How to Plan an Exclusive Event on a Yacht in Dubai?

Regardless of the nature of an event, a luxury yacht can always add class to your occasions and celebrations. It does not matter if it is a personal, social or a corporate one, a luxury yacht is enough to make it glamorous and happening. As the superyacht industry continues to expand - luxurious, spectacular and memorable events are in demand. But of course, many things count when you are arranging an event and that also, on such a happening venue.

Considering the amount of assistance one can get in event management, it may seem easy to execute a successful evening to highlight something special but in reality, it is an extremely difficult task. That is why it is necessary to hire some good services from yachting industry. The good thing about Gulf is that it has a flourished yachting industry which allows it to offer some fine services and budget friendly packages as well.

Dubai is a city known for its booming businesses, colorful nightlife, and impressive buildings. This luxurious city is located right in the middle of the Arabian desert, surrounded on one side by dry sand and scorching sun, and on the other, the beautiful Persian Gulf with its miles of vast waters. The city is full of life, proving to be an oasis in the center of the dunes, gravel and waves.

Dubai is a city made to make you spend, to make you consume. Do you wanna go to the beach? There is the public beach, but you can’t drink alcohol. Do you wanna drink alcohol? Go to the clubs and get overpriced drinks. If you have a family, girlfriend/boyfriend, life can be easier, but there is always the feeling that you have no one else to talk. It’s strange because everyone complain about that, but no one is willing to change their own behavior.

In Dubai there is not that easy going vibe you can find in other cities, like you you just go to pub or bar near your home, just to have a beer and relax, talk to some random people. If you have bars near your home that people are not dressed to impress, so it’s not a good bar. You prefer not going there.

When you live in a big international city, you have many options of things to do. In Dubai the main entertainment is: Going to the Mall, buy some stuff and have a dinner inside some big chain restaurant. Cool, isn’t? Movies? Mostly Blockbusters. Another thing? Ok, some water parks.

So what needs to be done when one intends to arrange a successful yacht event? Following are some good tips to host a spectacular yacht event.

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Why a Yacht Event?

Because nothing can make your event more glamorous and exclusive than a unique, stylish and grand venue. The boring resorts and congested halls are outdated now. So you better get aboard on a luxury yacht to let the oceanic pleasure do its magic. The best thing about yacht events is that they are budget friendly! While availing luxury Yacht Rental services in Dubai, you won't have to spend separately for the quality staff and crew as well.

Do not go over the myth of yachts being unbelievably expensive and out of range. In fact, they can be lighter on your pocket than arranging an event on land as you would have to pay for every arrangement there separately. Where on yacht parties you can have an unbeaten luxurious treatment of entertainment in one package of for, menu and venue

Why Dubai as the Destination?

Dubai is indeed the most favorite destination for yacht events because of its incredible reputation for high class socializing and efficient yacht rental industry.

Choice of Yacht Matters!

When you are planning an event on a yacht, keep that in mind that you will have a limited capacity to accommodate your guest. So choose your yacht wisely. The nature of your event should be the major factor to consider while making a decision about choosing a yacht. There are some very luxurious and beautifully designed yachts with having different capacity for people to board on.

Efficient Staff and Crew

Yacht events require fine services. So, make sure whichever yacht company you choose have an experienced and efficient staff and crew because they are going to be the one to be with you on board. Virgo Yacht Dubai offers polished and trained staff who never lets you down in front of your guest

Having a Proper Schedule is Important

Make sure you plan and follow a strict schedule for everything. There are specific durations of every yacht voyage. Make your reservations according to the time of your event. Estimate how many hours you will be in the sea onboard as you will have to have enough supply of resources such as food and other things. Another thing which you would have to take care of is the arrival of your guests. Make sure they get on board on time.

High-quality Entertainment is a Must!

If you won't offer your guest some good means of entertainment, then your event can never be an exclusive one. Make sure you have lined up some fun activities for your guest. Don't leave this to chance. Space is limited; so you will need to know exactly where everything is to go and how the event will flow, well in advance. And remember Even the best entertainment can disappoint if it is not used in the right context.

Choose music and entertainment appropriate for the event. The mediums of entertainment may vary with the nature of event so make sure you arrange something which suits the mood and vibe of the environment.

Kalyan Panja