10 BEST Places to Visit in Nainital, Uttarakhand

Nothing greets morning better than opening your curtains wide and seeing that blue peaked sky welcoming you to a new day. Nainital is the gateway of Kumaon also known as lake district of India and is a quaint village situated in the lush green Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand. It is truly one of the best offbeat places to visit in Uttarakhand, with very less population in the village of about 250 people, you will feel more connected to the culture.

The locals in the village are very helpful for any tourists visiting the village. It gives you an added benefit of the breathtaking view of Kumaon Hills, with endless ranges in front of you. The village is situated near the famous hill station Nainital, taking you away from all the bustling noises of commercialized place into a peaceful journey of its own. There are a lot of things to do in Nainital.

Nainital, the Lake City is one of the best places to explore if you are seeking for a holiday plan where you can witness a queer peacefulness and discover the natural wonders. Nestled in the lap of Uttarakhand and is adorned with various hill destinations to secure its name in the list of top hill destinations in the country.

This small yet impressive valley lies at an altitude of almost 2084 meters above the sea level with a beautiful lake located in the centre. One of the most preferred hill stations in India and during the summer vacation, a huge number of travelers visit here. As huge change has been witnessed in the traveling trend, hence, a lot of people plan their weekend tour to Nainital.

Also, if you are a newly-wed couple or going to get married soon then Nainital would be a perfect place to start your married life by spending some really amazing romantic moments with their soulmate. Nainital Tour Packages play a vital role in making your trip more memorable and hassle free. You can visit the local temples in village, or trek to the nearby hills to get a sight of mesmerizing sunset behind the hills of Uttarakhand.

Imagine starting your day with sun rays peeking out from the window offering warmth and coziness to your room. Taking a sip of hot coffee while gazing at the sparkling and sprawling lake with several boats sailing over it and the surrounding brightened mountains enhances the charm and lets you feel that you are having a glimpse of the beautiful paintings of Claude Monet.

The best thing about Nainital is that it happens to be one of the best places where you can visit if you want to regain your peace of mind and this benevolent city never disheartens you with this. Be ready to face the crowd as the destination is found crowded with tourists all-round the year but this too makes the city more interesting and exciting.

Famous for it's scenic beauty, salubrious climate, flora and fauna, there are plenty of tourist attraction in and out of Nainital. You can add Jim Corbett, Ranikhet, Almora, Kausani and Binsar in your Nainital itinerary. Plan the trip in an optimum manner leaving time to visit the nearby towns like Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Kainchi dham and the others that are located just an hour away.

You can also visit the high altitude zoo, Snow View Point, Nanda Devi Mandir, Flats (the local market), the cave gardens and other points.

Try to find a hotel in Tallital instead of Mallital and with minimum distance from the bus stand as it's the mid part of the whole area. There is no public transport there, you need to book a cab every time and they'll cost much more than your expectations. There are also homestays in the villages.

Naini LakeNaini Lake

As you are on a holiday trip so you must be thinking of having fun and thrill, hence, we have decided to provide you a list of activities that you can enjoy in Nainital.

1. Boating In Sattal Lake

Bhowali is a gateway to many places in the Kumaon such as Almora and Bageshwar. The lakes nearby Bhowali are Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiatal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Sukha Tal and Khurpa Tal. Bhowali is famous for its scenic grandeur and as a hill fruit market. It is located near Ghorakhal, known for Golu Devata temple.

Naukuchia Lake, Bhimtal, and Sattal lakes are few of the most popular freshwater lakes in the city where tourists can enjoy yachting and boating. Going to these freshwater lakes doesn’t only provide you an opportunity to enjoy boating but also to witness the glamorous beauty of the three surrounding mountain peaks including Snow View, Naina Peak, and Tiffin Top that simply takes your breath away.

Naukuchiatal is a gorgeous place where you can enjoy kayaking and other adventure activities and is approximately 303 km from New Delhi. Naukuchiatal, a little beautiful lake town is a goal for the individuals who look for solitude and serenity underneath the shade of unadulterated nature. As the name of the spot recommends, this spot is for the most part known for its nine cornered lake which measures up to 1 km long and 40 m deep.

Lying at some separation from clamoring slope station of Nainital, this spot is attached with a legend. It is said that one who looks at all nine corners of lake with the two feet on the earth can influence the watcher to vanish into smoke to accomplish nirvana. The lake is bounded by the high and steep Naini peak on the North West side, by the Tiffin Top to the southwest side and snow view peaks on the north.

With numerous chances to restore your body and soul, Naukuchiatal is honored with extensively impressive environment and enamoring lake. The excellent climate consistently and a few attractions like lakes and sanctuaries makes your outing a fantastic experience.

Bhimtal is a lake city named after Bhima, the magnetic legendary character of Mahabharata. Loved for its stylish excellence, Bhimtal gladly sits at a height of 1,370 meters above ocean level. This lake city is picking up ubiquity with every day as it is situated in the region of Nainital and highlights a portion of the stately inns that are relatively less expensive than that of Nainital.

Bhimtal is predominantly mainstream among the voyagers for the grand Bhimtal lake. You can do sailing in the lake and furthermore visit the island in the inside that must be gotten to through water crafts. Strolling around the slopes of Bhimtal is extremely prevalent as they are thick and are a perfect spot for winged creature viewing and photography.

You can also visit Garg Parvat which is the source of river Gargi. Sattal Lake is another lake that vacationers can visit. It fills in as a perfect spot for bird watching and is the home of numerous migratory birds. While you are there you can visit the Hidimba Parvat. You can trek up to the top. It is an exceptionally calming spot. Camping in fresh and greenery environment in the open is one of the best activities in Bhimtal.

2. Trekking to Naina Peak

As it's a place in the mountains so you'll need to hike most of the time everywhere. This admiring hill station offers its travelers with a plethora of trekking options and the scenic sites of the surroundings enhance its beauty to the next level. Nainital Betalghat Trek, Nainital Kainchi Trek, Snow View Trek, etc. are few of the most sought and popular trekking trails in this hill city.

However, trekking along the trail to Naina Peak is the most admiring and exciting activity to get indulged here especially if you are an adventure enthusiast.

3. Wildlife in Jim Corbett National Park

Nainital is one of those holiday destinations where you can experience almost everything you look for in a trip like if you are a travel enthusiast then you can enjoy activities like trekking, hiking, and snowboarding (in winters), and similarly you get to witness the impeccable beauty of nature, etc. In fact, Jim Corbett National Park, one of the oldest National Parks in India is also located here.

Also, If you wish to spend a nice time with your family or with your own self, away from the crowd, then travel a little more and go to Corbett National Park near Ramnagar in Uttarakhand. You can never get a more calm and serene place than this. No need to hunt for tigers, just take a dip in cool water of Ramganga or Kosi river.

Also, if you are an animal lover and love playing with them then you must not skip visiting Jim Corbett National Park where you can spot the exotic species of animals. The rich wildlife of the national park includes sloth bears, tigers, jackals, leopards, Himalayan black bear, yellow-throated marten, common otter, spotted deer, porcupine, Indian grey mongoose, etc.

If you want to spend more time in attaining wildlife experiences then you must visit High Altitude Zoo in the city to spot the animals that survive at higher altitudes. Okay, if you are a person who wants to see if tigers are real, Jim Corbett is your destination. Start the tour with a wildlife safari and a stay in the Corbett National Park. Then you can visit the Corbett museum in Kaladhungi as well.

Corbett, is the perfect chance to satiate your appetite. No crowds, no worries, just you and the flowing Ramganga river before you to wash your concerns away. Sit back with a book in the cool, mud-walled open verandahs, or go for an early morning walk in the woods. Pack your bags for a long weekend, and get a hold of this environmentalist home before it’s gone - so you can enjoy some much needed forest bathing, cool laps in the river, organic food, and memorable fireside chats.

4. G. B. Pant High Altitude Zoo

Some of the rarely found animals are spotted at this high altitude zoo in Nainital and this makes it another interesting place to explore in this beautiful valley. There is a zoo at the top of the mountains. You can also take a cab to reach there.

5. Nature Walks to Tiffin Top

Nainital is worldwide popular for its captivating natural beauty and one who visits this place must not miss out the opportunity to go on a nature trek with their loved ones. When you follow the way by taking a right turn before the Tiffin Top then you will see the graceful trail leading you towards the McDonald’s Circular Road and if you are lucky enough then you might get the chance to spot plumaged Khaleej pheasants, shy barking deer, and few other birds.

6. Horse Riding in the Mall Road

In the evening you can roam around Mall road. Your visit to Nainital is always incomplete if you don’t go for horse riding activity especially in the Mall Road area. A lot of travelers love enjoying horse rides to the Naina Peak to enjoy witnessing the fascinating views of the magnificent Himalayas adorned with the thick sheets of blanket. Go on a horse tour around Nainital.

7. Shopping in Tibetan Market

Nainital is one of the best places for shopaholics and The Mall Road, Tibetan Market, and Bara Bazar are some of the most popular market places in the city where a huge number of foreign tourists are also found bargaining to the shopkeepers. Scented candles, hey chains, artificial jewelry, and books are few of those things that you can bring back as souvenirs.

The Tibetan market of Nainital, also called Bhotia Market, is a go-to place for shoppers. There is a wide variety of winter wear, and the Tibetan food. As gifts or souvenirs you can purchase candles or wood work. You will find a variety of these in every shop around town. There are beer mugs, boats and all shapes and sizes not available anywhere else.

Among the local cuisine you must try the pahadi khana like dal chudkani, dum aloo and others. This will be available in any restaurant. You cannot miss the momos served in the Bhotia market (flats) and the thuppa too.

8. Camping in Sattal

Naukuchiatal, Sattal, Mukteshwar, and Mangoli are some of the most exciting places to enjoy camping in Nainital but the charm of Naina Devi Jungle Camp is something that can’t be expressed in words and so it is enlisted as one of the most popular camping sites here. Hiking, star gazing, trekking, Tarzan Swing, yoga, and many more experiences can be lived and enjoyed by camping in and around Nainital.

9. Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple is one of the most famous temple besides with a beautiful combination of hill and lake. There is a market near the temple, you would love to shop there. Do take a ride in the Nainital ropeway, just 500 meters away, leading to the Snow View Point and witness the beautiful Himalayan snow-covered peak.

If you don't want to walk then you can also take a horse ride to reach the top. But if you're with a group or friends and want to enjoy the moment, just hike to the top. You'll enjoy doing that. A horse ride would cost you 800 per person.

Now the seven tops consist of all tops excluding Nainital peak or China peak and tiffin top. You can't reach there by car. What will be best is to book a cab for the day tell him your interest points and negotiate the price and time you would like to give to each place. So, find a cab, and you'll easily get that as all the drivers roam around the Mall road and everywhere.

They'll cost you a maximum of 1000 INR and within 2 hpurs you'll get to see all tops including snow viewpoint, Himalaya view, Sookha tal, Suicide or Lovers point, etc.

10. Cave Garden

The cave garden is really a good place to visit. All surrounded by a different type of caves. There are six caves in the eco cave garden. Every cave has it's own charm.

Do visit the Governor’s House which is a replica of Buckingham Palace. The guided tour through the estate is simply enthralling! There are certain varieties of plants that bloom only in this month. Plus collect the wood roses if you would like!

We have tried our best to compile the list of activities that you can enjoy in Nainital and if you feel that something is missing then do share your suggestion in the comment box below. Also, take out a few seconds to hit the like icon and share this post with your family, friends, and other people who are planning a trip to Nainital.

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