10 Best Things to Do in Chicago, USA

A city where putting ketchup on a hot dog is so strongly discouraged as to be called illegal sounds like a setting of a douglas adams novel. It seems too ridiculous to be true. Even asking for Ketchup under an innocuous guise, such as a dipping sauce for fries, can be enough to get you kicked out of some establishments. But such a city has carved out a thriving existence on the southern edge of Lake Michigan.

Regardless of what you hope to see in a city, Chicago will delight. From art installations to Wrigley Field, there is something for everyone in this city. The larger attractions are complimented by a thriving cultural scene, with dance, music, and improv. Chicago is a wonderful summer destination, set on the shore of Lake Michigan.

It has amazing parks and beautiful waterfront. Its artwork, cultural attractions and fantastic shopping make it a popular place throughout the year.

Getting around the city can be difficult, as Chicago is one of America’s worst cities for traffic. But there are alternatives to driving. The famous ‘L’ train is easy to navigate and cheap, the city’s grid is easily navigable, and, for the more adventurous, water taxis are another option to travel.

Chicago is one of the most exciting places to visit in United States. It is one of the most visited cities in USA. Large number of tourist and visitors from all over the world visit this place. Chicago offers a view of the modern city with huge sky scrappers on the sides of roads. It is known for its vibrant arts scene, numerous cultural attractions, excellent shopping, and interesting architecture.

The hub of the Midwest is not only an affordable destination but flights to its O'Hare and Midway airports are reasonable, too. Chicago is, at heart, a working-class town, where locals know how to have fun on a shoestring. It also has cheap public transit, and, since many of its trains are elevated, they allow for great and affordable neighborhood tours.

There are discounted theater, comedy, and cabaret tickets, and cards such as Chicago CityPass or Go Chicago are worthwhile, flat-rate investments. They get you discounts and head-of-the-line perks at the SkyDeck in the 103-story Willis Tower, the Chicago Art Institute, and other attractions. The skyscrapers are great!

If you’re here for some culinary suggestions, scroll down to the bottom to find some suggestions. Chicago has many new twists on more classic foods.

Best Things to do in Chicago

1. Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate, known colloquially as the bean, is a sculpture by the artist Anish Kapoor that does not leave one indifferent. Visitors feel irretrievably attracted by this brilliant steel creation of 20 m long by 10 high and 110 tons of weight. Its surface reflects the buildings and the people that surround it. Stand below it and see its bulging, shiny belly, sensational giant mirror.

One of Chicago’s most famous attractions is the bean. The colloquial name readily describes the shape of the structure, which stands in Millennium Park. Named Cloud Gate by the artist, the structure is large enough to walk under, and covered with reflective materials, so that it reflects the images of observers.

Because of its shape, the reflections are distorted and sometimes multiplied. Of course, if you go, it is imperative that you stand under the Bean. Only there do you get the best reflections.

2. Wrigley Field

With a back wall covered in ivy, seating on top of local bars, and a scoreboard that is still hand-operated, this field is a classic piece of Americana. Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot” was hit here. Whether you want to see the home of the Chicago cubs, the stadium and the night life in the area, or a concert, Wrigley Field has many interesting facets.

3. North Michigan Avenue

It’s a very clean city for being so large and there’s so much to see and do. There are many museums and it has Millennium Park, which is a must see and also the Chicago river and last but not least is the Mag mile (Michigan Avenue)! The most fascinating area of the city is Magnificent Mile, located along Michigan Avenue.

It is known for its luxurious stores, galleries and outstanding architecture. Its culture can be depicted in jewelry and artwork. Jewelry is presented in traditionally designed custom jewelry boxes wholesale to fascinate the visitors.

The magnificent mile is a long stretch of upscale stores, restaurants, landmarks, and hotels. It also houses artifacts of architecture, such as the Old Chicago Water Tower District, the Allerton Hotel, and DuSable bridge. If attractions are more your speed, the Ferris wheel at navy pier is a fun way to explore the city.

This city is objectively gorgeous. The juxtaposition of Lake Michigan and the impressive skyline is stunning. It’s hyper diverse with massive immigrant communities from all over the world, and it has some beautiful homes. There are so many awesome restaurants, and the city is very walkable. The suburbs are also nice too, with many having downtowns and historic homes.

Other tourists' highlights include Navy Pier, Millennium Park, the Willis Tower SkyDeck and Art Institute of Chicago.

4. Willis Tower

One of the best places to visit in Chicago is the Willis Tower SkyDeck which offers outstanding panoramic view of the entire city. This is one of the major tourist attraction to visit as you can get to see the stunning skyline of Chicago.

Another structure with a different colloquial name than its actual, the Willis tower is the tallest building in Chicago, having been the tallest in the world for 25 years. Off of the 103rd floor a skydeck extends, allowing visitors to look out over Chicago to Lake Michigan. The tower itself lights up in a rainbow of colours at night, corresponding to different holidays, appreciation days, and days for awareness.

It’s near Lake Michigan, which is so huge it looks like an ocean.

5. North Avenue Beach

Since Chicago sits on Lake Michigan, it has beaches, and the North Avenue Beach is a special one. It holds a 22,000 square foot beach house, covered with a sharp blue and white color scheme, and it is shaped like an ocean liner. From the top of the ocean liner building visitors can look out over the city, stealing one of the best views of it. The beach also boasts a lakefront trail, which can be biked, walked, or even roller-bladed.

Add in a beautiful, extraordinarily blue lake (because it has no river silt flowing into it) and it’s an amazing place to spend a day, week, or entire Summer. The lake beaches are very exotic in summer, and in winter, the snow is very beautiful.

Chicago has so much going for it. It would be much more populated if it didn’t have the reputation of being Chiberia, and even that is not as bad as it used to be due to climate change. Chicago has a bit of a NYC vibe along with the feel of a beach town in the summer. Drive up and down Lakeshore Drive on a beautiful summer day.

One one side—tall and often historic buildings — an Alpha+ level, world-class downtown. On the other side is a beautiful lake with beaches, boats, tons of people, and stunning lake views. Imagine thousands of people over 30 miles of beach, playing volleyball, jogging, picnicking, riding bikes, dining at restaurants and carts along the beach… it’s a great place to just people watch.

6. Buddy Guy’s Legends

If you’re looking for a blues club, this place is top-notch. The food is delicious, the atmosphere welcoming, and the musicians excellent. There is a cover charge to stay for the show, and no way to make reservations. The music really completes the atmosphere.

7. Muntu Dance Theater

A dance theater that holds its standards for authenticity and credibility, the productions of the Muntu Dance Theater are wonderful. There are different ensembles, including both dancing and drumming ones, and the performances are spectacular.


Chicago has a wide diversity of food selections, so when you crave a bite to eat, try some of these wonderful places. They serve both classic Chicago-style eats and other specialties. Don't miss trying the city's famous deep-dish pizza in one of the best places to eat in Chicago, and remember one slice of it is like two (or more) slices of a regular pie, saving you money, though not necessarily calories.

8. UNO’s Pizzeria

Deep dish pizza is a staple of Chicago’s food scene. It’s tall, more bowl than pizza at times, and filled with tons of sauce and cheese. UNO’s follows this recipe to a point. They also have gluten-free and vegetarian options.

9. Begab’s Goodies

If you’re looking for something vegan, this place will fill you up. They’ve got all of the vegan recipes, from Cheeseburgers and sandwiches to giant smoothies. The foods are filled with a powerful array of spices, and the selection of desserts is wide, with a peach cobbler as a popular favourite. However, this place isn’t open for long, and is open only around lunchtime.

10. Big Ed’s

Barbeque isn’t a staple of Chicago foods, but Big Ed’s makes mouth-watering ribs, pulled pork, and much more. Complementing these main dishes are well-cooked sides, from a gouda Mac and Cheese to Sweet Potatoes. Added to that is a friendly staff.

Text BY: Jakob Schreiber
Kalyan Panja