5-Days Itinerary to Copenhagen from London

Copenhagen is a city of wonders on the edge of Baltic Sea. It is the capital of Denmark and is a perfect place to enjoy quality time, away from your daily glitches. Rich with historical sites, and defined with an infinite impression of calm places, truly hospitable and happy crowd, and significant landmarks, it should be your next to-do-thing.

There is a surge in visitors from the United Kingdom, especially London to Copenhagen. It has become one of the best getaways for the Britons. The City of Spires is an ideal place for brief and cheap vacation. But every traveling destination requires some planning in advance, which is economical and time-saving.

We recommend you to hire professional help from a renowned travel agency to book your accommodation and travel tickets. We have developed a 5-day itinerary to Copenhagen from London. We hope it will be of some help to you to discover what this magnificent city has to surprise you.

Day 1: Little Mermaid Statue

You can board a flight to Copenhagen from Gatwick International Airport or any other airport in the UK, as there is no shortage of flights to Denmark. But try to fly late at night, as then the short flight will leave no such jetlag on you. Once you land, you can check in your hotel and take a nap.

Head out in the morning and begin with the Little Mermaid Statue, which was created by Edvard Eriksen in 1913. This fairytale statue is a big tourist attraction in Copenhagen, so a few snaps are in order. Follow it up with Botanical Gardens, and enjoy a walk in the peaceful gardens. Release all the stress you had from your work life back in the busiest city in the world and absorb some sunrays.

You can then visit Geological Museum, which is a part of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens. The best thing about this city is that everything is near. Just adjacent to the Gardens is a Zoological museum. Visit it and conclude your day with dinner with Stegt Flaesk and Stamppot and sleep.

Day 2: Nyhavn and Christiansborg

Day 2 will begin with a long-awaited visit to Nyhavn Watergate. This 17th-century canal waterfront is now a tourist spot. You can spend some time here and be mesmerized by the utter beauty of this place. The next thing on the list will be Christiansborg Palace basement, which is almost a millennia old.

The next destination will be National Aquarium of Copenhagen, which is the biggest aquarium in Europe. You can then visit Oresund Bridge, which connects Sweden with Denmark over the Oresund Strait. Enjoy the sunset on this location and head back to Copenhagen to enjoy some nightlife.

Day 3: Frederiksborg Palace and Stroget Street

Your first destination on day 3 will be Experimentarium. This science and technology museum offers an exclusive chance to get your hands on amazing technology. Follow it up by visiting Frederiksborg Palace, which was built for the King and the royal family of this Kingdom. Conclude your day by shopping on Stroget Street, the longest pedestrian street in Europe.

Day 4: Kronborg Castle and Christiania

Visit the Vikings stronghold of Kronborg Castle on your fourth day. It is an exceptional source of watching Danish heritage which you can relive a thousand times later. This marvelous place is the exact setting for the novel Hamlet by William Shakespeare. You can then visit the Freetown Christiania, which is a self-proclaimed autonomous district, located in the heart of Danish Capital. Follow these trips up with a nice nightlife scene and absorb all the fun you have had during your brief stay.

Final day: Rosenborg Castle and Malmo City Hall

Your final day at this wonderful city of Danes will take you to Rosenborg Castle, Maritime Museum, Lilla Torg and Malmo City Hall. These exceptional places will charge you for your life ahead, and you can carry some inspiration back home to travel more places.

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