11 Packing Tips to Travel Light

Are you wondering about how to pack for a week in a backpack and how to travel light for a week? A week long trip means you are going to take a lot of luggage with you which include different clothes, shoes, etc. But do not forget that how difficult it will be for you to carry that big luggage backpack in those 7 days.

So to avoid that difficulty you should always try to take only important things with you and avoid taking large number of clothes and shoes and other useless things in your lightweight travel backpack.

The less clothing you bring the better it will be for you. I advise you to take 5 shirts with you wear each of them twice. But there is no need to bring 5 different pants to match with those 5 shirts. A pair of pants will work for you. Similarly two pairs of shoes will be enough for you, don’t overload it by putting number of shoes.

When it comes to the digital nomad packing list, the key is to focus on what you really need but how to pack in a backpack for a week. Forget about the stuff that is not vital, and make a plan. It is all about thinking smart and being versatile. The more multi-tasking items you can take the better, even if that means you are leaving some of your favorite things behind.

Traveling light and digital nomad lifestyle is not about being haphazard but it is about being smart. For example, just because you might not be taking your most stylish outfit does not mean you should not be careful when packing your clothes. Make sure toiletries and pens are sealed so they do not leak.

Other than clothing there are also some important factors that you should consider while packing a backpack for a long trip. Now let us look at some summer road trip packing tips to help you travel light.

how to pack light

Check the useful things you will need once on the road like the travel documents, insurance papers, means of payment, clothes, medicines, toiletry bag, electronic devices!

1. Traveling papers

You should have your VISA (if needed), Plane and transport tickets, Informational Guides, and maps of the areas you wish to visit. If traveling internationally, it is essential that you carry photocopies of your passport and other important documents. It is a good habit which can help you especially in case you lose your documents. Even while traveling locally, you should carry copies of your documents in a separate bag.

Scan and keep all your documents in your emails or on cloud like in Google drive. For destinations where the connection will be poor, take photocopies!

2. Toiletries

Collect travel-sized toiletries when you have the chance because with a carry-on you won’t be able to bring your full-sized products. You should carry soap, conditioner, shampoo, body lotion, toothbrush, deodorant, and toothpaste.

3. Medications

This is really important if you or your loved one take prescription drugs. Make sure not to forget our medications and to ask for a prescription ahead of time. It is also best to let your physician know where you're heading. He or she might suggest you bring something useful and beneficial to your health while they are out of reach.

Keep your medicines in a ziplock bag. Make sure they are clearly labeled, and you have a proper prescription with you.

4. Keep water bottle

Hydration is critical you wish to be healthy and achieve young and beautiful skin all summer long. However, some activities can you sweat a lot more. The heat of the sun won't be helping either, so make sure to keep a water bottle with you at all times. Choose a reusable one and refill it as needed. This way, you get to lessen your trash plus lend a hand in reducing plastic waste.

Wherever you go in the world water is something that you will always need. Having water bottle in your backpack is always a good thing. With this you do not have to waste your time roaming here and there in search of water at the time of thirst. You can simply bring your water bottle out of your bag and drink water. You can also refill it again and again from wherever you find water.

5. Keep umbrella

Who wants rain to destroy their adventure? Absolutely no one. For that it is always a good habit to put umbrella in your backpack because with volatile weather it can be sunny in one minute and have torrential downpour the next. So if you want to protect yourself and your stuff from getting wet you should have umbrella in your bag.

It is not necessary to have a big one. You can have a small folding umbrella which can fit easily in your bag. Umbrella can also protect you from the heat of the sun on a hot sunny day by providing you shadow.

6. Keep Portable Charger

A portable charger often acts as a life savior as it provides life to your phone battery. On a trip or an adventure to an unknown place your mobile phone is your guide. It helps you provide access to the map or to connect with other people. Ever wondered what will you do if you are lost between mountains and you are using the map in your phone to find way and your phone battery dies?

There is nothing you can do except from regretting yourself. To escape from such situation portable charger is not less than a blessing.

7. Keep Sunglasses

With weather being so unpredictable a gloomy day can turn into a bright sunny day in a matter of minutes. So to shield your eyes and retinas from burning in this type of situation you need to have sunglasses in your backpack.

8. Keep Snacks

Hunger can hit you anytime anywhere. Having a pack of snack in your backpack can help you from untimely hunger.

9. Embrace technology

Your phone and tablet are not only highly useful, and some would say essential, they can also help you pack light. As long as you download the relevant apps there is no need for travel guides or phrasebooks. It is much easier to watch all of your favorite films and shows on a handheld device rather than having to carry around your tablet or mobile or laptop.

You could even download plenty of books to choose from, rather than having to fit them all in your case.

Bring an unlocked phone with you. When you arrive in a new country get a SIM card with data for that country. Airports will have slightly inflated prices but the difference is so small that convenience > savings (at least in Asia). Prices for data plans in Asia are super cheap and getting international minutes is a huge waste of money.

Get Google Maps and Apple Maps (believe it or not, Apple Maps covers some random areas that Google doesn't). On Google Maps, download offline maps for all the places you're planning to go to. This means you can use the app without data or wifi in an emergency. Always keep on wifi because it significantly improves mapping accuracy.

Get an external phone battery charger. They're much cheaper online or in Asia. It's far better and cheaper than the others. The apps that we usually use in our trips and that we also recommend for Europe are Uber, offline Google Maps, public transport, or Zomato. They still work with the GPS but do not incur roaming charges, when abroad. Print off all documents.

Mobile phones now have convenient apps which display e-tickets. But your phone might stop working just as you need it. Also bring printed schedule.

A time saver, this one! If you do not have the internet abroad, or you plan to use it only for navigation (but do not want to spend money), do not worry anymore. While you still have a connection, draw a map where you need to navigate and type "OK maps" in the search box. This saves the screen for offline use.

You can also drop pins or mark specific places of interest as you will not be able to search for them offline. For added security, you can even take multiple screenshots of specific areas at different zoom lengths. This should save you time moving from point A to Point Z.

You need pens to do some documentation almost everywhere you go. Carry a pen. Also, carry photos and other documents if the country is visa on arrival.

10. UnderPack

Sail with a carry on roller bag and a day bag. Seriously. No one cares if you wear the same pants 2 or 3 times. This is not a fashion show. This is your vacation. Free yourself of the burden of too much shit, and enjoy life. This way, you can also walk off the ship whenever you please during disembarkation. They will give you a time frame to disembark, but really - go whenever you want.

Just be sure you’re not there when you hear an understandably annoyed cruise director over the PA saying Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your absolute and FINAL call to disembark the vessel at this time! There’s a laundry onboard! A lot of people don’t know this, and it’s surprising. There might even be 2 or 3, just ask your stateroom steward!

11. Clothes

When traveling, you should pack light. Don't pack too many clothes or pack items that you won't require. It is absolutely fine to roam around a city in the same shirt for two days. Your main goal is to experience your destination. It will help to buy a small suitcase or bag as it will restrict you from placing too many items.
Pro tip: Socks in an exception to this rule.

Pack at least 2-3 pairs of socks as extras as walking or hiking will make your socks sweaty and dirty.

• Take enough socks and underwear
• A light jacket may come in handy wherever you go
• Raincoat
• Swimwear
• Boots

Your pockets are also great for carrying small extras like pens, glasses, notepads and even socks. Now that you know how to pack a backpack for a week long trip and are armed with some top tips for traveling light you can put them into action on your next trip.
Kalyan Panja