Ways to Have a Great Time Camping in Vermont

Part of the New England region in the northeastern United States, Vermont has plenty to brag about. With its historic landmarks, green mountains, and lush, colorful forests, it is easy to see why any camping enthusiast or amateur would want to experience this unique state once or twice. You won’t accidentally pass through Vermont on your way from New York to Montreal, or New York to Boston. You have to intentionally want to visit, and everyone really should!

The Haskell Free Library and Opera House is divided between the towns of Stanstead, Quebec, and Derby Line, Vermont. This is the only library in the world that operates in two countries at once. Americans can just walk through the front door, but Canadians have to cross the international line, pass US border guards in the front of the building. and then go out exactly the same way to avoid entering the US illegally.

Burlington is also one of the most introverted cities in America. Yes, there are cities in this world designed only for introverts. This Scandinavian looking city is located in Vermont. At the moment, Vermont will pay residents 10,000 Dollars to move there.

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So, if you are done googling pictures and ready to hit the open road towards Vermont, here are quick tips to get you ready to have a great camping adventure:

You Will Need More Than a Tent

In order to avoid cramped quarters that will result in some serious sibling squabbles (say that five times fast), consider upgrading your family to an RV for your road trip. You can have the comfort of space without losing the authenticity and pleasures of camping. Not to mention the extra space you will have to securely store all the supplies you will need, rather than cramming them into the car with your family.

Your sanity will also remain intact. Furthermore, Vermont proudly boasts some amazing RV Parks near Lake Champlain and those famous Green Mountains. You will want to bring along fishing poles, hiking boots, and of course, your camera.

Before going on a road trip to Vermont, you will need to plan, prepare, and pack for the adventure ahead. Whether you are hauling a family or just yourself and a furry companion, you will need to make sure you have all the essentials to comfortably (and safely) enjoy your trip.

Pack smart and take along the essentials for both health and happiness. Clothes and first-aid kits are a must, but pack for utility instead of bringing an outfit for every occasion. It might take a few days to run through the checklist, and you might even forget one or two things, but having more than just the basics will be important to avoid spending time and money buying the things you left behind.

It is also important to keep in mind that while summer in Vermont is pretty mild, usually around 80 degrees, it can surprise adventurers with a sudden heat wave or rainstorm. It is always a good idea to pack one set of clothes for cold, hot, and wet, because who can really trust the weather report?

Scout a Route

Though Vermont may be one of the smaller states in the US, 75 percent of it is covered in forest. To avoid getting lost or miss out on some of the best sites, it will be worth your time planning out a route to take before hitting the road. Furthermore, planning out where you will set up camp is important to ensure you will hit all the worthwhile spots.

If you are not sure what camping spots are the 'it' spots for Vermont's sights and sounds, check out amazing Vermont camping spots to find some ideas. It might be hard to decide where to spend your time considering all the scenic, unique landscapes Vermont has to offer. But at least you will always have a good excuse to come back and find a new favorite camping spot.

Fall colors are sometimes muted and sometimes brilliant. Depends on the year, depends on cold nights and warm days (like what gets the maple sap running in the spring). Vermont is the state mostly associated with fall colors, responsible for the BMWs and Mercedes with CT and NY license plates making their weekend rush north. Maine, a huge state, is more associated with rushing up to eat a lobster dinner and going back where you came from.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Vermont has a lot to offer to adventurers and sightseers. Even if things do not always go according to plan, you will make some unforgettable moments to always look back on.
Kalyan Panja