Long Memories of My Bunny and Me

Are you not motivated by the idea of having a more conventional type of pet? Some time ago I was thinking about writing about the rabbit as a domestic pet. I shared my life with Bunny for 8 years and without a doubt, it was the most beautiful experience I can remember. I am also going to give you a series of guidelines so that you can take good care of your rabbit.

Today more than ever it's worth talking about this extraordinary creature. If you want to have a domestic partner, having a rabbit may be a great option. Among other reasons because they do not need so much care.

Bunny was always quiet and peaceful. It did not usually cause problems that can disturb neighbors. And also, if you have more pets at home it will not be a problem because they adapt fast. I still remember when my little Bunny first became friends with the pet cat of mom. It was amazing to see them all together, interact and play every day.

You do not have to do a lot of exercises, and they are very affectionate. Bunny responded very well to all the expressions of affection that I gave it. Bunny was very intelligent and was very easy to raise it. It filled my life with love and joy by seeing that sweet little face. But like any animal, you must pay attention and get specific care guidelines.

Whether it lives inside or outside, you will need a cage or a place of its own, where it can feel safe and have privacy. Because let's face it, animals also need their space, and a rabbit will not be any less.

If your rabbit is going to be alone a lot of time especially if you spend many hours outside working. Look for a very wide cage, where it can stretch, stand, play and in a way, have freedom of movement. Do not fall into the error of buying a small cage. Because you may get a baby but it will soon grow and will need more living space.

The bigger the cage, the heavier and happier your hairy one will be. It is important that the cage is robust and without thin wires that can cause injury. It is also important that there is a wooden board so that the rabbit can rest, and not step on the wire all the time. And if you are a crafty person, a good wooden cage in a duplex model will be amazing.

Also, inside Bunny's cage, I put a pair of wooden trunks to stretch its paws and also rub its teeth, which it always did. In my house, the cage used to be open in my room. Bunny would go in when it wanted to eat or rest, but it had all the freedom to go all over the house. I only worried about covering up conflictive areas such as windows and cables.

Do not forget that rabbits need constant physical and social stimuli. In my case, many times when we would eat, Bunny sat nearby or sat next to me when watching TV. It is about integrating your bunny into your life. It should feel that it is part of your family, so the relationship will be very close.
Kalyan Panja