14 BEST Things to do in Tasmania, Australia

In truth, everyone should have an opportunity to see Australia at least once in a lifetime. Between metropolitan cities and remote bushland, there is a lot to do and see in the Land Down Under. However, if you had to narrow down your trip, then start with its smallest state - Tasmania.

This island is bursting from all the Australian beauties packed into one: rugged coastline, wildlife, amazing wines, and magnificent mountains. A ferry ride away from the main continent, many locals consider it a perfect road trip or great weekend destination to unwind.

It is the smallest state of Australia but offers a wild and unspoiled nature declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We can visit Cradle Mountain National Park, Lake St Clair, Liffey Falls, Flinders Islands, Port Arthur, Bruny Island and Wineglass Bay. From crafting to bat making, Tasmanians get together to celebrate all forms of art and creativity. The community artists and performers of Tasmania are inspired by the native culture of Tasmania.

68,401 square kilometers of some of the finest and most pristine temperate wilderness on the planet. Tasmania is an incredible place that absolutely drips history and should not be missed should you ever make the trip Down Under. Aside from simply flying, there's an overnight car ferry you can take from Melbourne that has sleeper cabins, restaurants, cafes and even a casino. It’s part of the experience.

You should hire a car and take the ferry. Two weeks is a good amount of time to drive around Tassy.

And if you have a travel bucket list, here are the biggest reasons why Tasmania should be high on it.

1. Meet the penguins of the Tasman National Park

To meet the Tasmanian nature, you need to be right in the middle of it and Tasman National Park is an ideal spot to start from. This popular hiking ground is full of trails and forests are home to Three Capes Track which takes only 48 hikers a day and is 28.5 miles long. Also, there are great locations for rock climbing attracting enthusiasts for decades like Totem Pole and the Candlestick perfect for solo travelers and self-discovery.

Little Penguins living on the shores are one of the main attractions although this is considered one of the best places for bird-watching in Australia. The Important Bird Area inside the Park is home to many endangered species like Wedge-tailed Eagle you can watch with binoculars.

2. Sunset on orange rocks of the Bay of Fires

In Tasmania places like Cradle Mountain, Wineglass Bay or Freycinet National Park are well-known holiday destinations but as we are here to talk about lesser-known places, the Bay of Fires in Tasmania is one of them. From the white of the sand beaches, the blue of the clear waters, the green of the vegetation, and the bright orange of the lichen-covered rocks this place is one of the beautiful places that you can't miss out on the trip to Australia!

Bay of Fires is one of those places in the world to relax and simply take in the scenery. With perfectly white beaches and bluest water, this is a great spot to come and take a break from Tasmanian adventure. Orange rock formations are perfect to watch the sunset in the evenings or have a picnic during the day.

St Helens and Binalong Bay are small towns where you can grab something to eat or even stay the night if you want to explore the area some more. Snorkeling and diving are the most popular activities here since Bay of Fires has diverse marine life, although kayaking and sailing are slowly catching up.

You can easily spot Tasmanian devils, wombats, and kangaroos on hikes since the region is part of the Mount William National Park and is famous for its wildlife.

3. Glacial lakes of the Cradle Mountain

Situated in the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National park, Cradle Mountain is one of the most visited landmarks in Tasmania. The most famous hiking trail Overland Track is here and you can spend 6 days experiencing the gorgeous mountainous landscapes on foot. This 40-miles long track is a habitat for endemic Tasmanian birds like pink robins and alpine flora.

It's also a great way to spot wombats who are freely roaming around and you can even see them rolling in the snow if the time is right. Canoeing is another favorite activity here. You can go for a nature walk along Dove Lake and Lake St. Clair and enjoy the glacial sights amidst the tranquility. Evidence of human occupation of this area is present in the limestone caves believed to be over 20,000 old.

4. Hiking the Overland Track

Hike the Overland Track in Tasmania for Christmas and New Year’s. It’s just splendid and quite easy to do. Add on Freycinet National Park and Bay of Fires Conservation Area to balance the mountains out with an incredible coastline.

5. Meet the history through MONA

Hobart is very pretty city that has colonial buildings through it. It has amazing markets and a very centralised shopping area. There are a lot of hidden gems through the city with nice little cafes and its a beautiful walk through the botanical gardens. The people are really nice and easy to chat with. It's one of the more slower paced cities in Australia.

Also, stop by the Museum of Old and New Art (a.k.a. MONA) where you will find private collection worth more than 100 million dollars. The museum is really good. The Museum of Old and New Art – Mona exhibits some of the spectacular international treasures and contemporary art styles of the world.

Being one of the oldest cities in Australia means that there is a lot of history to see and experience in Hobart. Sandstone warehouses, colonial houses, and old-fashioned cottages are all over the down and turned into B&Bs, art studios, cafés, and restaurants.

6. Hiking Mount Wellington

Since Mount Wellington is dramatically looming over the city, you can join a hiking group and take in the beauty of the whole area from its peak.

7. Shopping at the Salamanca Market

There are numerous things to do in Hobart. You can go shopping for local crafts at the Salamanca Market every Saturday, or take a tour of the Apple Shed. All these places tell a story of the island’s history and how Hobart grew into one of the favorite tourist destinations in Australia.

However, you can also taste exquisite wines here at Moorilla winery or grab something to eat at many eateries like Source Restaurant.

8. Visit Mount Wellington Park

As the name suggests, it is a fact that many in Tasmania don't even know about the Secret Falls. This fern and rainforest engulfed waterfalls is just the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a dose of tranquility in nature.

9. Purple ice cream at the Bridestowe Lavender Estate

If you are in Tasmania from December to February, stop by the Bridestowe Lavender Estate. The property has fields of lavender which turn the area into French Provence when in full bloom with a sweet scent and purple shades. The biggest attraction here is purple ice cream which makes it an ideal destination to travel to with kids, although adults like a scoop or two, as well.

However, since the Estate makes its own lavender products you can buy their tea, honey, candles and grab something to eat at the café. It’s not far away from Launceston and people love to come here for an afternoon snack or dinner.

10. Cape Hauy Track

It’s a well-maintained, and easy to follow track that actually forms the end of the Three Capes Walk, so if you feel inspired, and have a bit more time when you visit next – go for the Three Capes too. Or, if you only have another day up your sleeve, walk to Cape Raoul and detour to Shipstern Bluff, home of Australian big wave surfing. Yes. Big waves. Enjoy.

11. Go hiking through Freycinet National Park

Go hiking through the Freycinet National Park and admire the beauty of Wineglass Bay.

12. Swim in the lake of St Clair National Park

Swim in the lake of the Saint Clair National Park which amidst the rainforests and majestic mountains. They have a magical feature of visually feeding your soul.

13. Queen Victoria Museum

Launceston is another Tasmanian city that attracts a lot of visitors over the year. This is understandable since the city is famous for its remarkable architecture in Art Deco and Victorian style. The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery is the largest one in Australia with permanent exhibitions of photography, paintings, and video. Fresh café is a wonderful place to have breakfast and start your sightseeing tour with Saturday Harvest Market and City Park.

14. Wine tours in Tamar Valley

Wines of the Tamar Valley are globally recognized as one of the finest so make sure to go on a tour of wineries like Swinging Gate Vineyard. Here, it’s more than wine tasting and guests can take their time to relax in the spa and restaurant. Cataract Gorge outside the city is great for walks, spotting wildlife and riding the longest single chairlift span in the world.

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In the end

These are some of the reasons why Tasmania should be on your travel bucket list, and once there you will find more. Thanks to diverse nature and wildlife, this is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations in Australia and Oceania. So, once in the area, make sure to stop by for purple ice cream or wombats playing in the snow. Or simply for the landscapes.
Kalyan Panja