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Winter is in India in its full splendour. You can visit many places during the winter vacation in 2020 so that you can unwind with your family and friends. When it comes to funding issues, you can rely on the travel loan to cover your needs easily.

India is one of the world’s most diverse countries with so many different cultures, and people of different religions and ethnicity live there. It is one of the biggest countries in the world with respect to area, and the second biggest in terms of population. India has some of the most scenic and picturesque places for tourism.

It is so vast that you can’t visit all the places in one attempt. You have to visit India several times to even think about touring all the places. It is a beautiful country, and its mesmerizing culture, cuisine, beaches, mountains, sunsets, and wildlife will definitely make your trip meaningful. It has 36 states with each state having its own culture and traditions.

India offers great tourism potential and it is full of surprises. It caters a plethora of beautiful destinations to visit and explore. If you are a true travel lover and tired of known tourist trails, here's a list of Indian destinations that let you step away from the beaten path and try something new!

Not sure where to go in India? Through the ages, the rich diversity, natural beauty, culture, art and cuisine of India has enticed travellers from across the globe.

best places to visit in India December

If you are ready to enjoy winter 2020 in India, then you can go through this post and know the best places to visit in India that deserve visiting. Read on!

1. Modhera, Gujarat

In India, there are staggered wells such as the famous Chand Baori, Rani Ki Vav or, especially, the Sun Temple located 2 kilometers from the Modhera town. Built in the 11th century by the Solanki dynasty in honor of Surya, the sun god, the Modhera Sun Temple is characterized by an indoor pool surrounded by various staircases and a temple that attracts hundreds of pilgrims each year.

Tourists from all over the world throng the place, so you might want to book your travel early in advance to get the best accommodations. Enjoy folk dances, folktales, performances, camel races, taste some of the best local cuisine and spend your day in frolic in the vast whiteness of the sandy ocean of the desert to truly discover yourself.

When referring to the village, the picture of dusty roads, bullock or horse carriages, raw-paved houses and far-sighted fields comes to mind, but there should be a village where there are paved and clean roads instead of raw, on them What if expensive cars like running Mercedes or BMW and restaurants like McDonalds are also seen at the village square.

Yes, Dharmaj village in Anand district of Gujarat is one such place, where you will see this prosperity scattered all over the place. The people of the village lead a life of both urban and rural surroundings. People of Dharmaj are settled all over the world. Dharmaj village is also called the village of NRI, where every person from every home does business abroad.

Here in almost every family, one brother lives in the village and cultivates, while the other brother goes abroad and earns money. It is said that in every country you will definitely find a person of religion. This will probably be the first village in the country whose coffee tablebook has been published expressing its history, present and geography.

2. Patan, Gujarat

One of the latest addition to UNESCO heritage sites is Rani ka Vav. A city situated inside the walls and the former capital of the state during medieval represents the Indian history and culture in olden times. Following the current of the Sabarmati River, you can enter the largest step well of India in the town of Patan.

An architectural jewel erected in honor of King Bhima I by his own widow in the eleventh century which consists of 7 levels where some 500 sculptures of motifs that will suppose a delight for lovers of history. Despite being abandoned and being invaded by the waters of the nearby river years later, Rani Ki Vav was rescued from oblivion in the 80s.

3. Kutch, Gujarat

From the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi to the Great Terrain of Kutch - experience this magical land of Western India. The district of Kutch is often known as the Far East of India. A unique destination in India, Kutch is the largest natural salt desert in the world situated in the state of Gujarat in India. The month of February is the best time to visit this unique landscape, as the popular Rann Utsav takes place around this time of the year.

The Rann Utsav is a time of the year when this gorgeous stretch of salt and marshes turns into a sight for sore eyes. Similarly, pockets of Gujarat bloom with festivity as Makar Sankranti brings the spirit of colours, brightness, and of course - Kite Flying! It is ideal for camping in the wild under a tent or entering a white horizon that offers some of the best sunsets in India.

An arid and nomadic place whose main attraction is known as Rann of Kutch, a clayey and salty desert located between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River. A curious scenario that during the monsoon season is flooded to form different marshes that attract species of flamingos (inhabitants of the Great Rann of Kutch) and even donkeys (the Wild Ass Sanctuary of the Little Rann of Kutch).

4. Junagarh, Gujarat

One of the most important tourist attractions in Junagarh is the Junagarh Fort. Lal Garh Palace is a masterpiece of architecture in red sandstone. The palace has an impressive collection of paintings in good condition and hunting trophies. Bougainvillea flowers and dancing peacocks make a visual extravaganza.

To see these havelis the suggested route is Gogagate, Daddhon Ka Chowk, Rangari Chowk, Assanion Ka Chowk, Mohta Chowk, Binnanion Ka Chowk Dagger Chowk, BK School and Jassuar Gate .

Located 2 km east of Junagarh and 3 km from the foot of Girnar Hill. There is ashok shilalekh, an edict of the Emperor Ashoka here. Stroll through the Bazaars in Junagadh. Some of the items that could possibly be collected as souvenirs are tapestries, Bandhni saris, cloth toys, embroidered clothes and silk saris. Bargain to get the best offer.

5. Pipli, Odisha

If you are inclined towards the craft & handicraft culture of Odisha, then a trip to Pipli should be in your bucket list. The appliqué handicrafts of this small town are especially popular. The artists do a superb job with colors and embroidery, make this town famous not just in India but across the globe. You shouldn’t return from this town without buying its world-class handicrafts and souvenirs.

6. Thajiwas Glacier, Jammu

Who would not like to be surrounded by the white beauty of snow? You can pack your bags and visit the famous Thajiwas Glacier in Jammu and Kashmir. Here, you will be able to enjoy snowfall as well as subzero temperatures. The delicacy that you can enjoy while having a gala time with your family includes Rogan Josh, Yakhni and Dum Aloo.

7. Porbandar, Gujarat

Located between the Veraval and Dwarka, Porbandar beach is located towards the southwest coast of the state of Gujarat. It is best known throughout the country for its various tourist attractions. It has an old port. Porbandar is the birthplace of Mahatama Gandhi, the father of the nation. Apart from this, this place is also believed to be the birthplace of Sudama, who was a close and devoted friend of Krishna.

The remains of old docks and ports along the Porbandar Creek certify that the city was once a center for marine activities.

8. Mehrauli, Delhi

Mehrauli Archeological Park is also know as Jamali Kamali mosque. Every one knows about Qutub Minar but most do not know about Jamali Kamali which is located right next to Qutub Minar. You can find the beautiful ruins inside spread over many acres.

Delhi has a history of being the chosen capital settlement of many empires, and thus has played host to seven historical cities through time, most of their ruins still visible. St. John's Church in Mehrauli village in Delhi is an architectural marvel of disbelief. It has a Mughal facade like the Red Fort's Lahore Gate, and it has a Hindu spire on top!

The Lodhi-era tombs of Wazirpur Gumbad complex are a treat to watch, with their beautifully ornate design and a scenic setting. If you step inside these somehow haphazardly placed tombs, you will see incense sticks and flowers scattered around the graves which indicates that locals come here for worshiping.

Zafar Mahal is in Mehrauli village, overlooking the dome of Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki's dargah in extreme right and also the domes of Moti Masjid in the center. In the foreground of Moti Masjid are the unmarked graves of at least three Mughal emperors and one Mughal prince along with an empty plot in between that was reserved for Bahadur Shah 'Zafar' (the last Mughal emperor).

Zafar Mahal itself takes its name from that of the last Mughal emperor and it was the last monumental structure built by the Mughals during the fading years of the Mughal era.

Dilli Haat presents a fascinating world of craft, handwork and cultural activities. You can buy chikankari suits, phulkari dupatta, pashmina shawls, silver jewellery, banarsi saree, Rajasthani puppets, madhubani paintings and lot of handmade work from all over India. It is located in the commercial centres of South Delhi, opposite INA market.

In the Greater Kailash Market near Kailash Colony metro station, you can find beautiful jewellery, dresses, saree blouses, bags, footwear etc. There is one hidden treasure in the basement, which sells the most gorgeous ready-made blouses.

Visit National Museum definitely. It's a great museum where you will definitely feel good after seeing the different things which is related to different dynasties, cultures and architectures.

9. Tughlakabad, Delhi

Tughlaqabad fort is one of the largest forts in Delhi. People perhaps know less about it because of the area where it is. The reason for it's abandoning is linked with the curse of Nizamuddin Auliya on the fort. Again, it is a must visit place if you are a history buff. There are many few more not so famous places like this such as Qila Rai Pithora, Siri Fort, Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Adilabad Fort but these are completely in ruins and there's nothing much left to see.

10. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

The premier Anthropological Museum in the nation is the National Museum of Humankind or Museum of Man located at the Shyamala Hills in Bhopal. Built in 1979, the museum houses arts, artifacts, re-created tribal dwellings and their signature handicrafts and costumes from various tribal communities across the country. The comprehensive exhibit is well curated and attractively laid out over a sprawling 200 acre site.

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh is best known for its main attractions such as museums, mosque and lakes. The popular sights are Tribal Museum, Laxminarayan Temple, Taj-Ul- Masjid, Lakes (Upper and Lower) inside the city limits, Shaurya Samarak Bhopal, and Sanchi Stupas. If time permits, visit one of India’s lesser-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, which is about an hour’s drive from Bhopal.

11. Vadodara, Gujarat

The distance from Golden Chowkadi to Pavagadh Foot Hill is around 42 Km. After Asoj village (23 Km from Golden Chowkadi), there is Narmada canal. Similarly, one can also reach to Pavagadh temple and Champaner, driving thorough Halol Town. There is a famous Shiva Temple on the road. The temple is on a small hill.

After crossing Champaner Gate, on the left, you can see the Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park – World Heritage Site. There are two options are available to reach the Maha Kali Mata Temple on Hill. One is park your car, and get in the Jeep (available on rent) or drive your car to Machi. There are turns on the road which will excite you. It is a beautiful road and gives breathtaking view of surrounding areas.

After reaching Machi, one can ride on rope way. After getting down from rope way, The Maha Kali Mata Temple is very near. Attractions at Pavagadh, are Maha Kali Mata Temple and Champaner. The Maha Kali Mata Temple at top of hill is very famous and one of the Shaktipeeth. Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple on daily, and more on full moon and almost all Sunday.

The Girmal Falls is the largest waterfall in Gujarat. The waterfall originates from a small Gira river flowing through the plains and joins the Ambika River, making its way through the Satpura hills in Gujarat's Saputara. The Sunset Point located in Saputara is also known as Gandhi Shikhar. The views of the tribal villages extending from the sunset point of Saputara to the mountains and plains of the Sahyadri ranges provide a very pleasant feeling.

Other than these places, you can also consider visiting hotspots such as Auli, Dehradun, Darjeeling, Nainital, Ooty, Munnar and Kodaikanal.

You can plan your winter vacation to any of these places and leave aside budget worries as you can apply for a personal loan online.

Happy and safe travels! Tell me in the comments below, which place got you most excited and why?
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