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The capital of the Catalan region of Spain, Barcelona has long been known as a party hot spot. This part of the world tends to eat dinner towards midnight and often party on through ‘til sunrise. But Barcelona is far from a one trick pony.

This city is an architecture fan’s dream come true (thanks in particular to Gaudi – his Sagrada Familia could well be the most impressive building in the entire world), and is blessed with beautiful beaches and weather. Go to Barcelona if you like the sun and the sand, you’re a fan of funky architecture, you’re looking to party your socks off.

Hugging the eastern coast of Spain, the organized grid of streets of Barcelona gives way to a number of delightful tourist attractions in the open. The Catalonian capital has a reputation as a bustling urban center, filled with renowned architecture, gourmet restaurants, lively clubs, and a thriving nightlife. Yet visitors won’t have to look far to enjoy the sights that the city has to offer while taking in the city’s fresh sea air.

While traveling in Spain visit Barcelona and see the works of Gaudi in the architecture including the famous Sagrada Familia. During this trip, the local culture is also seen in the big cities like Barcelona which is a lively and animated city.

Spain has always been a favorite destination among tourists. Turn both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the mainland has an incredibly long and diversified coast. The warmer Mediterranean coast holds different stretches of coast, some well known and some hidden. Our choice is holiday resorts, where you can enjoy life like a true Spaniard.

Spain is considered a beautiful country. The city of Barcelona is the most visited city of this country. This city has beautiful streets and you can see the perfect street art in Barcelona. You can see some masterpieces of architecture in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudi. Alhambra in Granada is another beautiful and unique palace and fortress complex of the world.

things to do in Barcelona

Here are a few places to visit and things to do in Barcelona.

1. Rambla del Mar

Running through Barcelona’s core, Rambla del Mar holds the pulse of the city on its leafy streets. From Placa de Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus Monument, follow the crowds from one street performer to the next. There are few better ways to get a feel for the city and soak up Catalan culture than with a stroll down the city’s popular avenue.

2. La Barceloneta

Without leaving the city, you can also sunbathe in La Barceloneta and from there, jump on board a cable car that will take you to the top of Montjuïc. Easily one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona for tourists and locals alike, Barceloneta Beach attracts a loyal fan base with its soft sand, warm water, and fresh fish dishes.

Visit the beach to while away a relaxing day under the gentle sun, the Mediterranean lapping at your sun-dappled toes. Not just for sunbathers, the beach offers facilities for games like volleyball and table tennis to test your athletic prowess, if swimming out to sea isn't enough.

You may not expect to find modern art on the shore, but it’s here nonetheless: monuments and sculptures adorn the golden sands. Plan your Barcelona vacation to spend a few days here.

3. Park Guell

Park Guell is a well-known and well-visited Barcelona landmark in the portfolio of renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, whose buildings line streets in Barcelona and draw hordes of tourists to the city. A World Heritage Site, the park was completed in 1914 after 14 years of construction.

Gaudi designed the complex during his Naturalist phase, when he was most inspired by shapes found in nature. A steep walk uphill gives way to the massive park, and the views of Barcelona's perfectly gridded streets are hard to beat. Between the panoramas awaiting you and Gaudi's unique architecture, it’s difficult to say what lingers most after your Barcelona trip.

4. Columbus Monument

Standing proudly at 60 m (197 ft), the Columbus Monument marks the lower end of La Rambla, a bustling pedestrian zone in the city’s core. Built in honor of the explorer, who is widely given credit for discovering the New World, the monument commemorates the visit Columbus paid to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella upon returning from his historic journey.

Atop the monument, the figure of Columbus points south, towards Algeria, although many mistakenly believe he is gesturing in the direction of his discovery. Crane your neck upwards to catch the adventurer in the sun, and then enjoy the sights awaiting you on La Rambla.

5. Passeig del Born

A colorful pedestrian avenue with a not-so-subtle hint of medieval flair, Passeig del Born fills with people day and night to admire the street’s vibrant bars and charming architecture. Flanked by the Born Market on one end and the church of Santa Maria del Mar on the other, the avenue has an air of the Barcelona of days gone by. Once host to tournaments, jousting matches, and Holy Week processions, today the avenue is lined with vendors and lively cafes.

6. Vilassar de Mar

Vilassar de Mar, 30 minutes from the center of Barcelona is where to enjoy an evening.

7. Montserrat

Montserrat, located about 30 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​is one of the best excursions in Barcelona that you can do. This massif that stands out for its large rocks with surprising shapes, product of erosion and the Benedictine monastery located at the top, is one of the places that we are sure will surprise you. Another of the essential visits in Montserrat is Santa Cueva, a small chapel in which La Moreneta was found.

Montserrat is also a paradise for climbers and lovers of hiking, in which one of the most common routes is the one that climbs to the top of Sant Jeroni.

8. Costa del Maresme

Costa del Maresme extends 50 km north of Barcelona with cozy seaside resorts and trails. Pineda de Mar is a popular resort among Spaniards, with a golden beach and the nearby Parc del Montnegre i el Corredor. Costa del Maresme is known for its fine hikes, located just north of the big city life in Barcelona.

9. Shopping in Barcelona

For shopping, there is nothing better than the shops and kiosks of the Ramblas, a bustling artery that runs from Plaza Catalunya to Port Vell.

10. Hotels in Barcelona

Among the best place to stay for solo female while visiting Barcelona is the Poble Nou, a neighborhood known for its numerous clubbing nightclubs.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

This question has several answers. For a start, it is lovely to visit at any time of the year, because its landscapes are worth seeing even in winter, and not to mention its heritage, its villages, museums and charming attractions at any time of the year. But spring and especially summer will be its highlights due to the attractiveness of its beaches.

The best time for me is from the middle of May to the beginning of July, and from the end of August to the middle of October. In those dates it will be the middle season (less people) together with a pleasant climate and without the excesses of heat from the peak of Summer. It is the perfect combination of good weather, few people, and by default, better prices.

As a city famed for the unique architecture that forms the urban core, it's no wonder there's no shortage of things to do outdoors. From marveling at Gaudi's work to swimming in the Mediterranean, Barcelona was built to be explored outside. So use an itinerary planner and when it comes to taking a load off and enjoying a glass of cava, you'll catch locals spilling out of the bars and into the city streets.
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Thanks for your excellent post. Two things I found very helpful. Firstly, I'd never heard of SpareFare so will be checking that out. Secondly,just yesterday we were chatting with some family about a trip to Spain. Your article will come in very handy. Thank you.

At Lifestyle Crossroads said...

I´ve been to Barcelona so many times,and wish I could go again soon! I haven´t made it to Vilassar de Mar though, hope to explore more of Catalonia as well! Camp Nou has such a great energy - besides Barcelona vs Atletico is always a great football to watch! "El clasico"(Barcelona vs Real Madrid) has always quite tensse atmosphere!

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Barcelona is a dream destination in Spain. It became more popular for Camp Nou. SpareFare sounds a cool platform for budget traveler. Informative tips!

Fairuz said...

Fantastic list. I’ve been to Barcelona and dying to go back. I particularly adore Gaudi’s architecture but as you’ve pointed out, there’s more to Barcelona. I didn’t get to get to the top of Montjuic and watch Barcelona FC play at Camp Nou. So I have a couple of reasons to go back there. And as a keen hiker I must check out Montserrat too next time.

KishaRose said...

How wonderful to visit Barcelona! For sure on my list of travel. Thanks for sharing! It will be real soon thanks to you!!!

Monidipa said...

Barcelona looks really lovely. Great atmosphere and great pictures.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Barcelona is one lovely city. I enjoyed my trip there. Wounldn't mind coming back is there is lots to see and learn

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Barcelona is high on my travel bucket list! All of your suggestions are going to be very helpful in my trip planning.

Becca said...

I love Barcelona - it's without doubt my favourite European city visited so far. I really had a fantastic weekend there and would love to go back again soon x

Karin said...

I have never been to Barcelona but I always wanted to visit. Such a wonderful place.

Eli said...

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. So much to do and so much to see and such a good vibe everywhere you go!

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