Fantastic Offbeat Destinations In Australia

Australia offers vibrant beaches, vast open spaces, delicious cuisine, affable locals, and some of the most exotic animals in the world among plenty of other things. It’s not just a dream destination for many Indian travelers but for other travelers around the world as well. But statistics do show the increasing trend of Indians exploring more offbeat destinations in Australia among other places. If you happen to be one such traveler, here’s a list of some of the best offbeat destinations you can explore in Australia.

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Blue Mountains

Rising above Sydney and located within a World Heritage Site, the Blue Mountains of Australia offer a very distinct perspective than busy city life. Apart from the scenic beauty of the place, top attractions you can enjoy here include day spas, shopping markets, golf courses, dining areas, and galleries among several other things. For trekkers, there are bushwalking trails like the Three Sisters at Echo Point. The massive and spectacular Blue Mountains obtain their name after the stunning blue tinge they display from a distance.

Kangaroo Island

Travelers who happen to be hardcore animal lovers will love exploring Kangaroo Island. A number of people are choosing to explore offbeat destinations such as this and not just sticking to the popular ones such as Adelaide among others. This is among the best places you can head to if you wish to experience the exotic wildlife of Australia undisturbed. In their real environment, the animals are free and uninhibited so you can enjoy watching and perhaps interacting with a few of them, with expert supervision of course.


One of the most popular cities and the glorious capital of Australia, Canberra is a fantastic place to explore. Lying only on the border of being an offbeat destination, there are scores of attractions to enjoy here. It’s best to give a day or two just to explore Canberra and its many attractions which include some of the best and most spectacular Australian festivals. The fabulous city witnesses a lot of tourist traffic many of which happen to be repeat visitors who can’t seem to get enough if this amazing place.

Gold Coast

A spectacular place to visit, Gold Coast’s popularity seems to be soaring even more with the Commonwealth Games 2018 approaching since it’s the host city. Offering top attractions such as splendid beaches, intriguing theme parks, and awesome rainforests among plenty of other things, the place is popular not just with foreign tourists but even the locals are flocking to the place in increasing numbers every day. Its sunny beaches are by far its top attraction and major draw where you will find lots of people spending quality time together.

Jarvis Bay

Also spelled Jervis Bay, this offbeat yet spectacular place is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Australia. Offering crystal blue waters along with shimmering sandy beaches, the beauty of the place cannot be described in enough words. Adventure lovers will enjoy the watersports opportunities here while animal lovers will immensely be enthralled by indulging in a bit of Dolphin spotting. There’s also the Booderee National Park you can explore whose top attractions include Bristol Point, Murray’s Beach, and Greenpatch among others.

Hunter Valley

With an increasing number of Indians exploring more offbeat destinations in Australia, Hunter Valley has proved itself to be worthy of a visit as well. A paradise for wine lovers, this is where you’ll find the vineyards and wine cellars of the famed De Luliis, McGuigan, Tyrell’s, and Briar Ridge among others. The Hunter Valley Wine School is a fantastic place to visit and learn all you possibly can about wine. The restaurants here serve only the best when it comes to wine and it’s coupled with delicious food made from fresh local produce.

Ayers Rock

The incredible Ayers Rock, also called Uluru, is one of the most spectacular sights to behold in Australia. Located in the heart of the Red Center in Australia’s Northern Territory, it is a sacred site for the local indigenous folk. Thereby, climbing this is considered a great insult to them. Visited by a growing number of local as well as foreign tourists, Ayers Rock is an important and recognizable symbol of Australia today. Nature lovers will be enthralled by a visit to this massive mountain offering endless beauty to behold.

Port Stevens

Popularly considered as a “blue water paradise” owing to its vast stretches of clean, white sandy beaches, Port Stevens is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. Offering some of the most delicious and fresh seafood in the region, the tourism industry here is fast becoming one of the most lively ones in the country. A fantastic alternative to those who’ve been to Sydney too many times, Port Stevens does not disappoint with its spectacular beauty and lively ambiance. In return, Australians could book cheap flights to India and come explore some of the most stunning attractions this incredible country has to offer.

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