5 Wonderful Waterfalls in the Western Ghats

There are so many beautiful sights in the world, the lush greenery of valleys, the ebb and flow of rivers and streams, the snow-capped mountains. But there are only few that symbolize the beauty and the sheer stupor of nature as vividly and dramatically as waterfalls. The sight of a magnitude of water raging over the cliffs or cascading over rocks is a sight to savor.

The grandest waterfalls of the world rightfully deserve a prominent place on any bucket list. But it doesn't have to be the tallest or the most voluminous to make it a significant travel destination. Some of the world’s most unique waterfalls plunge over steep precipices, some are layered cascades that gently tumble into a series of pools.

Some of India's most stunning waterfalls are located in the hills and valleys of the wondrous Western Ghats. While they are breathtaking throughout the year, three months of lashing rain during the months of monsoon breathe a new life to the already lush landscape. At this time, streams come alive and empty into roaring rivers. It, in turn, dive down into valleys hundreds of feet deep, mostly in picturesque points, forming waterfalls that add to the magic of the wilderness.

Even when the deluge of monsoons ends, there is still a lot of vigor in the falls for the next month or two. So, plan a trip soon and set off to view these mighty waterfalls. If you are coming from Pune, Mumbai, or New Delhi then you can readily find cheap New Delhi to Bangalore, Mumbai to Bengaluru and Pune to Bengaluru flights online. So pack your bags and leave for an adventure amidst the mountains.

best waterfalls in india Western Ghats

Magod Falls

The Bedti river flows with fearless force into Magod Falls, situated approximately 17 km from Yellapur in Karnataka. Surrounded by evergreen forests all around, Magod Falls plummet down in two tiers cascading through rocky ravines from a height of 650 ft. Take this opportunity and also visit Jenukallu Gudda. From here you can watch the mesmerizing sunset and Kavadi Kere, a beautiful lake, located around Magod Falls.

Sathodi Falls

Another gem in the lap of the Western Ghats is Sathodi Falls, situated approximately 32 km from Yellapur in Karnataka. Several unnamed streams conjoin at Kallaramane Ghat and dive down from an elevation of 15m to form the Sathodi Falls. It is also a unique and picturesque picnic spot.

Amboli Falls

Located in the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats, Amboli Falls takes a plunge from a height of 411 ft and is a tourist hotspot in the state of Maharashtra. Nestled amidst misty mountains and exquisite environs, Amboli Falls is a must-visit, especially during the monsoon months.

Unchalli Falls

Also known as Lushington Falls, Unchalli Falls is located 35 km away from Siddapur in Karnataka. The Aghanashini River gorges into a steep valley from a height of 381 ft to form a spectacular sight. To reach Unchalli Falls, take a bus to Heggarne (a hamlet) and trek 5 km through a dense forest. The trek is an exciting experience as you explore nature’s bounty in rare flora and fauna through the walk.

Marleshwar Falls

Marleshwar Falls is located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is popular among tourists owing to its overflowing streams. This multi-step waterfall is hidden amidst misty mountains with a stream flowing by its side.

Which of these are on your travel bucket list already?

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