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So, you are planning a honeymoon trip in India? You will be spoilt for choice when picking a holiday destination for two as the world is full of romantic locations and hideaways. Why not make India one of them? The mix of interesting culture and stunning scenery is sure to satisfy all tastes, whether you are a foodie, a history buff, or simply want a room with a view.

Truly, India is the place where there the Gods reside. So secretive, sacred, lovely, outlandish, beguiling, and grand, that is what India is all about. Perhaps, India has been the most favored place for the gods. India is a land of rich culture and diverse people. It has hills, mountains, beaches, gulfs, deserts, forests and what not! If you are looking for some unexplored adventurous destinations in India then stay tuned!

Winding roads, the fresh smell of the mountains, thick pine and oak forests, a long walk on fresh crunchy leaves with unhindered views of the Himalayas. Indulge in a one of a kind experience in the mountains with unobstructed vistas, while you enjoy the solitary comfort of a good book on the deck, or lounge with a glass of wine and company of your partner.

Why India is Ideal for a Romantic Getaway

With a lot of wonderful spots to visit, if you are on an excursion to the heavenly places of India, here are the famous tourist spots to visit in India.

1. Darjeeling, Bengal

Welcome to Darjeeling. Here the air is pure, the clouds wind between the peaks and the deep red robes of the monks remind you that Tibet is not far. Darjeeling is located in the border with Nepal, which in your guide Lonely Planet guide appears as West Bengal. The normal thing is that tourists (travelers, nomads or whatever you want to define) arrive in Darjeeling from Calcutta, Varanasi or Nepal.

Chowrasta area is the upper part of the city since Darjeeling is on a hillside. This is where are all the movies are shot, backpackers, shops, cafes in the British colonial style and everything you need. Mahakal Temple is on a hill top is one of the greatest spots in Darjeeling to observe the panoramic views of the mountains.

The Observatory Hill is located at the Mall area and is encircled at its bottom by the Mall Road. As you walk along the Mall road, you will see this steep hill rising on one side. And Mahakal market is just beside.

However, it's not too high. It takes about 15 minutes of uphill walk to reach to the top. While the walk may be tiring, the rewards are awesome. As you take the Mall road from the right side of Chowrasta Mall, about 100 yards away you will find flights of stairs that lead towards the Observatory Hill and the Mahakal Temple.

Darjeeling is a heavenly town in West Bengal, in the lower Himalayan range. Very truly, its the tea paradise of India. The Famous tea estates of Authentic Darjeeling tea has made the tea suppliers flourishing day & night. However, all the tea suppliers must possess a valid FSSAI registration.

When it used to be the mid-year resort for the British Raj well to do folks, it had remained the end of the tight measure Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is the "Toy Train". The Toy Train network was finished in the year 1881. It's celebrated for the particular dark tea developed on estates that spot its encompassing slants. Its setting is Mt. Kanchenjunga, among the world's most elevated pinnacles.

2. Coorg, Karnataka

To experience the pleasant and cool climate during the summer, you can visit Coorg, which is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka in summer season. Coorg is a lush green hill station in Karnataka and the weather here stays calm and cool throughout the year attracting the maximum tourists all around from India.

Coorg is also known as Kodagu. It is said that this place haunts you forever by its timeless beauty. This city offers a fascinating past, captivating beauty, great food and subtle aromas of coffee plantations, oranges and honey. Described as the Scotland of India, it is located at 1,525m above sea level in the Western Ghats region.

This beautiful place is famous for the coffee gardens and the pleasant weather. Some other locations here which you can enjoy includes the Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls where you can enjoy some amazing water adventurous activities and can capture beautiful pictures there.

In the Nagarhole National Park and Dubare Elephant camp you can enjoy the most because here you can ride on an elephant and it's really amazing also to roamed out in the whole park with joy. Raja's seat is famous for the beautiful sceneries and is a photogenic place to capture some beautiful photos for Instagram.

The Nishani Motte Trek is a off the beaten track, perfect for those looking for an adventure experience. The top offers an incredible view of Brahmagiri and throughout the route you can admire the charm of the meadows and forests. For a different type of romantic experience, visit waterfalls such as the Abbey falls and Irupu falls.

3. Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh

Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Horsley Hills is a picturesque hill town located at 1,290 meters above sea level. The city is very close to the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and you can also find the Sambar deer early in the morning if you are lucky. The city was discovered by the British in the mid- nineteenth century and then became a summer retreat.

The Horsley Hills are famous for their picturesque surroundings and dense vegetation. One can also enjoy adventure sports activities such as Zorbing in Horsley Hills. Go to Horsley hill museum, Mallamma Temple and Highview point view to enjoy the serene beauty of the hills.

4. Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Chamoli is popularly known as the abode of Gods. Besides, it's also known as the valley of flowers. Renowned for its holy places, sanctuaries, and associations with Hindu folklores and stories — Chamoli is likewise the town that started off the celebrated the notable Chipko development by the Bishnoi community.

The spot is frequented is therefore visited by millions of visitors for its towns and rich Garhwali traditional. Chamoli is that perfect excursion spot with something for everybody. It is a perfect melange of the journey, excursion, and spiritual peacefulness.

The closest air terminal is Jolly Grant which is about 222 km away. The closest railhead is Rishikesh a way off of 202 km. It is all around linked with several other urban areas like Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, Srinagar, and Pauri.

5. Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli is a popular Himalayan skiing resort and sloping hill station in the north Indian territory of Uttarakhand. It's encompassed by the tall coniferous and oak wood trees, in addition to the Nanda Devi range and Nar Parvat mountain range. A long link vehicle joins Auli to the town of Joshimath.

In the North of Auli is situated reverential Badrinath Shrine, a popular Hindu journey site, and the Valley of Flowers National Park as well. Its lush high greenery and untamed lifelike snow panthers and red foxes attract everyone.

6. Lakshadweep

This island is a much-unexplored union territory of India. Reaching here is a bit of a task as there are only two options – an all night ferry from Cochin or an expensive flight via the same place. If you’re planning to visit Lakshadweep, plan well in advance as the island has limited staying options. Its beautiful and perfect if all you're interested in is the water and the marine life.

A bewitchingly beautiful and breath taking island in Lakshadweep, Bangaram is uninhabited island surrounded by a shallow lagoon enclosed by coral reef. Here the sun, sand and surf will cast a sell on you that you’ll never forget. In spite of its charming beauty the island is comparatively underrated among others in Lakshadweep.

It is located over 400 km off Kochi and 525 km from Kollam Port in the Indian Ocean. The atoll is about 7 km northeast of the Agatti Island and 25 km to the southeast of Perumal Par in the western Lakshadweep archipelago. The best part about Kadmat is the tip of the island. There's water coming from three sides at the same time and its really awesome!

7. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Not mentioning Ooty in the list of must to visit romantic places in India will be a crime. Otherwise known as Udhagamandalam, Ooty is a sloped station situated in the foothills of Tamil Nadu, in southern India. A charming town in Tamil Nadu, known for its tea gardens.

Ooty is considered as the queen of the Hill stations. Enshrined inside the beauty of Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is a place for all those who love the chilling cold and morning cold tea, especially from the tea plantations of Ooty. A plethora of things to do if you are planning to visit Ooty.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty Lake, Stone House, Fernhill Palace, St. Stephen’s Church, Pykara Waterfall, Botanical Garden, Dolphin's Nose, Lamb's Rock, Pine Forest, Kamaraj Sagar Lake are some of the famous tourist places to visit in Ooty.

8. Gulmarg

A popular skiing destination in the heavenly region of Kashmir, tops the list of honeymooners and several other tourists. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

9. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

One of the fastest emerging tourist & honeymoon destinations, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are well known for its white-sand beaches, tropical rain forests and mangroves.

10. Udaipur

This is the city of the Ranas, the rulers of the West and the bravest combatants, Modern Indian history has seen. The city of Rajasthan with her forts and the historic memories stored on the walls of the fort still claims to be one of the most beautifully marked cities of India. Udaipur also shows the resemblance of humbleness of the Indian maharaja, where the biggest man-made lake of that time solved the drinking water problem of all the subjects.
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