10 RV Tips For Your First Long Trip

So you are heading on your first long RV trip and is looking for advice for long RV vacations? Maybe you are hoping to find yourself in your travels? Or maybe you just want to create lasting memories with your family. Either way, long trips are better with good tips.

Here is a RV checklist for your long trip on a camper.

1. Take a Practice Drive

Are you new to RV ownership? Congratulations! If you are not familiar with driving the vehicle, make sure to take it on a practice drive before hitting the road on your long trip. Test it out on sharp turns, going up hills, and practice backing up so you’re comfortable with whatever the road ahead may bring.

2. Bring a Took Kit

You don't want to halt your road trip because your RV broke down. Not only should you have a well-stocked road trip, make sure you have a good spare tire and tire changing kit, along with any other items the RV might need along the way. Some essentials are:

● Light bulbs
● Jumper cables
● Extra fuses

3. Always Drive With a Full Tank

You never know when you'll hit a stretch of desert without another gas station for miles — or the station where you planned to fill up is closed or out of gas (it could happen, especially in a small rural town). Make sure to top off your tank any chance you get.

4. Take a Pre-Departure Walk Around

Check that lights and signals are working. Examine tires and check the air pressure. Check your trailer hookups and make sure the door is locked!

5. Use These Storage Hacks

You can always use more storage space in an RV, especially for long trips. Here are some RV storage hacks you will thank us for later:

● Put hanging shoe racks or spice racks on doors.
● Use hooks inside cabinets for non-fragile items.
● Use velcro to stick remotes in the entertainment center.
● Install brackets on the ceiling to store things like brooms and dustpans.
● Use suction cups instead of nails in the wall to hang cookware and small kitchen items.

6. Bring a Portable Space Heater

Use a portable space heater at night instead of the RV’s furnace to save on propane. Make sure the heater you use is safe and efficient.

7. Pack Less Than You Think You Need

That extra pair of jeans you are packing just in case isn't necessary. Practice minimalism in your RV; it will help your small space feel more comfortable. Try to only pack items that serve more than one purpose. Bring a lot of undergarments and socks (if you plan to wear shoes) because you don't want to reuse them.

Don't bring too much stuff. You can always buy more (for way cheaper), so you really shouldn't be worried about under packing. Pack light. If you may or may not need something, don't bring it. Bring a lot of plastic bags. They always come in handy. If you’re not a minimalist, consider this part of the adventure!

8. Plan Simple Meals

Leave the gourmet cooking to the many restaurants you’ll visit along your trip. RV kitchens are small, and you might be surprised how quickly the fridge runs out of space. Plus, your trip is for getting out there and experiencing the world! Save money with simple meals when you can and splurge on dinner out when you want. Here are some simple dinner ideas:

● Burgers on the grill with baked beans.
● Pre-made pizza crust. Just add some toppings and pop it in the oven.
● Sandwiches and chips.

9. Get a Mattress Topper

Make sure to lay on the bed before purchasing your RV. But you can pretty much count on RV mattresses causing some discomfort — a mattress topper will do wonders!

10. Personalize Your RV

After a few weeks of traveling, your RV might feel less than homey. You don’t want to feel homesick on your first long road trip. Personalize your space with a few comforts before you leave. Make a bulletin board to hang some of your favorite photos with room for mementos from the road. Also, bring along some of your favorite travel pillow and blankets.

Enjoy our RV tips for first long trip and good luck on your RV adventure!
Kalyan Panja