8 BEST Places to Visit in Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is in the list of best family holiday destinations in India. To experience the pleasant and cool climate during the summer, you can visit Coorg, which is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka in summer season. Coorg is a lush green hill station in Karnataka and the weather here stays calm and cool throughout the year attracting the maximum tourists all around from India.

Coorg often referred to as Scotland of India has been blessed by an abundant and beautiful nature. Known as Kodagu and located in the middle of ancient mountains, which protect the southernmost part of the state of Karnataka, this is an area of great beauty. With its rugged terrains, green valleys and lush forests, Coorg offers a splendid panoramic and a destination of unparalleled adventure.

Coorg is also known as Kodagu. It is said that this place haunts you forever by its timeless beauty. This city offers a fascinating past, captivating beauty, great food and subtle aromas of coffee plantations, oranges and honey. Described as the Scotland of India, it is located at 1525 m above sea level in the Western Ghats region.

Urban life comes with its advantages - mainly the metropolitan hustle and bustle that keeps life going, but often we grow tired of these monotonous days filled with cramped schedules and restrictive routines. One can find the perfect solace away from the busy city by paying a visit to Coorg. Coorg, officially called Kodagu, is the most sought after and popular hill station of Karnataka.

The misty hills, lush teakwood and sandalwood forests, and acres of tea and coffee plantations of Kodagu are breathtaking. The best time to visit Kodagu is between October to May and the peak season for this hill station is from February to May. Kodagu's undulating hills covered in lush green forests and a landscape dotted with coffee plantations, tea gardens and orange groves, makes the hill station scenic beauty.

Kodagu is ideal for outdoor activities such as trekking, angling and white-water rafting, and major festivals like Keil Poldu (worship of weapons), Kaveri Sankramana (return of the river goddess) and the Huttari (harvest) festival are a huge draw. Kodagu is a postcard-perfect region of scattered villages and hamlets, which are the epitome of old-world charm, and the perfect relief from our tyrannous struggles.

Coorg is a much-loved destination in the south. Located amidst magnificent mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers and honeymooners. Coorg is probably the only place where one can find every shade of green that blends perfectly well with the earthy brown. Now imagine experiencing all of it during the monsoons.

The word is 'magical'. Coorg offers beautiful view points, Coffee estates, Iruppu waterfalls, Elephant camp, Buddhist monastery etc. Known for its dense forest cover, it also acts as a biodiversity hotspot showing a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some other locations here which you can enjoy includes the Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls where you can enjoy some amazing water adventurous activities and can capture beautiful pictures there.

This romantic destination offers enchanting waterfalls, lakes, vast coffee plantations and delicious cuisine for the palate. Serene climate, beautiful hills for trekking, Homestays amidst coffee estates, a drive through Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary, Iruppu waterfalls plunging from a great height in Brahmagiri hills, Tibetan monastery called as golden temple, pristine lake, elephant camp, and great food make Coorg the best hill station in Karnataka.

This is a much bigger hill station, actually a district, with many attractions like Elephant camp, waterfalls, tea/coffee estates, even river rafting on Kaveri river. Coorgie cuisine is distinct and delicious. It even has enchanting trekking trails.

Soak in the beauty of the misty hills, coffee plantations and warm Coorg hospitality. Kodagu, also known as Coorg is an amazing place to visit during a romantic weekend. Scenic Coorg appeals to all romantics in the heart as much as it does to adventure. For lovers of adventure, there is no shortage of adventure activities. You can go for rock climbing, trekking and windsurfing.

Other places to visit in Coorg are Nagarhole National Park, Namdroling Monastery, Burude Waterfalls, Tadiandamol Peak, Madikeri Fort.

Raja's Seat is famous for the beautiful sceneries and is a photogenic place to capture some beautiful photos for Instagram. Raja's Tomb also known as Gaddige is located in Coorg. For a different type of romantic experience, visit waterfalls such as the Abbey falls and Irupu falls.

If you want a more emotionally charged adventure, rafting in the white waters of Coorg is a good option. You can also go for bird watching or trekking in its forests, or simply relax with a cup of coffee in one of its many picturesque tree houses. Popularly known as the Scotland of India, a quaint hill station tucked away in the mist topped hills of Western Ghats is Coorg.

It has been luring tourists with its scenic charm and alluring atmosphere, giving a perfect chance to rewind and relax. Perhaps, you're the one who is in line to get enchanted by its scenic beauty.

There is a lot one can do in this beautiful hill station. You can enjoy the views of cascading waterfalls such as Abadia, Mallalli and Iruppu waterfalls. Many adventure freaks visit this place for activities such as river rafting as well.

A letter from CoorgA letter from Coorg

1. Mandalpatti

A short drive from Abbey Falls reveals yet another one of Coorg's hidden attractions- Mandalpatti. With Mandalpatti's ideal trekking terrain and surrounding flora, it is every adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. The ride to Mandalpatti is a scenic route for avid Bangalorean bikers and serves as the perfect canvas for timeless photographs.

Mandalpatti offers calming seclusion to its visitors, in contrast to the busier tourist-filled locations of Coorg.

2. Kote Betta

A significant tale of the Mahabharata is said to have unfolded in Kotebetta's luscious green lands. The Pandavas were rumoured to have spent their exile in this range, now occupied by acres of coffee estates and spice plantations. Kotebetta is the go-to spot for trekking, hiking, camping, and other adventure-fueled activities.

The fauna that flocks through the aisles of this lush green habitat include herds of elephants, civets, and mongoose. Far from the city's pollution, a late-night trek at Kotebetta allows travellers the opportunity to view the starry night sky, creating a temporary bubble of peace and beauty for its visitors.

3. Brahmagiri

The trekkers paradise, Brahmagiri hill is a sanctuary that covers an area of 181 KM. The Thirunelli temple and the Iruppu falls lie amid the green groves en route to this trekking location. This secluded beauty of nature offers adrenaline junkies an opportunity to gaze at breath-taking greenery and undisturbed wilderness.

One can also spend their time getting involved in activities such as bird-watching, wildlife photography, and camping, along with trekking. The hilltop allows travellers to take in the beauty of the Kodagu District while being surrounded by misty clouds. Near the Brahmagiri Hills is the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary which allows visitors the chance to spot rare species of plants, animals, and birds.

4. Coffee Estates

Coorg is famous for its vast green coffee plantations. Coffee estates in Coorg are world-renowned, attracting flocks of tourists from international waters as well. The coffee plantations of Coorg are not only a visual masterpiece but are also the perfect place to experience the rich diversity of coffee beans and aromas.

One can see the intricately detailed process of planting, plucking, roasting, and grinding the coffee, and are even given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to indulge in the sampling sessions of the incredible coffee bean.

These coffee estates are the perfect location for visitors hoping to catch a glimpse at Coorg’s more luxurious side, with its multiple estates and cafes. Most cafes allow travellers to enjoy handcrafted coffees and artisanal cakes as well. Some of the most popular trails are the Old Kent Estates, Coorg Express, and Ama Plantation trails.

Unwind with some chai on a cool tea plantation, take a walk before the morning dew dries up, and rejuvenate in the clean air before summer hits hard. The homestays near Coorg has one aim and one aim alone - to keep the vein of Coorg life alive. From the open dining area, the homemade spices, to even the stories - you’ll find the Kodavu way of life seeped into everything.

You'll definitely come back home with a couple bottles of the signature black vinegar to try in your own food. The spacious rooms and plantation, with the surrounding woods and lush forest drive, make for an ideal getaway adventure. Take a nice walk or go on an adventurous jeep ride - whatever hits your fancy depending on the day.

Take full advantage of this isolated home in the hills to truly recharge your batteries and forget about the city life for as long as you can. This beautiful place is famous for the coffee gardens and the pleasant weather.

5. Nisargadhama

Nisargadhma is the perfect picnic spot one can uncover at Coorg. It offers tourists a chance to escape into a beautiful trance surrounded by Kaveri's calm waters with its island-like feel. Even the trail towards this location is worth the hype, with beautiful towering bamboo grooves, sandalwood trees and teak trees.

The sounds of the rush of the water paired with the aromatic environment of the track make Nisargadhma a safe haven for lost souls. This is one of the offbeat places to visit in Coorg for a unique island escape.

6. Talacauvery

A mix of devotion and scenic beauty is the Talakaveri in Coorg, implying the birthplace of the river Cauvery, one of the most sacred rivers where a small spring of water originates. The water is said to have good healing powers for the mind and body. Apart from being a pilgrimage center, Talakaveri has vast natural beauty for your eyes to take in.

Believed to be the birthplace of River Cauvery, Talacauvery is considered to be sacred amongst locals. Devotees from all over travel to Coorg to visit this holy destination. The Bhagamandala hill is located on the River Cauvery banks, and yet another tourist attraction that invites waves of travelers. While at Talacauvery, one must take a dip in the cool waters of Cauvery.

The Bhagamandala Temple and its serene environs are a beautiful sight to witness, along with the beautiful colourful architecture. Additionally, there are two temples here, as well. One temple is dedicated to Shiva with an ancient Shiva Linga while another temple is dedicated to Ganesha. It is best to visit the place during the month of October.

The best time to visit is during the auspicious month of October when the Tulasankaramma festival is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. After watching this, you can go up to the Brahmagiri Hills, where nature is presented on a platter. It houses two temples dedicated Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Experience a dip in the holy river for relief from physical illness. This is a wonderful chance to get rid of all your physical miseries when in Coorg.

Huttari is the biggest festival in Karnataka celebrated by Kodavas. It is celebrated by them with all show and fervor pump. If you want to enjoy and explore this festival then you must visit there and experience it.

7. Madikeri

If you're looking to escape the summer heat and retreat to the cooler weather of the Madikeri region, then go on a roadtrip from Bangalore to Coorg. Enjoy golf and hiking and stay in a tree house in Madikeri. The monsoon attracts people who love to get soaked by the rains. During the trip, you will meet native women dressed in their traditional bright saris and men with long coats and a kind of wrap around.

This high-altitude corner of Karnataka is the land of spices, unique culture and cuisine. Stay in secretly nestled homestays and unhotels, enjoy freshly brewed coffee or indulge in the local cuisine. If you are an adventurer then we have something special worked out for you. A hiking, rock-climbing and zip-lining add-on to this serene vacation.

8. Honnamana Lake

Located in the Doddamalthe village, this is the largest lake in Coorg bestowed with stunning natural beauty and is one of the best places to visit in Coorg. This peaceful lake is surrounded by hills with thick vegetation, coffee plantations, and caves, giving it a mystical vibe. When here, one must spend their time boating through the dense mangroves.

Lucky tourists can catch a sight of an elephant or two while they're on this adventurous journey. Named after the goddess Honnamma, this lake serves as a holy place for the locals. A temple is built on its riverbank, which adorns a colourful festival look during the yearly celebrations of Gowri festival. A visit to this lake will definitely ease one's worries away by its sheer beauty.

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