitality. Kodagu, also known as Coorg is an amazing place to visit during a romantic weekend. Scenic Coorg appeals to all romantics in the heart as much as it does to adventure. For lovers of adventure, there is no shortage of adventure activities. You can go for rock climbing, trekking and windsurfing.

Other places to visit in Coorg are Nagarhole National Park, Namdroling Monastery, Burude Waterfalls, Tadiandamol Peak, Madikeri Fort. When you will visit the national park you will forget about other states as it has the largest number of tigers in the country. Spotting a tiger is always luck very few people are lucky to spot a tiger in there whole life along with the tiger’s national parks also contain many other fascinating animals as well as green and lovely forests.

Read More: Top National Parks in Karnataka

If you want a more emotionally charged adventure, rafting in the white waters of Coorg is a good option. You can also go for bird watching or trekking in its forests, or simply relax with a cup of coffee in one of its many picturesque tree houses.

Located in Coorg, Tadiandamol is the sixth highest peak in Karnataka. A combination of scenic beauty but not too strenuous, Tadiandamol is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to go trekking. In general, Tadiandamol offers enchanting views and at the same time does not demand much physically compared to walks like Kumara Parvatha, Mullayanagiri, Bababudangiri, etc., which makes it the perfect initiation trip for anyone who wants to take the trekking seriously.

Huttari is the biggest festival in Karnataka celebrated by Kodavas. It is celebrated by them with all show and fervor pump. There is no fix date on which this festival will occur this year it is on 3rd and 4th December if you want to enjoy and explore this festival then you must visit there and experience it. Raja's Tomb also known as Gaddige is located in Coorg.

Popularly known as the ‘Scotland of India’, a quaint hill station tucked away in the mist topped hills of Western Ghats is Coorg. It has been luring tourists with its scenic charm and alluring atmosphere, giving a perfect chance to rewind and relax. Perhaps, you’re the one who is in line to get enchanted by its scenic beauty.

Iruppu Waterfalls

A mesmerizing tourist attraction in Coorg is the amazing Iruppu Falls. This charming falls is also known as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, frequented by avid adventurers and shutter bugs. The fresh water cascade falling on the terrains amidst the lush greenery is captivating for the eyes, ideal for avid nature buffs.

Legend has it that the Lakshmana Tirtha stream was formed when Lakshmana shot an arrow at the nearby hills to get drinking water for his brother Lord Rama. The roaring waters are a perfect picnic spot to spend with your friends and family. You can stand at the bottom and play in the sizzling waters. It is believed that the waters are magical and can cleanse your sins. It is a famous pilgrimage center with the renowned Shiva Temple. The place has everything, making it a worthy place to visit.

Namdroling Monastery

Located amidst sandal groves in Coorg is the Namdroling Monastery. It takes credit as the largest teaching centre of Nyingmapa in India. The monastery has a peaceful ambience where a few minutes of prayer can rejuvenate the mind. It is the perfect destination for soul seekers.

Also known as the Golden Temple, it boasts of a golden idol of Buddha with Tibetan mythology paintings depicting the phases of Buddha's life. You can get the feel of Tibet with the shopping stalls, clanging of bells and the sizzling aroma of momos. The monks and the daily prayers add oomph to the atmosphere. The various festivities and ceremonies attract tourists all round the year. Come enjoy a slice of Tibet in this monastery.

Abbey Falls

A misty experience in Coorg is the mesmerizing Abbey Falls. Amidst coffee plantations, it has picturesque views sure to take your breath away. The falls is nestled between pristine valleys with the increasing aroma of coffee plantations. This exotic location with its chill breeze and lush greenery and rich fragrance is a delight for the senses.

The roaring beauty is perfect for capturing memories with your near and dear ones. You can either take a dip or enjoy the foggy spray from the water hitting the rocks forming calm pools. This thriving waterfall is bliss for the worn out mind and body – a perfect way to take a break from the city life. You can enjoy a much needed relaxation in the cascading waterfalls with your family and friends. The Abbey Falls has everything that demands a mandatory visit when you’re in Coorg.

Nagarhole National Park

Nestled in the pristine valleys is the Nagarhole National Park. The name perfectly strikes with the place having a few serpentine streams forking through the park. It has scenic landscapes perfect to capture cherishable moments with your loved ones.

The ethereal wild haven is home to gaurs, sloth bears amongst other fauna. The landscape has gentle slopes and shallow valleys. It is also named as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park after the late Prime Minister of India. The Kabini River and dam on its border has a picturesque reservoir attracting a large number of wildlife. This makes the location an ideal spot for wildlife sightings. The park offers vehicle safaris and natural trails for avid travellers. Spend a fun filled day with your loved ones in the park.


A mix of devotion and scenic beauty is the Talakaveri in Coorg, implying the birthplace of the river Cauvery, one of the most sacred rivers where a small spring of water originates. The water is said to have good healing powers for the mind and body. Apart from being a pilgrimage center, Talakaveri has vast natural beauty for your eyes to take in.

The best time to visit is during the auspicious month of October when the Tulasankaramma festival is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. After watching this, you can go up to the Brahmagiri Hills, where nature is presented on a platter. It houses two temples dedicated Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Experience a dip in the holy river for relief from physical illness. This is a wonderful chance to get rid of all your physical miseries when in Coorg.

9. Madikeri

Enjoy golf and hiking and stay in a tree house in Madikeri. The monsoon attracts people who love to get soaked by the rains. During the trip, you will meet native women dressed in their traditional bright saris and men with long coats and a kind of wrap around. This high-altitude corner of Karnataka is the land of spices, unique culture and cuisine.

Stay in secretly nestled homestays and unhotels, enjoy freshly brewed coffee or indulge in the local cuisine. If you are an adventurer then we have something special worked out for you. A hiking, rock-climbing and zip-lining add-on to this serene vacation.

10. Udupi

One must visit Karnataka between November to march as it is the season of activities in coastal districts of Udupi and Mangalore. You can also explore gorgeous beaches at Kaup, Baindur, Mulki, etc. If you are interested in having an adventure in water or on the sea then you must head to the spectacular beach of Kodi Bengre and should learn surfing at SAFA Surfing School. The beach is extraordinarily beautiful and amazing.

The coast of Karnataka is fully filled with lovely backwaters, rivers, and lakes. These beautiful places are relatively unknown which is ultimately good nowadays. You have a chance to enjoy these beautiful places by going through a cruise or houseboats on lovely waters in Udupi district.

Bhatkal beach is as beautiful as Gokarna and Udupi without the crowd of the respective places. This fact Bhatkal the perfect destination for anyone seeking a hidden-away beach experience.

11. Agumbe

Agumbe, a picturesque location in the Western Ghats in the Shimoga district of Karnataka is noted for rains throughout the year. Agumbe is an ideal destination for trekkers and those who love verdancy. It is sometimes called "The Cherrapunji of the South" after Cherrapunji, in Northeast India.

Agumbe has a sunset point which receives lot of visitors. On a clear day, one can see the sun setting over the Arabian Sea though the sea is at quite a distance from Agumbe. The sunset point at Agumbe is a beautiful location offering a magnificent view of the sun giving way for the moon. The misty mornings, windy evenings and rainy nights are the delights of Agumbe.

Agumbe being part of the Western Ghats offers some good places for hiking/trekking with scenic beauty around. However, the striking feature of this place is its forest. The forest will lead one to a jungle pond known as Emkal Kere. One can also check out the Barkana Falls. There is an ancient temple dating back to 14th century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Gopalakrishna and is built in Hoysala style developed during the reign of Hoysala Empire.

The Hoysala Empire was concentrated in the south of India and they were really prominent at that period of time. They ruled between the 10th and the 14th centuries. The Hoysala rulers rose to power by taking advantage of the conflicting western Chalukya Dynasty and Kalachuris kingdom. They annexed the fertile areas of Kaveri River and present day Karnataka region.

The hill station`s first claim to fame was when the TV series based on R. K. Narayan`s famous novel Malgudi Days was shot here. Malgudi Days is a famous television serial which was directed by Shankar Nag and is based on the novels written by R. K. Narayan.

Agumbe Hill Station is popular for its Rainforest Research Station set up by Romulus Whitaker, a renowned herpetologist. Agumbe Hill Station is seen as an important dwelling place for King Cobra.The main aim of this reserve is to conserve the cobras. For this purpose, a huge area has been turned into the reserve. Apart from the serpents, and other animals are kept in the adjoining land of the research unit.

Agumbe is also called the capital of king cobra due to the high number of the species found. Despite the high density of King Cobras in the region; incidents of snake-human conflict are rare. Agumbe Rainforest Research Station has pioneered the world’s first radio-telemetry project on the King Cobra. Insights gained from the ecological study are being put into practice into King Cobra management.

Agumbe is also called ‘Hasiru Honnu’ which means ‘Green Gold’ as Agumbe is home to several rare species of medicinal plants like Garcinia, Myristica, Listsaea, Diospyrous, Hoiligarna, Eugenia and Ficus.

The land of King Cobra as they call it, Agumbe is a rain-forest that cannot be missed. A whole new macro ecosystem comes into existence when monsoons hit in June. The rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls are mesmerizingly wild. Often referred to as Cherrapunji of the South, Agumbe is a beautiful hill station located in the Shimoga District of Karnataka.

The Cherrapunji of the South, Agumbe is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples. This impressive city is just 379 kilometers from Goa and attracts a number of tourists from all over the world for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Agumbe is known mainly for its dense forests, therefore, it is often associated with the conservation of forests and medicinal plants.

On the other hand, it is due to its unique topography and adequate temperatures that the region is the breeding ground of King Cobra, the world's longest poisonous snake. Agumbe Rainforest Research Station is one of its kind in the country. Sunset points, Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, Gopalakrishna Temple are the main options in Agumbe.

The place has stunning hiking trails and beautiful spots for sunset inspection. With lush green forests and breathtaking scenic beauty, the place has guests flocking to its doors attracted by its rustic charms. Superbly well known for its second most significant annual rainfall in the country.

12. Shivamogga

When it comes to deal going for a romantic vacation and honeymoons, there is no better place than a hill station. And when it comes to the hill stations there is nothing better than Shimoga. With varied landscapes and attractive. This impressive hill station getaway has something to offer for everyone! In impressive Shimoga, you can visit the high and mighty Jog falls and jungles of Agumbe.

Make the canoe ride in the Honnemaradu and go bird watching tour to birds of Gudavi. It limits with Kundapur in the district of Udupi. In its western portion, it falls almost perpendicular to the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, home of the endangered lion-tailed macaque.

The Sowparnika River flows into the valley beyond the hills and empties into the Arabian Sea near the famous Maravanthe Beach. The river has large tracts of mangrove forests rich in aquatic delights, such as tiger prawns and crabs. Occasionally, it is said that fishermen found crocodiles in these forests.

From Kollur take a bus to Kodachadri, going down 12 km later at Karakatta Gate. If you come by Shimoga, the hills are 12 km to the west, by the Theerthalli-Mastikatte road. Whichever route you take, there is no doubt that Kodachadri stood like a monolith. Pass through the concrete arch of the Karakatta Gate and walk along the flat track of the jeep.

Kodachadri is a breathtaking spectacle of natural beauty in the heart of western ghats. It is the only trek where there is a waterfall in it’s route. One need not trek back as there are 4X4 jeeps getting trekkers back to base on a bumpy muddy road which is an amazing experience.

There is a village named Mattur in the Shimoga district of Karnataka where every resident of India speaks in Sanskrit. An unique village of Karnataka, where children speak Sanskrit. About 300 families live in Mattur village. You will have a different experience as soon as you enter this village. Seeing the costumes of the villagers, you will feel that people from times of Chanakya are residing. Whether children, old people or young men, all speak fluent Sanskrit.

Puttu and channa are very popular with hikers. In the rainy season and after the monsoon, one can see the grace of the Agastya Teertha Waterfall on the left side of the hill. Approximately 2-3 hours later, you arrive at Kodachadri, which has a PWD bungalow, a Shankaracharya Temple and a couple of small houses with rooms for rent.

Davanagere is located at a distance of 260 kilometers from Bangalore. Kundavada kere also known as Mallikarjuna sagara is a picturesque lake. Soole kere also known as Shanti Sagara has a temple dedicated to Siddeshwara near the lake. An important attraction of Davanagere is the Durgambika Devi fair. Murugha Mutt (Shivayogi mandir) is located in the heart of the city and several religious and cultural programs are organized here.

Davanagere benne dose or Davanagere Butter dosa is an icon of Davanagere. It is prepared by adding generous amount of benne (butter) along with coconut chutney and special white alu sabzi (normally alu sabzi are greenish yellow in color).

13. Gokarna

The best of places for a relaxed weekend trip, Gokarna offers spectacular views of Arabian sea, trekking between the beaches, Yana caves formed by volcanic lava, Mirzan fort, chilling fresh water of Vibhooti waterfalls in dense jungle. Camping on a private beach is an unforgettable experience. No wonder it’s called as mini-Goa.

Kumta has scenic green grassy carpets and the imposing Sahyadri Mountains in the backdrop make this place worth visiting. You can also trek to Gokarna and visit some of the amazing temples in the area. It’s a great place for an offbeat beach trip with white sand beaches, hillocks, pine/coconut trees, shacks and campsites. Some of the beaches can only be accessed by trekking. Camping is a great experience on Gokarna beaches.

It is one of the holy places to visit in South India with temples such as Mahabaleshwar temple. You must visit the temple to take the blessings of Shiva. Some other places which you must enjoy include the Gokarna Beach, Om beach, Half moon beach and paradise beach. For adventure activities you can enjoy banana boat riding, night stroll on Nirvana beach, street shopping and many other things to do in South India.

Gokarna has the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Gokarna inspires authenticity, spirituality and wraps its beaches in a warm and relaxed hippie atmosphere. It is a village located northwest of the state of Karnataka, in India. Its natural environment makes it especially unique. Although small, the village of Gokarna is submerged in a sea of ​​palm trees and is so far one of our favorite places in India.

It invades us with sensations and brings us closer to the essence of Indian mysticism. The beaches near Gokarna are exactly what someone longs for peace, introspection and connection to the jungle and the ocean. It is very easy to walk to the beaches of Kudle, Om, Paradise or Halfmoon. Visitors can also see the island of Kurumgad and the island of Anjediva from the beach! Gokarna is all that Goa is minus the crowd and marketing.

Gokarna is as beautiful as it gets, with its untouched blue water beaches and some of the most beautiful spots for witnessing the best sunsets of your lifetime. If you're searching for a quaint beach getaway coupled with great food and mesmerising views, Gokarna will surpass all expectations!

If you are a beach person, you must travel to Gokarna. It is a temple town, but not many know that it has insane beach parties and bonfire. The best part is that there are numerous beaches all in succession to each other and beautiful than the previous one. Plan your trip between October and March and enjoy the scenic view and travel by bus or train. If you wish to fly, the nearest airport is in Dabolim, Goa.

14. Dandeli

Dandeli has the second largest wildlife sanctuary in India. The wildlife sanctuary has tigers, exotic snakes, elephants, black panthers, and leopards, also it has 300 bird species which make this a perfect vacation spot with family. If you are craving for adrenaline pumping adventures, there is no better place than Dandeli.

If you want to enjoy adventure stuff on a tour to Karnataka you can look for river rafting in Dandeli in Uttara Kannada, Dubare and Coorg. Make sure you have experienced and good team who conducts these rafting sessions as it can be too much dangerous if not performed in a proper way as well ensure to wear a life jacket always whenever you go for river rafting.

It has many water sports, almost through out the year, like White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Jacuzzi (my favorite), Zorbing, River crossing etc.

15. Karwar

Located at the crossroads of the Arabian Sea and the Kali River, Karwar is a small town full of pristine beaches and perfect images. Dolphin watching, banana boat rides, scuba diving and kayaking are favorite activities in the area. And the most important thing to experience in Karwar is its delicious cuisine, whose main ingredients are fish, rice and coconut.

Kadubu jothege Menthe chutney made of wheat, rice and urad powder mixed in proper measurement is steamed for about 5–10 min. Its best with methi chutney with bit of ghee on it. Avalakki is similar to poha. Joladh rotti or Jowar rotti made of jowar is best with mulgai palya (brinjal sabsi), kalin palya (pulse sabzi) and with saaru (sambar).

Ragi mudde is an iconic dish of Karnataka along with jollad rotti. Ragi mudde, a store house of multi nutrients, has only two ingredients, the Ragi flour and water. Best with sabaski saaru and majge saaru (butter milk sambar). Bisi bele bhath is a spicy, rice-based dish eaten with kara boondhi.

Thalipattu or akki rotti is made of rice flour high is mixed with salt and water and kneaded well till the dough gets soft. Sliced onions and carrots, chopped dill leaves, coriander, cumin seeds and sesame seeds are added while kneading the dough. Eaten along with chutney. Neer dosa is a delicacy from Tulu region and part of Udupi - Mangalorean cuisine.

Neer dosa is another popular breakfast of coastal Karnataka. It is made of rice flour. It is served with curry and chutney. The dosa has a thin and white texture.

Dharwad peda has been accorded GI tag. The ingredients include milk, sugar and Dharwadi buffalo milk. Karadantu means fried-edible gum in the local language. It is made of edible gum mixed with dry fruits and has a chewy texture. The other ingredients used in its preparation are fried bengal gram flour, jaggery and seeds of marking-nut tree.

Gokak is very famous for karadant. Amingad town in Bagalkot district is also famous for the Karadantu produced in its sweet shops. Maadhli is a karnataka sweet made in north Karnataka especially in villages. It is prepared during festivals with wheat flour, Rava, bengal gram, jaggery, dry coconuts. It tastes best with milk on it.

Chiroti is prepared by rolling out kneaded dough made of maida into layered circular shapes and then deep frying in ghee or refined oil. The outcome resembles a semi golden brown fluffy poori, which is then sprinkled liberally with powdered sugar and optionally grated almond and cashew. Add milk to it and enjoy chiroti. Halbai is a popular sweet dish of Karnataka. It is prepared with rice and jaggery.

Hesarbele paysa is one of the traditional payasa with Moong dal and Jaggery. Akki Payas or Akki Huggi is a North Karnataka rice variety, which is usually prepared during festivals along with Kadubu/Holige. Gasgase Payasa is an all-time favourite sweet for kannadigas. The poppy seeds are ground along with rice and simmered in milk till it thickens and garnished with hot toasted cashew nuts and raisins with ghee.

Pumpkin idli is prepared using grated pumpkin and idli rava.

Pathrode or patrode is a very tasty snacks or breakfast recipe prepared using rice and colocasia leaves. Pathrode or patrode is also familiar by name patra vadi or patra vada. Kattin saaru/holige saaru/obbattu saaru: Holige Saaru is a type of Rasam which is made from the left over filling of obbattu and rasam powder to make a delicious tasting saaru. It is often prepared along with obbattu which is a sweet paratha and is equally like by everyone.

Pineapple Gojju is a sweet and spicy, tangy curry made using pineapples, typical to Karnataka. It is a festive dish and served during weddings and other celebrations when a traditional meal is served on a banana lead. Kumbalkai gojju is made from cooked pumpkin, coconut, red chili, sesame seeds and roasted gram.

Thambuli, being a curd based cuisine, is consumed with rice. Tambuli is derived from Kannada word thampu. Sabsige soppu or sabbasige soppu is a name in Kannada language for dill leaves. Bellulli (garlic) mandakki (puffed rice) and avalakki (flattened rice) is a favorite evening time snack for North Karnataka. Maddur vada derives its name from the town of Maddur which is in the Mandya district of Karnataka. It is made of rice flour, semolina and maida flour which are mixed with sliced onion, curry leaves and grated coconut.

Gudbud Icecream is a famous ice-cream of Mangaluru. The assorted ice-cream was invented in a gadibidi (hurry). Local folklore has it that one day a bunch of customers came late and since portions of one flavour weren’t enough, 3 assorted flavours were mixed and served with fruits, cherries and dry fruits. It became a hit. And the name stuck!

Bele holige or bele obbattu is prepared using chana dal or toor dal. In Karnataka bele holige recipe varies from region to region and is best with mavina shekarne (mango shake). Kayi holige or kayi obbattu or coconut poli is prepared using maida flour. Bili holige is very popular breakfast recipe in Karnataka.

Mandalu/mandakki Oggarane is a very famous popular snack and breakfast dish in the North Karnataka region. Mandakki oggarane is served with Mirchi or menasinakayi bajji. It’s taste enhances with thile saaru (rasam) on it with kadle pudi (roasted channa dhal chutney) above it. Nargis Mandakki is a very popular mandakki recipe from davangere. Girmit is a tea time snacks or street food in Hubli Dharwad region of Karnataka.

In Karnataka, authentic ottu shavige or akki shavige is prepared by grinding the soaked rice. The rice batter is half cooked, dumplings are steamed and then finally pressed using the noodles mould (shavige mane). Rave Unde, one of the popular sweet in Karnataka. It is made of fine semolina (rava), dried coconut and sugar. milk and ghee are two ingredients often used to bind the mixture together.

One more side sweet dish is Kobri Bellada gravy. Otthu savage can be used to prepare chitranna with lime mixed. This dish is famous in Bangalore and old Mysore regions. Halasina Yele Chilmi is unique steamed dessert made with rice past, coconut and jaggery in cones made out of jackfruit leaves. Bellary Cycle Kova is a very special sweet in Bellary which are sold in cycle.

16. Belgaum

Belgaum Fort is the main landmark of the historic city of Belgaum and an important place to keep as a world heritage site in Karnataka. At the entrance of the fort, there are two sanctuaries of Ganapati and Durga. There are two Jinalayas made in the later Chalukya style.

Apart from the temples of Jain and Shiva, there are two mosques, namely Jamia Masjid and Safa Masjid, which are located within the fortress. These mosques are built in Mughal and Deccani styles and have domes and arches.

Scenic romantic getaway closer to Goa, Nersa is unconventional ideal for a long trip with your loved ones. Enjoy bird watching and hiking through the thick foliage. Nersa is located in the Mahadayi valley and seems to be a delight for travel enthusiasts and wildlife birds. In addition, locals say that around 40 bat species have been seen in Nersa.

From rocky escarpments to the undulating countryside, adventure lovers can find here a good variety of excursions such as Kongla Bhimgad, Abnali, Jamgoan and Dongargoan. Cool wind folds the cheeks. Leafy trees dancing in rhythm of the breeze.

Famous in Belgaum, Kunda is prepared purely from milk and khowa. A correct quantity of khowa and sugar has to be mixed in milk before boiling it. Once the mixture starts boiling, it has to be continuously stirred until it takes a solid form. Besides the iconic Belgaum Kunda, Belagavi is known for another sweet – mande or mandige.

A crepe with a thin filling of sugar, ghee and khoa, it is made like a roomali roti on an upturned tava and folded like a dosa.

Traditional Malnad cuisine emphasizes on using many locally available forest ingredients. As such it is very different from the cuisine of interior Karnataka. The best of Malnad cuisine can be enjoyed in rainy season.

Boṇḍa is something very comforting about eating hot and spicy chili or banana bonda while it is raining outside. Patrōḍe is made from Colocasia leaves, which grows abundantly in rainy season. Layers of masala, with or without Jaggery, is applied between Colocasia leaves, which is rolled and cooked.

Saṇḍige are a deep fried Papad like crispy snacks that can be prepared in a variety of ways. Usually it is made from rice or tapioca. They are prepared in summer, dried and stored for later use. They can be eaten as a snack or a side dish in meals. Saṇḍige is a comfort food for many people.

Mushroom curry is made using wild mushrooms that grow in Western Ghat forests during rainy season. Many wild mushrooms are not safe to eat, so it should not be harvested by those who do not have good knowledge about which are safe. It is better to buy these mushrooms from trusted villagers.

In rainy season, many seasonal streams are formed due to heavy rains. These are a good place to catch freshwater crabs. They are usually eaten with curry or is roasted. Turmeric plant grows rapidly in rainy season. It’s large, fragrant leaves are used as wrappings for cooking Kaḍubu or Steamed dumplings. They are eaten with Chutney for breakfast. There are different types of this dish like Cucumber Kaḍubu, Pumpkin Kaḍubu and Jackfruit Kaḍubu.

Leaves of hibiscus plant is ground and added to normal idly or dosa batter. It has a nice green color and herby flavor. They can also be made using the flower itself, which gives pink idly and dosa. Mango and Pineapple sāsive is a sweet made from Pineapple, Mango, Black grapes and grated coconut.

Suḷiroṭṭi is a sweet consisting of mashed Jaggery and batter made from rice flour and grated coconut. This is cooked in Turmeric leaves. Plenty of Jackfruits grow in Malnad during the Summer. Jackfruit seeds can be dried and stored for later use. They can used in dishes as a substitute for Potato. Bamboo shoots grow in rainy season.

Kannekuḍi, also known as soralekuḍi, is a plant that grows in Malnad region. Chutney is made from its leaves in rainy season. Koṅkaṇi khīr is a rice porridge made with Turmeric leaves for aroma. It is usually eaten with bitter gourd or ridge gourd curry.

17. Jog Falls

India’s second highest waterfalls, formed by Sharavathi river, plunges from a height of 253 meters. This magnificent waterfall is only active in peak monsoon season, starting from mid July till mid October. It’s a breathtaking spectacle.

Honnemaradu is a small island located in its midst of Linganamakki Reservoir on the backwaters of the Sharavathi River. This region gives the most rugged experience of camping and trekking.

18. Mangalore

A drive through the western ghats is a must! Take the route from Bangalore to Mangalore via Sakleshpur. This is one of those stretches that will prove to you that the journey is more beautiful than the destination. Stop anywhere in the middle of the ghats at night for the best star flecked skies you would have witnessed in your life.

The dense foliage and lively greenery of the ghat forest, along with the continual hum of chirping birds, sudden unexpected glimpses silvery waterfalls trickling down the steep rocky ledges will fill your heart with the kind of peace and joy not found in cities. You might even spot an animal or two along the drive if you’re lucky!

The cherry on the pie is that the end of the journey would bring you to breathtaking, blue, clean and empty beaches around Mangalore with some of the best sunsets. If you are non vegetarian then this is the best place for local sea food. It has a very different St Mary’s Island and beautiful churches. Surfing is one of the different things to do here.

Popular beaches like Panambur beach, Tannirbhavi beach, Surathkal NITK beach, Someshwara beach are all one of the cleanest and well maintained beaches in India. Pilikula Nisargadhama spread across 400 acres has biological park, zoo, water park, Golf Court, 3D planetarium, Heritage Village is a prime tourist destination of the city.

River Festival is the another attraction of the city where one can enjoy boating facilities, motor boat ride, floating restaurant and all other water sports. Kadri musical fountain & flower shows, St. Aloysious Chapel & museum, Bejai musuem, Karavali Utsava, Beach festival are some of the other major tourists attractions.

All festivals are celebrated very grandly and among these the most popular is Mangalore Dasara. After the world famous Mysore Dasara, Mangalore Dasara is more popular in Karnataka.

Well, if trekking is your thing, give the Amedikallu range, about 25 kms from Dharmasthala, a try. The whole trek is about 10 km from the base and would take you through thick forests, open meadows, and some really steep rock climbs. To be honest, the most part of the trek involves quite a steep vertical climb, with some relief coming towards the end of the trip, where the woods give way to some really pretty meadows.

It’s not a dangerous climb, by any means, but it does take a lot out of you. The weather is pleasant if you begin your climb at about 8 in the morning. This would also help you get back by 5, or before sunset. Carry plenty of water, because by the time you get out of the woods, the meadow terrain can get hot and energy sapping.

Well, this a high energy, and high reward sort of trek which makes climbing to the top totally worth all the energy you spend. Do hire a guide and knowing someone from that region of the state would really help you do the climb in an easier way!

Mangalore Cuisine yet again is most popular with some of the dishes found exclusively in Mangalore. Kori rotti, Chicken Sukka, Chicken ghee roast, Neer dosa, Pundi, Patrode, Mangalore Chicken curry, Mangalore Biriyani etc. are some of the well-known dishes.

The Konkan coast is so rich in its culture, food and beaches. The route starting from Mangalore via Udupi, Murudeshwar, Gokanra, Karwar and finally Goa is dotted with numerous lovely beaches. Just a long drive is enough to savor. Kori rotti is one of the best lunch items that you can find in Mangalore. It is a coastal chicken curry along with rice roti. Rice roti is crisp and is crushed to mix well with the chicken curry.

Mangaluru buns is very famous in coastal areas in Karnataka. Buns are mild sweet, soft fluffy puris made using all purpose flour and banana. Best with coconut chutney.

Goli bajji or mangaluru bajji is another famous dish of coastal area. Golibaje is another breakfast prepared from Maida. It is available in all hotels across coastal Karnataka. It is served with chutney. This is usually an evening snack in Mangalore. Its a soft and spongy made with purpose flour, spices and herbs. You can eat with chutney/tomato ketchup.

Karathe Kismuri is a typical mouth-watering and favorite side dish of the Konkan community from Mangalore in south India. It is made with deep fried karela or bitter gourd pieces in a coconut and aromatic coriander seed based curry tempered with roasted garlic. Paired with hot steaming rice and some dal, it is a perfect comforting meal!

19. Chikmagalur

Gracefully sitting on the foothills of the Mullayangiri range, Chikmagalur is an enchanting monsoon destination. Nothing beats a drive during the monsoons in the Western Ghats region of Chikmagalur. During the monsoons, Chikmagalur is all about misty hills, meandering streams, hidden valleys, and coffee blossoms all of which look stunning with a few spells of rain spreading the aroma of spice and coffee plantations all around.

Besides, this pristine hill town is also known for some spectacular waterfalls that come alive during the monsoons. Manikyadhara Falls, Hebbe Falls, Jhari Falls, and Honnamana Falls are some of the popular waterfalls in Chikmagalur. The thunderous sound of the gushing waterfalls amidst dense forests is a melody to the ears.

Chikmagalur is a paradise for monsoon treks. It boats many highest peaks of Karnataka like Mullayannagiri, Baba Budangiri, Kudremukh etc. There are other attractions like Buttermilk waterfalls, Yagachi reservoir and Belur close by.

With dark green Coffee estates, beautiful Bababudangiri hills, Buttermilk waterfalls, the highest peak of Karnataka Mullayanagiri easy trek, Yagachi reservoir where you can indulge in water sports, Belur temple that has magnificent architecture, Chikmagalur offers many interesting things to do. It’s not far from Bangalore too.

Hill stations around Chikmagalur are famous summer retreats as they remain cool even during summers. An ideal retreat of solitude and natural beauty, located in Baba Budan range, Kemmangundi has a invigorating climate that makes it an ideal hill station near Bangalore in summer. Its a quiet green mountainside and the two waterfalls - Kalahasti and Hebbe are ideal picnic areas.

The Hanuman Gundi falls look as beautiful as pearls that fall down to a hundred feet. Do not forget to bring home bags of fresh coffee powder, tea leaves and authentic spices from here! Go trekking in some of the high peaks or visit the Lakya dam. You can also visit the Radha Krishna Temple and Jamalabad Fort.

This is called land of coffee as it was first brought to India here. It boasts of the highest peak of Karnataka Mullayanagiri, famous treks like Kudremukh, Bababudangiri and Buttermilk waterfalls.

Chikmagalur is another quick weekend getaway. Chikkamagaluru is popularly known as the coffee land of Karnataka. It is a hill station that attracts many trekkers, honeymoon couples, explorers and nature lovers throughout the year. Mullayanagiri Peak at 6332 feet is the highest in the Chandra Drona range. It is situated at a distance of around 23 km from Chikmagalur.

It has a small temple located on topmost summit and has a statue of Mullappa Swamy. You can reach a point where you have to leave your vehicle and start a trek of around 3 km which can be easily covered in 3 hrs. It is also a good photography spot. Sarpadhari is the starting point of the Mullayanagiri trek.

Most tourists prefer to drive on the road that leads to Mullayanagiri Peak and take a jeep from this point. The motorized path is a completely different route from the walking walk on the Sarpadhari trail. Trekking to the top is an especially adventurous and the sunset view from the top is absolutely worth the slightly difficult climb. There is another popular trek from Mullayanagiri to Baba Budan Giri and it is approximately a 10 km trail.

MG road in Chikmagalur is a commercial street offering everything from Ethnic and Western clothing, handbags, electronic, medical and grocery stores, restaurants, ATMs. There are also many street food options like Sajjappa, phuchka, kulfi, momo and kebab.

The district of Koppa known for its sprawling paddy fields and the rolling Sahyadri hills is sure to leave you spellbound with its cool climate in summer! Stay at a hip, boutique holiday home, designed tastefully while you also enjoy a session of pilates or learn a thing or two about homemade organic body products.

Kudremukh is one of the most beautiful regions of Western Ghats of Karnataka State located near Agumbe region which gets the second highest rainfall in India after Mawsynram. This region is full of different types of water bodies and lush green meadows on the mountains. Few activities like trekking and cycling is popular in this area.

For all those couples, whose idea of ​​a perfect romantic vacation is to soak in the beauty of nature and see wildlife nearby then you should consider a trip to Kudremukh. This paradise for trek lovers is situated at a height of 1800 meters. Kudremukh gets its name from the horse face like formation of the Kudremukh peak.

This less explored hill stations in the Western Ghats are rich in flora and fauna with thick jungles, grasslands, streams and waterfalls. It is because of presence of the national park, this hill station cum mining town is quite famous among visitors. In addition, there are many options for trekking in the region.

They are located in five sacred ponds of Naga Teertha, Amba Teertha, Rudra Teertha, Vasishtha Teertha, and Varaha Teertha. Kudremukh offers a fascinating view, lush jungles and solitary places that cater almost exclusively to couples. It is a perfect getaway for honeymooners.

Jhari Waterfall is at a distance of 13 km from Baba Budangiri. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in the district. Z-Point is at a point of 67 km from Chikmagalur. It is a wonderful trekking spot. It has deep valley surrounded by greenery. It is situated at hills of Kemmanagund hills.

You may find difficulty in finding the right route as it is not properly mentioned in google maps,you have to take help of the locals to find the best route. As you start your trek the trail keeps on getting narrower and only one person can walk at a time, it becomes difficult to overtake someone.

There are no fences or railing so you have to keep proper balance.there is also a waterfall which you have to cross during your 40 min trek.

The coffee plantations in Chikmagalur has been around since the 1800s, and managed to stand the test of time and culture - carving a space for itself in the changing world around it. With large, breathable rooms and open gardens, it's a great way to escape the chaos of the city.

Spend an afternoon out with a cup of fresh coffee, take a walk through the nearby plantations and woods, or simply have a little garden picnic. Their kitchen is open all day, so you can always talk to the caretaker and cooks to get the food you want - customised touches to the local food which is both yummy and full of stories!

20. Vijayapura

What if you spend your romantic vacation with your partners in the historical heritage, against the backdrop for a romantic getaway? Well, such a beautiful background is what you can expect from Bijapur, also known as Vijaypura or the city of Victoria. Among the most popular places to visit in Karnataka, Bijapur is known for its historical remains such as Gol Gumbaz, Archaeological Museum, Ibrahim Rauza, King Edward VII Memorial, Chand Bawdi and many more places. Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur is another important heritage and monument in Karnataka.

21. Bidar

Easily accessible from Hyderabad, Bidar offers a lot of historical monuments and sites from different periods and showcases the unique craftsmanship of the Hindu, Turkish and Persian artisans who worked on the monuments. Visit the formidable Bidar Fort, Gumbaz Darwaza, Baridi Tombs and the ancient Papanasam temple to Lord Shiva which dates back to the times of Rama.

Do buy souvenirs of the extremely artistic Bidri handicraft works of metal ware inlaid with pure silver. Located on the edge of the Bidar plateau, Bidar Fort is an important historical monument in Karnataka. In the heart of Bidar is Chaubara, an ancient clock tower. Located in Bidar, Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple is one of the main tourist attractions of Karnataka.

The temple is in a tunnel 300 meters below the range of the Manichoola hill. It is believed that the Sanctuary in the cave temple of Narasimha Jharni is a swayambu or self manifests sculpture. A perennial stream of water is said to flow continuously for hundreds of years in this place making it a significant places to visit in Karnataka.

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