15 Solo Travel Tips for Traveling Alone

Is there anyone who doesn't like to travel? It is essential in our lives, and we often crave one. This is because we get the necessary break from the daily monotonous routines of our day-to-day life when we travel. It also helps us to explore new places and cultures. Only when we are traveling, do we get to see and admire the beauty of the world.

There are several benefits of traveling other than just getting to visit new locations. Solo traveling is when you decide to pack your bags and hit the road alone. You just travel on your own, without your friends and family. Studies have shown that solo traveling helps boost confidence. This is because you navigate through unfamiliar and unknown cities, towns, and streets.

This gives you the chance to interact with the strangers who are the locals of the place. Your social skills hit a high as you converse with the new people you meet on your journey. There are many advantages of solo travelling as well. Firstly, you do not have to coordinate with anyone else. You may do as you please.

And most importantly, you can be at peace. This is a great idea for anyone who loves to spend time alone. Traveling solo does not always mean you’re alone. Most often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime. Is it really possible to become single in the process of travel? When you come out of your house single, it is impossible to travel without interacting with others.

Yes, when you travel solo there is no known person besides you but that does not mean there is no person. If you just talk with open heart they will also. You don’t feel alone. Sometimes they can be very good friend. Most of the good friends are made when there is no need to make friendship. In most of the areas people loves to talk to foreign people.

As you love to know about them they also. They treat you specially. Everybody had some stories to tell. As they are the new story in your life, you also same in their life. Everybody has a child inside them who is curious about new thing. Let your child alive. Everywhere people are loving, caring and hospitable. You will find the world is beautiful and full of joyful and hospitable people, not like shown in the news.

Now the question arises why travel solo? What is so special in it? When most of the people seen it very disappointing.

Somebody will sympathetically say you you are traveling solo, nobody to accompany you, I am so sorry for you, another somebody will say if you become sick who will taken care of you, then another one will definitely say, if robbery or theft of valuable happens how you manage, then the last someone will say suspiciously that, someone is going with you but you are hiding from us.

These are the many stories that go on before you start a solo trip. Then after, when you came back you find you are very lucky, how beautifully you have traveled. You can see snow capped mountains, white sand beaches, blue oceans, amazing deserts, meet lots of new people, experience their culture and taste lots of different delicious food.

Here are the reasons you may travel solo. One of the biggest reason is spontaneity of the trip. If you travel solo whenever you have time instantly you can make plan. Just book a ticket and go to your destination. In today’s time there is very little scope to call friends and arrange a trip. If you have passion for travel then go for it.

If you are in a group you have to worry about others. You have to see where the other members are, if you are lagging behind them. These thoughts can’t make you lose in the beauty of the nature. If you travel solo you can just get lost in the beauty of nature. You will be released from the bind of time.

Here you have the option to choose your budget. But when you are in a group you have to choose accordingly. Lot of times it increases your budget, so you'll have less money for the next travel. That is another reason to travel solo. As there is no person behind you you can talk with local people. So you learn more about the place and their culture. This will open your mind and make you accept people from all religion and customs without hesitation.

As there is no one with you you learn to better manage yourself. It will strengthen your instinct. This is the major tool for solo travel. When you gp on a solo trip sometimes birth of a new personality comes from you. As in a solo trip rather than your custom others customs will influence you more that will let you see the world in a new perspective. This sometimes changes your behavior.

What is very big for you might not be big for others and what is very small for you might be a bigger issue for others. You see people having much more bigger problem than you but still smiling. It diminishes your problem and strengthens your personality. Of course there is complete freedom as nobody is going to judge you, nobody tells you what to do or what not except your consciousness.

Sometimes people need calmness and silence from the regular daily chaotic life. It increases your calmness. Don’t use mobile phone during travel or minimizing its use to truly feel the magic of solo travel. Many come with a changed self as there is nobody to interact you or influence your thought.

If you are a passionate traveler and traveling makes you feel good then you may not wait for any company while you travel rather most dedicated travelers used to travel solo. Not every place is safe to travel solo moreover not every place having all the facilities or specialties for a solo traveler so you need to be particular while you choose your destination.

Travelling solo is a mixed bag of emotions. There are times when you feel all alone or even bored. Then there are times, when you feel happy, there could be moments that scare the crap out of you. All in all the question is "Do you want to do it? Do you have a solo travel resolution? So, what is solo travelling in real sense?

Well, when a person truly plan their travels completely alone, loves to travel alone so that they can explore in their own free style. They actually avoids company and enjoy being free and despise co-travelers. Often, we see groups of friends, family, or a couple posting their latest getaway pictures in social media showing how much fun they all had. Of course, it’s a no-brainer that travelling with people you love and trust can’t compare to anything.

They may bump into many like minded travelers during the course of his journey, spend few days with them but this is not what they had planned at the first place. And when they return back home from such self planned, self undertaken trips, they feel accomplished, confidant and determined. That is true solo travel. A solo traveler loves their own company and wants to see this world in their own capacity without any help from others.

Does your New Year resolution is to exercise more seriously? Then it fits perfectly to go for hiking and trekking trips which are increasing in popularity. Concept hotels have everything from tennis, healthy food and yoga. The modern, urbane traveler always looking for new adventures that enrich the mind. Train journey through Canada, tiger safari in India or drive through California?

Solo travelling can be scary sometimes. You will be lonely, every now and then, you will want to talk to someone who understand you. All those random conversations with absolute strangers are great. But how about doing it alone? Do you get perks or benefits travelling on your own? Will you be able to have any fun at all? Is it even safe? What will people think if they see you alone? Read on.

The prime mover behind this year's trends are self development, greener choices and unique experiences - we want to be inspired, learn more while traveling more sustainably. The thing is, you don’t need to be an introvert to do things on your own. You just need to be comfortable and confident being alone by yourself, and not feeling like a loser when people stare at you. Easier said than done, isn’t it?

A solo getaway can give you the time and space you need to recharge while offering a unique look at a new part of the world. Traveling alone does require a bit of self-confidence and travel savvy, but the ideal vacation spot can make your first solo adventure one to remember.

solo travel tips for traveling alone

Here is what you should know.

1. Avoid stepping out on unknown territory after sunset

Now if you are only going for dinner to a known restaurant, or for drinks to a bar where a lot of people come, and back to your hotel, then you should be fine. Most definitely, if you have no one there and will be traveling to several places, make sure you let your home country's Embassy know where you are on every leg of the journey! This should be a given for you regardless of the nation you're visiting. Traveling alone? It's a must!

2. Start slow

Used to being accompanied by a friend or a group all the time? Fret not! No one said you can’t start things slow. Same goes with getting yourself used to being alone. How to do it, you may ask? If you are a passionate traveler and traveling makes you feel good then you may not wait for any company while you travel rather most dedicated travelers used to travel solo. Not every place is safe to travel solo moreover not every place having all the facilities or specialties for a solo traveler so you need to be particular while you choose your destination.

You can try by going to the nearby convenience store alone. Dine in at said convenience store. Try window shopping alone at your favorite malls if you got enough time. For bookworms, try going to bookstores or libraries (people would be too busy browsing books to even care about you!) Love clothes? walk into a boutique, pick a few clothes you fancy, try it in the fitting rooms and take a selfie!

Go to the movies alone (again, people’s attention would be on the movie — not on you). Go to a park, bring your snack and drink and just spend some time to breathe the fresh air (your choice if you want to listen to music or bring a book).

3. Don’t dress to attract attention if you’re in a sparsely populated place

Of course, attract the right kind of attention from the right kind of people if you want, but if it’s dark, or if it’s very sparsely populated, then wearing regular clothes, helps.

4. Don’t get over friendly with anyone

There have been instances of people’s drinks being spiked, and to be honest, while it’s great to make conversation with the locals, you don’t have to make them your BFFs. Make polite conversation, smile, nod, and go your own way. Being over-friendly can never do you any good. Don’t accept drinks from a stranger. Again, you don’t want your drink, spiked.

5. If you’re going on a date with an unknown person, go for lunch

I am not a fan of going on dates with unknown people, but then the attraction is sometimes too strong to ignore. After all, I met husband when on one such trip. If you’re meeting someone new, then schedule lunch or brunch, or anything during the day. It’s not particularly safe to go for dinner or somewhere late at night when you barely know a person.

6. Let your family/partner know your whereabouts

Finally, another crucial tip is to stay connected with friends and family while you’re away. Let them know your plans, give them the details of where you’re staying, and check-in with them once in a while. If you keep your loved ones in the loop, then everyone will feel more at ease. They will feel more comfortable knowing you’re safe and how you’re getting on. And you’ll feel more comfortable knowing that someone is there to check in with, just in case.

7. Lock your passport in the safe in your hotel room

Always carry a copy of your passport in your bag, but lock the main one up in your hotel room. If you don’t have a safe in your room, then keep it inside your suitcase, and lock it up! Have 2 photocopies of all the important stuff (passport, debit card, contact numbers, health insurance, etc.). Put one copy in your big pack and another in your day pack.
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8. Breaking through the stereotypes

They said, "It's dangerous, you'll be bombed if you go there." Yet I met the kindest, most humble people there. They said "Are you crazy? You'd be robbed or even worse, you'd be harassed if you travel to that place." Instead, I got the best hospitality, met some wonderful people who treated me with the utmost respect and with them I found a home away from home.

They said, Solo travel is unsafe. Today we live in a world ruled by the internet, with news filled with hate and social media filled with visual content.

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9. Always use public transport or a trusted taxi app

Now I know that there have been some scary incidents on Uber, but then there’s always public transport available in most places. The advantage of the same is that it’s never just you. There are always several people around you. Try not to use a random taxi on the road. If the country you’re going to, has their own taxi app, then take it, but other than that, just avoid.

10. Have the So what? mindset

Keep in mind that the goal is to be confident and comfortable alone. Ditch the, “People will think I’m a loser / loner if they see me alone”. So what?. “I might bump into someone I know and they’ll wonder why no one’s with me”. So what? “They might make fun of me”. So what? In case you didn’t know, people will ALWAYS have something to say whether you do the right thing or not. I say just do what you want, provided that no one gets hurt.

11. Remember that independence = freedom

Independence starts when you don’t depend on someone else to do the job for you. Why? Because you’re capable to do it yourself. Same goes with travelling alone. If you are independent, you don’t always find the need to have someone be with you because you’re perfectly fine by yourself.

Being independent screams freedom because you can do what you want, when you want, where you want, and how you want it.

12. Be friends with yourself

Ever told someone, “I’ve got your back”? It feels nice to be there for people you care about, right? But what about yourself? Time for a self-check!

If you are willing to go to great lengths for other people, but not for yourself, who are you kidding here? Remember that the ONLY person you spend the most time with, and the ONLY person you will probably spend the rest of your life with, is yourself. So don’t be too hard on yourself. From time to time, chill with yourself the way you would with someone close to you.

Buy that new shoes you have been eyeing for weeks now. Go try out the newest drink in the milk tea store nearby. Or that new burger flavor which just got out. Enroll yourself in the gym class you’ve always wanted to try. Update your wardrobe. Discover a new skin care brand. The list goes on and on. The point is, don’t be scared to spoil yourself once in a while!

And speaking of awareness, btw, if you see some adorable monkeys, keep your belongings very close to you. These adorable little guys have been fascinated with backpacks, purses and cameras. So love them from afar, take all the shots you want of them, but keep your tight grip on your belongings because you might find yourself laughing at being surrounded while you're robbed blind.

13. Date yourself

Just like dating someone you like, dating oneself actually has its benefits. You get to laugh by yourself, eat by yourself, take pictures by yourself, learn new things by yourself. In short, you discover more things about you the more you spend time alone.

14.Just go

Once you’re comfortable spending time by yourself, you’re ready to travel alone. Make sure to prepare everything in advance so you don’t get last-minute problems. Pack light. Secure your pocket-money. Set a budget for your meals or bring your own food if you can. Take photos. Lastly, enjoy yourself!

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15. Have strong belief in your instincts

The worst things happen when we ignore the hints that our guts tell us. If you think it's getting darker or the streets are getting deserted, time to go back. If a cab driver seems to be creepy then skip taking it. If you think someone is talking to you or behaving in a way you are not comfortable with then think of immediate escape plans. Staying safe while traveling is better than being sorry.

But just like getting yourself used to doing something new, like a new routine in a new workplace, new school, new neighborhood, or even new gym, the more you do it, the more you actually get used to it and eventually, it comes out naturally.

When you travel solo always taken care of the hygiene. When choosing hotel rooms always prefer the roam where wind is blowing and clear sunlight comes. It need not to be expensive hotel but always taken a eye on the cleanliness of the room. You should make an eye if the bed covers and pillow covers are changed or not.

This means a lot to make a successful solo trip. Always keep some essential medicines with you when traveling solo. When you eat, never eat too spicy food as if you become ill nobody is here to take care of. Eat vegan food. Most of the food poisoning comes from the non veg food. If you eat non–veg keep an eye on the food. Don’t eat if you feel bad. Always keep your valuable in a different bag and keep it with you. Also keep your money evenly distributed in different bags so if one bag is unfortunately stolen still you will not be totally empty handed.

Don’t belief people blindly though they might become good friends in the way of travel. Always respect others culture and behave accordingly. You have to understand you are not not in your society you are in their society so behave accordingly.

Better to carry different cards than more cash. If something is stolen still you can reduce the financial loss. I would say don’t come very late in your hotel or hostel. As in the night only most of the crime happens with the outsider. Only in extreme cases you may approach police. They are not helpful also seing you single and being outsider they may harass you.

Always take help from locals. They might be a good guide to the place. Sometimes Google maps don’t give you correct guidance. Never hesitate to talk new people. Who knows the story might be same in the opposite side.

These are just a few must safety precautions to keep in mind. But there will be permutations and combinations of situations which you will have to handle on your own. But it's worthwhile.
Kalyan Panja