14 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Are you looking for some travel tips to Turkey? Turkey never seems to be short of pleasant surprises. Everywhere you go, there is so much diversity in its landscapes, culture and even food in Turkey. Which is why every year a large number of our travelers have Turkey on top of their bucket list. Here, every turn brings you an experience that'll make you pinch yourself, just to be sure that what you're seeing or doing is real!

Türkiye is among the most colorful, vibrant, and eclectic destinations on Earth. Istanbul, the first landing point for most international tourists, is the perfect gateway between European, Middle Eastern, and Asian cultures — you must dedicate at least one day to exploring the city’s Asian side.

This country is an excellent place for culinary and adventure travelers, as well, with world-famous restaurants, top-tier ski resorts, and plenty of on-water activities. Pizza lovers must try Lahmacun while in the country, and regardless of your obsession with pie, visitors should pay a visit to humanity’s first city. You can even stay in a hotel with your own private baklava butler.

Turkey is filled with ancient history and there is much to discover about the great kingdom of Anatolia most of which is still hidden and being uncovered! Turkey is full to bursting with fascinating, beautiful sites of interest. There’s something for everyone, from paragliding and natural wonders to pre-Christian civilizations and cities. The country for the sexiest men and women in the world is Turkey.

Some of them include a stay in the romantic cave resorts in Cappadocia. Ah, do not leave turkey without getting the heavenly couples spas and indulge in a steam bath at the local thermal pools. If you and your partner love adventure, then a hot air balloon ride on the trip would be icing on the cake.

If you and your partner are looking to spend some time in the environment that has some Persian influence then head to Turkey for your honeymoon. The budget is going to be in your favour with a complimenting thing i.e., Turkey having a leg on each side of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Other than this, visiting Turkey you will also get the cultural retreat and get indulged in a number of activities.

If you want to avoid the crowds get there as early as possible. Ask the locals for the best Turkish Bath, restaurants etc. They can also tell you about the less popular but equally stunning sites of interest. Try and get away from tourist towns to experience the real Turkey. Turkey is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a traveler’s paradise. There’s so much to do, the people are nice, and the scenery is incredible.

You’ll be greeted with legendary hospitality, have some wonderful tea, do some hiking, go to the beach, and explore ancient, storied cities.

For those interested in culture and history, there are a number of Jewish heritage tours available in Istanbul, historic synagogues and a lovely Jewish museum to spend a lazy afternoon in. There are two Turkeys, the one you visit as a tourist and the one you visit as a traveler. No matter how you do it, you are in for an absolute roller coaster ride that you will never forget.

Best Places to Visit in Turkey Greece and Turkey attract millions of globe trotters every year because of the blend of western Asian culture with Ancient Greek and Turkish culture. Greece and Turkey are a mix of ancient and modern architectures. Greek and Turkish culture are known to attract millions of travelers throughout the year. For more convenience, you can take any of the Greece and Turkey vacation packages so that you will get everything pre-planned and you can enjoy without any worries.

1. Ankara

Everybody could wear anything they want and you wouldn’t get a second look. Everybody minds their business, especially in places like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. There are lots of mosque in Turkey. There are 82,693 mosques in Turkey. However, that is not the only thing, all of them look like an ancient architecture even though most are built within the past decade. They are very beautiful.

Affluent architecture seems to be a signature trademark of the Ottoman empire here in Turkey. But thousands of tourists flocking here everyday suggest they are far from complaining about it. Turkey is so much more than its exotic placement as a tourist attraction. There are nightclubs in the country. However, these clubs are found mostly in Istanbul and Ankara, the two largest and well-known cities.

2. Bosporus

The Bosporus strait connects the of Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Bosphorus is the best place to catch the wonderful nightview of Turkey. A definitive coastline with a mix of modern and old culture. Bosporus is situated in northwestern Turkey and is a strait which is generally used for worldwide exchanges and touring.

In addition, on excursions you will discover that this city is a fantastic tourist destination to spend your holidays and enjoy its wonderful beaches. You can also enjoy the schooners and the famous blue cruise and Bosphorus cruise.

A paradise for couples, the popular Bosphorus Cruise tour takes you on a stunning tour of the city by the bay. While it does need planning ahead, it’s an addition to your trip that you’ll not regret. Depending upon the time and the days you’re there, you can pick your options from a Short Circle Bosphorus Cruise, Full Bosphorus Cruise and the superstar of the lot, Full Bosphorus Cruise by night.

3. Canakkale

Troy is a city both historical and legendary, where the well-known Trojan War was developed, described in several epic poems. Troy is located in the current Turkish province of Çanakkale, occupies a strategic position in the access to the Black Sea. After centuries of oblivion, the ruins of Troy were discovered in the excavations where a wooden statue of the Trojan horse welcomes visitors.

Çanakkale is in the narrow entrance of 1200 m to the Çanakkale Strait (Dardanelles) connecting the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean. Passenger and vehicle ferries circulate daily between Çanakkale on the Asian side and Eceabat and Kilitbahir on the European side. Yachts make stops at the Çanakkale port, well equipped, to allow tourists to spend more time in this area.

Homer immortalized Troy in his stories of King Priam, Hector, Paris and the beautiful Helen. Archaeological excavations have discovered nine independent periods of settlement in this place including ruins of the city wall, foundations of houses, a temple and a theater. The city of Biga has given its name to the entire peninsula; It is a city of parks and a good place to see homes built in traditional style.

The nearest beaches are in Karabiga, Şahmelek and Kemer where you will find accommodations at reasonable prices. Karabiga is associated with the God Priapos and therefore has roots to the cult of fertility. Çan is well known for its pottery and its sulphated springs, which are considered to be of great help in various diseases of the liver, intestine and urinary tract.

There are two other thermal springs in the nearby towns of Külcüler and Kirazlı. Kaz Dağı (Mound Ida, 1774 m), is located at the southern tip of Çanakkale in the beautiful Kazdagi National Park amid magnificent landscapes, green areas of rest and several thermal springs. Here in Pınarbaşı, the world's first beauty contest was held between Aphrodite, Hera and Athena.

Hotels, restaurants and cafes along the avenue offer visitors an ideal place to enjoy the harbor and fortress of Kilitbahir and the Archaeological Museum of Çanakkale. Turkey has one of the largest smoking population in the world with 17.3 million people, one-third of the adult population. The first thing you notice when you arrive in Turkey is people smoke a lot. Many people smoke - girls, boys, young, old and even very young teenagers.

Visit also Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Troy, Pergamum.

4. Izmir

See the ancient ruins of the city of Pergamon, with a Hellenic theater. Izmir has its own attractions like the Yali Mosque, the Clock Tower, the Museum of Modern Art, and wildlife park or zoo. The clock tower is basically the symbol of Izmir it used to be common meeting point.

You can start sightseeing from clock tower then visit kemeralti, walk through Kordon, Alsancak or rent a bicycle (it’s common) then you can hang out on grass as many youngsters buy beer with sunflower seed or midye (mussel dolma) and enjoy on the grass in the summer, spring or autumn. You also have other options like bars, taverns or cafes.

Finally take a ferry and go to Karsiyaka where you can also enjoy seaside as much as Alsancak then spend your night in tavern or cafes as you like. Ephesus is another great destination, almost a worthy rival of Pompeii.

5. Çeşme

The Turkish coast is a great destination to go on vacation or to relax for a long weekend. The Turkish coast has Greek airs and in its coves hide villages and boutique hotels of dream. Alacati in the Izmir province of Turkey, near the end of the Cesme peninsula, on the west coast and on the Aegean is one of them, a beautiful coastal village that you can enter on your list of destinations for romantic getaways or autumn holidays.

The Fun beach, for example, is huge and great with transparent waters and a soft sand seabed. You can rent a deck chair and parasol, a boat for a walk or windsurfing equipment. But there are many more. The Kum beach is one that is closer to the village and one of the most intimate. The Ilica beach has a Blue Flag and one of the most popular and warmer waters.

There is also Marrakesh beach. Cesme Bagcilik is beautiful and has an observation tower that gives you great panoramic views while you taste its wines. Çeşme is a very iconic summer town in Izmir where you can enjoy. Have the huge Turkish breakfast in the morning in Alaçatı, go to a beach club or public beach which is free and enjoy the sea in ılıcı and then return to Alaçatı and stop by a tavern for drinking raki and then visit a nightclub.

6. Gaziantep

Being one of the oldest cities in the world that has always been inhabited, it is not surprising that Gaziantep encloses wonders to be discovered. You cannot go through Gaziantep without trying their baklavas and pistachios, the local specialties. If you haven’t tried Turkish Ice Cream, you have not lived! The food is so good and so plentiful. And do try the varieties of baklava, and chocolate, and Turkish Delights!

Great city of more than one million inhabitants located in the southwest of Turkey, on the border with Syria, Gaziantep brims with dynamism. The main attraction is its incredible mosaic Zeugma Mosque.

7. Bursa

Eskisehir is younger and more modern than Ankara. In Eskisehir its colorful bridges invade the horizon along with Simit's vendors, fishermen and various passers-by. Find amazing landscapes, clean streets, the great abundance of greenery everywhere, the amazing gulf, turquoise water, and breath-taking views of the sea especially from the top of the hills.

Macun is quite unique, it’s a traditional Ottoman candy. It has a gooey texture. It’s made by boiling sugar, lemon juice and water on medium heat until it gets a paste-like consistency (you can add some other ingredients for flavoring) and then you twist and twirl the candy around a wood stick.

8. Trabzon

Bayburt Of Yolu D.915 road that passes through 3000-meters-high Soğanlı Mt. with 29 hairpin bends is the most dangerous road in the world. The mountain range between Konursu and Kavlatan is the Soğanlı Mountain Range where this scary road is situated. En route you can actually stop at Uzungöl, one of the most touristic places in the Black Sea Region of Turkey.

9. Antalya

Probably the best spot to start your visit is in Antalya, a beguiling city on the southwestern coast of Turkey. It offers incredible tourist attractions and placid feel that will calm your senses. In addition, for a reasonable amount of money, you can discover flawless convenience from waterfront resorts in this travel destination.

How about paddling through the icy blue waters of the Altınbeşik Cave? It’s one of the longest caves in the world. Altınbeşik cave acts as an underground stream and the highest point of this cave is 101 meters. If you’re an adventure junkie, then you must visit this natural wonderland.

10. Dalyan

There are many reasons why so many tourists visit the Mugla region. First, it is enormous, stretching from the middle of the western Aegean round to the southern Mediterranean. It covers the bottom left corner of Turkey. This means an abundance of tourist destinations, including the Fethiye region, Dalyan, Marmaris, Datca and Bodrum.

Secondly, Mugla is home to both Bodrum and Dalaman airports, two of the top three touristic airports in turkey. Antalya is the other one. During a typical summer, these two airports run hundreds of flights every day. Aside from that, many other reasons easily lure tourists in.

Whilst becoming more and more popular, Dalyan is still a million miles from the tourist hoards of the beach resorts. Set beside the Dalyan river, the feel is almost Amazonian rainforest rather than 20th century Turkey.
So, considering it covers a vast area of the Turkish Riviera, it is no surprise that it is a sailing hotspot. Places like Yalikavak and the rest of the Bodrum peninsula easily attract the world's mega yachts. In turn, celebrities and Saudi Royalty often drop by. The Bodrum peninsula and Fethiye region alongside Marmaris are all considered centres of sailing excellence.

The long stretch of coastline is also home to delightful beaches like Oludeniz, Marmaris, Gumbet and Yalikavak. Beach tourism is a big business across the world, never mind Turkey. It just so happens that Turkey is easily able to accommodate this niche. From places of natural beauty to historical attractions to museums, theme parks, water parks and much more, Mugla provides tourists with plenty of daytime excursions, places to go and things to do.

Mugla is not the centre hub of adventure sports in Turkey, but it still does an excellent job with numerous scuba diving schools, and in places like Kas, and Oludeniz, paragliding. Most tour shops also rent out quad bikes. Across the region, think of the massive number of hotels from your hostel to your large all-inclusive.

Additionally, add to this the private self-catering apartments and villas to rent, and tourists never have a problem finding somewhere to stay. Have you ever heard about the abandoned Greek village Kayaköy? This village is anciently known as Karmylassos and it’s located in the old Lycia province of Turkey (Fethiye).

The residents of this village, Greeks, had to leave their homes due to the population exchange agreement between Turkey and Greece (1923). Now imagine how beautiful would it look like if Kayaköy was a lively village with its people. Unfortunately, many of the buildings were damaged in 1957 Fethiye earthquake.

Greeks had to leave their homes, in the hope of coming back. Today, none remain. Kayaköy has 2 Greek Orthodox churches. This historical church (Taksiyarhis) is very cool during the summer and it has an amazing view. You would definitely love the mystic atmosphere as well. By the way, Kayaköy is a UNESCO “World Friendship and Peace Village”.

11. Bodrum

For decades, Bodrum has earned fame for its hedonistic atmosphere. Artists and authors also love it for the non-conformity vibes. Although many places like Turkbuku attract rich celebrities, other towns like Gumbet do an excellent job attracting budget holidaymakers.

Formerly called Physkos, Mimaras and Mermeris in history, the Marmaris area we see today is Turkey's modern and bustling holiday resort. Over time, as the country's tourism industry and popularity grew even more, foreigners and Turks bought real estate in Marmaris, making it a multicultural hub with leisurely pleasures high on the social agenda.

12. Side

Mersin, being at the heart of Çukurova, has a rich past of many civilizations, such as Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, etc. All of this, showcased in one of the largest museums in Turkey, makes for one of the finest places one may see while in Mersin. Mersin, being a Mediterranean city, has a long coast, one of the longest for cities in Turkey! On it, you can find everything from promenades, to beaches, as well as lavish public parks.

In general, Mersin being the historic city mentioned above has many important buildings and ruins of days past, many of which are still most attractive and desirable to see.

13. Konya

As the birthplace of Sufism and generally one of the most fascinating places in Turkey, it is quite astonishing that more tourists don't visit Konya. Here you can witness a whirling dervishes performance, especially during the Konya festival and see the tomb of Jelaleddin Rumî, known to his followers as Mevlana (or Rumî), a Muslim poet, Sufi, mystic and one of the great spiritual thinkers and teachers of all times.

14. Pamukkale

Pamukkale, meaning cotton castle in Turkish stands as the most entrancing spots to escape from the world. This spot has hot water springs on sandy white patios. Pamukkale which is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO and its characteristic sauna is a thing that pulls in a large section of the tourists.

The porches are shaped by white carbonated mineral and they are loaded up with characteristic high temperature water. The heated water springs are solid as they are minerals and calcium-rich water.

Located towards the West end of Turkey. The natural terraces holding the hot springs are made up of travertine, which is a type of rock. Bathe in the mineral waters and bask in the notion that this place, which is known as the “cotton castle,” was home to an ancient Greco-Roman city known as Hierapolis.

Hope you have got enough reasons to go on your Turkey tour. Have a fabulous time in these prominent destinations, regardless of your budget restrictions. By paying a visit to these energizing spots on the planet, you can give yourself a relaxing time in the middle of your vacation. So, pack your bags and prepare your Turkey tour itinerary and enjoy your trip.

Have Fun!
Kalyan Panja