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While traveling Australia, there are a lot of things you will encounter that would scream of world class luxury, and remind you of 5-star accommodation in Sydney, or dining in Melbourne. It definitely reminded me of such while traveling in Australia.

With some offbeat destinations in Australia, it seems like a world of its own. Australia has different things than what I was used to from knowing from unique wildlife in Kakadu National Park, a pink lake to having the longest fence in the world. Here are some travel tips to prepare your Australian bucket list and the different things that Australian culture taught me as I moved from the northern territory to east coast to western Australia to south Australia are:

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1. Fast food giants have varying names

While traveling Australia, you would see an eatery that has a logo similar to Burger King, but with a different name of Hungry Jack’s. Don't be scared. It is really Burger King, then why do they have a different name.

Another eatery has been using the name, 'Burger King' in Australia, and when the owner of the Burger King you know in the United States and other parts of Europe decided to expand to Australia, it was found that the name was taken. It's not only Burger King that has another name, McDonald's comes bearing a different name, though the reason is different from the former.

In Australia, residents preferred calling the eatery 'Macca's' instead of 'McDonald's.' The company decided to change the signage of some of its eateries to 'Macca's.'

2. Wifi doesn't come cheap

In a lot of countries, their hotels come with complimentary WiFi, but that's not the case in Australia. To access the WiFi, you are expected to pay AUD 25 for every night. This seems expensive and may leave you making use of your data plans.

3. You see Utes everywhere

You are probably wondering what Ute is. Well, that was how I felt when I heard the word until I saw them myself. Ute is a car built to look like a pickup truck. It is not common in where I come from but know for sure that if you step your feet in Australia, you will see them a lot.

4. In Australia, lemonade is just lemon lime soda.

If you are in Australia, and you opt for those cans that are labeled as lemonade, you will be left with lemon-lime soda that will remind you of Sprite, and not lemonade. To get lemonade in Australia, opt for Lemon Crush.

5. You will love Australia in Winter

Going to Australia during this time allows you to enjoy it without having to think about a lot of tourists fighting for space with you.

At such time, you will surely see sunbathers whether it is in Ningaloo Reef, Fraser Island, Cable Beach, Bondi Beach, Whitehaven Beach or Kangaroo Island. Weird, right? At this time, you can have access to great hotels at affordable prices.

6. Anything is christened Macquarie

This is a kind of inside joke by Australians. If you call anything Macquarie, you are a bit right, even when you don't know its name. In Australia, a lot of places have Macquarie attached to it, from Harbor, Street, River, Lighthouse, Hospital, Bank, Lake and lots more.

Why is this so?

New South Wales had a governor, Major General Lachlan Macquarie, who spent his time, crafting out infrastructure that turned Australia to what it is today.

You can see a giant stone chair that has the Macquarie name attached to it. This was where the Wife of the Major General would sit and stare at ships as they entered the harbor.

7. Ugg boots have been used for a long time

The same way Kangaroos and Koalas are synonymous with Australia; the same thing can be said of ugg boots. These boots have been traced to the 1920s when they used to be worn by shearers inhabiting the areas that made up rural Australia. Surfers fell in love with them in the 1970s.

8. The Australian Alps are quite magnificent

Have you heard about the Australian Alps? If you haven’t then it is time for you to learn a bit more about the most scenic part of this country. First of all, they have interesting, themed pubs all over the place, so you know you’ll have fun. If you want to experience Australia truly, I suggest you pay them a visit.

The other thing is that the Alps themselves, are quite beautiful. This range is located in southeastern Australia, and it overlaps eastern Victoria, southeastern New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory.

9. The wine regions in Australia produce an amazing wine

I bet when you are thinking about wine, the first thought that comes into your head is French or Italian, European in any case, even perhaps Napa Valley. However, Australia might surprise you when it comes to quality wine. Moreover, the wine regions in Australia are quite popular among the locals, and the most famous one of them all is Hunter Valley, Jacob's Creek winery in Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley.

What once upon a time, in the distant 1938 was a small vineyard at Yering Station, today it is a whole wine complex. In fact, there are over 300 vineyards and 160 wineries in Yarra Valley. You will be amazed by the sparkling Chardonnay, aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir they have to offer. If you’re a wine lover, you might have a lot of fun asking the locals about their unique land crafting and production practices.

10. You must visit the beaches in Australia

While you are there, you should definitely visit the numerous, breathtaking white sand beaches Australia has to offer. My personal recommendation would be for you to take a small road trip to the Whitsunday islands and the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia.

Even though it does not qualify as your typical, surfing beach in Australia, it is still a sight to behold. In fact, it’s the largest living “organism” on Earth, and it is spectacular. When you look at the sun shimmering on the water’s surface, you’ll know you made the right choice.

Therefore, what I learned from Australia as well, is to breath in the beauty and relax. Here are the Australian Islands You Need To Explore.

11. Australia has the best coffee in the world

Do you want to know why Australia has by far the best coffee in the world? It's because it also has the largest Greek population in Melbourne and Sydney. Even though that might not make sense right away, just think about the traditional coffee recipes brought here by the Greeks. Now blend that with Australian techniques and Asian influences.

After years and decades spent on perfecting different types of coffee and working with numerous ingredients and combinations, the Australian coffee scene was born. Honestly, the coffee itself makes it worth it for you to travel to Australia. You can find almost any type of cappuccino, mochaccino, frappucino there, and you should make it a priority to at least try a few different flavors while sitting along the Sydney harbour watching the Opera House.

I intentionally left coffee as the last point on the list as the most delicious reasons to visit Australia.
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  1. WOW these are great things to know! I had no idea about any of these, with the exception of the beaches of course, LOL! And you had me at "best coffee"! :)

  2. Truly a good travel guide to Australia. Thanks for sharing.



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