11 Places to Visit in Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is just 30 minutes from Dubai. The list of museums and mosques in Sharjah is really long and for this reason, rightly, Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. This little gem, waiting to be discovered, hides along the 16 kilometers of beach that overlook the Persian Gulf and that boasts a rich history behind it.

Third largest emirate, Sharjah borders on Saudi Arabia and Oman and stands on a very characteristic natural territory. The Sabkhas are numerous, as are the gravel plains. But, by far, the most characteristic part of the Sharjah morphology is the Rub' al Khali. It is the second largest sandy desert in the world which is, in addition to being uninhabited, still largely unexplored with dunes up to 300 meters high (more than the Eiffel Tower).

It can be considered the least hospitable environment in the world.

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Among the localities of the emirate, Sharjah City is the principal and glory of the title of Cultural Capital of the Arab world according to UNESCO. It is a well-deserved recognition, given the large number of cultural sites present, among which stands out the Museum of Islamic art which contains more than 5000 artistic artefacts (ceramics, paintings, glass objects, among others) and scientific instruments for measurement.

In addition to the valuable collections, the structure that houses the museum certainly deserves a mention. It is an old restored souq on whose top stands a dome with the zodiacal decorations.

2. Sharjah Science Museum

Numerous other cultural sites are present in Sharjah, many of which will also make your children happy. There is the Science Museum, with workshops and practical demonstrations, the Al Eslah School Museum which traces the evolution of the school and education in the Emirates in over the last 70 years. There is also the Sharjah Maritime Museum with wooden boats, which were once indispensable for fishing and trade.

3. Sharjah Heritage Museum

To learn more about the various aspects of everyday life (from nutrition to religion) of local wealthy people the Sharjah Heritage Museum is definitely the ideal place. While to discover the treasures of Sharjah of the past the Archaeological Museum is a real mine of finds and information.

4. Sharjah Discovery Centre

The perfect place for your children will be the Discovery Center. It is a place where interactivity and a stimulating environment are expressed in activities that are perfect for the little ones (from simulating being a TV star to climbing a wall to soliciting the 5 senses). The Aquarium with its 20 winds tanks and over 6500 square meters of water, home to 250 living species (including sharks), will guarantee a pleasant day for the whole family.

5. Sharjah Desert Park

Even if it could be included in what to see, the Desert Park is 28 kilometers from Sharjah and is an interesting visit in itself. More than 300,000 people travel each year to visit this place. The Desert Park is made up of several museums. There is the Sharjah Natural History Museum, the Sharjah Botanical Museum and the Arabian Wildlife Center.

The most important part of Desert Park is the Arabian Wildlife Center, where you can see reptiles, rodents, birds, mammals and all kinds of animals that live in the Arab Emirates.

6. Al Noor Mosque

There are also numerous religious sites in Sharjah. Al Noor Mosque, in white, is famous for its sophisticated architectural style that, especially at sunset, is really able to leave you speechless. In fact, the feeling you get in front of Al Noor (and in general in Sharjah mosques) is that they have something more than the religious sites in the other cities. Thanks to a fabulous night lighting, it seems to be able to rise from the ground, approaching the world heavenly.

7. Souk Al Arsah

In addition to the must see sites, Sharjah is definitely a city to discover step by step. Among the locals and local customs, one can really feel the air and atmosphere of this fantastic location. One of the best places to savor authenticity is the Al Arsah Souk where you can peek through the stalls (the quality of the goods is good enough), get lost listening to the shouting and enjoy a little coolness, since it's indoors.

8. Al Ittihad Square Park

Equally authentic is the fish market which, in addition to the haggling typical of these places, offers a rich variety of fish for sale. To relax a little, I recommend taking a trip to the quiet Al Ittihad Square Park where quiet and relaxation are the watchwords. A few steps from here, you can admire the King Fasal Mosque, built in 1984, in honor of King Fasal. The style is modern, but the Mosque fails to exert its charm and transmit its power.

9. Al Majaz Waterfront

Do not miss the many activities that the Al Majaz Waterfront offers. Obviously there are plenty of places to eat (you can choose between Mexican, burger, pizza, local flavors), but not only. There is much more to do here! For children, Alwan is a center that offers workshops, manual activities, video games and anything else that can entertain children.

For the more active, instead, Biky is a special bicycle that you can rent to take a pleasant ride while if you prefer to stay quieter the little train will do for you. The Majaz Waterfront is not just for children. Sharjah Fountain is a beautiful and choreographic dancing fountain whose water sprays reach a height of 100 meters.

For sports enthusiasts there is an 18-hole mini-golf course and a 750-meter runner's course, completely made with recycled materials. Finally, from here start discovering the city, aboard a modern red double-decker bus or a characteristic abra.

10. Al Noor Island

IF you are looking for best butterfly garden in Sharjah so you can visit AL Noor Butterfly Garden. The best time to visit this is early morning or late afternoon because these times butterflies are more active than the others time.

11. Central Market

It is huge, on two buildings joined by a footbridge over the street and includes more than 600 local merchants. It's more like a mall than a souk! There is an impressive number of jewelery stores where gold glitters in the windows.
Kalyan Panja