Camping Options During Oktoberfest in Munich

Oktoberfest is a folk festival held annually in Munich, Germany. It traditionally runs from mid September to the first Sunday in October and is the best time to visit Germany for beer lovers. This is one of the largest and best known festivals in the world, attracting millions of visitors.

Visiting Octoberfest is on the bucket list of many people and if you're not one of them you should really reconsider. It is a fantastic event for adults and families alike. Like most festivals, one of the best ways to visit Oktoberfest is by RV. Here we will look at some of the advantages of visiting festivals by RV and where you can do it at Oktoberfest.

It is just an invitation from tourists all over the world to come and drink in the fairgrounds and spend their money. And even though it can be exhausting making to a table inside the tents (the only way to get served beer), you won’t remember the money you spend, but you will remember the time you had (maybe).

Visiting festivals by RV has several advantages over staying in more traditional accommodations. First, there are several festivals where an RV is almost essential. One excellent example is the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. Due to the remote location, RVs are about the only option to provide a civilized existence anywhere near the festival.

Of course, most festivals are not held in such remote locations, but that doesn't make suitable fixed accommodations easier to find. Most popular festivals will sell out hotel rooms anywhere near the event grounds for months or years in advance. While RV sites will often have the same issues, the mobility and self sufficiency of RVs allows you to stay in comfort a little further away without too much inconvenience.

The many alpine lakes south of Munich are part of the pleasures of Munich. The river Isar in Munich is a clear and small river coming right from the alps.

RVs also allow you to free camp (dry camp or boondock). This type of camping allows you take advantage of non-traditional sites which can be located very close to the festival venues.

An RV is essentially your home on wheels. Visiting a festival in an RV is like taking the festival and moving it into your own backyard. In fact, many festivals have RV sites located on the festival grounds. The RV allows you to enjoy the festival while having the comforts of home nearby.

Finally, RV folks are very social and campgrounds near festivals often carry over the festivities to the camping area. Unlike hotels and other accommodations you can almost expect to meet people and share in the festival experience with your neighbors. Sharing this experience with others from different areas or backgrounds will make your trip more memorable and may lead to lifelong friendships.

Oktoberfest does not allow or have any on-site camping, but there are many great options around Munich that are convenient to the festival grounds like Festanation. One of the largest areas which is set-up exclusively for Octoberfest is Oktoberfest Camping. This area provides 1500 RV sites near the Oktoberfest grounds.

Of those 1500 sites, 800 of them include electrical hookups. The campground features an underground metro rail terminal which can get you to the festival grounds in around 20 minutes. Tickets for the metro train can be purchased on site. There are also on site restaurants and a supermarket to make your stay as convenient as possible.

Oktoberfest in Munich

1. Wiesn Camp at Munich Riem

As a temporary facility, Oktoberfest Camping is more like an RV parking lot than a campground. If you prefer the campground feel and experience then you should check out Wiesn Camp at Munich Riem. This facility has spaces available for both RVs and tents if you plan to bring your own. They also rent tents, RVs and cabins on site if you don't.

In addition to RV sites, they also have showers and bathroom facilities on site which are included in the cost of your stay.

2. Campingplatz München-Thalkirchen

It is a campground located a little further from the Oktoberfest grounds. Campingplatz München-Thalkirchen is a more of a resort style campground with nicer amenities then the previous two options. This campground has several swimming pools and provides a great place to relax when not at the festival. Getting to the Oktoberfest is as simple as catching a bus from the bus stop located a couple minutes walk from the campground.

3. Campingplatz München-Obermenzing

It is a beautiful campground located in the northwest area of Munich. Campingplatz München-Obermenzing is far enough from the heart of the city to offer a quiet retreat from the busy downtown areas, but close enough that you can still use the public bus service to get to the Oktoberfest grounds. In addition to the many RV sites, this campground also offers an on site bar, restaurant and grocery shopping.

4. Campingplatz Nord-West

This campground is also located in the north western green area of Munich. Campingplatz Nord-West has similar facilities and access to public transportation as the other campgrounds in the area. Tickets for public transport can be conveniently purchased on site, making getting to the Oktoberfest a breeze.

RVing a great way to visit Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Here we have looked at some great places to park your rig and enjoy the festival and the surrounding areas. If Oktoberfest isn't your thing there are a lot of other great festivals throughout the world which would make great RV destinations.
Kalyan Panja