7 Smoker Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts

Every one of you wants to stay in world-class resorts while you are traveling. It is imperative for you to understand that all resorts do not cater to all of your demands. One such demand is the allowance to smoke in your room. A lot of resorts throughout the world do not allow their guests to smoke inside their room.

You do not need to worry if you smoke, there are a lot of resorts that permit their guests to smoke.

all inclusive resorts that allow smoking

Below is a list of few smokers friendly all-inclusive resorts that you need to know about before traveling to your travel destinations.


You can experience the beauty of Berlin through the beautiful Ritz Carlton. This luxury resort offers some fantastic facilities to its guests which include,rooms that permit you to smoke inside the room, breakfast in bed, swimming pool, etc. The hospitality offered by this hotel is impressive and will surely amaze you.

If you plan to visit Berlin and you are a smoker then, you should buy high quality smoke products at affordable prices.


The Westin Resort in Paris does not only offer spectacular room to you but also offers you a whole luxurious world where you can have a relaxed and pleasant stay. You have access to all the luxuries like a giant pool in your bathroom, king-sized beds, smoker-friendly rooms, french wines inside the rooms, and whatnot.

If you want to enjoy the true essence of Paris with the view of the magnificent Eiffel Tower, you should book your stay at the Westin Paris Vendome.


This beautiful located at the seafront in Palm Beach, Florida, allows you to smoke inside your room and the balcony. You can enjoy your smoke while facing the beautiful palm beach and experience the spectacular sunrise and sunsets. The resort also comes amongst the best resorts in Florida. If you are planning to visit Florida, you should consider four seasons as your first option as the hospitality will amaze you.


The city that sparkles in the night, Chicago is one of the best cities to experience the nightlife while you are in the United States of America. If you are a smoker and want to stay in a hotel room that allows you to smoke inside the room, you should book Hilton Chicago. It has some of the world's well-trained staff who make your stay a worthwhile experience.

The food served at this hotel cum resort is very delicious. You would not want to miss out on this amazing hotel while you visit Chicago.


One of the most iconic hotels in New York, The Lowell Hotel, has a different aura of its own. It is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in New York City. The hotel has charming interiors. The pieces of furniture inside the hotel and your rooms will take your breath away. The menu of the hotel is also deliciously amazing.

The best part about staying at The Lowell Hotel? You can smoke inside your rooms. You do not need to worry about going out and smoking. You can comfortably smoke inside your rooms without worrying about getting a fine. The Lowell Hotel, therefore, should be among your preferences for hotels in New York City.


Popularly known as the Hollywood City, California has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is the most beautiful city in the whole of the United States of America. Having the most picturesque views, this city promises you the best views that you will ever see! The hotels and resorts in this city are full of good views but, the Fairmont San Jose Resort has the best, most beautiful views amongst the others.

The resort is well equipped with all the luxuries, and one of them is the permission to smoke inside the rooms. You can smoke inside and outside the rooms. The resort offers a smoking area which makes its guests more comfortable with their smoking habits. The Fairmont San Jose is the best option amongst the other resorts of California.


The four seasons resort is a big name amongst the other resorts of the world. They have a mark amongst the other resorts due to their hospitality and smoker-friendly environment. People love choosing four seasons due to their friendliness towards smoking. While Costa Rica attracts a lot of tourists, there are not many resorts that allow the guests to smoke in the rooms.

While you are at Four Seasons, you can smoke anywhere inside the hotel. They also have specially made smoking rooms where you can go and smoke and is one of the best vacation spots for smokers. Therefore, if you are looking for some really good resorts in Costa Rica that have smoker-friendly rooms, you should definitely book the Four Seasons Resort.

While you plan of traveling to various parts of the world, it becomes important for you to look for hotels and resorts that allow you to smoke inside the rooms. The list specifies some of the best resorts in the world which allow you to smoke inside the rooms. If you plan to travel to these cities, you should read the list of hotels before making the bookings so that you get the best deals for yourself and have a pleasant stay.
Kalyan Panja