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Holidays can be a great time to take a vacation and travel, and of those destinations can be Sydney. There are many events and places to visit in Sydney and experience, and spend quality time with your loved ones in Australia. Considering that December in Sydney is summertime, that means night barbecues on the beach, swimming, and festive activities.

An equally beautiful city but on the other end of the map to the USA, Sydney is famous for incredible buildings and monuments such as the Opera House, Harbor Bridge and Darling Harbor. Can’t forget that it is a city in Australia, home to the kangaroo and koala!

Taking a walk, singing carols, shopping, those are just some of the activities you can do during the winter. Below we will give you top places to visit in Sydney during the holidays.

best places to visit in Sydney Australia

1. Sydney CBD

One of the sure ways to have a great Christmas holiday in Sydney is to visit the city center with its magical light, pop-up shops, and a giant Christmas tree. The Yuletide festivities traditionally start with lighting the Christmas tree. A visit to Santa Claus is a must, who you can see at the Enchanted Garden.

Around the whole city of Sydney in December, carols are very easy to come by, with singers spread out around the place, sharing the holiday spirit. Just taking a simple walk and enjoying the scenery and all of the colors and lights will surely get you ready for Christmas and New Year's Eve in Sydney.

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2. Christmas in Sydney

During the holidays, Sydney is covered with beautiful lights and sparkles all around which will surely take your breath away. Everyone loves Christmas, so you will surely see families displaying all of the lights they have in the most beautiful ways.

Going on the light-hunting trip is a very fun way to entertain yourself during the holiday, and it will bring you a lot of joy and inspiration. Extravagant trees towering the city and spectacular light installations will make you want to decorate yourself and get into the holiday spirit.

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3. Buying a Christmas Tree in Sydney

One of the first and most fun traditions and activities is buying a holiday Christmas tree. Buying and decorating a tree is a great way to spend time with your family or friends, and an easy way to make your home beautiful during the holidays.

With many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect type of tree. Do you want a fresh pine tree or a potted plant that will last you a long time? The choice depends on how you want to decorate your house, and how much you are willing to clean. An easy fix is to buy a plastic tree that can come in a lot of colors and can last you forever, with making minor changes to decor.

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best places to visit in Sydney Australia

4. New Year's Eve in Sydney

Have you thought about what to do on New Year's Eve in Sydney? What about having an amazing time dancing the night away in some of the best parties in Sydney? A spectacular night in the harbor will surely lift your holiday spirit up.

The harbor is lit and decorated with many different lights and illuminations like a fireworks display. Buying a dress or a suit and visiting famous salons like Rubi Hair is a perfect way to prepare for the parties and glam up for the holidays. It will get you in the right mood and make your night magical.

Luna Park is a harbor party that will surely make an impression on you, with activities like riding a Ferris wheel or any other rides in the park until 1am. If you don't want to mess up your new look, the New Year's Eve Soirée in the Sydney Opera house will be more to your taste. Fresh food, different drinks, and beautiful music will make your night special and memorable.

Best Things To Do In Sydney Australia

5.Christmas Markets in Sydney

We all like to give and receive presents, and some people take a lot into consideration when buying a gift for family or friends. Fashion, art, food, all of that can be found in Sydney's Christmas markets. You can actually find everything you need in just one visit, but the colors and many stalls will make you want to go back.

A fair trade Christmas market in Sydney is a perfect place for ethically sourced gifts like toys, homeware and jewellery. If you enjoy an occasional drink, the Craft Drinks market is the place for you. Unusual and new tastes can be found here, going perfectly with the holiday spirit. Artisans market Glebe is about local and handmade products, like plants, toys and furniture.

Whether taking a walk, buying stocking stuffers or enjoying a drink, your holidays can be amazing and full of new experiences. Making people happy and bringing fun is what Sydney is all about at Christmas, and you can surely feel that way. Get out of the house and go exploring different markets in search of the perfect tree, gifts for your family or, if you have different plans, shopping for new clothes for New Year's Eve parties.

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