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Newlyweds are often choosing Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal as their prime honeymoon destination and there are also the family vacationers. But is the place only for these two groups of holiday people? The answer is the most resounding no. You do not have to buy a grand Andaman honeymoon package to enjoy a solo holiday. By the way, traveling solo to Andaman is in vogue too. It is among the best ways to introspect and dive deeper into yourself.

Dive into the crystal blue waters found around the remote volcanic island of Narcondam and watch exotic undersea creatures. Be alert and you never know you could spot a Narcondam Hornbill up close and shoals of Parrotfish Darting under the refreshing sea water.

Andaman on a 5 day Tour

1. Beaches in Port Blair

It is the mecca for all the patriots who knew the struggles and tortures our freedom fighter went through. The place is as sacred as any pilgrimage. You either fly down to this capital city or deboard from a passenger ship. Either way, your enthralling journey through the landscapes of Andaman begins here on the eastern side of the South Andaman Island.

You get to see Cellular Jail referred to as Kala Pani in the days of the British Raj as the very first thing on the list with the light and sound show performance. It tells the stories about the prisoners who gave their sweat and blood to secure our future. If aboriginal history is your thing, the Anthropological Museum is an interesting place to get to know about the native tribes.

2. Beaches in Diglipur

Next destination on our trip is Diglipur which is all the way up north of the Andaman Islands. A bus trip requiring 8 hours (more or less) is all that you need to get addicted to the faint jungle aroma and quiet chatter of the birds out there. The options of helicopter and ferry are also available. So choose what you must for the 300 Km of the journey.

Offbeat travelers get what they come here looking for, peace, serenity and a lot more time for self. Of course, life is a little less crazy and commercialized here than the much famed Havelock and Neil Islands that are found almost on all the Andaman tour packages.

Lesser known yet most gravitating, the Kalipur Beach has brown mud and rocky formations to keep you amused for hours. Turtle nesting is also carried out here, but you need to be in season to get a glimpse of that, which is December-January.

The other beach that will definitely catch you off guard is the shoreline of the Ross and Smith Islands which are one in the morning during low tide and two by the evening during the high tide. Puzzled? Well, the two are separated by a fine sandbar which is walkable in the morning but gets sunk under water when the seawater rises. And this is not the Ross Island near Port Blair, of course.

For the hikers by nature, Saddle Peak is the place to flex some leg muscles. Here is some wilderness to get familiarised with. So it is time to hike the Saddle Peak at 732m, the highest of the Andaman Islands. And highest point often translates into bewitchingly spectacular view of the areas around. You just have to lay your eyes on the treasures lying below you.

3. Beaches in Neil Island

Neil Island can be reached from Port Blair or from Havelock Island. Located halfway between Port Blair and Havelock, Neil also has wonderful beaches. The Neil island is the tranquility raised to the bucket. Something ideal during the day is to go to the beach, to walk, or to visit the market. Most people only come to photograph the natural bridge carved into a large rock.

Laxmanpur beach is the best on the island to watch the sunset. It is a tiny and wild beach where it is possible to be alone for hours, and also offers a sunset worth seeing. It is deep enough to snorkel and see the Dugong, a dolphin with a round head typical of the area that swim slowly and are very friendly. Ramnagar Beach is another on the list. A definitely-not-miss beach is huge, expanding from one point to another.

Bharatpur beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful. Sitapur is the westernmost beach of the island, the part furthest from the center and less inhabited. It is perfect for bathing and there are usually no people.

4. Beaches in Havelock Island

It's the new Ko Pha Ngan! Crowded! Full of drunks! And of hotels! Havelock is something more boisterous and that it has more tourist offer than its neighbors. Havelock not only seemed like a pretty quiet island, but with the right point of activity that all vacation paradise requires. Who does not like having options to eat well and be able to have a beer after a day at the beach?

Havelock Island is where the majority of tourism is concentrated and that is why it is where more activities take place. Diving is one of the attractions of the island and there are several hostels that offer departures. It's a relatively small island, but with enough to not get bored.

The Havelock island is six times larger than Neil, but much of it is jungle and all the towns and beaches are concentrated in the north, while the resorts are lined along the east coast. The most famous beach of Havelock is Radha Nagar beach with the wonderful Blue Lagoon that is in its final zone. Blue Lagoon beach is the prettiest. This beach was named best beach in South East Asia by a travel magazine.

The main alternative to Radha Nagar is Elephant Beach, accessible through the jungle on an hour and a half trekking. It is a good beach to which many go snorkeling. Kala Pathar is a smaller beach but perfect to bathe because of its depth. The waters, of course, are also clean and crystal clear.

In addition, every night there is live music in a different hostel. There is no party at night if it is what you are looking for. The best thing to move around the island is to rent a motorbike.

5. Beaches in Little Andaman Island

Little Andaman Island is the one that is furthest away and can only be reached from Haddo in Port Blair. The trip lasts between 8 and 10 hours and is done on a government ferry. To return from Little Andaman you can return with the same boat or with a smaller one, which goes faster and takes much less (about 5 hours).

The two boats alternate, so depending on the day you want to return you will touch one or the other. The fast is much better not only for the time of the trip, but also because if you try, you can sit in a half VIP room with padded and reclining armchairs and air conditioning.

All the hostels on Little Andaman Island are on the road that follows the east coast. This is the only part of the island inhabited. The entire western part is practically virgin and only controlled by the indigenous Jarowa tribes of the area. Little Andaman is wild and unknown. There are crocodiles who in the rainy season reaches the coast by the rivers.

Hutbay is the busiest town in the area where you are going to move. Although you have no illusions, it has only one street with some shops and little else. About 14 kilometers from Hut Bay heading south, there is a lone lighthouse that can be visited. Netaji Nagar Beach is the longest beach on the east coast of the island. It is deserted. There is nobody but a bird and the noise of the waves.

Butler Bay Beach is much smaller than the first and is suitable for swimming. On the island there are two known waterfalls. White surf Waterfall is the small but the most accessible. You can arrive by motorbike perfectly, ideal to spend a nice afternoon. The Whisper Wave Waterfalls, on the other hand, is much further away. It takes an hour by motorcycle alone and there is about 4 km of trekking to see it.

This is going to be one of the best holidays on a great Andaman holidays package.
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