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We got up early and went by subway back to the Deira area to return the cell phone we had bought the day before. When crossing some streets we saw the hidden side of Dubai and the low level of life in this area. After waiting a lot in the store they returned the money and we drove to the Dubai Marina Mall, and left the car in the free parking lot of the mall.

From there we went outside and started to explore the Dubai Marina Walk in the direction of the spinning skyscraper. The walk is frankly beautiful, although there are several areas still under construction. We rest from the heat in the shadows and stock bottles of water from one of the supermarkets and shops scattered around the promenade.

Once the tour was finished, we had lunch and returned to our apartment hotel. Meanwhile, we take the opportunity to be in the pool relaxing a bit. We ate at the apartment and about 3:30 we went down to the reception to wait for the 4x4 to enjoy the desert safari excursion through Dubai. There are many companies that perform on the same route and with quite different prices.

We choose the one with good reviews we had read on the internet and because it is one of the few that includes accident insurance for travellers. When the driver arrived we went through another hotel to pick up two girls who also came to the safari in the same 4x4. So it took us directly to the desert without the typical stop in an agreed store that is usually mandatory in such excursions.

After a journey of half an hour through a landscape that was becoming increasingly arid, we stopped in a desert area where there were also many 4x4. The driver deflated the wheels to get into the dunes and we took pictures for a while. We rode again and the fun began. The 4x4 lined up and began to slide across the dunes. Our driver expertly drove the 4x4, going up and down the dunes and skidding continuously.

After a very fun time for about 45 minutes, we reached an area where we got off the car and went barefoot to a fairly high dune from where we only saw dunes and desert on all sides. Here we enjoyed a wonderful sunset. We set off again and went to a typical camp in the desert, where in the central area there was a stage surrounded by very low tables covered with rugs.

In addition all activities were included in the price from camel ride, sand surfing, henna tattoos, photo with a hawk, dressing in traditional clothes, smoking in shisha. The only thing that was paid separately was the use of quads and alcoholic beverages. We quickly took a good place and dressed in traditional Arab costumes to take a picture of us. We then rented a quad to go around the sand, rode a camel and made some tattoos with henna.

We sat down and saw the show of a dancer who was doing a very interesting dance going around very fast on himself with a suit that sometimes lit up. In the break we had a barbecue dinner, with which we could try different types of meat, snacks, salads and sweets typical of the area, as well as all the non-alcoholic beverage we wanted. Except for the rental of the quads, everything was included in the price of the desert safari.

Then we enjoyed a belly dance show and dervish and we saw the show of a girl dancing the belly dance and about 9 we started the return trip and arrived at the hotel around 10:30 pm.

Desert Safari in Dubai
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  1. I love how you wrote this post, I felt as though I was experiencing everything with you! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dubai is good but the only problem I face there is the weather does not suit me at all. Good write-up.

  3. I always facinated with dessert and as in Xinjiang and experience some dessert in China. Dubai will be in my bucket list, last year we only managed to transit in Dubai Airport and get to see the tallest building from the plane. I hope to experience the sand dune with the extreme way.

  4. I recall my desert safari while reading your post. My adventurous New Year celebrations savoring sumptuous meal and delicacies overnight. And not to forget the belly dancing.

  5. What a beautiful post as I was reading it just felt like I was there. Never had a dessert experience and would love to have one.

  6. i have never been to a desert region. not sure how i'd like the heat!

  7. We have never been to Dubai, but it's definitely on our bucket list. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. How fun. I have always wanted to explore Dubai. What a cool desert experience


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