9 Top Things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Planning for a getaway this February to celebrate Valentine's Day or to just chill and relax? If yes, then Andamans should be on your list. The Andaman Islands have a lot of things to offer you more than just exotic beaches and beautiful palm trees. You can make your tour adventurous, laid back or romantic as the island is an all in one destination!

Cerulean waters shimmering in the sun. Vast expanses of white sands and inviting beaches. Fiery purple sunsets by the sea. The Andaman Islands are the perfect place for a gorgeous sun-toasted getaway. Escape to this beautiful archipelago of islands in the Bay of Bengal today!

Water sports, treks, island hopping, and great food are just perfect for thrilling plus a romantic calming trip! Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a year-round tourist destination. If there is one place in India that can withstand stiff competitors to the Maldives as well as Seychelles, it needs to be the Andaman Islands.

Clear turquoise waters, unspoilt beaches, rainforests, stunning corals reefs, aboriginal tribes - where in India can you discover all this as well as a lot more?

Why, on the Andaman and also the Nicobar Islands, of course! Yet it is not just the beauty of the archipelago of 572 islands that makes Andaman and Nicobar Islands an excellent as well as romantic vacation. Not only perfect for a honeymoon trip, these islands are additionally crowded by families and groups of friends, wanting to having fun.

There are sporting activities, water activities, activities for nature fans, sightseeing, and tour areas, therefore, a lot more to do that you will certainly fall in love with.

Right here are some of the popular things to do in Andaman and Nicobar for a romantic getaway.

1. Sea beach walking at Ross Island

This is just 20 minutes distance by motor boat from Marina park at Andaman sea. Ross Island was the Britishers capital and had all the facilities of luxury for the British rulers at that point of time. It's very interesting to know how they have colonised that part of Island and had cricket pitches, tennis courts, churches, swimming pools, auditoriums etc., the ruins of which we can still see.

You get to move around in the island on a small motor vehicle. You could see pea cocks and other variety of birds and a kind of deers. The highest point of Andaman is seen from Ross Island, the picture of which you can find on our 20 rupee note.

The beach that will definitely catch you off guard is the shoreline of the Ross and Smith Islands which are one in the morning during low tide and two by the evening during the high tide. Puzzled? Well, the two are separated by a fine sandbar which is walkable in the morning but gets sunk under water when the seawater rises. And this is not the Ross Island near Port Blair, of course.

The famous Ross Island is a must-visit destination while you are on an Andaman tour. It is an island filled to the brim with the historical remnants of British occupancy in India. The ruins of churches, ancient buildings, colonial architecture still stand to enchant travellers. The island is a shady cove with hundreds of coconut trees lined everywhere and fresh breeze blowing on from the salty sea.

It is an Island stuck in time, with its magnificent British building ruins and wildlife presence. It is a favourite among those who like to walk and explore their inquisitive side surrounded by the deafening silence of years of history or those who simply like to take a timeless stroll through some gorgeous antique remains.

In Ross Island, you have a little walk up to the historic ruins of the church, printing press, and a beautiful beach. Also, there are lot of Deers on the Island. This is the island where Subash Chandra Bose hoisted Indian flag for forcing British to flee the island with the help of Japanese army.

Ross Island used to be home to the administrative offices of the British and is currently in a dilapidated state with ruins of the old buildings overcome by trees and roots. It has an eerie look to it, but well worth visiting. There is also a Japanese bunker near the jetty.

2. Parasailing at Andaman Water Sports Complex

An ideal blend of atmoshphere as well as water adventure, parasailing in Andaman draws countless enthusiasts. This task is generally done above the tranquil waters. So, don't miss an opportunity to try parasailing and also experience the fun. You can do this task for 5-10 minutes.

Absolutely nothing can be much better than taking pleasure in the view of the entire place from high above the skies. Don't miss your opportunity to attempt this task on your trip. Individuals can do parasailing at any time of the year as there is no specific season to take part in the task. So, now whenever you're planning a trip to Andaman, do not fail to remember to experience the thrill of this water sports.

Cost: 3000 - 4000 INR.

Best season: The best season for parasailing is all year round.

3. Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail

Oh yes, the Andamans are much more than just pristine shores and icy blue waters. The next time you visit these gorgeous islands, travel down history and also go see the colonial prison, also known as Kalapani, in Port Blair. Cellular Jail (Kalapani Jail) is a must visit historical attraction in Port Blair.

You get to see Cellular Jail referred to as Kala Pani in the days of the British Raj as the very first thing on the list with the light and sound show performance. It tells the stories about the prisoners who gave their sweat and blood to secure our future.

The dark, dingy, claustrophobic cells of the historically infamous Cellular Jail gives veritable impression of the colonial era and the hardships braved by the valiant freedom fighters of our nation. Experience the saga of freedom struggle and the heroic deeds of the freedom movement through the poignant Light and Sound Show of Cellular Jail held every evening in the premises.

Cellular Jail was constructed in 1896 and opened by the British in 1906. The most popular freedom fighter imprisoned here was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. It showcases the colonial past and struggle of all Indian freedom fighters in the islands. In the evening visit Cellular jail and also watch the light and music show.

One more spectacular place to watch. Needs lot of patience to walk around. You need more than half a day to get a glimpse of everything here. History of freedom fighters that were jailed in these prisons is very interesting to know.There is light and music show between 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm. Not so impressive but the history is narrated all through and hence worth listening.

There are different points, which highlights the history of Cellular Jail too. But it is the Light & Sound Show that is its emphasis, which tells the complete background and events of India's freedom. The light and sound is an added amazement with its deeply emotional narrative, as it narrates the dark tales of that time and people.

Cellular jail light and sound show tickets are available online. It’s better you book them before you proceed for journey since internet/wifi is bad in Andaman. Moreover, if you want to book later, then also you have to book through wifi provided by cellular jail and that too for the same day booking starts after 3 pm and the show for 6 pm and 7:15 pm sells out pretty fast and will not be available.

So you will end up with 8:30 pm or 9:40 pm. Better to work on your itinerary before reaching to Andaman.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday; 8:45 am to 12:30 pm and 1:45 pm to 5 pm.

Entry Fee: 10 INR for access; additional costs of 25 INR and 100 INR for camera and video-camera respectively.

4. Snorkeling at Elephant Beach

Next, visit the Elephant Beach. Elephant Beach, a prominent snorkeling area is about 20 minutes by boat from Havelock Island dock. It can take 30 minutes to reach the beach by ferry (could be closed based on weather conditions), water sports like snorkeling, jet ski, banana boat are a few to name. For elephant beach, you have to go through ferry charged at 950 INR per person having complimentary snorkeling.

You can get it easily on your own. However the complimentary snorkeling which they offer is not worth. You have to buy deep sea snorkeling once you be there to really enjoy the marine life which is again 1000 INR per person. The trekking route to elephant beach can’t be promised as it gets bad due to rain and heavy wind. So keep it in mind that you may have to go by ferry.

If you have constantly imagined exploring the lively sea life that stays in clear blue-green waters, you've chosen among the best areas to live that dream. Unlike in Goa or at other beach locations, this beach will certainly welcome you with tranquility as opposed to litter and filth when you stroll on the beach.

You will certainly be impressed to witness the reefs to be in pristine problem with reefs formed in blossoms. Elephant Beach promises to give you an unforgettable adrenaline filled experience! It is famous for the world’s top rated Scuba Diving spots. And you can try out an array of water sports (Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Parasailing) that are available here!

Snorkeling Price: The approximate rate for the snorkeling in Andaman is Rs. 350 per session for thirty minutes.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Ferries Timing: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

5. Enjoy sunset view at Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is a world class beach for its natural visual brilliance and calming vibe. Deep sea divers prefer this destination for their adventurous endeavors. The high quality coral reef invite many divers every year. South Button island near Radhanagar Beach is known for the stunning scuba diving experience.

You can spend your evening in Radhanagar Beach (open till 5.30 pm). Trust me it is the most beautiful (it’s one of the world’s top 10 beaches) wide view beach with literally blue water (all the locations by road are a maximum of 15–20 minutes drive).

Radhanagar Beach is the best and most visited beach in the entire Andaman archipelago. The thick trees and bluish-green waters of this beach allure tourists from around the globe. This beach was ranked Asia's best beach by Times magazines and still is one of the best beaches in Asia. If you are at Andamans then, this beach must be on your list! Stay for the night at Havelock Island.

6. Stay in a beach resort in Neil Island

Neil Island is a tiny but stunning island located 37 km to the south of the Andaman Islands. Stay for the night at Neil Island.

Diving Price: 3000 INR for 1 short dive, 4500 INR for 1 long dive and 6000 INR for 2 dives

Best Time to Visit: December to May

7. Ferry to Port Blair

Board back a ferry to Port Blair. Visit Corbyn Cove Beach or you could shop at an Emporium (pure pearls and variety of shell accessories). You can indulge in some souvenir shopping at Sagarika Government Emporium that is famous for its range of handicraft products like Coconut Lamp Shades and Tribal Artifacts.

Aboriginal tribes produce handicraft items of sea shells, wood, coconut shells and bamboo!These items are sold here, at a fixed price to encourage the small-scale industries to flourish. For city tour, if you have visited Samudrika Museum, it’s enough. It covers everything with good displays. No need to hop in all the other museum as they are old and not that maintained.

This belongs to the Navy department. You get to see preserved skeletons of natural gigantic sea organisms, shells, and a few oceanic animals like gigantic turtle shells, blue whale etc. Here and there, history of formation of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is displayed for viewers information.

If you particularly have deep interest to explore about marine life or tribal life, then visit the other museums else Samudrika itself is enough. So you can cut the other points from your itinerary. Stay for the night at Port Blair.

8. Cruise to Baratang Island

Travel to Baratang Island (100 km from Port Blair), very strict timings is followed here. You should reach the Island before 3 am. This tour will start at around 3 am and goes for 10 hours. In Baratang Island you can spend time amidst the mangroves seeing Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano. You will come across tribal inhabitants, birds, and caves (this will be a boat ride).

A stay and tour of Diglipur is a nature lovers dream come true! Not easily done in one day, this trip requires patience and appreciation for the wonders of mother nature! It includes a trek to Andamans highest peak- Saddle Peak, a visit to Ross & Smith Island and Karmatang Beach. You can chose to stay overnight here instead of Havelock Island, depending on your interest and preference.

Baratang Island is unavoidable to enjoy a Speed boat ride through impenetrable mangrove jungles, native tribal folk, and a broad variety of plant life. Catch a glimpse of the Jarawa tribe in their natural surroundings! You can also go kayaking within the mangroves on your way to the limestone caves.

Price: 3,500 INR per head.

9. Glass Bottom Boating At Jolly buoy

Jolly Buoy island is one of the most visited destinations in the Andaman Islands. Jolly buoy island offers amazing coral reefs. The reef at Jolly Bouy Island is something that you will not easily experience in any other parts of the islands. The reef and the coral life here are amazing and Jolly Bouy island comes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. This is one pristine island that is worth a visit.

Andaman sea is beautiful and one can sea many sea creatures just making a round in the park.You need to head to Ross Island , North bay Islands from Andaman sea. Marine park is very beautiful and big and one can just sit there and pass their time looking at the beautiful sea and waves. The park looks spectacular in the night with all light works and even in the morning under day light.

A specific amount of people can visit Jolly Buoy island per day. The number is 250. You’ll require a permit to enter. The water in Jolly Buoy island is very clean and clear. The water will look bluish green. You’ll find many dead corals and sea shells on the beach and in the water. Mind it, don’t pick up shells and corals from beaches. They will get screened at airport and you will be cornered by the authorities.

Glass bottom watercraft riding is one of the most effective things to do in Andaman if you are frightened of tasks like scuba diving as well as snorkeling.

Jolly buoy island is a plastic free place. It means that at the Jetty from where you’ll be boarding the boat your bags will be checked for plastic. You’ll need to rent a water thermos which will be available at the jetty. The plastic bottles will be thrown into a bin before you board the boat and finish filling water in the thermos. This is done so that no one throws plastic bottles in the islands.

Best Season: The best period for Glass Bottom Boating in Andaman is during the month of January to May.

So what are you waiting for? Pack those beach clothes, as well as enjoy your Andaman vacation! Book honeymoon packages for Andaman and try these amazing things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands with your companion. Likewise, do not miss out on the opportunity to explore the separated islands of Andaman as well as loosen up on the unique beaches.
Kalyan Panja