Neil Island Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Neil Island, officially known as Shaheed Island, located in Ritchie's Archipelago is amongst the most beautiful islands of Andaman. This beach paradise is 36 kilometers from Port Blair in the Bay of Bengal. Stunning white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and the vibrant marine life of Neil Island attract travelers from across the globe to this beautiful and relaxed place.

Widely assumed as a single destination, this place is a cluster of small islands, each famous for its beaches and unique water activities. Starting from simple boating to scuba diving, one can enjoy all kinds of water activities here. On the silky beaches, this beautiful place provides endless entertainment and unique rich culture of India.

Andaman is not only an Indian island but is one of the popular tourist places to visit in India. There are numerous other famous islands and some unique and daring islands. Andaman and Nicobar Island is the best beach destination for honeymoon in India. It is too peaceful and apart from beaches there are many sightseeing options. If budget is concern then Andaman is the best choice.

Are you a beach bump or water sports enthusiast? One of the best honeymoon destinations in India, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are well known for its white-sand beaches, tropical rain forests and mangroves. Andaman should be at the top of your list of the favorite places for a honeymoon because you will not find any other places like paradise here. The rays of the sun touching the beach, glimpses of history, and world-class water sports make Andaman an ideal place for a honeymoon.

You don't have to go to Thailand, Maldives, or Mauritius when you peep outside the window to see the glow of the lighthouse falling on the surrounding islands or on the white sand of Asia's best beaches. Every couple finds a good place to stay to cherish memorable moments in Andaman. Under the stars in the open sky, have a candlelight dinner at the beach (what else is romantic than that).

Andaman's clean water is the dream of every diver. Explore large marine life together. Don't forget to see the gorgeous sunset, especially the sunset overlooking the sunset point in the middle western directionAndaman and Nicobar has all things that travelers want from a beach from ancient ruins, water to treks.

Travelers can board on a ship from Chennai, Kolkata, and Vizag. The ship sails 3 to 4 times in a month and takes around 50 to 60 hours to reach Port Blair.

Drench in the beach vibes and rich culture of the picturesque Andaman & Nicobar islands. Enjoy the thrill of water sports, trekking, and boat rides. Or unwind at the white sandy beaches and cozy restaurants. Check out this handy guide on Neil Island for a perfect vacation in this astounding island.

Interesting Facts About Neil Island

Before you head to Neil Island on your next vacation, check out these interesting facts about it:

  • Neil Island is a small and beautiful island which is located at a distance of 37 kilometers south of Port Blair.
  • Neil Island is called the vegetable bowl of Andaman Islands as the climatic conditions here make it one of the most fertile areas in Andaman.
  • You can take ferries to Neil Island from Port Blair and Havelock Island.
  • Neil Island is ideal for travelers looking for a peaceful escape.
  • The names of the beaches here are inspired by the mythological characters of the Ramayana, especially Ramnagar, Laxmanpur, Sitapur, and Bharatpur.

Best Time To Visit Neil Island

Neil Island experiences a tropical climate and remains pleasant throughout the year. However, the best time to visit here is from October to May, when the weather is best for sightseeing and water sports adventure.


Winter is the most preferred time to explore the exquisite beauty of Andaman. The average temperature remains between 14 to 30 degrees Celsius. The skies are clear during this season giving a perfect chance of sightseeing and other adventurous excursions. The popular Island Tourism Festival of Andaman is also celebrated during this time.


Summer is not much hot here at Neil Island. The temperature remains moderate but the days are humid. Evenings are awesome during this time of the year, making you enjoy the cool breeze while taking walks on the serene beaches.


Neil Island remains wet throughout the monsoon season. If you are interested in seeing the beautiful vegetation of Andaman then this is the time to plan your visit. However, heavy rainfalls may hamper your sightseeing programs!

Adventurous Things To Do In Neil Island

There are numerous exciting activities to do in Neil Island. Here are the most adventures experiences one must encounter while holidaying in Neil Island Andaman:

1. 3 Point Tour

The three-point tour of Neil Island makes you explore the three main beaches here. This tour starts from Howrah Bridge with Bharatpur Beach being your first destination, followed by Laxmanpur and Sitapur Beach respectively. Take a Cruise to Neil Island from Havelock Island (2 hours duration).

Visit Bharatpur Beach, activities include all water sports. Its clear blue water and you can spot turtles, octopus, really big fishes and swarms of small fishes and has depth of 40 feet. Bharatpur beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful.

Laxmanpur beach is the best on the island to watch the sunset. It is a tiny and wild beach where it is possible to be alone for hours, and also offers a sunset worth seeing. It is deep enough to snorkel and see the Dugong, a dolphin with a round head typical of the area that swim slowly and are very friendly.

These species are super shy to mate, hence there are very few in number now and Andaman islands is like a honeymoon spot for them as they loose their inhibitions. There are only five breeding centers for them in the whole world and Andaman is definitely one them. Dugong is also the state animal of Andaman.

You can try the glass-bottom ride as well. All the locations are a maximum of 15–20 minutes drive.

You can view a good sunset at Laxmanpur Beach, enjoy with noodles, onion pakoda and chai.

Sitapur is the westernmost beach of the island, the part furthest from the center and less inhabited. It is perfect for bathing and there are usually no people. Visit Sitapur Beach for the sunrise and head towards Howrah Natural Coral Bridge at Neil Island. Lots of crabs and starfish are to be expected. The largest land living arthropod Birgus Latro lives in Andaman, the highest number in the south Asian region.

These are super huge crabs and they hate water, they are mostly like land animals and they love climbing coconut trees. These are also called as coconut crabs. They love tender coconuts and feed on these especially in the night. They are also called robber crabs. Enjoy the rest of the day on the seashore. Ramnagar Beach is another on the list. A definitely-not-miss beach is huge, expanding from one point to another.

The desire to swim and play on the beach can be fulfilled at their best in Bharatpur Beach of Neil Island. Here on this huge beach, the waves are safer, yet deep enough to swim. Tourists may also relax beneath the shade of dense tropical trees lined on its shores. In addition to that, a natural wonder called Howrah Bridge or Natural Bridge can be spotted in Laxmanpur Beach of the same Island. You may capture the iconic picture of the twin rock with a massive hole in it, while you are paying a visit to them. Likewise, each of these shores would offer you diverse experiences, making you love these exotic islands forever.

2. Scuba Diving

Diving in Andaman will certainly take your breath away. Neil Island is one of the best places for Scuba diving in the world.

Neil Island gives you a chance to become a certified scuba diver. You can register with any of the scuba diving schools here and learn this adventurous water sport. If you already know the sport then Neil Island gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills.

3. Snorkeling

Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island is believed to be best for snorkeling. The clear turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs entices the snorkelers with its unique and thriving marine life. You can also hire the snorkeling gear here at an affordable price. The islands are blessed with among the best coral reefs and also huge shoals of Barracuda and Giant Trevally can be seen during your dive.

Individuals flock to this area to check out the undersea while diving. On your diving, there will certainly be a certified trainer with you for your safety. Dive deep into the ocean as well as explore the one of a kind sea life in Andaman. Your diving trainers will lead you to the most gorgeous areas in the sea where you can experience the sea.

4. Relaxing By Beach

Neil Island is amongst the most serene and secluded places to visit in Andaman. You can spend leisurely hours here at your own pace. Relaxing by the beach and witnessing the mesmerizing sights of sunset and sunrise is another awesome experience you must not miss out on while staying here!

A visit to Neil Island will surely give you enormous chances to revive yourself and have a perfect vacation away from the hustle of the city. So plan a trip to Andaman and witness the mystic beauty and peaceful ambiance of Neil Island that offers one of the best holiday time to its visitors.
Kalyan Panja