10 Amazing Souvenirs to Buy on your Sri Lanka Trip

You can't possibly end your trip to Sri Lanka without getting a good dose of shopping. There are so many things to buy that you will be left confused. Here goes the top curated list of souvenir items that you can buy for yourself or your friends.

But don't worry, we have handpicked the top 10 souvenirs you can buy from Sri Lanka and you will love them.

1. Ceylon tea

Tea-lovers assemble! Ceylon tea is a Srilankan Tea that is produced in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka produces high-quality tea since the climate is ideal where all the tea estates are situated. Whatever tea you are purchasing make sure it carries the Ceylon Tea logo, so that you know it is the Sri Lankan tea only. This is probably one of the most required and loved souvenirs you can buy for yourself or your friends. Who doesn’t appreciate fine tea after all?

2. Sri Lankan Sarees

Sri Lankan sarees are quite different than normal sarees. It comes as a three-piece saree - the blouse, the wrap-around, and the dupatta. They come in bright colours and a bit more expensive since it is made of high-quality silk. Sri Lankan women love wearing saree, if you notice closely you will see them wearing them almost everywhere. If you are a saree love, time to add to your saree collection. A different, fashionable, glamorous addition to your souvenir.

3. Sarong

Sarong is a comfortable wrap-around clothing piece almost like a skirt. It is a unisex garment but most men wear it in Sri Lanka. You will see men wearing a sarong and going about their business, quite an unusual sight. You can wear a sarong to the beach or inland, doesn't matter so much. You can pair the sarong with a blouse piece if you like.

4. Spices

Since the British Era, Sri Lanka has been famous for its high-quality spices as it has very prosperous and fertile soil. It grows its spices like South India. You will get all kinds of spices here. You can check out the spice garden throughout the country to see the actual plants and get to know about their health benefits. The star spice and specialities of Sri Lanka is Cinnamon. Sri Lanka happens to be the largest exporter of Cinnamon. Don’t forget to get aromatic spices from Sri Lanka.

5. Traditional masks

Wood carving and the craft of mask making had been a long tradition in Sri Lanka. You can find wooden masks and handmade masks everywhere in the country. Raksha masks are hand-painted and carved out of wood. It is traditionally used to ward off evil, and often used in dance and ceremonies as well. The colours of the maks have a definite meaning. For example - red is for protection, blue for wealth, yellow for career prosperity. It is available in various shapes and sizes, keychains, fridge magnets, even as wall props.

6. Batik items

Batik is Sri Lanka's signature haute couture. It is a method of drying fabrics with the help of wax and ink. The whole process is very tedious, no two batik prints are the same. Batik items are very colorful and made out of pure cotton. Definitely watch the demonstration on how batik is made before buying it.

7. Elephant figurines

The elephant is the most used motif of Sri Lanka. It is the greatest symbol and national treasure of Sri Lanka. Elephant figurines are the most sought-after materials. Starting from simple figurines to gem-studded figurines you have everything. Apart from elephant figurines, there are buddha, peacock, and leopards beautiful carved out figurines available. The best shop for traditional handicraft is Lakshala, therefore add it to your visit-list. The elephant figurines are made out of elephant teeth as well.

8. Ayurvedic products

Ayurvedic products and medicines are still deep-rooted and alive in Sri Lanka. You can buy a range of beauty products starting from face masks, body massage oil, shampoo, and other ayurvedic treatments. You can also get exceptional ayurvedic treatment while you are there on the island. Ayurvedic products are not really expensive so no need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

9. Bowls made of cinnamon tree bark

This is a very unique souvenir you can get yourself. It is specially made in Sri Lanka. These cinnamon-colored bowls have a very fine polished look which separates them from the normal wooden bowls. It is made out of the inner part of the cinnamon tree after removing the bark which is used to make the spice.

10. Gemstones

Sri Lanka is famous for its gemstone mines and moonstone mines. It has the best of sapphire, moonstone, and gems. It will probably be the shiniest and expensive souvenir you will be buying but don't hesitate to bargain.

Kalyan Panja