Best Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi Guide

Every year, many people visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi to enjoy the holidays. It is a sandy area and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can find the desert in the southern area of the United Arab Emirates. The desert safari in Abu Dhabi provides the most wonderful and the cultural view for the visitors.

Road trips in Abu Dhabi City are the most enjoying and thrilling way to take a break from the fatigue of the city life. Just you need to pack your travel bags and explore the beautiful destinations with your friends, family or loved ones. Below is a list of top notch road trips that can be reached within three hours’ drive from United Arab Emirates capital.

best desert safari in abu dhabi

1. Why is Abu Dhabi popular?

The surrounding area is full of historical places. Due to the historical and cultural environment, the city is famous. In this city, many people come only for shopping or for trading. The ancient style houses and the Arabian culture also are in show here.

In the modern city, the eastern and western region of Emirates is included. Under the guidance of Sheik Zahid, the city was designed by adopting Japanese architecture. The skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi includes the notable Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tower, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi headquarters and much more. The city is full of many parks and gardens as well as public beaches.

People can reach the Dalma Island by road within 2 hours 30 minutes’ drive. For nature lovers, this place is perfect. This charming destination has various traditional houses, sleepy villages and gardens.

Enjoy inspiring waterfalls and hot springs by taking a road trip to Hatta. You can reach this place from Abu Dhabi city within 2 hours 30 minutes.

Bedouin-style Qasr Al Sarab desert resort is another tourist spot that can be easily reached after a 2 hour 20 minutes’ drive from the UAE capital.

2. How you can manage the Desert safari from Abu Dhabi?

If you visit Abu Dhabi, your trip will not be complete without the desert safari. You can experience the adventure of being in UAE. The tour companies manage the trip from Abu Dhabi with expert drivers. Even people who do it for the first time have no difficulties during the trip. You can enjoy the thrilling dune bashing on the desert safari.

The desert safari from Abu Dhabi provides an efficient way of moving. With the safari, your journey is easy and you can easily enjoy the 9 hours of tours in the desert. According to peoples demand, tourism companies are demanding for a visa on arrival. You can check the different companies online and book your tour.

3. The best desert Safari Abu Dhabi deals

Here, you should know about the deals before the tour booking. The deals are affordable for you to visit the most beautiful places easily. The deals include:

Desert safari in Dubai

• Desert safari in Abu Dhabi

• Morning Desert Safari

• ATV Quad Bike tour

• Abu Dhabi city tour

• Grand Mosque & Louvre museum tour service

• Dhow Cruise Dinner

• Dubai city tour from Abu Dhabi

• Alain tour deal

You can enjoy the desert safari in Abu Dhabi deals only if you can search different sites and choose the best deals. You can enjoy the many moments at the desert through activities like camel riding, henna painting, smoking shisha — also known as hubbly bubbly, dune bashing, thrilling quad biking, sunset photography, amazing tanura dancing, glamorous fire show, BBQ dinners with dates and tea, different live dance shows, photography with the Arabian dress and the much more fun.

The next thing you must know about the types of desert safari tours. Well, here we show that the types…

4. Morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Many people cannot come in the day time, so they decide to visit the desert in the morning time. The tour is interesting in the morning time due to the sun shining and the red sand provides an eye-charming view. At the desert safari, they provide 20 minutes of dune bashing along with experts as well as you can also enjoy camel riding, sand skiing, and quad biking.

In the morning, you can breathe fresh at the desert place with the Arabian style breakfast.

5. Evening Desert safari in Abu Dhabi

As the weather in Abu Dhabi is too hot, people want to visit the desert in the evening time to have fun. In the evening, the wind blows and you can enjoy the different desert adventures in a fresh mood. The camel riding, dune bashing, and quad biking provide more fun. You can also enjoy the henna painting on hands and feet in the desert.

Also, the BBQ dinner will wait for you with the belly dance show. You can enjoy the dinner with the Arabian style Qehwa and dates.

6. Overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi

In the deserts of Abu Dhabi, you will need a camera to capture the beautiful moments of Abu Dhabi. The sky looks beautiful from the camp. You can feel the sound of the wind during the desert safari. Many hotels show the Arabian culture.
Kalyan Panja