7 Best Digital Nomads Cities in Europe

Digital nomads often find themselves consumed by wanderlust. Transcending all boundaries and working possibly from any terrain is what digital nomads yearn. Digital nomads seemingly gadabout spending their lives strolling across the globe to satisfy their longed-for nomadic lifestyle.

Though there are numerous digital nomad destinations across the world, Europe is a continent with incredible destinations, a vast array of landscapes and experiences to indulge. Europe is a beautiful continent full of incredible cities awaiting to be touched down. With a rich culture and a buzzing scene, Europe is definitely a great nomad hub.

In consideration of its ever-growing prevalence in numerous regions of the world, digital nomads are dwellers of Europe’s bewitching beauties. Digital nomad culture is popular because it makes people think like entrepreneurs. The prime reason why digital nomads end up in successful entrepreneurial paths is that they are offered ample financial freedom and no borderlines in general.

Europe in general, is relatively quieter compared to the rest of the world. The Nordic countries are winners when it comes to ambiance and background noise. But these places are far from cheap. Eastern Europe is relatively more affordable but as they are developing would no doubt be associated with industries of some sort.

best digital nomad cities in Europe

Read on further to travel through awe-inspiring European getaway destinations for digital nomads:

1. Poznan, Poland

Poznan is a culturally rich city in Poland, with a stunningly revitalized market square, a vibrant nightlife with many restaurants and bars, and captivating museums. It's a good deal of choice if you're planning to take a rest from large cities enabling your inner-directed creativity to swirl unusually.

And also don't overlook the Polish price levels — you would rent a one-bedroom apartment in one of the spiffy neighborhoods’ in Poznan for about £ 400 ($515 or € 500). Pleasant dinner under mellow lights with a glass of wine will charge you no more than £ 15 (€ 18 or $20).

2. Istanbul, Turkey

A mélange of Middle Eastern culture and European heritage, Istanbul is a classic place for vacationers and digital nomads. Basking in the warm sunshine destination, the internet, and breathtaking beaches make up the ideal ingredients for the digital nomads' bucket list. Istanbul has it all.

You can live a life of luxury in Istanbul for far less than $1000 per month covering rent and meals. Moreover, a luxury apartment rented via Airbnb can cost as low as $400 per individual. There is a broad range of spots to work from- like an international resort or a decent coffee shop in the vicinity. Turkey has an average download speed of 14.51 mbps, whereas the average upload speed is 4.04 mbps.

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3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most vibrant and aesthetic cities in Europe rich in history. Therefore, it's no mystery that it is an exalted destination for digital nomads and freelancers with over 300 co-working spaces within its ramparts. Unlike many Western European cities, Barcelona is fairly inexpensive.

If you have a budget to spend well, you can live from £ 1,100 to £ 1,700 (€ 1,260 to € 1,950 or $1,400 to $2,200) a month. You can conveniently get wherever you want without a car. As a digital nomad in Barcelona, you may bump into people from around the globe and thus become an integral component of a very active nomadic segment.

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4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is one of the peerless affairs kept out of sight from many folks. Speaking of Bulgaria, most people are triggered by the famous city Sofia. Plovdiv would be a smart choice for digital nomads who are aiming for more background skiing sites. At only £ 300 (€ 345 or $390) one can rent an apartment in the town and drop no extra than £ 500 (€ 575 or $645) on all other extravagant odds and sods, decent food and drinks.

Prominent themes to stumble upon include- colossal lifestyle, swift internet speed, great cafes, and work environments.

5. Utrecht, Netherlands

Having visited the Netherlands typically means heading straight to Amsterdam. But no wonder if you're a keen adventurer and want to see the quirky side of the country, you may want to pay a visit to Utrecht. And, with much better deals, you can live quite comfortably here just for £ 1,200 to £ 1,600 (€ 1,350 to € 1,800 or $1,550 to $2,000) per month.

Utrecht is actually a province in the Netherlands that is famous for castles, mansions, and forests. But aside from the gorgeous nature, there is also the old student city of the same name. And you should definitely go there.

The Netherlands boasts one of the fastest internet speeds in the world. However, what lures nomads to the country is its innovative ethos and tiny-town feel, coupled with a booming nightlife in Amsterdam and chic lifestyle.

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6. London, England

When it comes to digital nomad jobs, this European city presents a unique aura that highlights versatility and freedom. London has a way of life for a modern nomadic to do away with the extensive use of mass transit as they want to absorb the culture, interact with locals, and travel the city. London potentially is the ultimate milestone for a digital nomadic to do more or start afresh to spark-off artistic ideas.

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7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Ranked as the most walkable and happiest country in the world, Denmark encapsulates all the essentials for a relaxed and fatigue-free workplace. The city has all the amenities of a megacity like alluring infrastructure, huge shopping malls, lively nightlife, while remaining comfortable and intimate to the advantage of its locals and tourists. Republikken, Rocket Labs and Founders House are known co-working spaces to name a few.

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In a nutshell, get one of the best laptops for digital nomads from the market and pick any spot from the aforementioned ones and you'll have good fun.
Kalyan Panja