Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in India

Looking for romantic destinations in India for honeymoon? Consider these beautiful destinations. According to The Hindu Business Online, the wedding industry of India is valued at $50 billion, ranking 2nd in the world. This industry caters to more than 10 million weddings each year and is estimated to increase multi-fold within the new decade.

Honeymoon trips form a sizable chunk of this industry, generating revenue for the travel sector as well. Today’s millennials are open for trips to locations beyond the traditional places. Here is a list of the best honeymoon places in India for would-be couples or those who are yet to take off on such a trip. The most preferred honeymoon locations for Indian couples include both foreign and domestic places.

Whether you are looking for a spiritual and healing experience or an adventurous and thrilling trip, here are top places in India every American tourist should visit for a full and thrilling experience. Enjoy the culture, food, and history of the region and visit a mix of everything to experience the beautiful country that is India.

India is a huge country with amazing diversity both in terms of culture and geography. In its vast expanse, you’d find breathtaking scenery in national parks, as well as majestic remains of ancient kingdoms and empires.

best honeymoon places in India

Those opting to spend their honeymoon in India can consider these destinations –

1. Amritsar, Punjab

Amritsar can be a great experience for families and one of the worthy places for a family vacation in India. There are some amazing attractions in the city that will make your trip with your family an unforgettable experience. One of the best things to do in Amritsar with your family, go to the Wagah border and watch the retreat ceremony on the India-Pakistan border.

Visit Jallianwala Bagh, a symbol in the fight for Indian independence. Visit the Golden Temple and be enchanted by the beautiful beauty.

Kalyan Panja