10 Most Romantic Cities to Visit for Valentines Day

Can it really be? We're still recovering from New Year's Eve, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner? These holidays just don't let up. Of course, there's a bright side to this one: Valentine's Day is the perfect time to travel with that special person.

If you have a special someone in your life to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, you should look for a way to surprise them and make them feel loved. While some people do not expect gifts, others are fine with some chocolates, flowers and quality booze and there are those looking for a nice date that will leave them breathless.

However, one interesting way how you can make this day memorable is booking a trip for you and your sweetheart. It can be to a neighboring town or to an overseas destination, your choices are truly limitless. Whether you’re flying solo or taking on the trails with a loved one, the great outdoors is the perfect place to spend this weekend. Lucky for you, everything you need to plan your date with nature is all in one place.

Spring is just around the corner, folks. And while spring cleaning is all well and good, why not do a little spring cleaning for the heart & soul too, huh?

Listed below are some of the most romantic cities to celebrate Valentine's Day that you should take into consideration as well as some activities you can fit into your itinerary while there.

best places to go for valentines day

Take a look at the best places to go for valentine's day.

1. Cinque Terre, Italy

We all know the hotspots like Rome, Venice, Florence and Verona but Italy has a huge offer that you can choose from for your Valentine’s Day trip – including Cinque Terre. This stunning coastal area consists of five villages all of which you should visit. While you can take the train to travel between them, you can also go on walks and hike around this region to see all of its wonders.

Taking a walk up to the Santuario di Nostra Signora di Montenero will provide you with a stunning view while you can also take it easy and find a cozy and romantic spot to watch the sunset – for example, Stella Marina Beach at Monterosso is just the spot to see the other four villages during sunset. Of course, you can also experience the local cuisine and go for a dip in the gorgeous waters but it might be a bit cold in February.

2. Venice, Italy

For those who have just started in the love affair as a couple and are still in (almost) permanent state of enchantment, a destination that comes to them as a ring is Venice. In this tourist city par excellence it is possible, even if it does not seem like it, to find squares and corners where you can feel isolated from the crowd that runs through its streets and canals.

Venice is well-known for its beauty and for good reason. Everywhere you look, there are amazing and unique sights. Bridge over canals, charming piazzas, romantic gondolas, shop filled alleys, restaurants by canals, Doge Palace, St. Marks cathedral and the list goes on.

The city surprises, for good. They have even managed to turn the dark past of the Bridge of Sighs - through which the condemned were crossing - to turn it into a romantic meeting point for lovers on board gondolas. The thing about Venice, though, is that it’s very easy to get lost if you don’t have a really good map (or live there).

That is itself quite a sensible thing to expect to do. Yes, there are some very impressive churches and some beautiful pieces of artwork to see, but the fun of Venice is just wandering about the place and puzzling over how you’ve ended up where you are.

The Brenta canal hosts a series of baroque and palladian neoclassical mansions with impressive gardens, three of which can be visited. The mansions and their gardens can also be seen on a gruise from boats traeling up and down the canal.

3. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the cultural Mecca of Spain. Watch a bullfight there and it is a disconcerting experience to say the least. Just like Paris, metro in Madrid is awesome and goes everywhere. Go on a day trip to a castle in Segovia which inspired Walt Disney for their Disneyworld castle.

Places of interest: Prado National Museum, Stadio Santiago Bernabeu

4. Kyoto, Japan

Japan is on many people’s bucket lists but when they actually find themselves there, all they manage to do is explore Tokyo. Tokyo is amazing but this country has so much more to offer and you must dedicate at least one day to Kyoto.

Take the Shinkansen down to Kyoto. While there snap a picture of Mt Fuji from the train. On this day that celebrates love, the streets of Kyoto are full of pink and white cherry blossoms that this country is very well known for. In Arashiyama you’ll find a pristine lake with rowboats you can take and eat grilled fish out on the water. The classic bamboo forest is here too, and it feels like a small mountain village as you stroll through the country side.

Take a taxi UP to Kyomizu-dera and walk DOWN the philosophers path. The Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto is not a nature hike sort of walk per se but is a combination of arboretum sort of walking path with traditional tea houses and such. As pretty as it is, during cherry blossom season it would be really stunning then. It starts at the Silver Pavilion, in itself a wonderful spot and ends a few km later back in modern Kyoto.

There are temples, gardens, side streets, picturesque views the whole way down and, when you get back to the city area, you're in the Shijo/Sanjo area, which is where the best restaurants are. Kyoto doesn’t lack when it comes to cuisine either. To try a traditional Japanese meal and enjoy it in a private tatami room, make a reservation at Kitcho in advance and you can even get a meal designed specially to honor this occasion.

Find the small river a few blocks down from the big river, there are hidden streets with amazing restaurants around there, and the tourists don’t know about it. For a romantic atmosphere, you should book a traditional Japanese inn, ryokan. Here, you will have personal service, get to experience the local culture and even bathe in the natural hot springs (onsen).

5. Tokyo, Japan

No need to ask the characters of Big Bang Theory to realize that the paradise of friskiness par excellence is Tokyo. Harajuku to Shibuya are the places to walk, eat, sight see, watch people, be amazed, shop, fall in love: all in one afternoon.

Tokyo Sky View, Observation Deck offers the best view in Tokyo, period. Go at night to see what the future looks like. It’s in Roppongi Hills, so, ya know, more great food, shopping and all kinds of Tokyo-style feelings.

Akihabara is the neighborhood or the electronic city where you can find the most unsuspected things and in Odaiba, a group of artificial islands, is the largest Ferris wheel in the world and a theme park dedicated exclusively to technology.

In the Japanese capital you can transform into a manga character from shops to museums, dance with robots, binge on sushi and sleep in capsule hotels.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is famous for its beaches and the best nightlife in Europe. Strolling through the Gothic quarter and La Rambla with hordes of tourists is an astounding experience. You'll love the Spanish music there and find yourself humming the songs. Barcelona is home to Barcelona FC and going to Camp Nou is fun.

Places of interest: Gothic Quarter, Camp Nou stadium, Sagrada Familia.

7. Paris, France

Paris is the most visited city in the world and rightly so. Merely walking through the streets is like wandering through picture postcards. Louvre is the most visited art gallery in the world and is home to Mona Lisa. Although the tourist attractions were very far from each other, the Metro in Paris is awesome and runs everywhere.

We know it, it's a classic, but like all classic is eternal. For this type of couples who associate Valentine's Day with dinner with candles and walks in the light of the moon, what better destination than Paris, the city of love and light. All for a kiss from Pont Neuf or on top of the Eiffel Tower. On the wall of Square Jehan Rictus, the artist has translated ​​the phrase, I Love You, into more than 400 languages, an ideal place to declare love.

Places of interest: Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dam Cathedral.

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8. Prague, Czechia

Visit the Prague castle and through the old town and the Jewish quarter. Its a city best explored by foot. Watching the sunrise at Charles bridge will be the picture-perfect postcard moment of your entire trip. Not in vain the tourism promotion authority of the city has created a site called Prague for lovers.

Places of interest: Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral

9. Vienna, Austria

Once you’re done, take a train till the main station and from there head straight to Vienna in another train (book your ticket at least 48 hours early). Travel time from Prague and Vienna is 3 hours. Reach Vienna - Austria’s capital. Start touring the lovely city of Vienna by visiting Schonbrunn Palace. Get here as early as possible in order to finish your tour faster.

You will have so much to see inside this place. Once you’re done seeing the inside, explore the lawns outside. Next, visit the Vienna State Opera. Also, observe this state opera’s own version of Hall of Fame here. If possible, attend a performance inside. Located close by is the MuseumsQuartier. This is one of the largest art and culture complexes in the world. Spend some quality time here.

Once you’re done sightseeing, go have some coffee in the evening. You don’t want to leave Vienna without trying its coffee. Hit any good cafe nearby and try their coffee.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has amazing architecture. It was never destroyed during the world wars. The canals run across the city. It is a city with amazing history, beautiful houses, remarkable art and cosmopolitan people. Have a great time at Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Heineken Experience. The most surprising thing is the number of bicycles on the road. It is said that you are more likely to be run over by a bicycle than by a tram in Amsterdam!

For lovers who have a broader sense of the 'couple' concept and for those for whom monogamy is a cultural norm that does not always have to be followed, suggestions go from a getaway to Amsterdam, city of sex par excellence. Not all its attraction is based on the Red Light District, which are icons such as the canals, the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum, or the Anne Frank House.

We also recommend a getaway to Leiden, the city with the most museums in the Netherlands and the place where Rembrandt was born.

Places of interest: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Heineken Experience.

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Every continent has something special to offer and you can easily find a romantic destination that is a simple car ride away from where you live. Do some research and keep in mind that regardless of the destination you choose, what matters most is that you make your significant other feel loved and cherished.
Kalyan Panja