6 Places In Kasol You Can’t Afford To Miss

Situated amidst a lush green valley, a majestic white-water river, and picturesque treks, Kasol is a major tourist yet an offbeat destination for backpackers and young travelers. The Israel of India is not just a delight for hippies but also for those seeking peace and tranquility. Here is a list of beautiful places to visit in Kasol to make the most of Himachal:


The most enchanting Himalayan Valley has the power to calm the dismayed soul. The most rejuvenating of all is the Parvati River. Sit by the river for hours doing nothing and soak into the magical sounds of the water. Known as the Amsterdam of India, Parvati Valley is truly a mesmerizing spot for relaxation. The hippie paradise is full of Israeli cafes which give it unique touch. One can also enjoy psychedelic vibes and rave parties with mountains beautiful enough to leave your head spinning.


The village of Malana is much more than a small town attracting hash lovers. It is a total case study in itself. The Malanese think that they are the descendants of Alexander the great and have rituals and rules of their own. Its culture is completely isolated from the rest of India which makes it perfect for explorers to unveil the mysteries of this village. The story of Malana will keep you hooked!

KHEERGANGA night star


A 9 km long but fairly easy, the Kheerganga trek amidst the beautiful mountains is a delight. The Kheerganga Peak is abode to a temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati from where the hot springs originate. The night trek has its own charm as it provides you with a beautiful sky. Nothing can get better than a trek where all you are surrounded by a cluster of stars and a huge abode of forests. This trek is truly a heavenly affair!


It is a haven for backpackers around the world and is perfect for beginners. This trek offers all kinds of terrain with forests, old villages, snow-capped mountains, and green fields. It is a five-day trek starting from Kasol. The days can be reduced as per your strength obviously. It has tons of budget-friendly places to crash as well as high-end accommodation. Get ready to get some unbelievable views of the Himalayas!


Favorite amongst Israelis is the village of Tosh at the far end of Parvati Valley. The architecture of the households leaves no stone unturned in pleasing the eyes of the spectator. Locals of the village live in wooden houses with slate roofs earning their major source of income from cultivating hash and apples. This village again has an enthralling story to narrate. Because of hash, Tosh is becoming popular by backpackers and hippies and is now a hub of psychedelic parties. Initially narrow, this valley progressively opens up and provides a scenic beauty with every stroll. The beauty here is unreal!


A holy place located in the middle of a spectacular landscape and River Beas welcomes devotees throughout the year. The major reason why one should pay a visit here is the hot spring that originates from the peak which is believed to wash away the sins of someone who bathes in it. The delicious langar (free food offered at Sikh temples) that they serve is a cherry on the cake.

Head to these places if what you are seeking is peace and tranquility! Do not just travel, explore bizarre cultures and people.

About the Author: Neha Parti, a 22-year-old girl, who one day realized how traveling the world can change one's perspective. That was the day Trippindian was found and she started finding her hobby, passion and profession in it.

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