12 BEST Places to Visit in Poland

Well, you can miss out nothing in Poland. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit to fill your eyes with glitter. Whenever the name Poland comes in our mind, we can only recall the World War II, but that's not all. This list is long as the glamour of this place never ends. For several years, travelers didn't want to go to Poland due to the way it had always been portrayed.

However, that insight is now rapidly changing, and things have gone more advanced in terms of travelling. Forget about the country's unwelcoming and gruesome past. Astute travelers have come to comprehend that Poland is full of natural beauty and loving locations that can fill the memory of your phone with instagrammable images.

The ninth-largest country in Europe, its name is derived from the name of the tribe Polanie, meaning people living in open fields. This is the home of Bolesławiec pottery, the world's largest castle, and of Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie. This is a land of lush forests, sparkling waters, and awe-inspiring mountains.

While Krakow and Warsaw have become more popular in recent years, Poland still remains largely unknown outside of Europe. Dotted with beautiful beaches cities and castles in the north, picturesque mountains and villages in the south, and delicious food, Poland is an excellent place to experience the best of what Europe has to offer without the hoards of tourists and expensive prices.

Poland is fast becoming one of Europe's preferred holiday destinations where people travel from around the world and love to spend at least a week. It is not a cheap place and costs your pocket a lot. Even some people also go for borrowings option so that they don't miss a chance to go to this mesmerizing destination. If you are a person who loves doing fun things like biking and camping, and other activities, nothing can take Poland's place.

This is a nation with an intense history, stunning architecture, and the friendliest of locals. This is a place that you cannot leave off of your travel bucket list. Let us begin the journey. Are you also looking to fly to Poland, but not able to manage the bookings? Check the various sites in Poland and you can have a sufficient information to book tickets to Poland.

Tourist Spots in Poland

If you are looking to see some of the mesmerizing locations and travel to Poland at any cost, then you need to check the list below.

1. Krakow

Well, its name is enough to describe the place as it is famous. A southern Polish city located near the Czech border, Kraków is undoubtedly one of the loveliest cities on earth. Spending a weekend in the heart of Kraków, Poland is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the rich culture that Eastern Europe has to offer.

As with many cities around the world, history and legends converge in Krakow among the Polish tourist attractions. This city of Central Europe located on the banks of the Vistula River, is for many the heart of Poland and offers tourists many attractions with its historic buildings, museums and beautiful scenery.

But while tourists are impossible to miss in Old Town Square and Wawel Castle, walk into a museum like the Bishop’s Palace, or into most of the spectacular churches around town, and you might be one of the five people ogling that beauty. The Bishop’s Palace is an incredible art museum, with some of the funkiest paintings.

The Historic Quarter of Krakow, a World Heritage Site, is divided into three areas of the mythical Wawel Hill, the Medieval City and the center of Kazimierz, also medieval. In the Medieval City of Krakow you can find the 13th-century Rynek Główny Square, considered the largest in Europe.

Krakow is additionally home to Europe's largest marketplace. A tour of the Historic Quarter will take you back to the Middle Ages, when the Main Square was the largest in Europe and overflowing with merchants and customers. You will see that the legendary castles, mysterious dragon caves, old churches and cobblestone streets coexist harmoniously with modern restaurants, bars and shops.

Krakow is also a destination for religious tourism, for the amount of churches and synagogues that we will find there, and the proximity of the Jasna Góra sanctuary of Czestochowa. And it is also a city that experienced the horrors of World War II, which you can feel in a visit to the nearby Auschwitz concentration camp.

Defining Krakow in words is way complicated because this place is magical and whatever we say will not be enough. As it is one of the costliest places in Europe, keep a hefty budget if you are planning to go for shopping here. Ensure to bring your camera and clear your schedule, because you'll be here for a long time.

Not just this, you can also see some school and college level activity or shows near to the roadside area. That can be fun and something new to watch in a different place. Even you can taste the best and mouth-watering traditional food there that can fill your mind with pleasure. Don't forget to travel empty stomach in the morning so that you can grab many on the go snacks.

Real pierogies are difficult to find outside of Poland. They are large dough filled ‘raviolis’, but the dough is made with butter or yogurt, and the fillings are typically sauerkraut, farmer’s cheese, or mushrooms. Two are enough for a good lunch, or one as an appetizer for dinner.

2. Bialowieza Forest

Love nature, then this destination can create a lifetime memory in your mind. Covering an area of around 3,000 kilometres, Białowieża Forest has raw and untouched scenic beauty that you can see in Poland.

This worth-to-be-visited place boasts of primeval forests that once covered most parts of Europe. If you're lucky, you'll be able to spot one of the many wild creatures present here including golden eagles, European bison and deer. You can enjoy being close to animals that are not going to harm at all. The most liked inhabitants of the forest are Capreolus, Red Deer, Wolves, Elk and many more.

3. Wrocław

Ostrów Tumski is a stunning island and is one of the oldest areas in Wroclaw. The natural beauty all around can leave you speechless. Bound by the River Oder, there are many prominent shrines on this island like the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist and the Holy Cross and Saint Bartholomew's Collegiate.

The place has some fantastic architecture where you can feel a different vibe. It is because each building speaks a diverse story. If you are a travel lover, then this is your location to visit. Be charmed by the beautiful and historic buildings here and enjoy the trip.

In Walbrzych, there is the stunning Książ castle not far away and that should be your destination when traveling to this area.

4. Oświęcim

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial & Museum was built in honour of around 1.5 million people exterminated here during the World War II. The war was a pain, but the family members can still feel the soul here. We are not trying to scare you, but the location can give you goosebumps.

Today, this museum is a vital historical area because of the Nazi history along with the ruins. It is one of the touching places to go in Poland. If you are travelling to Poland, then do visit here!

5. Świnoujście

Do you want to spend time seeing a beautiful sunset with your family? Plan your weekend at the coast of Baltic Sea! For that there is a place located on the Baltic Sea called Swinoujscie. On the other hand, if you are keen to see slow beaches, then also you can spend a good time here. There are many farms here, and the location is full of greenery where you can feel like jumping onto the fields.

Plus, you can click lots of pictures here as they are going to come in best bright colours with natural beauty. Moving ahead, you can travel to the sea museum and enjoy the adventure in the underwater world. Poland is increasingly popular as a travel destination in Europe and places worth to see is Miedzyzdroje and the hiking trails are the best in Wolinski National Park.

Near here is the Karsibor Island which is popular among bird watchers. In the nearby Wolin Island you can see the fantastic lighthouse. The thrill and adventure is never going to stop here; you can get tired, but the fun part keeps going on.

6. Malbork

Poland is home to Malbork Castle, the largest castle in the world and also the largest brick structure in the world.

7. Wieliczka

Near Krakow is located one of the oldest salt mines in Europe, the Wieliczka salt mine.

8. Warsaw

A city ravaged by World War II, the Polish capital has stories to tell for anyone who wants to listen. Monuments of this dark period of history pop up throughout the city. Walking the streets with a knowledgeable guide can be a real eye opener. But this place isn’t all somber stories – the nightlife here is a highlight, and the prices are far cheaper than you’ll find in the cities in the West.

Go to Warsaw if you’re interested in World War II, or to enjoy a night out, of if you’re on a budget. If you have Warsaw among your next destinations, you might be interested in these tips for traveling to Warsaw. MDM is the Soviet neighborhood, of large and sober buildings with a clear style of socialist realism. Jewish Ghetto was one of the largest ghettos in Europe, but entirely destroyed.

Nowadays there is still a piece of the wall that delimited it. If you want to really explore and relish the city, you need more time there. The museums are amazing! The palaces, churches, cathedrals, the old town are all worth good amount of time. Europe's largest water park, Suntago Water Park is located 50 km southwest of Warsaw, with Europe's longest water slide at 320 meters, 18 swimming pools and 40000 square meters of tropical gardens and palm trees.

Poland is cheaper than the western European countries, but you also get much of the equally good quality stuff there for cheaper prices. Food or public transport, for example. Great food, couldnt be easier on the pocket! Book a hotel in the central location and you will be close to everything interesting.

9. Gdansk

Gdansk is an attractive city to include within a trip through Poland or in the summer holidays. The area of the Three Cities consisting of Gdansk, the Sopot spa and the modern port of Gdynia has a thousand years of maritime history, glorious Hanseatic architecture and a modern Baltic atmosphere. The thriving Dluga Street, with shops, bars, restaurants and street performers, stretches from the Golden Gate to the town hall.

10. Sandomierz

It is at least as old as Poland. It was already the capital of local voivodeship in the 11th century. The castle, the Old Town, all the green, the fields nearby, the river - this is a very Polish landscape. The town is built on seven hills. Sandomierz was many times besieged and plundered by Tatars. It remained as the capital of local voivodeship for seven hundred years.

The town was visited by Polish kings many times. One of the biggest tourist attractions are beautiful forested ravines surrounding the town. The local basilica was built in 1360. Sandomierz is also known by the Polish remake of the series “Don Matteo” (originally starring Terence Hill) which was filmed in this town.

11. Hel

A forest stretches along the full length of the beaches where one comes across some unexpected finds. Railway journey along the peninsula is picturesque. In some places the sea and the bay are visible from the train on either side. There have been years when the sea cut off sections of the peninsula. A cycle path allows the full length to be covered by bicycle in one day, there and back. 14 kilometres of it runs through the forest.

The sand is exceptionally white and fine. It really does look like snow. The white-sand dunes are protected by the Nadmorski Landscape Park. In the town of Hel at the top of the peninsula there is a marine station and a seal sanctuary dedicated to restoring the population of grey seals in the area of the Baltic Sea. They look after injured seals and breed young ones in order to release them into the wild.

Seal feeding sessions are open to the public. Occasionally it’s possible to spot wild seals coming to the beach, if one is prepared to watch and wait. If the seals don’t turn up it’s still a beautiful view anyway. The 40.8-meter light house tower of Hel is open to those visitors who are willing to trudge up to the top for a good view.

It’s also worth climbing the stairs to the wooden church tower of the Fisheries Museum. Restaurants specialise in fried and smoked fish. Fishermen bring fresh fish to Hel daily. Off season the few small hamlets on the peninsula are almost deserted. High season - July and August - is best avoided.

12. Bydgoszcz

If you like seeing some of the famous and most prominent universities, then you need to check this location. The place is safe to travel with kids. Should we say once you go there you can also make a plan to study at one of the universities. Located in Northern Poland, Bydgoszcz is extensively known for its several universities that are close to each other.

The city is full of energy. Bydgoszcz is a multi-ethnic city with a strong business presence, and that makes it more interesting.


You can go to a sunny beach and spread your body seeing the sunset the entire evening and also have a quality time with loved ones. Poland completes your journey so get that stamp on your passport as soon as possible.
Kalyan Panja