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Kerala is filled with numerous interesting attractions and millions of people visit the tourist places in Kerala every year to enjoy an exotic tropical vacation. Kerala is blessed with much of beautiful nature, rivers, beautiful beaches, backwaters, hill stations, rich culture, and heritage which give a very pleasant atmosphere to everyone and relieve or calm down all senses as well as body and mind.

This article will act as a complete guide to visit Kerala that will give you a glance of the beautiful tourist attractions in Kerala. Here are some reasons why you should visit Kerala and the places to visit in Kerala.

Tourist Places in Kerala

1. Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the best tourist areas in Kerala. It is glorified by Western Ghats, noble hills and clear lakes. And then there are lush jungles and deep valleys that add to the beauty of this hill station in God's own country. Chembra peak, heart-shaped lake, Meenmutty Falls, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, and other Wayanad tourist spots should not be missed.

Imagine that the winter fog opens just to get an idea of ​​the elephants that roam freely. If you can imagine that and you've fallen in love with your imagination, Wayanad should be on your list of hill stations to visit in winters. Fascinatingly green and not as creepy as the mountainous cities of the Himalayas, Wayanad is a blessing. More so if you stay in a tree house!

Vythiri is known for its surprisingly cool weather compared to other parts of Wayanad. You should visit some places like the Chain Tree in Vythiri. This is a favorite spot for an adventure junkie. It includes camping and trekking.

2. Bekal

Among places to see in Kerala, located along the Malabar coast, Bekal is a small coastal town known for its backwaters, fortress and clean beaches. Summer is the best time to visit the attractions around Bekal such as Nilesweram, Bekal Fort and Beach, Keppil Beach and much more.

The historic Bekal Fort which has the shape of a giant keyhole, offers a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea from its high observation towers during monsoon in Bekal. Many forms of folk dance are carried out during the Onam festival.

Winter is the best time to visit tourist attraction in Bekal such as Malik Denar Mosque, Ananthepura Temple and Chandragiri Fort as well. You can see the performance Theyyam by the local population of the high season in Bekal. People who visit Bekal can take specialized Ayurvedic rejuvenation packages to keep their mind and body in shape.

During your visit to Bekal, do not stop eating Payasam, a sweet and salty dessert that is offered in Bekal and throughout Kerala.

3. Thekkady

Athirapally and Thekkady are two interesting tourism spots, which are just 100 km from each other. It takes a little more than 5 hours to reach one destination from the other. It is recommended to choose both the destinations for your vacation or your honeymoon place in India. If you happen to be in a situation where it is practically possible to visit just one out of the two destinations, it would take a long discussion to choose one.

Wildlife Attractions in Kerala

With over 25+ wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in all the parts of Kerala is a perfect destination to spot wild animals, migratory birds, and raw nature while on a wildlife safari. If you love wildlife attractions, you ought to choose Thekkady over Athirapally. Athirapally might be aesthetically pleasing with waterfalls and other scenic spots. It is hard to spot any animals or birds other than the occasional local species. The park lies in the middle of Cardamom hills.

This hilly region has thick forests, dams, rivers, reservoirs and many others. Top animals to spot here are tigers, Asian elephants, white tigers, wild pig, flying squirrel, macaque, Nilgiri langur, fruit bat, marten, sloth bear, jungle cat and others.

There is safari in Athirapally, which is just a ride to the rainforest. You can find many animals here but spotting elephant is common. Night drive through the forest is an important tourist activity in Athirapally.

Another attraction of the region is Agasthyarkoodam, one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats, with a peak of 1,868 meters of altitude. The Meenmutty Falls, another popular attraction in the region, is about 3 kilometers from the main Kallar road.

Birdwatching in Kerala

As mentioned before, the wildlife element of Thekkady has no boundaries. You can find more than 266 birds here when opposed to some very rare bird spotting in Athirapally.

Picnic Spots in Kerala

Although Thekkady is filled with many interesting scenic spots and natural paradises, it is easier to find a good picnic spot in Athirapally than in Thekkady. A good picnic spot near the waterfalls will make the day more refreshing.

How Many Days Required to Visit Kerala

Thekkady has many attractions including Periyar National Park, plantations, rafting and others. On the other hand, Athirapally is famous for waterfalls and picnics. It is easier to enjoy Athirapally in just one day. Thekkady can keep you busy for a couple of days. You would need more time to span all attractions in Thekkady. Athirapally has waterfalls, dams and a butterfly garden.

Food in Kerala

You can experience Kerala's culture is through its gastronomic delights. The state is known to serve the freshest seafood in the country. Savor a meal served on a green banana leaf, along with refreshing palm wine. Other must-try items are appam with stew, ghee roast dosa with sambhar and Karimeen Pollicahthu.

Budget to Visit Kerala

Travelling to Athirapally will not cost much. The travel cost, food and visit to butterfly garden are the major expenses to spare in Athirapally. On the other hand, you will be spending considerable amount of money for wildlife safari, rafting, entry ticket to the reserve and others.

Photography in Kerala

If you love scenic photographs, you ought to visit Athirapally. If you want to click some interesting pictures with wildlife, Thekkady is the best. In short, if you are a photo enthusiast, both the places are very interesting.

Kerala Travel Guide - Athirapally

Summer in Kerala

From April to June, you will experience hot weather but evening showers add humidity to the environment. The temperature ranges between 32 degrees and 36 degree Celsius, which makes it one of the hottest period of the region and therefore the summer season cannot be recommended for a visit to Kerala.

Summer is the right time to find numerous colorful birds and flowers in the national parks. On the other hand, Athirapally will not be at its prime beauty during summer. With lack of water, the waterfalls might not be a good picnic spot or sightseeing spot.

Monsoon in Kerala

From July to September, the arrival of monsoon and rampant showers let tourists enjoy the view of cascading waters and lush green environment. The temperature ranges from 19 degrees to 30 degree Celsius. So, this can be a great time to waking up to enchanting views and having a rejuvenating time while some of the best Ayurveda centers based here.

If you happen to visit Kerala during rainy season, it is recommended to visit Athirapally over Thekkady. It is hard to spot animals in the park during rainy season and heavy rains can lead to cancellation of safari, rafting and others. On the other hand, Athirapally will be aesthetically pleasing during heavy rains.

Winter in Kerala

October to March is the best time to visit Kerala and the best season to visit the southern part of India with the onset of winters as the temperature hovers in between 18 degrees and 29 degree celsius. You can visit Kovalam, Thekkady, Alleppey, Munnar, and Kumarakom to enjoy house boating and a lot more for a wonderful experience in Kerala.

This period is the peak season for tourism in Kerala so don't miss a chance to visit God's Own Country. Book your Kerala vacation package as soon as possible and see the magic of incredible India and you will find enough of reasons to visit this amazing place again.

Waterfalls in Kerala

Waterfalls in Kerala are known for their beauty, power, and uniqueness. It is a must see natural charm! From north to south, the state of Kerala has the best waterfalls in the country. Thekkady might be famous for rafting but you cannot swim or bath in the water. On the other hand, you can bath, and allow the fast flowing water to massage you in Athirapally. You can float down the slope or perform any water-based activity here.

Here is a list of the 12 Most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala worthy of your bucket list, which you simply can not afford to lose!

1. Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirappilly waterfalls are not only the most famous waterfalls in Kerala, but they are also among the most attractive waterfalls in India. Offering scenic beauty, the Athirappilly waterfalls fall from approximately a height of 80 km. Athirappilly Waterfalls are the largest waterfalls in Kerala.

The waterfalls offer a great view of the Sholayar Hills. The Falls is also an important place for filming movies. Reaching a peak around Monsoon, the Falls seems to be totally isolated in a thick forest in Western Ghats when approaching from the road. However, it is easily accessible from a paved road that leads to the bottom of the waterfalls.

The road to Athirappilly Waterfalls when you travel to get there traverses along the banks of the river with the water still flowing silently and unceasingly and there are three falls to see adjacent to each other with the central one being the largest. There is also a short walk through a paved path down to see the falls. There are some stalls near the entrance to the Athirappilly waterfalls that serve tea and snacks.

Walking to Athirappilly Waterfalls from the ticket point is quite long. However, these waterfalls are elderly
and kid friendly up to the top of the falls (if you do not hike up).

Athirappilly falls is 32 km Chalakkudy, 122 km from Kottayam, 269 km from Thiruvananthapuram, 100 km from Munnar, 174 km from Coimbatore, 59 km from Thrissur, 73 km from Kochi. The best time to visit the waterfalls is Athirappilly during September, October, November, December, and January. Kochi is the nearest airport to Athirappilly Waterfalls.

2. Thoovanam Waterfalls

Located inside the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, Thoovanam Waterfalls in Munnar is a beautiful place to visit in Kerala. Thoovanam Waterfalls is about 3 Kilometers from Alampatty eco friendly area Located 50 km from Munnar and 10 km from Marayoor. Thoovanam Waterfalls is also a main trekking trail and walking through the forest is pleasant and peaceful with deer, butterflies and insects.

The serene and wonderful view while hiking in the interior of the forest to reach the falls is spectacular. The best time to visit Thoovanam Falls is during the months after the monsoon and it is ideal for day trips. Thoovanam Waterfalls is an important tourist spot in Kerala and one that you definitely should not miss, and once you take a forest ticket guide that will accompany the waterfalls.

Thoovanam Waterfalls is also a main trekking trail and walking through the forest is nice and peaceful with deer, butterflies and insects.

3. Lakkom Waterfalls

Located 1.5 km from Marayoor and 40 km from Munnar, Lakkom is one of the best waterfalls in Kerala that give visitors a great getaway experience. Lakkom waterfalls are small but lovely, going down a steep slope and emerging over rocks from forests. You can roll your toes in the clear water and take a dip in the shallow parts of the pool if you like adventure.

You can also sit on the rocks and put your legs under the water. Even though Lakkom Waterfalls is not too deep, but the rocks are slippery. The other regions of Lakkom waterfalls to visit are the Eravikulam National Park and Marayoor Dolmens. The best time to visit the Lakkom Falls is during the months of October, November, December, and January.

4. Chethalayam Waterfalls

Chethalayam Waterfalls is one of the nice places to visit in Kerala. It requires a special permit from the forest department to visit it and the area at the foot of the waterfalls is good and full of trees and green areas. Reaching Chethalayam Waterfalls includes a 4 km hike. From Kidangand to the falls, trekking is an important activity and is loved by lovers of trekking. Climbing is also a part of the walk.

Monsoon is the best time to visit Chethalayam falls and it is ideal for the day trip. This waterfalls is small and dries up during the summer season. Chethalayam Waterfalls is close to Sultan Bathery and located 37 km from Kalpetta and 12 km from Sulthan Bathery. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a must when visiting the Chethalayam Waterfalls.

5. Soochipara Waterfalls

Soochipara Waterfalls also known as Sentinel Rock waterfall is one of the most attractive waterfalls in the Wayanad district. The waterfalls are at a height of 300 meters. The Soochipara Waterfalls is located 46 km from the Sulthan Bathery, 24 km from Kalpetta and 13 km from Meppadi.

The Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is an important point of adventure, as it is famous for its trekking activities. The sentinel rock is also an ideal place for rock climbing. The best time to visit the Soochipara Waterfalls is from June to October and is ideal for day trips. Chembra Peak, Kanthapara falls, and Vaduvanchaal are the best places to visit near Soochipara Waterfalls.

Shop and Dine in Kerala

Athirapally is the best place to buy natural forest honey. There are a few resorts and hotels near Athirapally waterfalls to enjoy the traditional cuisine of the land. There is no shop or restaurant in the national reserve. You can find a few away from the park.

Water Theme Parks in Kerala

If you love theme parks, you ought to visit Athirapally. There are two theme parks little away from Athirapally. Thekkady does not have any theme park in it.

All differences apart, these two places are very important tourist spots. No matter which spot you choose, you are in for an exotic vacation. It is better to choose the right season for visiting each destination.
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