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Dubai is an exquisite venue for Christmas celebrations. With its happening environment, golden sand dunes, spectacular beaches and magnificent malls, Dubai offers a truly unique and diverse Christmas experience. So, if you are in Dubai for your Christmas vacation, you are in luck because there is just so much to do in the city of gold.

Whether you are looking forward to shopping till you drop dead or you want to fine dine with your loved ones on Christmas eve, Dubai offers it all - and more. Christmas preparations are underway in Dubai already, events and activities are being lined up and the excitement is very contagious.

best places to visit in dubai

If you want an authentic holiday experience in the UAE, here is our list of top places to visit in Dubai this Christmas.

1. Shop at Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market

Madinat Jumeirah, the largest and most festive Christmas market in Dubai is worth visiting this December. Like last year, a lineup of events at the market has been released and it seems like a lot of fun. Madinat offers a number of Christmas activities for all age-groups. It has got bungee jumping and snow fighting zones for children and it entices adults with soulful music performances, diverse cuisine as well as mad holiday shopping offers in Dubai.

Also, Santa Claus visits between 5 pm to 7 pm every evening and young ones can enjoy a wide range of fun activities in Dubai including gingerbread house and cookie decorating sessions.

2. Visit Times Square Center

For those looking for shopping in Dubai on a budget, Times Square Center is the best place for pre-Christmas preparations. Times Square Center is not just stocked up with shopping options but it also offers massive discounts in the days leading up to Christmas. Times Square Center in Dubai is an amazing place for children too. They can enjoy a snowy playground, treats, games and competitions.

Times Square is also super generous when it comes to gifts, awards and vouchers.

3. Brunch at Alta Badia in Dubai

If you are fond of Italian cuisine, what better place to have Christmas brunch than Alta Badia. Alta Badia, a region in Italy is renowned for being a foodie heaven due to its mouthwatering cuisine. Alta Badia Dubai is a cozy restaurant that offers the regional cuisine of Italy. Why Alta Badia? Well because this Christmas they have created a special menu featuring only festive dishes and delicacies from Italy. Have a lovely brunch!

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4. Enjoy a Christmas Concert at Dubai Opera

If you are a fan of festive music, Dubai opera is the place to go. The magnificent opera venue features holiday themed music performances throughout December. The performances are lined up throughout the morning, midday and evening. This year, the Dubai Opera is featuring musical performances including Christmas carols and good old classics by The London Concert Orchestra Show Band and Capital Voices Choir.

Grab your tickets before they run out!

5. Fine Dine at Armani Mediterraneo

The Armani Mediterraneo is a specialty restaurant in Armani Hotel, which is located in Burj Khalifa. If you love fine dining, you can drop by at Armani for a special Christmas dinner buffet with your loved ones. The buffet includes a variety of food options and drinks.

PS: do not forget to enjoy the view once you're there!

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6. Kempinski Mall of the Emirates

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is a sweet place to shop, especially if you are into Christmas decoration, trinkets and gifts. It is also the right place to go to if you've got holiday sweet tooth or a craving for delicious desserts. Kempinski is worth checking out for your Christmas shopping because most items are on sale in the days leading up to Christmas eve in Dubai.

From cookies, mince pies and affordable gifts, you will find it all here.

best places to visit in dubai

7. Visit Burj Khalifa at New Year in Dubai

Say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 in Dubai while enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful firework display at Burj Khalifa. The countdown is exciting and the fireworks are spectacular. Besides, you do not want to miss out on the world’s tallest building!

best places to visit in dubai

Tips for A Smooth Vacation in Dubai

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you have a stress-free and memorable Christmas:

Explore Dubai!

In order to do justice to the wonderful place Dubai is, you need to get out and explore it. Sure, we have given you a list of places that are worth travelling but often it is the travel itself that is important.

Prioritise and Prepare!

Prepare for your Christmas plans beforehand. If you have to make reservations at a restaurant or an event, do so a couple of days before Christmas to ensure that your holiday goes smoothly.

Also, visiting Dubai won’t be as much fun if you are anxious the entire time about incomplete tasks. Finish your work a few days before so you can fully enjoy the festivities.

Prioritising is also important and Dubai can help you enormously with that. Dubai is a place that was tailor-made for busy professionals. There is a wide plethora of amenities available.

That is why Dubai is super convenient. Need to stock up on food or provisions? Get it delivered. Have a pile of dirty laundry on your mind? Contact a laundry service in Dubai and let the laundromat take care of your worries. In addition to laundry and food delivery services, you can make use of other convenient alternatives to get done with your chores before Christmas.

Stick to a Schedule!

Sticking to your schedules would help ensure that you are at the right place at the right time. Most of the places we mentioned in this list follow a schedule and offer different activities at different times.

Have Fun!
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