13 Amazing Waterfalls in Kerala You Must Visit

Waterfalls in Kerala are known for their beauty, power, and uniqueness. It is a must see natural charm! From north to south, the state of Kerala has the best waterfalls in India.

Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!

― Mehmet Murat ildan (Turkish playwright, novelist and thinker)

Dazzling Waterfalls; they are spirited, gentle, mesmerizing and motivating; delight us with its grandeur, which can hold the intellect in amazement. Getting in to nature is good for the body and soul; Legend has it that waterfalls can make us happy. Waterfalls produce calming views and whispers that help to relax in today's hectic life.

Happiness take shape due to the natural tendencies associated with readiness to relax from act of watching the motion and sound of falling water. It's never an unexpected phenomenon that humankind feels so calm and bold around waterfalls!

Amazing Waterfalls in Kerala

There are adventurers among travellers, there are philosophers, thinkers and chasers of all kinds among them and they all will admire a waterfall blessed with nature. Presence of an inspiring waterfall brings an overwhelming sense of ecstasy beyond words can express.

The action of discovering new waterfalls can be as therapeutic as a fountain of youth. The search can renew a sense of occurrence that many souls haven't experienced since childhood.

Waterfalls in Wayanad are definitely one of the many awe inspiring surprises that nature has given to Kerala- the God's Own Country. They are in fact a display of the might of nature.

Wayanad is one of the India’s most popular destinations and suitably one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. It's absolutely very romantic – Magnificent waterfalls against the beautiful Kerala backdrop is like something out of a movie or romantic novel.

Luxury resorts in Wayanad are always welcoming tourists with absolute sincerity and commitment for a comfortable stay to feel the rhythm of the beauty where every detail is larger than life.

Wayanad has many waterfalls spread across the district. Whilst there are extraordinary abundance of waterfalls all over this green and hilly area; Some famous names include the Meenmutty Waterfalls, Chethalayam Waterfalls, Soochippara Waterfalls, Palchuram Waterfalls and Kanthanpara Waterfalls.

So, it is time to explore this hidden treasures; it will do you good! Here is a list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala worthy of your bucket list, which you simply can not afford to lose!

1. Meenmutty Waterfalls

The Meenmutty Falls, a popular attraction in the region, is about 3 kilometers from the main Kallar road.
Meenmutty Falls is located 29 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad District and is one of the must-see places. This alluring three-tiered waterfall is the second highest in Kerala and is falling from a height of 984 feet. Similar to other waterfalls in the region, Meenmutty waterfalls offer an excellent view for the trekkers.

It’s a feast for the eye to watch water smashing to the base from over 950 feet in three different levels and there are different viewing points for each deck. Aroma of the forest surrounding the waterfall while exploring the narrow walkthrough path till the top will be an experience like never before. Swimming in the healing waters of Meenmutty will make one feel at ease and comfort the soul.

Although this waterfall is a little known attraction in north Kerala, it is a great thing, as it is the second highest waterfalls in Kerala after Athirappilly. With the fall from a height of 300 meters, the Meenmutty waterfalls in Wayanad is a spectacular sight that is located inside a forest. Meenmutty waterfalls can also be reached via trekking for around 3 km.

The rocky terrain for trekking to the Meenmutty waterfalls is also well known as a trekking point. The place also offers a spectacular view of the Banasura Sagar dam. When you visit Meenmutty Waterfalls you have to walk almost a kilometer through a narrow path and trees on both sides with tributaries of the water that falls from the falls on one side provides a relaxing environment.

Main waterfalls at the top where you have to get through hiking is not ideal for bathing due to the strength of the one that falls from the top. You can choose the tourist sites that are downstream with lots of small waterfalls, where the water is softer. In monsoons the water in the middle of the river offers a natural Jacuzzi as the experience that is unique and comfortable.

Meenmutty Waterfalls is ideal for a day trip and the months after the monsoon are the best time to visit the Meenmutty waterfalls. The Meenmutty waterfalls is 48 km from Sultan Bathery, 25 km from Kalpetta and 5 Banasura Sagar km from the dam. The price of the entrance to Meenmutty Waterfalls is Rs. 50 and the waterfalls are open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

2. Chethalayam Waterfalls

Chethalayam Waterfalls is located at Vaduvanchal which is around 12 km from Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad. This beautiful waterfall is a destination to break free the troubles and plunge into the striking beauty of nature. It is located near to the Wildlife Sanctuary inhabited by the spotted deer, wild elephants, sloth and gaur to name a few.

Chethalayam is a seasonal waterfall and is ideal for trekking with scenic beauty and unblemished surroundings which offers a number of lookouts for bird watching. Chethalayam waterfalls usually dry up during the summer.

Chethalayam Waterfalls is one of the nice places to visit in Kerala. It requires a special permit from the forest department to visit it and the area at the foot of the waterfalls is good and full of trees and green areas. Reaching Chethalayam Waterfalls includes a 4 km hike. From Kidangand to the falls, trekking is an important activity and is loved by lovers of trekking. Climbing is also a part of the walk.

Monsoon is the best time to visit Chethalayam falls and it is ideal for the day trip. This waterfalls is small and dries up during the summer season. Chethalayam Waterfalls is close to Sultan Bathery and located 37 km from Kalpetta and 12 km from Sulthan Bathery. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a must when visiting the Chethalayam Waterfalls.

3. Soochippara Waterfalls

Soochipara falls also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is spectacular. It is also a three-tiered waterfall situated in Vellarimala of Wayanad district. Surrounded by dense forests, it is known for thrill seekers rock climbing and nature walks.

There is a pool below this waterfall where activities like swimming, river rafting and other recreational activities take place. Visitors can feel so good in nature and can see a number of wild animals while trekking to reach the main pool. The vertex view from Soochipara presents an unparalleled view of the Western Ghats. The water from Soochipara joins Chaliyar River at the end.

Soochipara Waterfalls also known as Sentinel Rock waterfall is one of the most attractive waterfalls in the Wayanad district. The waterfalls are at a height of 300 meters. The Soochipara Waterfalls is located 46 km from the Sulthan Bathery, 24 km from Kalpetta and 13 km from Meppadi.

The Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is an important point of adventure, as it is famous for its trekking activities. The sentinel rock is also an ideal place for rock climbing. The best time to visit the Soochipara Waterfalls is from June to October and is ideal for day trips. Chembra Peak, Kanthapara falls, and Vaduvanchaal are the best places to visit near Soochipara Waterfalls.

Note: - The best time to visit Soochipara falls is during the rainy season which is from March to June.

4. Palchuram Waterfalls

Palchuram waterfalls are located on the border of Kannur and Wayanad. With a height of 300 meters and four tiers of streaming water, Palchuram is one of the outstanding waterfalls in the region. There’s nothing quite like the walk towards Palchuram Falls

It is situated in the middle of an evergreen forest which is an extension of Western Ghats. Variety of trees and herbs are located around the area. You'll hear the falls before you even see them and ultimately, you'll set eyes on the cascade, which crashes over a number of vertical slabs of rocks into a deep pool of fresh water. There are a number of beautiful view points where the tourists can look down to discover the subtle beauty.

Palchuram is well connected to major parts of Kannur and Wayanad district.

5. Kanthanpara Waterfalls

The waterfall is 18 kms south east of Kalpetta and is easily accessible. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds at waterfalls, we'd suggest Kanthapura. The good news is that this is one of Wayanad's best-hidden waterfalls that drop down from an altitude of 30 meters. Its charm makes it the best place for camping.

Surrounded by alluring greenery; if you're enthusiastic to have a little scramble, you can make your way right to the falls, and have a dip. After an hour or so of scrambling around this wonderland, you might be ready for some grub, so pack a lunch with you and eat it at the bottom of the falls.

6. Athirappilly Waterfalls

Visit the Athirapally waterfalls near Vazhachal. Athirappilly waterfalls are not only the most famous waterfalls in Kerala, but they are also among the most attractive waterfalls in India. Offering scenic beauty, the Athirappilly waterfalls fall from approximately a height of 80 km. Athirappilly Waterfalls are the largest waterfalls in Kerala.

The waterfalls offer a great view of the Sholayar Hills. The Falls is also an important place for filming movies. Reaching a peak around Monsoon, the Falls seems to be totally isolated in a thick forest in Western Ghats when approaching from the road. However, it is easily accessible from a paved road that leads to the bottom of the waterfalls.

The road to Athirappilly Waterfalls when you travel to get there traverses along the banks of the river with the water still flowing silently and unceasingly and there are three falls to see adjacent to each other with the central one being the largest. There is also a short walk through a paved path down to see the falls. There are some stalls near the entrance to the Athirappilly waterfalls that serve tea and snacks.

Walking to Athirappilly Waterfalls from the ticket point is quite long. However, these waterfalls are elderly
and kid friendly up to the top of the falls (if you do not hike up).

Athirappilly falls is 32 km Chalakkudy, 122 km from Kottayam, 269 km from Thiruvananthapuram, 100 km from Munnar, 174 km from Coimbatore, 59 km from Thrissur, 73 km from Kochi. The best time to visit the waterfalls is Athirappilly during September, October, November, December, and January. Kochi is the nearest airport to Athirappilly Waterfalls.

7. Vazhachaal Waterfalls

Vazhachaal waterfalls is a bit ahead of the Athirapally falls even though it is a smaller one high up the mountain. The spectacular and impressive waterfalls are located 7 km from Athirappilly and 75 km from Kochi. There is a park on the way to Vazhachaal Falls and the fence is very close to the falls so we have a close view of the falls.

Vazhachaal Falls has a lot of natural pools and rocks everywhere and make everything look beautiful. There are many benches to sit in the garden and this place is friendly children and elderly. Vazhachaal Falls has a lot of natural pools and rocks everywhere and make everything look beautiful.

The travel route to Vazhachaal is rich in flora and fauna and includes dense green forests too. The waterfall is 300 feet. Ideal for day trips, the best time to visit the Vazhachaal waterfalls during September, October, November, December, and January.

8. Thoovanam Waterfalls

Located inside the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, Thoovanam Waterfalls in Munnar is a beautiful place to visit in Kerala. Thoovanam Waterfalls is about 3 Kilometers from Alampatty eco friendly area Located 50 km from Munnar and 10 km from Marayoor. Thoovanam Waterfalls is also a main trekking trail and walking through the forest is pleasant and peaceful with deer, butterflies and insects.

The serene and wonderful view while hiking in the interior of the forest to reach the falls is spectacular. The best time to visit Thoovanam Falls is during the months after the monsoon and it is ideal for day trips. Thoovanam Waterfalls is an important tourist spot in Kerala and one that you definitely should not miss, and once you take a forest ticket guide that will accompany the waterfalls.

Thoovanam Waterfalls is also a main trekking trail and walking through the forest is nice and peaceful with deer, butterflies and insects.

9. Lakkom Waterfalls

Located 1.5 km from Marayoor and 40 km from Munnar, Lakkom is one of the best waterfalls in Kerala that give visitors a great getaway experience. Lakkom waterfalls are small but lovely, going down a steep slope and emerging over rocks from forests. You can roll your toes in the clear water and take a dip in the shallow parts of the pool if you like adventure.

You can also sit on the rocks and put your legs under the water. Even though Lakkom Waterfalls is not too deep, but the rocks are slippery. The other regions of Lakkom waterfalls to visit are the Eravikulam National Park and Marayoor Dolmens. The best time to visit the Lakkom Falls is during the months of October, November, December, and January.

10. Thommankuthu Waterfalls

Located 20 km from Thodupuzha, 48 km from Munnar and 25 km from Idukki, Thommankuthu waterfalls is a magnificent and wonderful 300-foot waterfall. The view of the waterfall is impressive and the hiking in the surrounding mountainous area is also an important point when visiting Thommankuthu Waterfalls. The best time to visit the Thommankuthu waterfalls is during the monsoon season.

The best places to visit while the waterfalls are Thommankuthu Varambetta Mosque, Karalad Lake, Banasura Hill, and Kakkayam Dam.

11. Valara Waterfalls

Valara Waterfalls is on the way to Munnar and is located next to the Cheeyappara waterfalls and is adorned with dense forests. The waterfalls are 1000 feet high and provide a great view of the visitors. The region is also well known for hiking. The Valara Waterfalls is ideal for a day trip and the best time to visit the falls is during the monsoon season. The Valara Waterfalls is located in the middle Adimali and Neriamangalam.

During the rainy season the flow will be thick and during the summer season, the flow of water will also be less. Valara Waterfalls is on the way to Munnar and is located next to the Cheeyappara waterfalls and is adorned by dense forests.

12. Cheeyappara Waterfalls

Cheeyappara Waterfalls is located next to the Valara waterfalls and is quite a lovely waterfall. The Cheeyappara waterfalls are located between lush dense forests and are a chain of waterfalls of the Deviyar River. It is an ideal place for hiking, climbing and exploring.

The Cheeyappara Waterfalls has located 42 km from Munnar and is a main destination in Kerala ideal for a day trip and when you travel to Munnar you can stop at Cheeyapara and Valara waterfalls for a quick getaway.

13. Palaruvi Waterfalls

To experience a great getaway, visit the Palaruvi waterfalls. Palaruvi falls is in Shendurney wildlife sanctuary in the Kollam District of Kerala. "Pal" means milk and the name is translated to milk jet.

As the name suggests the waterfalls resemble the 300-foot milky fall due to the crystal clear water of good quality. The current in which the waterfall is ideal for swimming and is an important picnic spot in the country.

The Palaruvi falls are located within a dense forest and the waterfalls you reach through trekking. The trekking experience at the Palaruvi waterfalls is a big one and it is memorable. The best time to visit the Palaruvi waterfalls is during the months of June, July, August, September, October, November, December and January. Palaruvi Waterfalls is ideal for day trips.
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