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Why or how far in advance should book your flight in advance? This is always a confusing question for those who want to book cheap flight tickets. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for cheap flights from the US to India or UAE to Georgia or any other locations, choosing the right date and time is very crucial for every passenger to get the best flight deal.

While some airlines offer tickets to specific destinations on various discount sale, some others promote their tickets in the name of anniversary sales, early-bird offers etc. However, recent studies suggest that the best time to book a domestic flight is about 8 weeks, to be exact 54 days, in advance. Though the prime booking dates vary according to the destinations, for international flights also, travellers need to book earlier than late.

how far in advance can you book flights

Save Big on Online Flight Tickets

Online flight ticket booking, the most preferred airline ticket booking option helps not only the travel agencies to grow their business, but also help the travellers to book cheap flights from anywhere at any time across the world. Experts are of the opinion that booking your flights 3 months in advance will be the best decision to grab cheap flights on reasonable rates.

The day you book your airline ticket is very decisive in determining the ticket fare. The first thing you should keep in mind is that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the ticket fare will be higher while compared to other days. Higher will be the ticket fare of weekends.

Generally, experts in the industry have pointed out 90 to 95 days before the departure as the best time to book flight tickets. The day you book flight tickets also determines the price of the ticket. Weekends usually tend to have higher rates when compared to weekdays such as Tuesday or Wednesday.

For example, you may easily find cheap flights from Dallas to Kochi on weekdays, especially on Tuesday or Wednesday as the ticket fare will be lower on these days.

Best Time to Book Flight Tickets

The best time to book flight tickets is generally three to four months in advance of your departure date. Booking during this period will help you avail discounts or special offers on desired flights. If you are flexible on the travel date and time, you can grab better deals as travel agencies offer good flight deals for midnight and early morning flights.

Off-seasons are also considered as suitable periods to fly because travel websites come up with various offers to attract customers during this time.

Domestic vs International Flights

If you are looking for a price drop on your flight on domestic flights, you need to book at least 6-7 weeks in advance because a reasonable price drop demands a modest number of seats left on a flight unless the airlines will not give any discount. Those who are travelling to any popular destination at a highly acclaimed season, the chances will be higher for flights to get filled up at a faster pace.

Obviously, the airlines never need to put those flights on sale. Since tickets to popular holiday destinations or business spots are more likely to sell out faster, it’s always recommended to book earlier.

While booking international flight tickets, experts consider buying tickets well in advance than booking a domestic ticket. The availability of flights for those who are travelling abroad will depend on how frequently the airlines offer flights to the destination you fly to and how popular the destination is.

Studies reveal that the best time to fly to Asian countries is four months before departure. For Africa and the Middle East countries, it is 215 days before departure. For Australia and South Pacific tickets, book 320 days in advance. For best Europe flight deals, book 120 days in advance. For Central and South America in addition to Canada and Mexico flight deals, book 70 days out from travel dates on average.

Convenience vs Fare

Some people consider convenience over the lowest fare. For those who are concerned about factors such as which airlines to fly, nonstop flights or direct flights, weekend flights, time to fly, it would be best to book earlier than someone who is flexible on airline choice, travel date and travel time.

Always remember that as time goes by, you will get fewer options to choose from, even if the lowest possible fare stays around the same. If your destination has a limited number of airlines, and a small airport with minimal service, waiting too long to book your flight ticket will end up at higher risk. As these destinations will not offer much competition scope for airline services, the fare will be also higher.

If you are planning to fly to a destination on vacation or for business purposes, early-bird purchases will bring you the desired seats, lowest airfare, the itinerary of your choice and much more. Booking cheapest airfare tickets at the right time is an art.

Before making your purchases, search for low-cost airlines by comparing the price of various service providers and look for various sales bonanzas offered by travel agencies. How far in advance you book the flight and choosing the right time for your journey will significantly determine the possibility of getting the best deal on your flight ticket.
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