4 Tips and Tricks to Travel Light

When it comes to packing light, the key is to focus on what you really need, forget about the stuff that is not vital, and making a plan. It is all about thinking smart and being versatile. The more multi-tasking items you can take the better, even if that means you are leaving some of your favorite things behind.

Traveling light is not about being haphazard but it is about being smart. For example, just because you might not be taking your most stylish outfit does not mean you should not be careful when packing your clothes. Make sure toiletries and pens are sealed so they do not leak. The last thing you want when you have only got a few clothes to choose from is pen stains all over them! Now let us look at four tips to help you travel light on your next trip.

Embrace technology

Your phone and tablet are not only highly useful, and some would say essential, they can also help you pack light. As long as you download the relevant apps there is no need for travel guides or phrasebooks. It is much easier to watch all of your favorite films and shows on a handheld device rather than having to carry around your laptop. You could even download plenty of books to choose from, rather than having to fit them all in your case.

how to pack light travel luggage tips and tricks

Pack versatile clothing

A good rule of thumb when packing clothes for travel is to go for items that can be versatile. They will help to dress up or dress down for outdoors or indoors on their own or as part of a layered look. Neutral colors and light materials will help you save packing space and give you plenty of options. Have a think about what you will be doing whilst you are away and only pack what you need.

Shop when you are there

There is no need to pack anything you will be able to buy when you get to your destination. I am not talking major expenses here but more like essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap and other toiletries. Of course, you might not have to buy anything like this if you are staying in a hotel as you can use the freebies provided.

Dress 'heavy' on planes

Your carry-on luggage will only hold so much, but what you can get into your pockets or wear on your body does not count against any size or weight restrictions. Do not pack jackets, big jumpers, boots or anything else that is heavy - wear them on the plane instead. That way you will be saving space and weight in your case and have another load of clothes and footwear to fall back on when you arrive.

Your pockets are also great for carrying small extras like pens, glasses, notepads and even socks. Just make sure you learn how to remove pen stains from clothes before you leave in case of leakage. Packing light, thinking smart!

Now that you are armed with some top tips for traveling light you can put them into action on your next trip. Happy travels!

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