9 Best Islands in Australia to Visit

Did you know that Australia has more than 8000 islands? It is not just one giant country but is a country with so much more than just its land mass in the middle. The islands around Australia are doused in their own natural beauty.

While there are plenty of traveling blogs telling you which territory to go and visit to see the kangaroos and the koalas, there are fewer telling you about the many Australian islands that are mind blowing enough to visit.

Best Islands in Australia to Visit

Below, we have got some of those amazing picture worthy places in eastern Australia to travel. So get your wallet ready to book your next break! The many reasons to visit Australia are:

1. Whitsunday Islands

This is one of the most popular destinations for native Australians who are looking to get away from the rat race of the cities and who crave some tranquility. There are 74 islands made up of from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Whitsunday is the largest of them all.

There are activities for all tastes from excursions to paradisaical beaches in Australia such as wild Whitehaven Beach, whale watching in season, sailing or diving. The Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday Island is another remarkable place, and it has got the purest and white sand in the world.

Fun fact: the sand is so pure here that you can literally brush your teeth with it!

2. Magnetic Island

Reachable by ferry from Townsville in Far North Queensland, Magnetic Island is very popular with backpackers and for good reason. The Reef, the koalas, the IslandLife Beach Festival and the many bars right along the beach are just a few of them.

3. Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island and is probably the only place that has a sandy highway on which you can drive an all-wheel 4x4. There are so many tours that come to Fraser Island, and it is because it is the largest sand island in the world. The waters may be too rough to swim in, but there are safe lakes that are within the island and so worth going to see. You will encounter the dingo and eucalyptus forests, so bring your camera.

Fraser has a wolf called a dingo, they are now a tourist thing, but be careful, it is not a dog. There are shops, motels, camping grounds from simple to exotic, tourist resort on the northern side, ship wreck, 90 miles of beaches. There are vehicle rentals and a barge to cross the water. Eli Creek is a must.

4. Phillip Island

The cities of Melbourne and Sydney are ranked as the most livable and beautiful cities to live and has an elegant mix of mature and modern-day art and engineering.

Melbourne is famous for many things, but Phillip Island is one of the most famous. Why, you ask? The PENGUINS! The penguin parade is located here, and people go to see it happen every year. It is also a very popular spot for surfers, and when you want to catch a wave and relax on the beach, Phillip Island is the place to be.

5. Lord Howe Island

A piece of paradise, Lord Howe can be found 600 KM south of Sydney and is basically a volcanic remnant. Hikers will love the walking trails and the stunning choice of peaks to scale, but it is a little outside the backpacking budget given that you can only get there by plane. It is worth the ticket, though, especially if you want to enjoy coral pools.

6. Kangaroo Island

Travelers who happen to be hardcore animal lovers will love exploring Kangaroo Island. A number of people are choosing to explore offbeat destinations such as this and not just sticking to the popular ones such as Adelaide among others. This is among the best places you can head to if you wish to experience the exotic wildlife of Australia undisturbed.

Kangaroo Island is the ideal place to meet the Australian fauna, where we can see sea lions, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, penguins and various birds. In their real environment, the animals are free and uninhibited so you can enjoy watching and perhaps interacting with a few of them, with expert supervision of course.

It is a bit of an obvious name, but Kangaroo Island is famous for its wildlife. There are also koalas aplenty and seal colonies and wombats that live here, meaning the animal lovers out there will never want to leave. Take a couple of days on the island to truly revel in the experience.

7. Kippel Islands

If you are a beach lover who needs to see some new ones, there are seventeen to be taken in when you get to Great Keppel Island. You can go beyond the backpacker trail and take in the sunshine while you are hopping between islands.

8. Perth

The Bunda Cliffs are a line of sea cliffs up to 100 metres high that extend westward from the head of the Great Australian Bight to Eucla, near the border of South Australia and Western Australia. Their total length is about 210 km, of which about 180 km is unbroken cliff line. They form part of a much longer escarpment at the southern edge of the Bunda Plateau.

Once a continuous sea cliff, local uplift has isolated two sections from the ocean. The greater escarpment comprises the Bunda Cliffs, Hampton Range (inland; total length 300 km), Baxter Cliffs (160 km of coastal cliff) and Wylie Scarp (inland; total length 160 km).

There are five lookouts off the Eyre Highway with views of the cliffs and the Southern Ocean. The cliffs can be seen from the highway at several places, where they curl away from the road, so you don’t even have to stop the car if you don’t want to.

Looking for things to add on your list of interesting day trips from Perth? Then pump up the fun and go sand boarding at the Lancelin Sand Dunes. Here you'll get the biggest dunes in Australia - up to 45-degree angle. Enjoy a four-wheel drive and a dirt bike ride within the two-kilometre sand dune system while being surrounded by coastline, farmland and sand hills.

There are many reasons to visit Toodyay, whether for a daytrip or short stay, this quintessential country town is somewhat of a hidden country gem. Want to experience a waterfall moment in Perth? Then go ahead to Noble Falls, and you'll get to see marri, jarrah and blackbutt bushland. You can enjoy a nice picnic or dip your feet into the cold, fresh water. When visiting Noble Falls in spring, you can capture a variety of wildflowers you won't get to see in other places on Earth.

One of the most astonishing sites to visit in Perth is the Wave Rock or Hyden Rock. Who wouldn't want to walk under the bright blue sky while you go on marveling the impressive prehistoric rock formations that look straight out of a movie? Climb to the top, and you'll find salt plains and paddocks and get to learn about the legend of Mulka. Get up close and personal with white kangaroos, koalas, wombats and more at the Wildlife Park.

Love vintage cars? Then you'll want to visit the oldest private motor museum in all of Australia. The restored heritage building stood magnificently in the busy main street. In York Motor Museum you can find the world's oldest VW beetle as well as photographs and memorabilia that are worth the trip.

9. Rottnest Island

For an incredible day trip experience, head over to Rottnest Island, also known as Rotto by the locals. In Rottnest Island there are quokkas practically in all the island but it is certain that sometimes they are difficult to see. When you are pedaling observe well on the sides of the road, they are usually put under trees where there is good shade.

If you see that there are people standing still, it's probably because there are quokkas there. Be patient, you'll get sick of seeing them! How to move around the island? Wondering what the best way to explore Rotto is? The best way is to rent a bicycle. Grab yourself a bike! Bicycles are recommended as there are no cars on the island. Wearing a helmet when you go by bike is mandatory in the state of Western Australia, Rottnest Island is no exception.

All it takes is a short ferry trip, and you can see the serene waters by swimming, kayaking, diving, and fishing. There are several ferry companies that depart both from Fremantle and from Perth to Rottnest Island. They are mainly found around the village and in the northeast (for example in Geordie Bay).

Missing tennis or golf? You'll have no problem as Rottnest Island offers such activities to its visitors too. There are quite a few areas with cabins to stay. The types of accommodation range from simple campsites, to bungalows, hotels, apartments and a hostel.

Parker Point and Little Salmon Bay are protected areas with excellent snorkeling options. It is best to come here in the morning. In the north there are other beaches in Australia to snorkel, although not as good as the previous ones. They are Little Armstrong Bay, Parakeet Bay and the popular The Basin. It is best to come in the afternoon.
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