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Considering how much wilderness there is in California, even the most adventurous souls might find it difficult to explore it all. However, it is certainly not impossible. However, there may be instances where you do not have ample time to go on an expedition to every possible place. Hence, if you are wondering where all to go backpacking in California over a weekend-long trip, this list is for you.

Read on to find out the ultimate backpacking list for those who want to fall in love with California.

things to do in california

1. Grizzly Lake

Finding its location in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, this is a must-visit for those who wish to please themselves with the splendid view of mother nature. With an incredible waterfall in the middle of the forest, this lake looks like a heaven on the earth. If you ever wanted to fly-fish, this is the place for you.

Within the 7-mile stretch to the Grizzly Lake, you can camp at a nice meadow at about 5.7 miles according to an article. Carry easy-to-cook foods and snacks along with you on the trip. Since there bears around, it is best to tie up your food around a tree while you sleep.

2. Redwood National and State Parks

Surfing is altogether a breath-taking experience, both for the people who have done it before and the ones who are new to it. This Park has a great facility for doing so in the middle of the woods. Besides, redwoods all around tend to make even the imagination exhilarating. There are a lot of camping facilities in California you can avail while on the route to Tall Tree Grooves, which you come across in the ancient forest.

To fulfill your hunger, don't forget to carry snacks like nuts, bars, trail max, dry fruits, coffee and tea sachets, and sandwiches.

3. Camping at Glacier Point

Due to its high popularity, Glacier Point tends to get overcrowded. However, this in itself explains how much of a spectacle it is. If you ever get a chance to camp here, it would be on a dry year in the shoulder season. Although it might be a little of a task to get a place here to camp, the view from the point is worth enough for you to go ahead with it.

If the weather allows you, you can camp at the Glacier Point itself, with a permit from the park rangers. However, they mostly ensure that you set up your camps with a minimum of 100 yards away from any trail. Some of the most popular trails you can embark on at Glacier Point include the Four Mile Trail and the Mist Trail.

4. Rae Lakes Loop

It is a 46-mile hike through Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. It is one of the most popular hikes when it comes to Sierras. With lakes, greens and mountains all around, this place is as serene as a place can be.

About 8 miles into hiking through the dense forest around the Lake, you will come across a camping site where you can stay and rest for the night. According to an article, you can either camp at the Upper Paradise valley, Middle Paradise valley or the Lower Paradise Valley. Going ahead in your trail, you can also camp at the area surrounding the Lake.

When it comes to food, you can either eat instant snacks or fast foods that need minimal cooking with the help of a bonfire.

5. Beach Camp on Santa Rosa Island

Placed beside the Pacific ocean at a secluded location, Santa Rosa Island provides you with a place to camp in a tent on a beach, being in the land of extremes near Los Angeles. One of the least visited National Park, you will come across many unique plants and animals here. One of the rare animals found here include the native fox species.

You will even come across Torrey Pines in the Island, which is only found in a grove near San Diego elsewhere.

6. Lost Coast

With a stretch of over 24-mile coastline, this place requires you to visit with your vehicle or a shuttle car. There are a lot of places where you can camp while you trek. The Lost Coast is found in the Northern part of California’s coast. To explore more around the area, two of the beautiful places you can go to are Mattole and Black Sands Beach.

With camps laid out, Lost Coast provides you with the opportunity to trek and hike in this wonderful pace.

7. Ventana Wilderness Sykes Hot Springs

For the trekkers, the trek to this place is approximately 10 miles along the Pine Ridge Trail. It is best to visit this place in the off-season, to get on the trail quickly. Since the water runs fast in the winter and spring season, you gotta be extra cautious on the trail. The hot springs at this place will strengthen your resolve of considering the mother nature exhilarating.

Whenever you have to find a place to rest during the trail, there are places you can camp at. The 3 campgrounds that are quite popular would be Terrace Creek, Barlow Flat, and Sykes. As far as a toilet is concerned, you will come across a small wooden box with a hole in it on the trip. Thus, be prepared for the challenges on the trip. The beauty of the trail makes it worth the effort.

8. King's Peak from Shelter Cove

This is one place where you will come across the bear prints. The tide comes along the beach every 12 hours, making for an awe-inspiring sight. If you plan to go there, camp at the Buck Creek, for its scenic beauty having a mountain stream around and gentle oceanic waves. Those who find their interest in climbing mountains can do here at King Range, which culminates at the King’s Peak.

9. Ropi Lake

Due to its beauty, this place has become quite a famous site for visitors. Having some of the best waterfalls you can witness in California, Ropi Lake also has Lake Tahoe by its side. The hike is about 5.6 miles, which takes slightly longer to finish than one of the same distance. Going forward in the Trail, you will come across Ropi Lake Falls, making up for a fantastic viewpoint.

10. Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley

Though this place will provide you with isolation due to lesser footfall, the grueling hikes here provide for an exciting experience. It consists of an exemplary park, where you can reach with the help of a Shuttle. You can also plan on visiting Lake Cathedral in the vicinity for a delightful experience.

The entire trail would require you to invest about 6-7 days in it. On the first day, you can camp near the Cathedral Lake. Going forward to the subsequent day, the Sunrise High Sierra shall provide you a habitable space to set up your camp. During the course of the trail, you will also come across places like the beautiful Nevada Falls, around the area of which you can also build campsites.

When it comes to food during your trips, you can either eat instant snacks or fast foods that need minimal cooking with the help of a bonfire. As per an article, some of the good ideas for snacks would be flatbreads, chorizo, sardines, rice pouches, eggs, pasta, and chickpeas. Not only are these foods easy to cook but are also filling.

It is also imperative for you to remain hydrated during the entire trip. Always carry water bottles and sippers with you.

things to do in california

Several other beautiful places do not find a place on this list. However, that does not take anything away from them. For you to be able to explore the landmark places better, always carry the United States Scratch Off Map with you. Every place in California is wonderful, with each having its own set of charms. This makes it a city you should definitely have on your to-visit place.
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