12 Skin Care Tips for Vacation

Who among us doesn't want to look good in our holiday travel pictures? When on vacation, you're exposing your skin to varied climates, disturbed sleep, and unfamiliar cuisine. So, it's essential to take the right care of your skin to look your best during vacation. Here are 12 tips to keep skin looking great during vacation:

travel skin care tips for vacation

1. Prepare in advance

Consider the mode of travel to your holiday destination, the climatic conditions of the place during your forthcoming vacation stay, your vacation itinerary, and, most importantly, your skin type. Before you set out for travel, make sure to exfoliate gently and moisturize at home. It’s a good idea to apply a coconut and honey hydrating mask after exfoliating.

This way you certainly can get your skin ready for an awesome look, a little ahead of your vacation travel.

2. Pack your everyday skin essentials carefully

Carry appropriate skin-care products in travel-friendly containers. Make sure to keep possibly irritating products such as harsh cleansers and peels back at home. One should consider reading a review and decide on which products to take and which one to drop while on vacation.

Take along your gentle facial cleanser, your routine body moisturizer, and a good-quality serum to counteract dryness. Also, don’t forget to pack in a mud mask for removing impurities, your favorite under-eye cream, and a hydrating face masks.

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3. Skip makeup on the day of your journey

Yes, you'll need to restrict your makeup to the least, whether you’re about to sit on a plane or travel by road, rail, or sea. Makeup settles into the skin’s pores and retains undesired microorganisms on it, thus not letting your skin breathe.

Also, uncertain weather causes skin break-outs. Foundations could dry your skin out, so limit your makeup to a day cream and sunscreen. If meeting with people as soon as you arrive is on the agenda, carry a small makeup pouch with your everyday essentials so that you can wear makeup in the washroom before reaching your destination.

4. Prevent travel dryness

A good-quality moisturizer helps to protect the skin against harsh weather, particularly, while vacationing in colder places. By keeping the skin hydrated, it prevents several skin issues ranging from breakouts to cracked heels.

Apply your natural body and face moisturizers thoroughly before leaving, and also carry a rejuvenating facial mist spray along. This fantastic skincare product is full of protective antioxidants, and retains your skin’s moisture in dry weather, giving you a vibrant look upon arriving as well as throughout the trip.

5. Sunscreen is a must

Don't ditch the Sun Protection Factor (SPF)! A good-quality sunscreen, full of vitamins and minerals, and with a minimum SPF of 30 is vital to resisting skin damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. While vacationing, make sure to apply a sunscreen cream or lotion daily, irrespective of the kind of weather outside. Don’t go to the beach without carrying this must-have along.

So, whether you’re a keen sun-seeker or are prone to avoiding it anyway, make sunscreen your daily essential and don’t be stingy on it.

6. Pack in a few oil-blotting sheets

No more fretting during your holiday over oily skin around the T-zone! Oil-blotting or oil-absorbing sheets immediately absorb excess oil and remove the unwanted shine off your face. What’s more, the soft and silky sheets do their job without smearing your makeup and leaving residue on your face.

7. Don't touch your face with hands

While visiting public places, coming in contact with plenty of germs is inevitable. If we use our hands for touching our faces, we’re passing on the germs to the facial skin, subsequently causing problems such as pimples. If touching your face is a must, use an oil blotter to protect your skin from direct contact with your hands, thus minimizing breakouts. Also, use a medicated handwash for washing your hands or a sanitizer often.

8. Carry a few Sheet Masks along

Without occupying excess luggage space, sheet masks do a great job on your face, hands, and feet. A one-time treat, these presoaked, single-use fabrics are full of high-potency ingredients of a serum. The sheet masks pass through the skin much deeper than an ordinary cream, thus permitting a more focused cure. Also, this skin-care product needs no rinsing or clean-up at all.

9. Take additional care upon arriving at your vacation destination

With environmental elements accumulated on your skin’s surface while you enter your hotel room, your best bet would be to wash your face or take a bath immediately. Exfoliate to remove all the dirt accumulated from the journey, then apply your favorite moisturizer all over your body.

In case you don’t prefer to carry a facial cleanser while traveling, make sure to bring pre-moistened facial towelettes along. Also, don’t forget to pack in your eye cream to combat eye puffiness and under-eye redness.

10. Apply ice to the eyes

Making you look older than your age, under-eye circles can certainly dampen your vacation spirit. Gladly, though, a simple remedy can work wonders on this travel bane. Just wrap some crushed ice in a clean towel, and apply below your eyes. This process works well before bed, letting you wake up with a refreshed face. Repeat the process once the ice melts.

11. Think water while eating

When traveling, the skin dehydrates immensely. So, besides drinking sufficient water, eat juicy fruits like watermelon, pineapple and strawberries, and veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh greens. Having soups is also a great idea to hydrate the skin from the inside out. Make sure to ditch sugary sodas as well as juices that do nothing but add pounds to your body weight.

12. Get Sufficient Sleep

Getting a peaceful sleep far from home is challenging for most of us. However, a lack of sleep while traveling makes our skin extremely vulnerable to issues like dehydration and breakouts. When traveling, carry useful sleep aids along, such as a sleep mask to hide the light, earplugs to block out a vehicle's noise, and your favorite blanket or pillow to feel at home. Also, try your best to adhere to your usual sleep schedule.


By following these simple and useful tips, you can be sure of making your skin happy, thus glowing all vacation-long.
Kalyan Panja