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Well, the millennial generation (this generation born in the 80s and who were young in 2000) are the ones who have taken advantage of this trend and they are also those who have created a word that is also called digital nomad. This generation seeks new experiences, experiences that have a purpose in their lives.

Many do remote jobs such as graphic designers, copywriters, community managers and work where they don't have to be tied to an office and minimize costs. They make decisions from their social networks and Internet users (they are not inexperienced travelers but demanding where data is something important) and can be seen on the internet that the expression #wanderlust in both social networks and blogs has 65 million results.

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1. The wanderlust spirit: why is this tendency to travel developing?

More than once you asked yourself if you have this wanderlust spirit and what it means. Today we will explain what it is, who can be considered wanderlust and if it only circumscribes at a specific age (the millennial generation specifically).

According to Wikipedia, wanderlust means the unstoppable desire to roam, travel or explore the world. It comes from the German word wander (wander in German) and lust (lust in English). It is the combination of a part of a German word and a word in English.

2. Wanderlust: a gen for travel?

And this desire to flee and see different places seems to be an epidemic. Beyond a fad, the wanderlust spirit is found in our genes: more specifically in the DRD47r gene, where dopamine is found and is called the traveler's gene.

Several research centers among them the salk institute of biological science of California has demonstrated the relationship between dopamine and making impulsive decisions and the excess of dopamine and the DRD4 gene that make the individual have incredible experiences, such as sex, food or travel.

However, not all individuals have the wanderlust gene. The American sociologist Chauseng Chen determined in the 90s that only 20% have the wanderlust gene and that the places where the tendency to travel has predominated (such as Europe, Latin America, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.) are the ones with the most tendency to travel and want to see the world.

3. What wanderlust dreams?

If you are a person in love and dreamy who wants to see the world, step on every corner. Wanderlust is he who loves the local, loves to enjoy with his traveling partner and also loves what he does (which is traveling). It is possible that he is a wanderlust, no matter how old he is.

This person with the wanderlust gene just wants to see the world, wants to visit each country, feel the cold and heat of the regions, dedicates in his dreams to see what is the next place to visit, saves all his money to follow his passion (what is traveling).

benefits of travelling

4. Do wanderlust influence your environment?

Yes. A wanderlust influences those around him, his desire spreads to the people he lives with. People who are with them learn every second, curious facts from other countries, even how to travel through volunteering.

5. Are the wanderlust inspiring?

Of course, because they do not want to stay there, but it is a desire to see the world. That's why they inspire. That's why your friends are able to leave the comfort zone (including your partner).

A wanderlust inspires others with their stories, drawings, narrations, photos (it is even a natural desire of humanity with the first documentaries that showed cultures other than their own) shows from the internet, or from their networks and inspire others.

The borders of a wanderlust are imaginary lines on a map. For him there is no American or European. These are incredible people who are going to tell you your incredible stories of cities or gastronomic experiences from where you are.

6. Beyond the scientific trend of wanderlust

Scientific aside, wanderlust has become a social trend. The other necessary question is whether it is possible to realize that this wanderlust trend has been a constant not only in the millennial generation but also in a trend in all generations? When it is a goal, it increasingly attracts attention and gains more followers in networks and life.

benefits of travelling

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