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Shimla is a beautiful hill station in the magnificent western Himalayan mountain ranges in India. This has historically been a famous city and today is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful hill in north India, in the western Himalayas. It enjoys a striking geographical diversity, ranging from high desert plains to dense cedar forests and terraced orchards, from the snowy mountain ranges to the lakes and rivers fed by the meltwater that flows down from the Himalayas.

There are touristic centers, each one with its own beauties, that will catch you with its charm. Some of then are Kullu and Manali, Parvati Valley and Kasol, Dalhousie and Chamba, Dharamshala and Palampur, and Shimla. Shimla has an interesting colonial past and was once called the summer capital of India. Today tourists from all over India and all over the world travel to Shimla to enjoy a lovely vacation in one of the best hill stations in the country.

Shimla is connected to the rest of the country with a good road transport system and it also has an airport. However, the toy train in Shimla has become a tourist attraction for many people visiting the city. The Kalka Shimla Toy Train runs on the Kalka Shimla Railway Line. At an altitude of 2,076 meters it offers an incredible panoramic view of the Himalayas.

The Kalka Shimla Railway is a narrow gauge railway line that was built in the 19th and early 20th century during India's colonial rule. This railway line was built in the mountains between the towns of Kalka and Shimla. UNESCO has added this famous toy train railway route to the UNESCO World Heritage Site route.

The toy train that runs on this route has a historical charm to it and travelling on this route feels a little like travelling in trains of a different era. Built by British, the wonder of engineering in the 19th century served the highlands of Shimla, and it was erected as an escape route for the British from the heat of summer.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train experience snow

This picturesque route has 20 stations starting from Kalka and ending in Shimla. Kalka is connected to the rest of the country by the Delhi Kalka Broad Gauge line. Kalka is an important railway station in Haryana.

This route has a slow average speed of around 25-30 kilometers per hour for the toy train and this speed is perfect for travelers to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountainous region between Kalka and Shimla.

Some of the stations on the route include Kalka, Taksal, Dharampur, Solan, Barog, Salogra, Kandaghat, Taradevi, Summer Hill and Shimla. The line stretches for about 96 kilometers and offers spectacular scenery along the entire route. There are many tunnels and exciting turns and some steep slopes which add to the adventure to the trip. This is the reason it becomes one of the popular Shimla attractions for every tourist.

The longest tunnel is over a kilometer long and the scenic beauty of the region is especially spectacular between Barog and Shimla. Another tunnel in Taradevi, crosses cutting through a hill at the top of which there is a famous temple, which has led to talk about the local superstition of the day when the goddess would not allow its construction. When the construction was under way, a great excitement arose from the sightings of a huge snake in the tunnel that turned out to be a long iron pipe along the tunnel to transport fresh air.

There are hundreds of bridges in the mountains that are part of this journey which also make it more exciting to travel on this steep railway toy train journey. The Northern Railway manages the Kalka Shimla Railway and takes care of the day to day maintenance and management of the toy train on this route.

The route starts at a height of around 650 meters above sea level and gradually climbs to its destination in Shimla which is over 1100 meters above sea level. The route goes through the famous Himalayan Shivalik Hills foothills. This is a once in a lifetime experience for many travelers as the scenic beauty of this route is unmatched by any railway route anywhere in the world.

It is an important adventurous tourist-friendly route which has become a scenic attraction. Having said that it is this toy train route which also plays an important role in the transport infrastructure of Shimla.

This route and this toy train connect Shimla to the railway network of the rest of the country. This makes it easy for travelers who prefer the railway to visit Shimla by using this toy train between Kalka and Shimla.

10 Places to Visit in Shimla for Honeymoon

1. The Ridge

The Ridge is the large open space in the heart of the city that presents an excellent view of the mountains. Shimla's landmarks of the neo-Gothic structure of the Christ Church of and the New-Tudor Library building are worth seeing. The Mall is Shimla's main shopping center with restaurants. The joy of theater, which is a reproduction of an old British theater is a center of cultural activities.

A passenger elevator from HPTDC can take the road cart and the Mall. Lakkar bazaar next to the ridge is very popular for its wooden crafts and souvenirs. Kali Bari temple is a few meters from the scandal point near the General Post Office. It is believed that the idol of the goddess Shayamla is enshrined there.

Jakhoo temple offers a panoramic view of the city from an ancient Hanuman Temple. From Ridge Road, near the church you can go on foot or on horseback or by taxi to visit the temple.

2. Summer Hill

Summer Hill is a magnificent scenic place on Shimla-Kalka railway line that offers shadow walks in a quiet environment. Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to Shimla lived in the elegant Georgian house. Prospect Hill is crowned by a temple dedicated to Kamna Devi. It is 15 minutes walk from Boileauganj on Shimla Bilaspur Road. The hill offers a spectacular view of the area.

3. Chail

Chail is a beautiful hill station located in the Himachal Pradesh region and extends over three mountains of Rajgarh, Pandawa and Sadh Tibba. It overlooks the Sutlej valley and enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Chail boasts of the highest cricket ground in the world, overlooking the Sutlej valley, with a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas.

Chail together with Kufri and Shimla form the golden triangle of Himachal Pradesh and offer breathtaking views of the mountains and a fascinating natural beauty that makes it a great place to visit. Many trekking trails go from Chail to Shimla, Choor Chandni Peak, Kali Ka Tibba and other places. Fishing is a popular activity carried out on the Giri River, a few kilometers from Chail.

The Chail Wildlife Sanctuary attracts a large number of wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Inside the park you can admire a great variety of flora and fauna that includes animals such as the black deer of the Himalayas, langur, sambar, goral, wild boar, among others. Numerous hiking trails cross the sanctuary like Kandaghat-Chail, Chail-Shimla via Junga, Chail Rajgarh.

4. Sanjauli

Sanjauli is the main suburb of Shimla. It has many inhabited places nearby like Cemetery road, HB colony, Bhatta Kuffar, Sanjay Van, Dhingu dhar, Shanan, Navbhar, Chaulanti and areas other side of the Sanjauli-Dahli tunnel. Sanjauli is situated just below the Jakhu Hill. Sanjauli has the famous Sanjauli-Dahli tunnel made by British government during that time when Shimla was capital of British India.

The Dorje Drak Monastery, which is of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, is also very popular and admission is free.

5. Kufri

Kufri is home to the oldest ski slopes in the mountain state. Its gentle slopes are perfect for skiing and receive skiers from all over the world.

6. Narkanda

Not exactly a trendy tourist destination, a trip to Narkanda offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Places to visit in Narkanda is Hatu Peak. To discover the Hatu Peak at night, take a tent along with you and camp. The walk is through a mixed forest that covers the whole range of tall conifers of blue pine, cedar, spruce and spruce interspersed with the broadleaf moru. The Hatu Mata temple is located on the top of a long ridge.

The picturesque villages of Kumarsain, Nirmand and Kotgarh can be seen amidst dense forests, apple orchards and terraced fields. You can even see the picturesque villages of Kotgarh, Nimand and Kumarsain from this point! A one-hour walk south-east beyond the Hatu Mata Temple, and then through the forest dominated by oak trees takes you to the grass patches of Jor Bagh. The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti Airport in Shimla.

7. Rohru

A bustling little town on the banks of the Pabbar River is Rohru. However, it is the valley near Rohru that is an attractive place. An important place for fishermen who come here for trout fishing, Rohru is a decent destination to get rid of the stress of the hectic week and subdue the beauty of virgin nature. Shikru Devta Temple, Chirgaon, Chanshal, Dodra and Kwar are some of the places you would like to see in Rohru.

Trek the Buran Ghati. Its a single trek that serves up a buffet of all other great treks put together. The starting point of this trek is village Janglik in Rohru. The trek trail comprises of dense forest of oak and pine trees. The sacred Chandranahan Lake is another attraction of this trek. The flowers and herbs are in plenty along the trail.

The beauty of numerous glistening streams of water will keep you amazed. The panoramic view from Buran Pass is one of the best you can get. For the adventurers and sportsmen, treks through the local mountains are recommended, such as through the meadows of Annadale, 5 kilometers from Shimla. Glen, which is further west and is a popular place for picnics and further north to the Wildflower Hall, which was the place of Lord Kitchner's retreat.

Hatkoti is famous for the ancient temple of the Mata Hateswari in the middle of the rice fields on the right bank of the Pabber River. You can reach Chindi on the highway via Mandi and Tattapani and a beautiful Karsog Valley. One can also visit the Mahunag Famous Temple, Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple, Kamaksha Temple Devi, Pangna Killa and Temple and Shikari Devi Temple.

8. Kalka

Have you seen the images of a beautiful toy train passing through green valleys and mountainous terrain? If yes, then maybe these were the images of the Shimla-Kalka toy train. Many people take a ride of this toy train from Shimla to Kalka to capture the most picturesque train route of the world. This train passes through scores of tunnels before reaching its final destination. Don't miss this unique ride while visiting Himachal Pradesh.

9. Sarahan

Once you arrive in Shimla, start for Sarahan (2165 meters above sea level). On the way to Sarahan, you will drive through the foothills of the Himalayas visiting some beautiful places like Kufri, Theog, Fagu, Narkanda and Rampur. With spectacular views of the Srikhand range, Sarahan is known for its 800-year-old Bhimakali Temple, which is also one of the 51 Shakti Peethams of India and an exemplary example of the Himalayan architecture of northern India.

10. Rampur Bushahr

Rampur in Tibet Hindustan road was once the capital of the principality of Bushahr. The city is located on the banks of the Satluj River. You can visit Dumgir Buddhist temple, Padam Palace, Raghunath temple, and the Ayodhya temple. Narsingh temple is worth visiting. Himachal Tourism carries out an air-conditioned tourist complex and cafe, Satluj. Saharan is the gateway to Kinnaur.

Jubbal has maintained an excellent palace that was designed by a French architect in the 1930s and is remarkable blend of European and indigenous styles.

Other popular tourist attractions in Shimla include the Chadwick Falls. Shimla could be visited at any time of the year, but from December to February, there is snowfall in Shimla that attracts the newlyweds.

Visiting Shimla is a lot of fun because of its hill station weather and tourist attraction. But the journey to visit Shimla on a toy train has also become a major tourist attraction for many tourists. This toy train journey is an ideal way to see the scenic beauty of the Himalayas and also visit Shimla which is one of the best tourist destinations in the country.
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