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The southern part of our country is truly beautiful and is one of the best places of India to visit. There is a lot to explore and if any state truly showcases the majestic beauty of the southern region, it is Tamil Nadu. The southern tradition, art and culture is preserved very beautifully in this lovely state. Beautiful sea, sandy beaches, flowing fields and stunning waterfalls and mountains adds to the beauty of this place.

Tamil Nadu truly, has a lot to offer. Among the famous temples in Tamil Nadu are Meenakshi Temple, Kanchipuram and Nataraja temple. Here are some places to visit in Tamilnadu, which will give you a true taste of the classical beauty of India. Take a look.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

1. Chennai

Chennai (formerly called Madras) is a city younger than its image. Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. This beautiful city is filled with temples, churches and beautiful beaches of the Bay of Bengal. Though decked in modernism, Chennai has kept the true south indian tradition and culture intact. From pilgrimage to casual hangouts one of the largest cities of India offers everything.

More than any other city in India, it is a true reflection of the diversity of this country. This floating metropolis is a mixture of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. Here the Chepauk Palace was the official residence of the Nawab of Arcot from 1768 to 1855.

It is built in the Indo-Saracen style of architecture. By the end of the Carnatic Wars, the independent kingdom before the Carnatic had become practically a protectorate of the British East India Company. The Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan Wallajah was a close friend and ally of the British and was dependent on the company's troops for their protection.

Thus, in 1764, he thought of building a palace for himself within the walls of Fort St George. However, due to space limitations, Wallajah was forced to abandon his plans and instead built a palace in Chepauk, a few kilometers south of the fort.

Along with the major tourist attractions, you can also enjoy shopping and dining in Chennai. The city also offers vivid nightlife scenes and every comfort that can be offered by a metro city.

2. Mahabalipuram

Famous for the intricately carved shore temples and rock cut caves and palaces in Tamilnadu, Mahabalipuram is another gem in the state of Tamil Nadu and one of the best place visit in India. The city of Seven Pagodas and the Coromandel coast located 60 kilometers south of Chennai offers beautiful sandy beaches and promises an exotic shopping experience to tourists. From the architecture to the serenity, the relaxing atmosphere and the impressive surroundings, this city makes a traveling experience unlike others.

The five Rathas offer a quiet environment and are a very well-informed place to be. Covelong (Kovalam) and Sadras are fishing villages that have become exotic beach resorts and an absolute must visit in Mahabalipuram. Places to visit in Mahabalipuram are Arjuna's Penance, Pancha Rathas, Sea Shore Temple, Krishna's Butter Ball, Descent of the Ganges, India Seashell Museum, Varaha Cave Temple etc.

Apart from the temples, you will find some scenic beaches and great shopping centers. You can also head to the crocodile bank, where you can spot various species of exquisite crocks in this temple town.

3. Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a small hill station located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. If you are looking for some peace and isolation during the weekend, then you should go to this place. Yelagiri is a vibrant hill station and is one of the ideal places to visit near Bangalore. Like Kodaikanal and Ooty, you can enjoy the calm amid the incredible views.

Endowed with an aesthetic beauty by nature, Yelagiri provides a peaceful environment suitable for nature walks and hiking. There are several attractive tourist spots to visit here such as Punganoor Lake, Velavan Temple, Jalagamparai Falls, Murugan Temple, Moksha Vimochana Temple and Nilavoor Lake. Yelagiri also offers numerous adventure avenues especially trekking and rappelling.

4. Yercaud

Located in eastern Ghats in Salem, Yercaud is commonly called as the poor man's Ooty. Yercaud is blessed with forests, mountains and waterfalls, making this a paradise for travelers with limited budget. The Yercaud roads are well maintained, making this a great destination for a road trip.

5. Ooty

Considered the queen of hill stations of South India and the capital of the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is one of the most recommended hill stations in India. This newlyweds honeymoon paradise sees guests all through the year. The climate, the Blue Mountains and the steepness of the global experience that Ooty offers make this super popular among photography and nature lovers.

The estates, the tea gardens, the toy train, the high mountains and the splendid views make this a great escape for any occasion. Doddabetta Peak, Ooty Lake, Emerald Lake, Deer Park, St Stephen's Church, and Kalhatty Waterfalls are the best places to visit in Ooty. Tourists can enjoy Nilgiri hills toy train, boating on Ooty lake, bikepacking, mountain biking in the Blue Mountains, paragliding and hang gliding in Kalahatti.

Like an electrocardiogram of the Earth, these valleys and mountains descend and rise in Kotagiri. It is impossible not to visit Coonoor, a mountain city located 19 kilometers from Ooty. In it we can visit Sim Park, one of the most visited nature reserves in Asia. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to go hiking in India.

6. Coimbatore

Located on the banks of River Noyyal, Coimbatore is a must visit place in Tamil Nadu. There are many places to visit in Coimbatore like temples, churches and abundant waterfalls. The place is full of natural beauty and is one of the most scenic places in the southern region of India.

The tourist places in Coimbatore district due to its natural beauty attracts a lot of people, especially photographers. This place is perfect for landscape photography.

7. Kodaikanal

If you want a perfect "reverse" weekend then Kodaikanal is the best place for you. In Kodaikanal you can have Tibetan food, you can go cycling around the lake that will calm your mood and you can even have a walk in the streets. The main tourist attractions include the dolphin nose, pine forest trails and pillar rocks.

If you are a water loving person then make your backpack, put food in it and hop in a car and go to Lake Berijam or Lake Mannavanur and do not forget to keep the non-plastic policy in these places. From here the Anaimalai Nature Reserve located in the Anaimalai Hills of Pollachi, Valparai is a must-visit center.

It is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters in the Western Ghats near Pollachi. The highest peak is the Anaimudi (8850 feet). A large number of dams and reservoirs exist in the area including the Aliyar dam, Kadamparai dam, Nirar dam, Solaiyar dam (one of the largest of its classes in Asia) Mannambhally Dam and the largest of all is the Parambikulam dam.

8. Kanadukathan

Karaikudi is the largest city in the Sivaganga district of India. It is also known as the capital of Chettinad, mainly because of the predominance of Nattukottai Chettiars. Karaikudi owes its popularity to the type of constructions it has, are houses built with limestone called Karai Veedu and also due to a plant called Karai, which is widely distributed on the surface.

Another thing Karaikudi is known for is its food. A new cooking genre is named after the region known as Chettinad and the type of cooking is also known as Aachi Samayal. The Chettiars built a financial and commercial empire in Sri Lanka, Burma and Southeast Asia. Their original towns in Chettinadu still show mansions, now abandoned, full of teak furniture, Chinese porcelain and overseas treasures. Stroll through the nostalgia of this region of Tamil Nadu where you can relax in the shadow of the magnificent buildings like the kanadukathan palace.

9. Rameswaram

In the middle of the Palk Strait, between India and Sri Lanka, there is the small elongated Pamban island, which is connected to the mainland of India by a hundred year old railway bridge. This Pamban bridge, the only link connecting the mainland, is considered one of the most dangerous bridge in the world.

Rameshwaram is an island city and is a pilgrimage spot. It is considered as one of the holiest place in the nation. Rameswaran is one of the Char Dham located in the Gulf of Mannar, at the tip of the Indian peninsula of Tamil Nadu. It is separated from Sri Lanka by the Pamban channel. Legend has it that, Rameshwaram was the place where Lord Rama created a bridge to make it to Sri Lanka across the sea.

Ramanathaswamy temple in Rameswaram, is the temple with the largest corridor in the world. There is another place in Rameswaram, called Agnitheertham, where people go to perform pujas in the honour of their ancestors. The island city also has another Five faced Hanuman temple, which houses the floating stone. It was believed to be used in making the bridge by Rama between India and Sri Lanka.

Rameshwaram is 175 km from Madurai and 80 km far from Sri Lanka. Rameshwaram is also a place from where the ferry to Sri Lanka (Talaimannar) departs. Ranganathaswamy is the famous temple in Rameshwaram. The most important dynasty in the history of the construction of the Ramanathaswamy temple, however, was the Sethupathi dynasty, which reigned over Ramnad and Sivaganga during the seventeenth century.

Kurusadai Island is one of a group of 16 islands in the region. The waters surrounding the islands are a biological paradise with rich marine life and rare colorful coral reefs. Dhanushkodi, on the southeastern tip of Pamban Island is called the arch of Rama. The waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean can be found here.

Bathing in this place is considered very auspicious. The bridge here is known as the Adam's bridge and the rocks around the sea are believed to be used by Hanuman to get through Sri Lanka. 16-km south-west of Ramanathapuram is the renowned Shiva temple of Uttarakosamangai. The temple has inspired many Tamil devotional works. And of course, it has inspired the Ramanatha temple in Rameshwaram.

10. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is often considered as the last tip of India. It is known for its beautiful beaches and the famous Vivekananda memorial. Not to the mention, the sunsets, which are simply breathtaking. There are also numerous temples, religious pillars, churches and statues in Kanyakumari. All in all, Kanyakumari is one of the most exotic places that you will visit in Tamilnadu.

In fact, it is one of the most exotic places to visit in India. One can find destinations here that can never cease to amaze, there are temples, churches, religious pillars and statues everywhere. The perfect blend of the culture of the place is reflected in the art, architecture and even in the local cuisine of Kanyakumari.

Those who enjoy history can take an excursion to Kumari Amman Temple or Vattakottai Fort. The Chilling on the coasts such as Sanguthurai Beach, Sothavilai Beach and many others is simply exotic. The Wax Museum is a different place but equally attractive for tourists and should be seen in the city.

Visiting Tamil Nadu is an experience worth having. When you plan for a trip to Tamil Nadu don't forget to visit these places, to enjoy the true south Indian experience.
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  1. OOty has always been on my visit list... few years back we were in Tamilnadu and could not make it to Ooty... I am planning to visit there soon.