11 BEST Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

Popularly known as the Queen of Hills, Kodaikanal is one of the tourist places to visit in Tamil Nadu. It is a beautiful hill station bestowed with numerous magnificent sites, amidst mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding valleys and hills. This is the other most popular hill station in Tamil Nadu after Ooty, highly recommended for couples to plan for a short and quick break from the busy schedule.

Kodaikanal, sometimes known as the Princess of Hill Stations, is definitely one of the most beautiful honeymoon sites in Tamil Nadu. A visit to Bryant Park, a boat trip on the Kodai Lake in a star-shaped boat, a climb to the Pillar Rocks, and a plunge in the tranquilly of the Silver Cascade Falls can all be included in your Kodaikanal itinerary. Kodaikanal, one of Tamil Nadu's most romantic destinations, boasts some of the most beautiful stretches of jungles and meadows, spectacular waterfalls, and orchards, all complemented by a nice climate and tranquil atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, this beautiful hill station is one of the best places to visit in India where travelers can take part in several exciting and fun-filled activities including hiking, trekking, boating, and exploring numerous vantage points. It is known as the gift of the forest. This place is rich in flora and fauna, and variety of green lashes and landscapes, cool climate, cascade waterfalls which provide a number of memories to the couples.

From witnessing the picturesque views of the surroundings to the glimmering lakes and enjoying Shikara rides there are numerous activities to get involved in Kodaikanal. One of the best places to enjoy monsoons in South India is Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal literally means gift of the mountains and the abundant beauty of this hill town justifies its name.

Another high altitude hill station, the lovely Kodaikanal is one of the popular holiday destinations located in Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu. It is among the best honeymoon places in India. Here you will experience eclectic beauty and see the magnificent view of the Nilgiris. Kodaikanal, is filled with fog for most of the year. If you want a perfect reverse weekend then Kodaikanal is the best place for you.

Also known as the Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal is a super budget-friendly place. The street food of Kodaikanal tastes amazing and you can get a plate of fried chicken easily at 20 bucks. The small eateries by the road serve some lip-smacking local dishes at a very reasonable price. In Kodaikanal you can have Tibetan food, you can go cycling around the lake that will calm your mood and you can even have a walk in the streets.

Hotels here also provide rooms at fairly low prices. You can get a comfortable room easily at 500 bucks. Most cottages are beautiful with colourful well maintained gardens and look more like a three dimensional picture post card. Not to forget, the innumerable sites one could explore in Kodaikanal for the best experience. The main tourist attractions include the dolphin nose, pine forest trails and pillar rocks.

Hence this place can be super fun without you having to spend even 1000 bucks. The meticulously crafted Kodaikanal holiday packages will let you enjoy the glory of the place to the utmost level.

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Keep scrolling down to have detailed information about the top places to visit in Kodaikanal.

1. Kodaikanal Lake

This glimmering manmade lake in Kodaikanal happens to be the star attraction of the valley. This star-shaped lake is centrally located in Kodaikanal and is enveloped by the rich green Palani ranges. Palani Hill Range is believed to be the only water source of this gorgeous lake. One can enjoy spending time in different ways but the most preferred activity to enjoy here is taking a shikara ride with your travel companion.

Tourists as well as the locals prefer planning their picnic to this place to enjoy this fun-filled activity.

2. Coakers Walk

Coakers Walk is a 1 kilometer-long mountain side road. If there is no fog, you can see the entire city of Kodaikanal, Dolphin's Nose and the Pambar River Valley. During the monsoons, Coakers Walk and Bryant Park offer picturesque trails while there are also serious treks to Dolphin Nose, Kurunji Andavar Temple, Pambhar Falls, Pillar Rocks, etc. Also, after the rains, the waterfalls are a sight worth seeing as they are at their full glory.

The western sky is multi coloured (blue green, red, orange, violet) in summer evenings. They are a beauty to watch from Coakers walk edge. Once in twelve years Kodai hills are filled with lavender coloured Kurinji flowers. You may escape from the crowded tourist spots to remote and offbeat villages like Vattakanal, Poombarai and Mannavanur to enjoy its true beauty.

3. Vattakanal Waterfalls

The Vattakanal Waterfalls is a small waterfall located on the way to Dolphin's Nose. It is not one of the most impressive, so if you have time, we recommend you visit the Silver Waterfalls, the Bear Shola Falls or the Thalaiyar Falls. A visit during the monsoon will provide scenic views of the landscape along with the fresh monsoon moist air perfectly decorated with the dark clouds hovering over it.

4. Echo Point

Very close to Dolphin's Nose is the viewpoint of Echo Point, named for the echo phenomenon, and from where there are even more incredible views. It depends on what time and at what time you go, it is possible that the fog prevents you from enjoying the views. You can reach the ancient village of Vellagavi through a rugged bridle path here.

5. Liril Falls

A short paved road leads from the road to the Pambar Falls which is also known locally as Liril Falls after the filming of the famous Liril soap advertisement in 1985.

6. Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a botanical park with a great variety of flowers, plants and trees located a few meters from the Kodaikanal Lake. In the month of May the summer festival is celebrated with a flower show that attracts a lot of people. Wild mushrooms that grow in the wet rainy days are addictive. They cause hallucinations, hence are hunted by trekkers and locals. They are sold secretly for a high price.

7. Berijam Lake

If you are a water loving person then make your backpack, put food in it and hop in a car and go to Lake Berijam or Lake Mannavanur and do not forget to obey the no-plastic policy in these places. A quaint reservoir located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, Berijam Lake is one of the must visit travel destinations in Kodaikanal.

This freshwater lake is located at a distance of 24 km from the centre of the town and is home to an exotic collection of flora and fauna species. A collection of medicinal plants and gorgeous water lilies add more charm to the place and makes your ride a worthy visit.

Also, if you are a bird-watcher, visiting Berijam Lake is a great opportunity for you to spot several native as well as the migratory birds. Bird photography and bird watching are the two most exciting activities to do in the place.

How to reach here? The best and the easiest way to reach here is either by bus or car.

Additional Information: You are required to take permission from the forest department before visiting the lake area.

8. Dolphin's Nose

Hiking to the gorgeous Dolphin's Nose is considered to be one of the most preferred activities to do in Kodaikanal where the appealing sounds of nature will refresh your soul with positivity. The moment you reach the top of the point after completing a short 3 kilometer hike you get to see the rugged terrain, lush green valleys, clear skies, and natural beauty.

As the name suggests, this beautiful peak is shaped like a dolphin's nose and offers magnificent views of the surroundings. If you are excited to witness the utmost charm of the site then try planning your trip to Kodaikanal on the days when the city is enveloped by a mysterious fog. Winter happens to be the best time to enjoy hiking to the site along with clicking some amazing pictures for your travel frames.

How to Reach? You can either opt for a bus or a car ride to reach the base camp and then from there start hiking towards the peak.

Additional Information: Do not forget to visit the nearby waterfall and the market area from where you can purchase some snacks or beverages.

9. Caps Fly Valley View

Have you ever heard of Boomerang or played with it? Do not worry if you haven't as the majority of the travelers are unaware of it. Kodaikanal has something very special to offer its travelers. Popularly called as Thoppi Thooki Parai in the local language which means cap lifting rock, this valley viewpoint is nestled between two peaks having an unusual air current.

How to Reach? The best and the most convenient way to reach the base camp of the site is by taking taxi.

Additional Information: You are advised to keep your phone and camera charged so that you don’t miss out a single opportunity to show your photography skills.

10. Upper Lake

Not a great or fit experience to witness by the faint of heart and is mostly preferred by the couples, the night safari in Kodaikanal happens to be one of the most preferred things to do in the city at night. One of a kind experiences, night safari offers travelers a great opportunity to take a thrilling look of the natural fauna.

Spotting the exotic range of the fauna is not the only attraction of the destination and there are several other activities to enjoy here including soaking oneself into the mesmerizing views of Palani Temple and Mango City. Bison, Wild Boars, and porcupines are the most commonly found animals here.

How to reach? by opting for a taxi or hiring a cab from Kodaikanal bus stand.

Additional Information: You are recommended to go for this night safari activity only under an experienced and certified expert. Be smart and wise while hiring a guide for your journey.

11. Guna Caves

Formed by the pillar rocks, Guna Cave is home to a dark and mysterious cave system and is a part of almost every itinerary especially if you are visiting Pillar rocks. However, the interior of this magnificent cave is not accessible to the travelers anymore but the natural beauty of the surrounding and the elements of mystery still attract thousands of tourists.

How to reach? Catching a bus is considered to be the best way to reach this place as it is situated at a distance of almost 8.5 km from Kodaikanal Bus Stand.

Additional Information: The cave and its surrounding areas look super astonishing during the colder months when the entire region gets covered with fog.

The list of exciting and fun-filled activities to do in Kodaikanal doesn’t end here. There are several other options available for the tourists but we have compiled only a few of them as a single blog post can never do justice to the irresistible attractions present in this quaint small town.

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