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Are you yearning for something extraordinary that could offer you opportunities to break free from the shackles of mundane routine? If yes, then rediscover the lost zest in you by traveling to Dubai, worlds best country for Motorsports. The city's majestic stretch of desert, beaches, parks, age-old but evolved tradition and luxury and comfort are worth experiencing.

You must have heard a lot about UAE and the unique tourist attractions it has to offer. Among all these famous and unique attractions Dubai contributes a lot to the attract tourists in UAE. We bring you the top adventure things to do in Dubai in this travel guide that can make your life lively and cheerful.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

1. Skydiving in Dubai

Among all the outdoor activities in Dubai, skydiving is the one that offers the feeling which cannot be described in words. And believe us, there is no better way to capture the beauty of the city from a bird's eye view other than skydiving.

When you jump out of a plane where only eagles dare, you glide through the air at a jet speed and witness the jewels of the city. Seeing the world's tallest building, man-made islands, towering buildings, chic and wider roads from the top is out of the world experience.

Essential Tips: Skydiving in Dubai starts at 11 in the morning and ends at 5 in the evening. You do not have to worry about needing any kind of training for jumping from plane. Skydive Dubai offers tandem skydiving where you skydive along with a professional skydiver. However, make sure to have a light meal or breakfast and sleep well before you go skydiving.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

2. Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai

Among the adventure sports in Dubai, if you have a weak stomach for skydiving, then hot air ballooning is for you. It is a magical ride where you get to experience the real feelings of a bird that flies high in the horizon and seeks its prey.

It takes you over the awesome desert and a never-ending area of sand dunes, and green oasis. You can spot oryx, wandering camels, gazelles, and many other desert animals enjoying in their natural habitat. If you are selecting a tour operator, ensure that it provides this adventure desert safari.

Essential Tips: Hot air ballooning happens early in the morning and usually starts around 4:30-5 AM. So, make sure to sleep early. Also, carry a jacket to keep you warm as the temperature can go down when you are at a higher altitude.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

3. Ziplining in Dubai

Another way of enjoying the glamorous landscape of the city from the bird's eye view, you must go ziplining in Dubai. Located in Dubai Marina, this Zipline boasts to be the longest urban Zipline in the world. The entire Zipline measures up to 170 meters up and takes around 40 seconds to complete, at the speed of 60 km/hour.

The best part is that you can go ziplining with your partner or best buddy as there are concurrently run ziplines here. While the activity is exhilarating, do not forget to view the luxurious hotels in Dubai like Burj Al Arab in palm jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Bur Dubai, yachts, theme park, Dubai fountains, sleek buildings, etc. of the Dubai Marina, before you land on the terrace of the Dubai Marina Mall.

Essential Tip: Anyone between the age of 12 and 65 and between the weights of 50-100 kg can go ziplining in Dubai. Also, you should be taller than 130 cm.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

4. Desert Camping in Dubai

The deserts of Dubai plays an important role in the adventure activities in Dubai and tourist attractions in Dubai. But what are the reason behind the high rated attractions? The reason is I guess the number of unique activities that a desert safari has to offer. Desert safari can be done at any time of the day but I guess the best time to do it is in the evening. Bonus point of doing desert safari in the evening is that you get to see the sunset in the desert also.

After having a bird's eye view of the desert landscape through the air, you will be tempted to stay for a night on the golden sand dunes. To satisfy this feeling, go for a desert camping in Dubai with a tour operator that offer guided safari, dune bashing or a camel ride.

Dune bashing is another kind of thrilling activity here during the desert safari. You get to experience the sand dunes of desert at a very high speed. Camels are the most friendliest creatures that can be found in a desert. Camel rides are best on the soft red sand dunes. Sunset is a very beautiful part of nature whether it is on the country side or on the desert.

It will be your lifetime experience to spend a night in the desert and learn about the Bedouin lifestyle closely. Though there will be no facilities of a hotel at the campsite, you will love to tuck yourself inside an Arabian tent, listen to the creepy sound of the critters, and enjoy the stars above your head. The safari will also let you explore the wadi beds, mountains, and dune sports. And the best part of camping in the wild is the barbecuing evening beneath the sky.

Essential Tips: As you would be camping with a desert safari tour company, you would not need to carry any essentials like food and water. However, do take clothes that would keep you warm in the desert, at night. Also, listen to the safety instructions of your guide to have a smooth and problem-free stay at the desert.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

5. Quad biking in Dubai

Dubai offers several routes for off-roading experience. Maneuvering the wheels on unexplored tracks that offers a bumpy and unpredictable ride is one of the not-to-be-missed activities in Dubai. Off-road driving is a thrilling and adventurous activity that needs skills and extra cautious.

Paying attention to safety and environment is also necessary to enjoy the ride. You can select to go off-road between sand and stone. If you select the former, you will ride an SUV on red dunes that will rise and free fall suddenly. The latter off-roading experience offers challenging tracks of mountain climbs.

Essential Tips: The best time to go off-roading in Dubai is between the months of November and April when the climate is pleasant. Also, remember to carry plenty of drinking water so that you do not suffer from dehydration while off-roading.

6. Reef and wreck diving in Dubai

After air and land, it's time to experience underwater adventure when you visit Dubai. And the best way to taste it by going for reef and wreck diving. Since Dubai is blessed with a wide turquoise blue ocean, there are a few wreck sites away from the Dubai coast.

The most visited wreck is the Anchor Barge that was engulfed by the sea in 1998. Diving to explore this site will also get you to watch the color-changing cuttlefish closely. If you proceed further to the Gulf of Oman, you can explore abundant reefs and islands. You will also encounter white sharks, parrotfish, scorpion fish, and moray eels.

Essential Tips: Choose a good and reputable company for your diving. This may mean that you would have to shell out some extra money. However, it would be really worth it. Right from the safety equipment to your diving guide, you can surely expect to receive the best.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

7. Sea Kayaking in Dubai

Sea kayaking is one of the many activities to do on the waters of Dubai. The coast of the Arabian Peninsula is best to experiencing this water sport. Many fun-seekers enjoy the gentle waters, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and great scenic spots by kayaking.

The Abu Dhabi and Umm Al Quwain mangroves on the west coast, the Khor Kalba on the east coast offer mangrove forest. These regions are also inhabited by white-collared kingfishers and the Socotra cormorants if you love spotting rare birds.

Essential Tips: Always know the basics of kayaking and take a lesson before you go on a sea kayaking journey. Also, if this is your first time, it would be best to go kayaking with a group.

For adventure seekers, Dubai offers plenty of options to try on land, in air, and sea. So, enjoy all these activities and enrich your life by gaining loads of unforgettable memories. However, you first need to make sure whether you need a UAE or Dubai tourist visa to visit the city. If yes, apply for one before you make any other plans.
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  1. My husband would love the sky diving, I'd love the kayaking. I think there is something here for everyone.

  2. I had no idea that they offered all of these things in Dubai. I would love to travel there one day.

  3. catherine santiago joseFebruary 22, 2019 at 6:25 PM

    As we all know Dubai is rich in tourist attraction and most activity you've feature is in the list of top activity to do. What I like the most is the zip lining and see the beauty of Dubai.

  4. I was stopping over at Dubai last winter and had a little experience at the airport. We traveled to Madrid via Emirate Air and it has shown us so many interesting places to visit in Dubai. With your post, I am more certain to make a trip to Dubai, especially I wanted so much to experience the desert camping in Dubai. I hope the weather is not that cold at night. I love camel riding as I have done one in Xinjiang China. Love it to the max and wanted to do it again as the camel is so tame and cute.

  5. I have no idea that there were so many cool things that you can do in Dubai. I'd love to go in a dessert adventure and spend the night among the dunes.

  6. Dubai has always been the best travel destination, am glad you shared some of the best places someone can visit while in Dubai.

  7. My oldest want to visit here more than anywhere else. It certainly does have a lot to offer.

  8. I'm terribly afraid of heights, but this is something my husband would love to do. He loves Dubai too!

  9. These are all such great things to do in Dubai! I definitely say sky diving is one of them :) xo, Suzanne

  10. I would just love to go to Dubai! But all these activities sound really fun

  11. Wow Dubai looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to visit.

  12. Wow, such a detailed post that would be so helpful to plan a great trip to Dubai. Loving the pictures so much.

  13. This post is making me want to go to Dubai. I don't think I would do anything with height.

  14. The desserts are beautiful! What fantastic place to visit...definitely a place to see that is out of my comfort zone but I'm up for all those adventures in the sky!

  15. I've never been to Dubai but my dad has a couple of times and he always does weird stuff - like go skiing. I'll forward this post to him so he can get some ideas for his next trip.

  16. Those looks like very fun things do to but, I am coward when it comes to experience something like that. Lol. I kind of prefer having my feet where I can feel the ground underneath them.

  17. I love the sky diving, hot air balloon experience and also the quad biking. Should be fun for me. Will save this and hooe to flash back to this post if i end up going to dubai someday...

  18. I stop by Dubai everytime I take a transit flight but never have visited the place. Looks like I am missing out on so much! Would love to check out Dubai and visit there for a holiday.

  19. Dubai is a dream destination. Haven't been there but would love to explore everything you've mentioned there on my trip next year!


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