22 TOP Things to Do in Germany

Germany, well known as Deutschland too, is a country in Western and Central Europe. It borders Denmark to the north, Austria and Switzerland to the south, France to southwest and many more other countries. Germany is a big country according to area as it covers an area of around 357,386 square kilometer with 83 million inhabitants living inside the country.

Germany consists of 16 constituent states. Germany is the second largest state after Russia in Europe. Germany is a decentralized country having Berlin as its capital, which is its largest metropolis.

Things to do in Germany

So now let's know about the things to do in Germany:

1. Garmisch-Partenkirchen

One of the best things to do when visiting Germany is to add a bit of one on one with nature. Like Germans, immersing yourself in some of the most beautiful nature down in the Bavarian Alps is good for the soul! One of the best family-friendly hikes in the Alps is Partnachkalmm (Partnach Gorge), carved into the side of a mountain. Enjoy the snow, the lit up downtown areas, and the people. Go snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, or bobsledding.

Take a train ride down to Garmisch from Munich, along the snow covered alpine foothills and small towns. Drink hot chocolate and eat Kaiserschmarrn, you won't regret it.

Visit Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the most representative concentration camps of the Nazi era that are preserved together with that of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Dachau concentration camp is located very close to the town of the same name, just 13 kilometers northwest of Munich, making it an ideal visit if you are traveling to the German city.

Currently, the Dachau concentration camp facilities serve as a Memorial Museum. Without a doubt, the visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp, even though it is an unpleasant visit, is very interesting and essential for anyone interested in history. Visiting the Dachau concentration camp is not allowed for children under the age of 13.

2. Frankfurt

If you have spent a great deal of time in Germany and have visited Munich, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Berlin, Bremen, Trier, Dresden, Leipzig, the Black Forest, the Alpine region, the Weser River valley, Bremen, and the Rhine, it becomes the next great area to visit, particularly if you spend your nights in nearby Gelnhausen or Mainz.

Because of its airport, Frankfurt an Main is an excellent place to begin or end a vacation.

3. Berchtesgaden

If you are very much interested in hiking, cycling, and Nordic walking then this the best place where you can enjoy all these things collectively. The Berchtesgaden National is full of naturalistic things and especially it is free from much human beings hands. The National Park consist of crystal clear lakes, little villages, Rolling Meadows and many more interesting things.

The main attraction of this National Park is Lake Konigssee as the lake is far cleaner from other lakes.

4. Dresden

Aside from being one of Germany’s more beautiful cities, Dresden has some incredible art collections. Just one of them manages to draw people from all around the world. Das Grünes Gewölbe (the Green Vault) is one of Europe’s legendary art collections. Not paintings or sculpture, the Green Vault specializes in objets d’art. The pieces are as varied as they are fantastic. A sailing ship made entirely of ivory and gold.

This is just one of many incredible museums in the city. Then there’s the insane Schwebebahn funicular in Loschwitz, just across the river. How about the newly restored Dresdener Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)? Don’t miss the different live steam trains that are running on the city’s outskirts.

Neustadt is full of passageways and courtyards. Kunsthofpassage is an example often seen on Instagram. The Court of Elements is a collection of funnels attached to the side of a building that play music when it rains. Worth stopping by when in Dresden.

5. Koblenz

The German city of Speyer belongs to the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is one of the oldest cities of the Germanic country. The Rhine passes through its lands and we can visit here the largest Romanesque Cathedral in the world. A few meters from it, is the Technic Museum Speyer, which is well worth a visit.

Burg Eltz in Rhineland-Palatinate is the beautiful castle tells what courtyard of romanticism should be about. It is one from medieval fortresses in the complete Europe to remain complete intact with a dazzling impression. The conical towers are very high and you can see the lush green surrounding of the Elzbach valley. More importantly the castle has a good number of 15th century lavatories which were fully flushable.

6. Wurzburg

The beautiful Wurzburg residence is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Site which makes the residence more important. The huge building is planned by famous architects from France, Austria, and Germany and finally imposing together with 300 rooms, well-groomed gardens and luxuries innards with effective look. The major regards for the completion of this beautiful residence goes to Archbishop Johan.

7. Rüdesheim am Rhein

The area surrounded by valley reflects the beautiful relationship that a human being can have with their surrounding as it consist of sun-drenched vineyards, idyllic castles and historic towns. The valley has facilitated cultural transitions for centuries between the Mediterranean Sea and north. To experience and witness it’s better to discover it by boat.

8. Cologne

The Cologne Cathedral sits on the site of the Roman Temple from 4th century. This beautiful building was under construction for about 600 years, every year added detail emulates the original design. In 1996 the Cathedral was added to the world Heritage list by UNESCO for the reason that the construction is a masterpiece of engineering. The decoration of the cathedral and imposing façade invariably strike the visitor with awe.

Its old town, Altstadt, can be seen hundreds of meters away thanks to the huge and sharp spiers of Kölner Dom cathedral, which dominate the urban skyline of Cologne. On the bridge where the train crosses the river (Hohenzollerrnbrücke) there are thousands and thousands of colored locks tied by couples and lovers.

Travelers who have already visited the Cologne Christmas market will agree that it is a true wonder. Ice lovers can also find an ice skating rink in Cologne during the Christmas market season. There is a wide gastronomic variety of the area, and you cannot miss the traditional Kölsch beer of Cologne. All of them have a menu item called Halve Hahn, again local dialect for Half a Rooster.

It is a rye bun, butter, medium aged Gouda, onions and mustard. The waiters will bring you a new beer as soon as about a finger’s width is left in your glass. Put a coaster on top of your glass to prevent it.

But getting back to one of the unique aspects of visiting the Kölner Dom - it is the final resting place of the Three Kings - yes, those three kings. Not sure where the Myrrh, Frankincense or the gold ended up - but their remains ended up in the Cologne Cathedral. Which makes it one of the most important sites in all of Christendom.

9. Fussen

Neuschwanstein Castle is a dream construction surrounded by a beautiful landscape that inspired Walt Disney himself to create the castle of the Sleeping Beauty, which makes up one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Neuschwanstein is a construction that reflects the ideals and desires of King Ludwig II.

Wies Church is a divine palace with fervent glory where once a dilapidated wooden figurine - a crying portrait of scourged Saviour stood. The fabulous outer surrounding and beautiful interior serves to ignite the unique and spiritual experience. The curious and excited person entering the church are often left speechless upon entering the whitewashed building. The beautiful building is also under World Heritage status.

10. Bonn

Traveling to Bonn can be a fantastic plan for a weekend getaway. The former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany until 1990 is a town with a lot of cultural activities, which delights all those who decide to visit Bonn. The hometown of Ludwig van Beethoven has some museums to better know the genius of classical music.

The churches and German castles are one of the main attractions of tourism in Bonn. The museums of modern art, natural history or the Egyptian museum are also some of the places in the city that you can not miss. The Siebengebirge (Seven Hills), 10 km from Bonn has the largest National Park in Europe. Königswinter is a city of wine and tourists, located at the foot of the Seven Hills.

No wonder it's one of the most stunning Christmas markets in Germany. An enchanted forest and even a human advent calendar are some of the attractions that they like the most.

There is nothing like it to fill with illusion and spirit, strolling through rows of well-lit stalls and looking through the shop windows. And all this surrounded by the fragrance of Germany at Christmas, such as roasted almonds, cotton candy, and of course the glühwein and gingerbread cakes, which are everywhere.

In the middle of spring, Hershtrasse becomes a small corner of Japan. Thousands of people come here every day to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Many prefer to admire the trees at night, as they are even more unusual in the light of the street lamps. Typically, trees bloom for up to 10 days. It is very difficult to predict when the alley will bloom next spring.

11. Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a modern city that has nothing to envy over other major cities in Germany, and an old town (Alstadt) with much charm. In the Altstadt area the Marktplatz stands out with its beautiful city hall (Rathaus). Nor should you miss the commercial area, with Konisgalle street as a reference, which brings together very expensive brands. The area bordering the Rhine river is called Rheinuferpromenade has lots of terraces on the promenade.

If we cross the river by one of its modern bridges we will reach the area known as Overcastle, where a row of banana trees will become our best ally if it starts to rain, because parallel to the riverbank, they allow us to walk calmly without fear of getting wet.

In this area it is worth visiting the best European Japanese garden, according to experts, and is that Düsseldorf hosts the largest community of Japanese in the European Union , and therefore is considered the Japanese capital on the Rhine. If you are passionate about manga and Japanese culture, it is worth attending the week of celebrations of the Japanese day.

12. Hamburg

One of the ideal European cities for a weekend getaway is Hamburg. It is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin and also has the largest port in the same and the third in the world. When the temperatures rise a little and the first rays of sun of the year reach the city, its streets are filled with people more than ever to the sound of street artists who create an ideal atmosphere to enjoy a peaceful walk.

Walk along the Alster, explore the renovated Speicherstadt or immerse yourself in a small boat trip around its innumerable canals. If you get hungry, do not forget that Hamburg has a good gastronomic reputation for its famous frischbrötchen (fish sandwiches) that are Lecker, lecker!

You can start your weekend in Hamburg by visiting the piers of St. Pauli, where you can find many cafes, restaurants specialized in fish dishes and colorful souvenir shops where you can buy souvenirs. Some of these ferries are accessible with a regular S-Bahn or U-Bahn (urban transport) ticket. You can visit the port where the museums are located, the Elbe Philharmonic as well as the renewed HafenCity.

Take the ferry line 72 which will take you to the Elba Philharmonic, the new concert house where once there were warehouses for tea, cocoa and tobacco (Kaiserspeicher A) today stands this wonderful facade. From this point you can reach the Speicherstadt in a short time, a large warehouse complex in the center of the city. Today these old warehouses are occupied by offices and art galleries.

Take a short trip through Miniatur-Wunderland, a small miniature world on a railway model building. Take a tour of Hamburg, the Scandinavian countries, the Alps and even Las Vegas in one place. Take a break from downtown noise and take a trip to one of the city's great lungs, the idyllic park and botanical garden Planten un Blomen.

Go through the botanical gardens, enjoy the smell of the plants that form it or simply relax accompanied by a tea in the Japanese Garden. This place is especially beautiful during the summer, when its fountains fill with color and you can even enjoy classical music concerts. The park remains open in the evenings between the months of April and October.

A trip to Hamburg can not be considered complete without a visit to the Fish Market in Altona (Altonaer Fischmarkt). If on Saturday you stayed at one of the Reeperbahn or Schanzenviertel clubs, an early morning visit to this market is an almost obligatory duty. Although it sounds a bit strange, do not go home without eating a fischbrötchen from here.

Take a basket and buy everything you need to have a picnic by the Elbe and have a nice Sunday. After this, take the U-Bahn or walk towards the Hamburg City Hall and the Jungfernstieg. A long time ago, parents with unmarried daughters wandered around hoping to find them suitors, but today tourists and locals simply relax on their benches looking at the Alster.

As soon as the ice emerges, the walk becomes a winter wonder, where small stands that offer mulled wine (Glühwein) or currywurst emerge.

13. Munster

Shopaholics are recommended to visit Munster during Christmas as during this period the shops of the city present scale sales. The city also invites its guests to visit numerous festive open markets. The most popular boutiques and shopping centers are on Prinzipalmarkt street. This is the final destination for those looking for some memorable gifts and memories.

Muenster is considered a safe and quiet city. Its central streets are safe for tourists even late at night while both the remote areas of the city should not be visited by tourists alone. These areas should be visited only accompanied with a guide.

14. Regensburg

Regensburg, founded in 179 AD by Romans is a trading center with a thriving culture. In the town you can witness the exquisite marks of wonderful history and there you can experience German artistry and romanticism. It is bestowed with UNESCO World Heritage honors. When you are inside the town you will feel like you have experienced a journey through the middle ages.

15. Hanover

Wolfsburg is a city, located in Germany, in the lands of Lower Saxony, on the Canal Weser-Elba channel, south of the old river bed of the Aller river and it was destined to house the workers of the Volkswagen car consortium. They are cars of the brands Scoda, Audi, Bentley and Volkswagen. You can see the beautiful castle of medieval architecture, the Wolfsburg Castle here.

This 15th century luxury castle is an architectural masterpiece of Renaissance style. In the castle there is an art gallery, which often houses exhibitions of contemporary painters. In addition, part of the castle is the Institute of Photography, and often hosts several festivals. Wolfsburg Castle and its surrounding garden can safely be called one of the most romantic places in the city.

Newlyweds often organize a wedding photo session here. History lovers will also like the Neuhaus castle. For hundreds of years, it belonged to notable dukes. After the end of World War II, an orphanage was opened in the castle. Wolfsburg is famous not only for its historical monuments, but also for its first-class entertainment facilities, including the BadeLand water park.

There is a luxurious spa, in which there are more than ten types of saunas. At the water park, there is a large selection of attractions for adults and children of different ages.

Hann. Münden colloquially often called Hannoversch Münden is a town in the district of Göttingen, southern Lower Saxony which is a very famous town because of its 500 years old timber-based houses. One of the most interesting things about this town is the Confluence of three rivers.

Here two rivers (Werra river from East Germany and the Fulda river from West Germany) kiss each other and making the third river (Weser river towards North Germany). That’s why the city is also called Three River City.

16. Weimar

Weimar in Central Germany is one of the prettiest cities in the country and full of vivid history, colourful historic houses, lush parks and grand castles. The museums are the center of entire Germany as it is more than just stimulation of mind and it is useful to visit the museums. The number of exquisite museums in Weimer reflects the atmosphere of real anticipation.

17. Trier

Trier is the oldest town in the country as it is approximately 2000 years old and this town is the home of six different Roman Emperors, thus the array of ancient remnants and many of which are preserved. The Porta Nigra in Trier was once an important gate within city walls.

18. Stuttgart

Hohenzollern Castle still looks as if time had not passed. Located high on Mount Hohenzollern, it offers a view almost as spectacular as the fortress's own design.

19. Heidelberg

Heidelberg is located in southeastern Germany along the Neckar River, in the Baden Wurttemberg region, one hour south of Frankfurt. Heidelberg is part of Castle Road of Germany. It is a lively city of the University, ignored by the evocative ruins of the castle. The nearest international airport is Rhein-Main Flughafen Airport, 80 km away and accessible in one hour.

There are many hotels in Heidelberg, so finding a place is not that difficult in the off season. If you go in summer, book a room in advance to make sure. If you plan your trip between November 23 and December 22, you will also visit the Heidelberg Christmas Markets.

The ruins of Heidelberg Castle have been famous for centuries as romantic ruins, so they have not been completely restored. However, this is one of the most evocative castles you could visit in Europe. Inside there is a wonderful Pharmacy museum, as well as the largest wine barrel in the world (a tank with a capacity of 195,000 liters or approximately 51,514 gallons).

There is a wine bar inside the palace and a small café outside where you can get a drink or eat a light meal (or what happens in one in Germany, anyway). Heidelberg presents the longest pedestrian zone in Europe. Heidelberg has many museums to visit, but the most unique could be the Bonsai Museum, the only one of its kind.

The bustling market square, the historic old town and the famous 17th century red sandstone ruins of the Heidelberg castle and it’s garden, the old bridge and the backdrop of mountains behind the river makes the city a must visit place, especially for stunning photos. The castle can be accessed by a mountain train (cableway) from the lower city.

There are many arduous hiking trails in the BW region for adventure seekers. The Spiegelberg region has many hiking trails that have a plethora of landscapes which transition from farms to apple trees and from forests to meadows with tiny villages offering tiny restaurants to stop by during the hikes.

20. Baden-Baden

In a dream enclave in the heart of the Black Forest lies the traditional Baden Baden Christmas Market, one of the most endearing in Germany. The approximately 100 wooden stalls with Christmas decoration and gastronomy invite you to a most festive walk, but this is not all. Apart from the Christmas market, the town also has a street that could have been taken from a fairy tale. It is called Märchenstrasse where images tell the story of Christmas.

The Black Forest is a special treat, too. Lots of small towns, all with their warm restaurants, amazing markets, and beautiful scenery. Cuddle up in a bear skin, sit in front of the fireplace, smell nutmeg and cloves and candied apples, while sipping wine and looking outside into the falling snow.

21. Leipzig

Leipzig Hauptbahnhof in Germany is enormous. This is Europe’s largest railway station, measured by floor area. The station has six iron train sheds. At this extravagant station a speedy walk is required to get from one train to train to the next. There are 21 platforms. As well as the impressive interior, there’s huge a concourse with shops and several floors. The station frontage is grand and inviting.

The station is busy with numerous daily departures across Germany and beyond. On some days, the station handles over 100,000 passengers.

22. Augsburg

Thinking of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. People in Swabia look and act cute, and built themselves cutesy empires where things like Mercedes Benz and Porsche come from, or where those who own them tend to stash their millions. The dialects from this part of the world are equally cutesy and endearing - quite unlike the mindset, which is all brass tacks.

Thus, these are some destinations in Germany where you can enjoy your holidays.
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